tagBDSMFun and Fornication Ch. 02

Fun and Fornication Ch. 02


Chapter 2

Shortly after breakfast the next day, Mr and Mrs Hannard set off to town to visit an elderly aunt of Mr Hannard who had suffered a sudden illness. Anne joined them in their excursion, though her company would only last as far as the shops. Katherine was left to her own thoughts, alone in the house except for cook, who was busy in the kitchen.

It was a short period of solitude to which she was subjected, for minutes after her family had departed, there was a knock at the door of Morton Lodge. On opening the door, Katherine was greeted by the not unwelcome sight of Mr Blackwood in his riding clothes.

"Mr Blackwood, it's a pleasure to see you again so soon."

"The pleasure is all mine," Mr Blackwood replied, "Besides, you were quite insistent last night that I should visit you today." Katherine smiled as Mr Blackwood shifted uncomfortable, as both were reminded of her mistreatment of his delicate parts the previous evening.

"I'm afraid I'm all alone," Katherine informed Mr Blackwood, stepping backwards to invite his advance into the house. "I hope you won't consider it improper to come in and keep me company for a few hours."

Mr Blackwood's response was a little too rushed to entirely convince in his affected casual attitude, and he followed Katherine into the entrance hall. She indicated the drawing room "Will you excuse me for a moment, Mr Blackwood. I must just collect something from my room."

Katherine had been waiting in her room a little longer than she had expected before she heard the creak of a floorboard in the corridor and saw her door open. Feigning surprise, she turned to face the welcome intruder.

"Why Mr Blackwood, whatever are you doing up here?"

"This," he responded, striding towards her and taking her in his strong arms, pressing his lips to hers. Her mouth opened slightly as her whole body relaxed into his, her soft breasts pressed against his firm torso. As his lips also parted, she felt his hot breath in her mouth and his hands running over her body, exploring the softness of her waist, the roundness of her buttocks and the surprisingly sensitive line of her spine, sending a shiver of pleasure through her body. As his hands explored her captivating body, his tongue gently pushed into her mouth, gently but insistently doing its own exploration, tracing around the inside of her lips, seeking out her tongue, bringing a fresh yet indefinable scent into her mouth that seemed to spread to her throat and into her lungs, filling her with his essence.

With their lips still locked together, Mr Blackwood eased Katherine back onto the bed, his weight pressing down on her warmly, pushing her deep into the mattress. Katherine grasped his head in her hands and pulled him from her lips.

"Mr Blackwood," she whispered, his face barely an inch from hers so she could feel the heat from it on hers. "There's something I would like to try, but I'm not sure how you would feel about such a request."

Mr Blackwood assured Katherine that she need never be shy of such things and invited her to explain what it was she desired.

"Well, as you know, there is another hole," Katherine paused to ensure Mr Blackwood caught her meaning. "I have heard that the breaching of this hole normally used as an exit can bring gratification comparable, or even superior to more conventional pleasures."

"And you would like to explore this option for yourself?"

"If you would not be averse?"

"Not at all," Mr Blackwood smiled at the apparent innocence of the young Miss Hannard, an appearance which belied such lewd tastes, and also at the anticipation of the delight he would take in helping her act on them.

"I am somewhat anxious, though, Mr Blackwood, that in the throes of passion you may get carried away and hurt me, without, of course any intention of doing so."

"I do assure you, Miss Hannard, that I will be most careful not to injure you in any way."

"While I trust the word of an honourable gentleman, it would put my mind at rest if you permitted me to control the episode."

"Of course." Mr Blackwood was prepared to make any reasonable concession in order to ensure that his anticipated pleasure would come to pass.

"Well then," Katherine hesitated coyly, "Do you object to my restricting your movement by binding you to the bed?"

Mr Blackwood hesitated for a moment, but his passion over-ruled all other cares and he put himself in Katherine's hands.

They stood up, and Katherine slowly removed Mr Blackwood's garments slowly, exploring his body inch by inch with her mouth and hands. Her focus was on prolonging her own pleasure in delaying it while simultaneously arousing Mr Blackwood to greater and greater heights, noting with satisfaction the firmness of his member when she finally removed his breeches. Mr Blackwood was concentrating on passively allowing Katherine control, proving that he was worthy of her trust, worthy of the thrill she would soon bestow on him. He almost lost control as she grasped his rock hard prick, wanting to throw her onto the bed and force himself on her, but he resisted the temptation and allowed her to lead him to the edge of the bed by the solid handle that she had decided was the most appropriate way to control him.

He lay back on the bed and lifted his arms so she could use short lengths of cord which were produced from under the bed to fasten his wrists firmly to the wooden posts which were at each top corner of it. He made no objection as she took each leg in turn and fastened each ankle to the corresponding posts at the foot of the bed, even though it pulled his legs uncomfortably apart. The continued rigidity of his cock attested to his passion which would permit any indignity in pursuit of its object.

Only when Katherine pushed a pillow under his rump did Mr Blackwood speak. "Why are you doing that?" he enquired.

Katherine fondled his cock gently and smiled at him. "I believe it should make it easier for me to access what I desire."

Mr Blackwood looked at his elevated cock and decided that she was probably right. His enjoyment was rapidly increased as Katherine began removing her own clothes, revealing the exquisitely moulded breasts she had described to him with their pointed pink tips. Katherine was evidently enjoying his attention as she unhurriedly ran her hands over them, pinching the stiff nipples. She leaned them close to Mr Blackwood's face.

"Did my description do them justice, would you say?" she enquired teasingly. Mr Blackwood's increased breathing was answer enough. "Perhaps you'd like to suck them?" She leaned closer still, so the pinkness of her nipples was almost within reach of the pinkness of Mr Blackwood's tongue as he craned his neck to reach them. She pulled back, laughing. "Maybe another time. Have you forgotten we already have plans?"

Mr Blackwood had not forgotten the other plans, and his excitement only grew as Katherine slipped fully out of her dress, standing naked at the side of the bed, her lovely bush level with his face, the soft lips just visible between her luscious thighs. She caressed his face. "Nearly time, my darling," she told him. "I can see you're eager to begin."

Mr Blackwood glanced down at the telltale organ which nearly exploded as Katherine bent over, giving him a close view of the tight hole he was waiting to possess. "You have such a beautiful derriere," he murmured, "I can't wait to..."

"Oh, I do apologise," Katherine replied sweetly, "you seem to have misunderstood. You won't be taking my backside. I'll be taking yours." It was then that Mr Blackwood noticed what Katherine had just taken from beneath the bed. It was a phallus, a similar size to his own in its current engorged state, but carved from a polished hardwood and attached to a leather belt which Katherine was fastening around her waist and between her legs.

Mr Blackwood desperately tried to twist his wrists out of their restraints. The panic on his face was clear. Katherine laughed. "Don't be so worried," she reassured him, "I do assure you, Mr Blackwood, that I will be most careful not to injure you in any way. And besides, the knots are secure, I am very proficient in their tying, so there is an inevitability in what is going to happen."

"Miss Hannard, please..."

"Mr Blackwood, there will be plenty of time for you to plead and beg, but first, may I suggest you put your mouth to better use? My toy will be going into your fundament. I am led to believe it is less uncomfortable if it is well lubricated first." Katherine leaned the phallus towards Mr Blackwood's mouth.

"No!" He cried. "I can't!"

"Very well. It is your choice. This may hurt at first." Katherine stepped down the bed.

"Oh very well," Mr Blackwood resigned himself to his fate.

"Very well?" asked Katherine.

"I'll do it."

"You'll do what? Tell me what you want."

"I'll take your toy in my mouth."

"I don't know...you don't sound as if you really want it. Maybe if you asked more convincingly."

Mr Blackwood sighed. He knew he was defeated yet he did not want to admit it. He desperately searched his mind for an alternative, but as Katherine took another step down the bed, he conceded. "Please Miss Hannard, let me suck your toy."

Katherine smiled and stepped back to Mr Blackwood's head. "That's better. Was that so difficult?" Mr Blackwood could not tell her how difficult it had been, even if she was not already pushing the wooden prick into his mouth. He desperately tried to coat it in his saliva as she reached one hand behind his head and started pushing deep into the back of his mouth, making him gag. With one knee on the side of the bed, Katherine started driving back and forth, ramming her cock in and out of his mouth, watching his eyes water with every plunge, her hand firmly on the back of his head, pushing him onto each thrust, grinding the wooden base against her own sensitive parts, driving her to greater exertion, building the warmth inside her.

A moan escaped from Mr Blackwood's throat. Katherine regained her self control and stopped reaming Mr Blackwood's mouth, but without withdrawing. "Are we ready to begin?" she asked.

Gagged by the wooden rod, Mr Blackwood could only gurgle and nod dejectedly. Katherine eased out of his mouth and worked her way down between his legs. She was not a little surprised that his own rod was harder than ever.

"Please, Miss Hannard, you can stop now."

"Stop? I haven't even started yet. And besides, it looks like you're enjoying this as much as me." She reached her fingers under the leather belt into her wetness, feeling the snug, warm moisture. Her fingers came out drenched in her juices. Seizing his cock with her free hand she wiped her sap onto his tight hole, revelling in his complaints, before easing the tip of one finger inside, pushing it back and forth. A second finger followed, and a third, slowly stretching the muscle that tried to block her entry. She tried opening her fingers with only slight success. She pulled her fingers out and presented the tip of her cock, pressing firmly against the hole.

"Relax," she told him. "It'll hurt less and you might even start enjoying it." But Mr Blackwood was unable to relax. Katherine let go of his cock and took hold of his buttocks with both hands, pulling his hole wider with her thumbs. This was all she needed and she managed to breach the entrance. By now Mr Blackwood's complaints had descended into incoherent moans of pain and humiliation. When Katherine started working her prick in and out, slamming it deep inside his passage, these moans grew into sharper cries. Once again, while the point of the wooden cock was driving into Mr Blackwood, the base was grinding into Katherine, and her pleasure once more began to mount. Thus distracted, she could not identify the point when Mr Blackwood's cries began to be of both pain and pleasure, but she was conscious enough of him to take his cock in her hand and start working it up and down, rubbing it from hilt to tip as she continued to drive her own cock deep inside him. Their pleasure grew together, but Mr Blackwood reached his peak first, in an explosion that sent his seed spurting all over his torso and Katherine's hand.

It was too much for Katherine. She unfastened the belt and, leaving the wooden shaft buried in his hindquarters, leapt onto Mr Blackwood's face, gripping the back of his head with both hands, squeezing him to her, grinding herself against him as he instinctively moved his tongue, lapping at the juices that flowed from her and smeared all over him. It took but a moment for her to reach an explosive climax, her belly throbbing with pleasure, her whole body jerking before she collapsed backwards onto his torso.

She reached behind her head and pulled the wooden shaft from its resting place and dropped it onto the bed.

"If you ever speak a word of this to anyone..." Mr Blackwood's voice came from between her legs.

"My lips are sealed," she replied. "Why would I risk losing my favourite plaything?" She turned her head to see his now soft cock by her cheek. She licked the last creamy drop from its tip and stroked the shaft lovingly.

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