tagSci-Fi & FantasyFun at Sorcery School Ch. 03

Fun at Sorcery School Ch. 03


This is primarily for my homophobic friend who, like Ergon is quite happy to listen to me talking about fucking another girl, but freaks at the merest hint of boys having fun together.

I have always avoided writing about men having sex with each other. It’s never really turned me on that much, though a number of readers have at times suggested that I should include such liaisons in some of my other stories. In the case of this story, it seemed a very natural extension to the sort of experimentation that was taking place and so I have included it. I did of course find that with absolutely no experience with it, it was harder to write about.

I hope that you all enjoy the story and continue to give me feedback and votes!



"Want to swap bodies again?" Sarissa asked Ergon as they sat having breakfast together.

"Sure," Ergon replied with a smile. "But I won't blow you."

"That's ok, I'll find someone to do it," Sarissa replied. Ergon was about to protest when Venus joined them at the table.

"Do what?" Venus asked, sitting close enough to Ergon that their legs rubbed together.

"Oh just something," Sarissa said, laughing at Ergon's discomfort.

"Hey Ergon, want to go swimming at the lake later on?" Venus asked in between mouthfuls of cereal as the three of them chatted.

"I don't know, I'm not sure what I'm up to yet," Ergon replied, thinking that he'd be in Sarissa's body by then.

"Well if you want to, just give me shout." She dropped her hand to his thigh as she moved from the bench, sliding it up toward his crotch. Ergon choked on his cereal as she withdrew it, nails trailing along his thigh.

"I think she likes you," Sarissa laughed.

"Oh do you know something I don't?" he enquired. Sarissa laughed him off with a snicker and got up from the breakfast table, telling Ergon that they should swap after their last lesson, given there was less damage he could do to her grades the following day.


Transformed into Ergon's body and having worked a little 'engorgio' spell on his cock, Sarissa/Ergon hunted down Venus and told her that a dip in the lake would be a great way to end the day. Venus grinned and told her that she'd get changed and meet 'him' in the common room and they'd go down to the lake together.

"Can you put some sunscreen on me?" Venus asked, pulling off her t-shirt and wiggling out of her jeans, revealing a tiny white bikini. Sarissa's mouth watered and she nodded as she watched her friend undress. She took the lotion as Venus lay down for on her stomach and squirted it over her back, smearing it across her smooth skin.

"Mmmm that's nice," Venus purred as Sarissa worked her Ergon hands across her friend's skin. Sarissa felt the tightness in her groin and was surprised at how rapidly her cock became hard. She knew that if she were in her own body, she'd be dripping wet.

"Do want me to do you?" Venus asked, rolling over to look up into Ergon's eyes.

"Umm, sure," Sarissa replied, laying on her stomach for Venus, who started roaming her hands all over him. Her touch was a bit more sensual than was required and by the time she was done, Sarissa was achingly hard and a bit uncomfortable as her cock pressed into the ground.

"Time for a swim!" Venus announced, standing up, one breast almost falling from her small bikini. Sarissa stood, conscious of her massive boner and just laughed as Venus said with a giggle, "Looks like you could use some cooling off."

Sarissa followed her into the water, rushing to grab her and throw her down as she imagined a horny boy might do. She enjoyed the strength that she gained in Ergon's body and Venus squealed as she was tossed into the water. Venus quickly retaliated with a determined splashing. The two of them messed about in the water with each exchange increasing the body contact between them. Venus was making it clear that she hadn't really come to the lake for a swim. All attempts at pretence were put aside as Venus simply reached out and grabbed Sarissa's cock, eyes darting around to see if any of the other people at the lake were watching.

"Fuck it's big," Venus hissed with a sly grin. Sarissa pulled back initially, but it felt good to have someone else's hand on her cock and so gave in to Venus' touch.

"It'll get a bit bigger yet," she said, grinning as she could feel herself growing with the continued attention. The water was only up to their thighs so Sarissa pulled away so that Ergon wouldn't have to face up to accusations of being groped at the lake.

"I'll show you just how big if you like," Sarissa said with a grin, "Let's go." Venus gave him a dazzling smile and they charged from the water, grabbing their gear on their way back up to the school.


"Holy fuck Ergon, its amazing!" Venus said as she was confronted with his thick, 9inch cock. Her hand quickly wound itself around his shaft and began stroking it. They had slipped into the storage room and Venus was on her knees, having stripped him of his pants as she knelt down.

"I'm glad you like it," Sarissa said, smiling proudly and a bit turned on at the sight of it herself. She wobbled on her feet as each tug of her cock unbalanced her slightly.

"What's not to like?" Venus laughed, using both hands to hold and caress her erection. Sarissa held her breath as she saw Venus open her mouth and lean closer, her tongue slithering from between her lips to run over the head of her cock. She sighed as Venus began pleasuring her cock with her mouth. When she swallowed as much as she could and sucked her way back up its length, Sarissa moaned, understanding at last why boys were so keen for a blowjob.

Venus continued to eagerly please Sarissa's cock and suddenly Sarissa knew that she wouldn't hold out any longer. With a loud cry, she felt her balls tighten then unleash their load into Venus' mouth. When Sarissa stopped cumming Venus gave her a long slow clean with her tongue and stood up, her large breasts dragging their way up 'Ergon's' body. Sarissa pulled Venus to herself and thrust her tongue between her lips, kissing her deeply, keen to taste the cum that Venus had just swallowed.

"Wow Ergon," Venus said, grinning as their kiss parted, "You're the first guy I've blown that wanted to kiss me after they've cum in my mouth. That's so hot!" Sarissa realized that she'd made a mistake and her mind scrambled for an out.

"Umm, well, err, I loooove being sucked off, so it um seems like a small sacrifice to give you a thank you kiss when you made it feel so good," she blurted out hurriedly.

"That's awesome," Venus said earnestly. "I hope you like the taste of pussy too."

"Hell yes," Sarissa grinned. The two of them eased each other down to the bed the storage room had provided and Sarissa buried her 'Ergon face' between Venus' legs. After licking her slit, she began sliding her tongue in and out of her friend's pussy, working some oral magic. Venus cried out in ecstasy and began cumming hard in heaving gasps.

"I want you to fuck me Ergon, fuck me with that lovely big dick of yours," Venus pleaded. Sarissa grinned and rolled over on top of Venus, feeling her friend's large breasts crushed between them as she wiggled herself around, trying to get her cock to slide between Venus' bald pussy lips. Surprised at how tricky it was, she reached down to steady her hard cock and slid it up and down through Venus' moist lips to lubricate the head before guiding it inside. Venus gasped as she was penetrated, the long thick cock stretching her wide. Sarissa found herself beginning to thrust involuntarily. She suddenly needed to be deep inside her friend's pussy and wondered if she'd be able to pull out if she were told to. She didn't need to worry because Venus really wanted it, gasping and begging for Sarissa to pound her deep and hard.

"Let me ride you Ergon," she insisted, pushing him away from her so that she could clamber on top and straddle his cock again. She grabbed it in her hand and lowered her pussy over it, squatting so that Sarissa was able to see her cock disappearing as Venus slithered down its length, finally bottoming out and grinding hard against him. She worked herself up and down, pausing at the bottom to grind her hips in a circle. One hand drifted to her clit as she kept moving and Sarissa thrust her hips forward to meet her descent, lifting her bum off the bed.

The two of them grunted and groaned with abandon, Sarissa playing with Venus' pendulous tits as they swung above her. Venus reached down and pulled Sarissa's nipples in response and Sarissa was surprised to find that she found it almost as pleasurable in Ergon's male body as she did in her own. She gave a warning moan and thrust deep one more time and exploded, sending a stream of boiling cum up into Venus' pussy. Venus ground down one final time her head hanging low as she began to quake with her own orgasm. She fell to the side seemingly in slow motion as Sarissa's softening cock slid out of her flooded pussy. It continued to ooze cum as they both came down grinning at each other.


Ergon stared at the cock, his cock, in front of him and tried to remember just how he'd come to end up in this situation.

"Come on Sarissa, you know you want to suck it," Sarissa said to him, wearing his skin and grinning wickedly.

"Yeah, come on Sarissa," Venus said, kneeling beside him, naked, one hand wrapped around the base of the cock that was being offered.

"Its just big, its not like you've never sucked one before. Like this!" Venus pointed the cock at her own mouth and slurped lustily on it before sliding her mouth off and pointing it back to the girl beside her; unaware that girl was actually Ergon in Sarissa's skin.

Knowing it was inevitable; Ergon closed his eyes and opened his mouth. He leaned forward and nervously took the 'engorgioed' version of his own cock into his mouth. As it slid over his tongue and his lips closed on it, he was surprised at how soft the skin was and the contrast to the hard shaft within. That was nothing to the surprise he felt by the way his body was reacting. His mind tried to be repulsed by the fact that he was sucking on a dick, something he associated with gays. Now though, he was wearing a female body and despite the turmoil in his mind, his body said it was good. His nipples ached and he could feel himself dissolving inside, his pussy lips swelling with his arousal. Venus beside him, naked and egging him on certainly helped matters.

It had started when Sarissa had asked him if he'd like to try a threesome. He'd said it might be OK as long as it was two girls and a guy, but that he wanted no part of one that involved another bloke. Sarissa had promised and said that she thought she might be able to set it up with Venus. Ergon of course was more than willing to fuck both of the girls.

He hadn't even thought about it when Sarissa had asked to switch bodies with him, telling him that she wanted to be on the thrusting side of the equation for a day again. They'd been swapping bodies about once every two weeks lately so it wasn't an unusual request. Even the meeting in the storage room was fine. It was at the point that there'd been a knock on the door and Sarissa had let Venus in that he'd realized with a sinking feeling he'd been tricked.

And now he was sucking on a cock. His cock. If it weren't for the fact that sucking it was definitely kinky but making him feel so good, he might have been seriously pissed off.

"Yeah, that's good, you suck cock so good Sarissa," Sarissa said, smiling down on him as he took her cock in his mouth. Venus was beside him, her large breasts squashed against his side. She reached to caress a tit with one hand, the other sliding down to caress his now dripping pussy from behind. Ergon moaned around the cock as his clit was massaged and slid his mouth off it to offer it to Venus. She grinned at him before taking her turn.

Venus said that she wanted to see the cock buried in Sarissa's pussy. With very little persuasion, Ergon laid back with his leg's spread. Sarissa held herself over him momentarily drinking in his body and then slowly thrust her cock into his dripping pussy. Venus lay beside them, kissing Ergon and playing with his tits as Sarissa started to pound her friend with her massive cock.

Sarissa looked over and told Venus it was her turn and pulled out of Ergon's pussy. Venus moved to straddle Ergon's face so that her pussy was within an inch of his nose and Sarissa moved behind her to slide her cock in from behind. Ergon had a close up view of Venus' bald lips clinging to the shaft of the invading cock that was sliding in and out of her pussy.

"Pull it out so she can suck it," Venus said.

Sarissa grinned and pulled her pussy-coated cock from Venus' pussy and shuffled forward.

Ergon had no choice but to open his mouth again and let the slippery and now very tasty cock slide in. Venus moved and he suddenly realized that she had her face between his legs, eating his pussy as Sarissa thrust her cock into his mouth. Ergon gave himself over to the sensations no longer thinking about the strangeness of what was actually happening and simply responded to the pleasure that coursed through his body.

Sarissa watched her cock disappearing into Ergon's mouth (hers actually) and was intoxicated by seeing what she looked like when she gave head. It added to the sensations travelling up the cock she was thrusting with. She could feel her orgasm building and thought that she should probably pull out but thought, "Fuck it," and with a final grunt, let herself go in Ergon's mouth. Ergon gagged and coughed and was caught completely unprepared as Sarissa came in his mouth, down his throat and over his face.

"Sarissa!" he spluttered, outraged, not even realizing that he'd used the wrong name. Sarissa laughed at him before trying to get herself under control, whilst Venus stopped licking Ergon's pussy long enough to find out what was going on. She had a vague thought that it was curious that Sarissa had called her own name but laughed when she saw cum all over her friend's face.

"Looks like you weren't quite ready hey?" she said. "Don't worry, let me help." She moved up to where Ergon lay coated in cum and started kissing his face, licking and sucking at the sticky seed, enjoying the dirty lesbian cum kiss with the person she assumed was Sarissa.

Sarissa was surprised to find her cock reacting again immediately. The sight of the two girls kissing and sharing her cum turned her on more that she would have believed.

"Mmm, looks like we're not done yet," Venus said as she took a breath and noticed her hard cock.

"Fuck her from behind while she eats me Ergon," Venus insisted. Sarissa moved behind Ergon as he positioned himself on his hands and knees her massive cock sliding in and out of his pussy again as he licked his way all around Venus' pussy and clit. He was overwhelmed by pleasure; Venus writhing beneath him and his pussy filled from behind and knew that he would cum again very soon. Venus beat him to it and exploded with a body shaking orgasm. She moved from in front of him and knelt beside Sarissa, kissing her and reaching to fondle her cock and balls as she continued to slide in and out of Ergon who by now was moaning uncontrollably and throatily at each thrust.

"Want to see her cum really hard Ergon?" Venus said to Sarissa. "I know what she really likes." Sarissa grinned evilly, though Ergon couldn't see it.

"Yeah show me how to make her cum hard!" Sarissa cried, knowing what Venus was about to do to her body, looking forward to seeing how Ergon would take it. Ergon had a pillow under his tits, head down on the bed, thrusting back at the cock that was spearing into him, loving every minute of it. Venus slid two fingers into her sopping pussy, showing them to Sarissa and then smiling, reached down and started running them around her arsehole before sliding one finger into his bum.

"Oww, what the fuck?" Ergon cried out in Sarissa's voice.

"Oh don't play coy," Venus laughed, "You love it in the arse!" and without pause, she thrust the finger deeper.

"Fuck!" Ergon said as he felt Venus' finger slide as deep as it would go into his butt hole. He held still as his arse was violated, Sarissa pausing briefly from fucking him as she watched Venus slide her finger in and out of his bum. He wanted to hate it. He wanted to cry out against the finger that was invading him, but it actually felt good and so he just relaxed and buried his face in the pillow. Soon he started thrusting back against it. Venus wasn't about to let 'Sarissa' off and worked a second finger into Ergon's butt. He held very still at this new invasion and felt her stretch him in a way he thought he never could.

"Do you think she could take my cock in her arse?" he heard Sarissa ask Venus.

"Oh yeah, you'd just love that wouldn't you Sarissa?" Venus asked.

"Whoa! Hang on! No way its too big," Ergon said with a sudden fright, not having to feign reluctance.

"Trust me, I know you'll love it," Venus replied, Sarissa urging him to try.

He put his head down and tried to relax more as he felt Sarissa slide her enlarged cock out of his pussy and slide it up between his cheeks. He enjoyed the feeling of the slick shaft sliding over his hole, but worried about it actually going inside. His boy-mind screamed no, but his girl body wanted it and he was running out of time to think about it. Sarissa positioned the head of her cock against his now stretched open butt hole and Venus helped to guide it in, holding the head in position as it slowly began to ease its way into his butt, causing him to yelp as it went a little too fast.

"Fuck, its too big," he said, breathing rapidly.

"You have to relax more," Venus said.

"Hey, if you like it so much, why don't you take it up your bum?" Ergon said between pants, seizing on the thought as it crossed his mind.

"Ok," Venus said surprising him with her ready agreement, "But you're not getting out of it, you're taking it next."

She moved next to Ergon on her hands and knees and Sarissa moved behind her, sliding her cock into Venus' bald pussy, pumping her for a while to make sure she was nice and wet. Then she pulled out so that she could finger her friend's pussy and use her lubed fingers to prepare her butt. Ergon watched, amazed at how quickly the two of them got into it. He'd been curious about anal sex, but hadn't even dared broach the subject with Sarissa, worried he'd turn her off. Now she was happily sliding her fingers into another girl's butt!

"Come on Ergon, fuck me up the bum," Venus gasped when Sarissa was working two fingers in her arse. Sarissa aimed her cock at Venus' butt and slowly but surely started to ease inside, Venus letting her know when to push and when to pause.

"Fuck, you're tight Venus, it feels awesome," Sarissa said as Ergon watched in amazement. Venus was soon impaled on Sarissa's massive cock, sliding back and forth; squealing and moaning each time it was pulled out and thrust back up her arse. After a couple more thrusts Sarissa pulled out.

"I gotta stop or I'll blow," she said breathing hard. Ergon watched in amazement at the way Venus' bum hole gaped open in the absence of the invading cock.

"Well we can't have that," Venus laughed, "Not before Sarissa gets to feel it too."

Ergon knew that there would be no backing out now and with a faint feeling in his tummy assumed the doggy position as Sarissa moved behind him. He closed his eyes and breathed, trying to relax as he felt the tip of the hard cock nudge his butt again. He bit his lip nervously and whimpered a little as he felt it sliding inside, spreading his poop hole, stretching it wider and wider. He reached back with a hand to push against Sarissa's stomach, stopping her periodically, breathing and relaxing, letting her push the huge purple head in. With even just the head inside it felt massive. He thought it had felt big sliding into his pussy, but it felt twice as big going into his bum. Sarissa paused for a while and let Ergon try to relax again before she leaned forward and let her weight slowly slide the rest of her cock up his bum in a single heated thrust.

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