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Fun at the Resort


My first ever attempt at writing a story ...

The hike through the woods had been tiring but the end was near. After the difficult 10 mile hike through the woods, Amber and I were excited to see the finish line. We had hiked through some very difficult terrain and frequently had to backtrack as some of the trails had been unexpectedly washed out by the heavy rainstorm that continued to pour down on us. We were definitely looking forward to getting back to the car and out of the rain. Of course, I have to admit there were some positive points to our hike as I watched Amber walk a few steps ahead. The heavy rain had doused her from head to toe which had the added benefit of making all her curves stand out. I was pretty sure Amber knew this as she would freqently bend over in from of me or lean back and fix her hair, letting her chest stick out. This being our second date, I decided we definitely should do this again as I watched her wet shorts cling to her tight ass.

'Getting a good look back there?', Amber asked as I realized she was looking over her shoulder at me and what I then realized was a large bulge in my pants.

'Definitely', I said back to her with a wink. Amber had an amazing body from head to toe. It was her bright green eyes that hooked me in originally. Of course, it did not hurt that she was 5'4, blonde, had great curves and what looked to be a fantastic pair of large tits.

'Good, I was hoping you might be. Let's get in the car and go find a place to change out of these wet clothes', Amber smiled wickedly as she threw her backback in the car and quickly hopped in the passenger seat.

We had chosen an interesting spot for our hike. After doing a bit of research we had discovered a new resort was being built just a few hours north of us and while the resort would not be open for another week they had opened all the new trails. The entire place was amazing as we had discovered while walking around the grounds. The whole resort was built for comfort with hottubs, saunas and pools both inside and outside the complex. Earlier in the day We had both agreed that we would have to come back when everything was open to the public. Unfortunately, that day was not today as I started the car up and drove up to the station to pay the attendant.

As we pulled up the attendant smiled and said 'Today is your lucky day. The parking is free and there is one more surprise as well if you can spare the evening.'

Intrigued, Amber leaned over and anxiously listened to the attendant (giving me a nice look down her top).

'We are looking for a few people to try out the resort before it opens to the public. We were hoping you would be willing to stay for the night and try out the place?'

'Oh yes, definitely!', Amber shrieked as she barely let the attendant finish. I think it was the enthusiasm in her response but this just got my cock throbbing.

'Great, pull your car around and drive up to the entrance and the valet will take your car for you. Have a great stay and make sure to try everything out'.

As we turned around and pulled the car up to the entrace, Amber could not have been more excited. As soon as the car stopped, she climbed out and grabbed her backpack out of the car. I did quickly did the same and chased after her as she just was just jumping to get inside. We walked up to the entrance and got a few odd looks as we still had not changed and were soaked from head to toe. The doorman opened the way for us as we walked inside and got our first look at the inside of the resort. It was incredible. The entire inside of the building was a big open space with a massive fireplace on one side. All of the walls were stone with huge wooden beams criss-crossing the ceiling. There were a few tables set up with waiters walking around and serving what looked to be beer and wine to the few people we could see.

'Hello, we are here to check in', Amber said to the front desk.

'Great, as you know we have lots of space here. We are actually giving an entire wing of the resort to groups and letting them look around - no doors are locked, no place is off-limits. The only thing we need to know is your credit card number and then we can decide on your room'.

At that point, I handed my credit card information to the attendant and was assured there would be no charge unless we destroyed the place. Highly unlikely. I turned and looked at Amber and noticed that she was blushing and had gotten very quiet.

'So what kind of room would you like? We have queen, king, suites and one super luxury suite.'.

'Do you have any adjoining rooms?', Amber jumped in first as I tried not show my disappointment.

'We do, how about we give you a suite and the super luxury suite. They have a door between them and are on the 10th floor and down the corridor to the right'.

'That sounds fantastic!', Amber said as she grabbed the keys and handed one to me.

Amber followed me as we walked in the direction the front desk had indicated. Hopping on the elevator we headed for the 10th floor and waited for the door to open. The elevator bell rang for our destination as we hopped out to find a dark hallway with torches lining the wall on either side. Amber and I smiled at each other and as we slowly searched for our room.

'Here it is', Amber smiled to me.

'How about we take a few minutes to freshen up and then decide what to do next?', Amber asked

'Sure. We definitely need to get out of these wet clothes.', I said as I looked Amber up and down.

Amber smiled at me, licked her lips and disappeared into her room.

I took the key Amber had handed me and realized that she had given me the luxury suite. It definitely was luxury. On the right, there were two hottubs with a bed in the middle. The entire far wall was one huge window that looked out on the forest surrounding the resort and outdoor pool just below us. The wall on the left had a massive fireplace with candles lit all around. It was an amazing room.

I decided I could check out the rest of the room later and should shower first. I walked over and dropped my backpack in the closet and walked into the bathroom. It was just as incredible as the main room. All the walls had mirrors from the waist up. The focal point was the tub elevated in the middle of the room seemingly breaking through and rising out of the black floor. On the right were sinks with a nice long black marble countertop. On the left there was a shower behind one of the mirrored panels. Deciding to try the shower first, I stripped down and hopped in. After about 10 minutes of enjoying the hot water, I turned off the shower, grabbed a robe and headed back into the main room.

'Hello', Amber spoke as I jumped a bit in surprise.

I turned towards her and realized that she was standing in the doorway between our rooms.

'Like what you see?', she asked as she spun around in a circle.

At that point my cock jumped to attention. Amber was standing in the doorway with nothing but red panties and a red lace bra. The bra she was wearing barely contained her huge tits which looked amazing. Her ass was equally as impressive as she wiggled it a bit.

'Fuck yes', I said as I watched her show.

'Good. I thought the adjoining rooms would throw you off and its not like we have to pay.', she laughed.

'So What did you have in mind coming to my room dressed like that?', I asked as Amber started slowly walking across the room.

'Oh nothing much ...', she pouted as she slowly dropped to her knees.

I groaned as I watched her drop to all fours and slowly crawl towards me. Her tits looked even more amazing from this angle as she made her way across the room and looked up at me with a sweet innocent look.

'I like this attitude', I said.

'Oh yeah? Do you like this too ...?', she said while maintaining her innocent look.

Amber looked up at me as her hand slid under my robe and slowly went up my thigh. She kept eye contact while sliding her hand up and wrapping her fingers around my ever growing cock.

'Ummmmmmmm', I moaned loudly.

'Shhhh ...', she whispered while opening my robe to let my now fully grown cock pop out.

Amber looked up and smiled after seeing my cock for the first time. Needing no more encouragement she licked her lips and then leaned in and gently licked the head of my cock.

'Ohhhh ...', I moaned again

'Hmmm ... let's see how loud you get when I suck it', Amber whispered as she slowly licked the entire length of my shaft and wrapped her lips around the head.

'Mmmmmm', Amber moaned as she took my cock deeper into her mouth. I stood there in extasy as she began moving my cock in and out of her mouth.

'Fucckkkk!' was all I could say as Amber pulled my cock out and started aggressively sucking on my balls. At that point it was all I could do to brace myself in the doorway of the bathroom as she took my cock back in her mouth and began rolling her tounge around and around the head while sucking it gently. Her wet lips continued to assault my cock, gently sliding up and down as she continued to moan loudly. I leaned back and felt the tip of my cock hit the back of her throat again and again.

Amber gagged a bit as she came off my cock. Moaning, she quickly returned to action and went back to work pounding the shaft with her mouth. All her work made my cock feel amazing as she started to stroke the shaft with one hand and massage my balls with the other.

I let out a large groan as Amber continued relentlessly. I looked down and Watched her bob up and down on my cock as she reached around with both hands and grabbed my ass. She looked back up and me with her nice innocent face as she very, very slowly slid her mouth up and off of my cock. Never breaking eye contact, she slowly slid the entire shaft back past her lips and into her mouth, continuing her constant tounge rolling action.

'Keep that up and I'm gonna cum', I said. Amber moaned as she deep throated me again. I moaned loudly in approval as I could feel myself building and Krystal's lips continued the slow up and down pace.

'Cum all over me', Amber spoke as she took my cock out of her mouth only long enough to speak.

That was all I could take as I felt my balls explode. Amber leaned back in anticipation as I saw her take the first shot in her hair, she then leaned back as I continued to explode over her face and tits.

'Yesssss ....', I yelled as Amber continued to work my cock dry. As my orgasm subsided, Amber surprised me again as she took my cock back into her mouth, making sure to lick it clean.

'Yummy. I'll want a second course later.', she purred.

Then, as quickly as she arrived, Amber got up and walked out of the room.

'Downstairs. Outdoor pool, 10 minutes', she said as she left.

It took a few minutes to recover from Amber's assault before I headed downstairs to the outdoor pool. Jumping in a nice warm pool sounded like a great idea after what just happened upstairs. Looking around and seeing nobody else in the area, I dove in and swam the length of the pool and then back to the shallow end. It was then that I saw Amber. She had just walked in and was wearing nothing but a white t-shirt and panties. She smiled at me as she walked over.

'This is all I had packed, we did not plan to go swimming you know!'

I laughed as Amber walked over to the deep end and quickly dove in. She surfaced and then quickly dove back under heading in my direction. Surfacing in the shallow end, Amber stood up in the waist deep water as I loudly groaned my approval. The white shirt was now firmly clinging to her tits and I could clearly see her nipples pointing out through the fabric. I watched as Amber reached down and lifted her shirt over her head, exposing her bare tits to me for the first time.

'Maybe you can fuck these later', she growled. Not able to take it anymore, I walked over to her and pulled her tight to my body so that I could feel her bare tits against my skin.

'I can't take much of this ...', Amber said.

I took my queue as I slowly pushed her back to the stairs in the shallow end. She was a step ahead and stopped me in my tracks. 'Wait', she said as I watched her turn around and slowly bend over, removing her panties. She backed up and playfully pushed her ass into my crotch. Amber let out another large moan as she realized that my cock was ready for another round. Wanting her now, I led her forward a bit as she placed her hands on the stairs and spread her legs. I quickly removed my shorts and tossed them onto a nearby chair.

'Foreplay next time, fuck me ...', Amber purred loudly.

My cock started throbbing as I slowly slid it down the crack of her ass. She lifted her hips a bit as it moved lower and grazed her pussy. She bucked her hips in response as I grabbed her hips tightly and wasted no time as I slammed my cock into her.

'Fuck!!!!', Amber screamed in delight. Her pussy felt fantastic as I started pounding her slowly from behind. She continued yelling loudly as I picked up the pace, sliding my cock in and out of her. I was surprised as Amber started grinding her ass back into me but I slapped it hard in approval. She yelled loudly in response as my cock continued to rock in and out of her. I continued slapping her ass with one hand as I grabbed her hair with the other. I yanked back gently on her hair as my cock continued to slide in and out of her.

'I'm gonna cum, fuck me!', Amber screamed.

She lifted her ass a bit more as I grabbed her hips and starting pounding her as hard as I could.

'Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh', Amber screamed loudly as she exploded. I could feel her clench as she roughly ground her pussy back onto my cock while riding out her orgasm. I held her hips tight and continued slowly fucking her as she bucked over and over. Her moans were so loud I suddenly wondered if anyone was watching us ... there were a few people around after all.

'That was fun ... but next time pull my hair harder', she winked, pulling off my cock and collapsing onto the stairs.

'Now what to do with that', Amber licked her lips as she stared at my still erect cock.

The End ... maybe.

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