tagExhibitionist & VoyeurFun, Dirty Girl, Ch. 01

Fun, Dirty Girl, Ch. 01


My sexual revelation came when least expected and most needed. The relationship with the one who I thought was the love of my life had unraveled, and I was still wallowing in sadness and dismay.

I live in a one-bedroom garden apartment writing reviews for consumer magazines and playing drums in a cover band at a beach bar on the weekends. Recently I noticed that a teen-age girl and her mother had moved into the apartment across the courtyard from mine. At first I was more attracted to the mother, who is closer to my age though probably a bit older. She's tall and shapely with firm legs that suggest regular exercise. I'd seen her with a man but it appeared he didn't live there. The daughter didn't strike me as a knockout but attractive. Couldn't help notice the round, jaunty ass that she flaunts with a sensuous sway. I hadn't gotten a close look at her face until one afternoon when I was cutting through a narrow, wooded path behind the apartment complex on the way to one of routes I run. To my surprise, this girl was splayed on the side of a small knoll in an embrace with a boy. He had her tank top pushed above her breasts and a hand in her jeans. She was biting her lower lip and had a dreamy look on her face. She didn't seem alarmed or change her expression when she noticed me. I hurried on past but had a clear enough look to recognize my new, young neighbor.

After that I kept a more attentive eye on the apartment across the way, but didn't get a clear look at the girl until she surprised me again late one night about a week later. I was walking through the parking lot and noticed a young guy on the driver's side of a small pickup truck. The way his head was arched back caught my attention, but the situation didn't register until another head popped up and I was again awkwardly face to face with the girl from across the courtyard. This time when our eyes met, she smiled slyly just before I got flustered and turned away. The one thing that struck me, aside from embarrassment and a twinge of envy, was that this was a different boy than the one I'd seen her on the grass. The guy in the truck had short, sandy-colored hair, while the one in the woods had black hair.

The next time I saw her I was eating a steak I had barbecued outside my apartment early one evening. It was early spring, the best time of year in Florida, and I wanted to be outside as much as possible. I was enjoying the steak, watching a nearly full moon peeking above the building across the way. I didn't see anyone approaching and was startled slightly when a voice said, "Mmm, smells good" Ah, my frisky neighbor strolling slowly past on the way to her apartment.

I said "Hi," she said "Hi," and I thought she was going to keep walking. My eyes were drifting down to her ass accentuated by tight jeans. She whirled around suddenly and asked if I had a match. She caught me staring, it registered in her eyes.

I don't smoke but had half a pack in my pocket from lighting the grill. She took it, lit a cigarette and remarked that it wasn't "very neighborly to have a cookout and not invite your neighbor."

I said, "Gee, sorry, but I haven't met my new neighbor."

She giggled. "Guess we haven't been formally introduced. I'm Tammy."

She hung around and smoked her cigarette while I ate my steak. The smoking didn't thrill me, but I was happy for her company. Now that I had a close look at her face, she was cute enough with mischievous brown eyes and soft, full lips.

Gradually the portrait of Tammy emerged. She said she was 20 and worked as a receptionist at an auto body shop. As I'd figured, she was living with her divorced mom, who had a boyfriend and taught a spinning class at the same gym I belonged to.

"She's nagging me to quit smoking and start classes at the community college. I don't smoke that much, so it's not a big deal. I'm trying to save some money for college, but I'm not in a hurry. Don't really know what I want to do yet. I just want to have some fun right now and I'll figure it out later."

Feeling self-conscious eating in front of her, I offered a piece of steak and was surprised by the enthusiasm with which she accepted. She stomped out the cigarette and took the meat off my fork with her teeth. She took her time chewing it, giving it the Rachael Ray treatment of appreciative moans and facial expressions of rapture. Have to admit, I felt a twinge down below from watching the pleasure on her face.

"Damn good!" she said. "So, do you always eat alone?"

"No, not always, but quite a bit lately. I'm in ... ah ... transition."

I told her about my recent breakup and what I was doing. Not that much to tell, really. I said I'd traveled a lot by myself and didn't mind being alone. She said she preferred company. Her mom was often busy with her boyfriend, but fortunately she had a lot of friends. She kind of smiled when she said that and looked away. She thanked me for the matches and the bite of steak and said she'd catch me later, then sauntered off with a sensuous gait that was clearly for my benefit. It was a nice sideshow to my meal, and I looked forward to our next encounter.

Late that Friday night I was sitting outside with a martini unwinding from the gig, enjoying the fresh air, gazing at the moon. Once again she caught me by surprise.

"So now you're out here drinking alone. That's not good."

Tammy was barefoot, sandals in hand. I said 'hi' and she said 'hi' back but kept on walking to her apartment. I watched her go inside, saw lights go on and thought that was it. But a few minutes later she came out and headed across the courtyard in my direction.

"Sorry couldn't stop and chat before. Had to pee like crazy."

She sat down and pulled out a partially-smoked joint, said "Hope you don't mind," and lit it before I could reply. I watched her suck it in, noticing the way her lips puckered, and declined when she reached out to pass it – didn't want to start up with that again.

She stretched her legs out on the chaise to the right of where I sat on the metal glider as she sucked in the last few tokes. I sat there taking it all in: denim shorts and a white tank top that drew my eyes to a pair of prominent points visible in the dim light. No bra, I thought, and scanned the expanse of legs, crossed at the ankles, to feet that rocked to a beat in her head as she inhaled. I offered a sip of my drink and she said, "Wow, that's really good. Nice and dirty. Just the way I like it."

She accepted my offer to make one for her. When I returned with two brimming Grey Goose beauties, Tammy was lounging comfortably, knees up, fingers tapping playfully on her thighs. I wondered what music she was hearing in her head.

"You probably think I'm really bad," she said after a long, satisfying sip. "All these vices."

"I'm not making any judgment at all. I barely know you."

"I'll have you know, I've been off the other kind of cigarettes for a couple days. I went to the gym yesterday, working out my bod. And I'm thinking about enrolling for a couple of classes. Maybe. . ."

"That's good if it's what you want to do."

"We'll see. I just figure, why not enjoy the things you like? Can't take life too seriously."

Her knees were knocking together rhythmically and I was mesmerized by those creamy thighs in the moonlight, stealing glances at the dark strip of denim in between at each parting.

"So you're not dating anyone at all now?"

"Not at the moment. Not lately."

"How long since you had a girlfriend?"

"Not that long. A few months, I guess."

"Really? So you must ..."

"Must what?"

She laughed. "You know. ...Have to take care of things yourself."

"Oh, wow, that's kind of personal." I hoped she couldn't see me blush.

"Sorry. I can be kind of blunt. It's just the way I am."

"It's OK. Just wasn't expecting. . ."

She took another sip of the drink and leaned forward, chin resting on one knee, a sly smile on her face.

"So, did it excite you when you saw me with those guys?"

"Excite? I'm not sure that's the . . . It definitely surprised me."

"But didn't it turn you on a bit? Like later, when you thought about it, and you knew it was me and that I lived right over there. You did think about it, right?"

"You sure ask a lot of . . . interesting questions."

"Just curious, that's all. I know how guys are. I just wondered if you went home and got off thinking about it."


She laughed. One of her hands was trapped between her legs, fingertips lightly drumming on the back of her thighs.

"You did, didn't you?"

I laughed, too, burying my face in my hand and shaking my head.

"Come on, fess up. You got to watch me having sex. You can at least tell me if you got off thinking about it."

We were both laughing – giggling, actually.

"I didn't watch you. I saw that something was going on. I didn't stay around to watch. What makes you think I'd think about it or fantasize about it or whatever?"

"I saw the way you looked at me the other night when I talked to you." Now I was really blushing. "Hey, it's all right. It's flattering. I know the way guys are – I like guys. The guys I know, if they don't get any for a couple of days, they get pretty desperate. You tell me you don't have a girlfriend to take care of things. So you must have to ..."


We both took a big sip of our martinis and sat there smiling at each other.

"Look, I don't mind that you saw me with those guys. I like sex, and I'm not shy about it. I think most people are way too uptight about sex. Look at you, you're all embarrassed and uncomfortable because I asked you about it. What's the big deal? We all want it. We all like it. Why not just enjoy it?"

"You have a point. It's just an uncomfortable subject for most people to talk about, especially if they really don't know someone. I get the feeling you like to shock people a little."

"I just like to have fun. And sometimes you have to shock a little to break down barriers. I mean, it's a natural thing, why pretend it's not?"

"All right, if it's so natural and you're so open, tell me something revealing."

"You mean like that all this talk and teasing is making me very wet? There, that'll give you something to think about later."

She smiled slyly and rocked gently in her seat.

"And what about those guys?"

"They're just friends. Guys I know, who like to have fun. The one – you saw us by the tree – calls me his fun, dirty girl. Oh, god." Her smile was ear to ear. "The other I know from work, actually. The one in the truck. Let's just say we share a common interest. I have a taste for salty things ... and he likes to help me satisfy my hunger."

"Really!" Now I was speechless.

"See, I shocked you. How's that for revealing? Now you have to tell me, did you wank off thinking about what you saw the neighbor girl doing?"

Her eyes were big as moonpies, and there was no escape.

"It wasn't like I consciously fantasized about you and what you were doing. I hadn't even met you then. I usually have to look at pictures on the Internet or read an erotic story or something to ... you know. So the first time, after I got back from running, having seen what you were doing kind of put me in the mood to look at some pictures. So I could guess you say you kind of inspired me."

"That's kind of nice, being an inspiration. Maybe I could tell you about my experiences from time to time, and you can tell me about what you do when you think about it."

"Tell you about it?"

"Or I could watch you while I tell you something I did?"

"You want to watch?"

"Of course. I like watching guys get all excited. Gets me excited, too. Makes me feel the power."

Tammy let her legs fall apart and lay back watching me with a hand cupping her crotch. I could feel a hum in my ears, part from the vodka, part from the vibes she was radiating. She smiled and started to get up.

"Something to think about for next time."

"Next time?"

She had to get up for work, and it was getting late. But before she left she offered a "sneak preview," a little background about her sexual history.

She got her first taste of it, so to speak, from her uncle. She had her first lesbian experience with an older neighbor and lost her virginity during a threesome with the same girl and her boyfriend.

"Real classic trailer-trash stuff," Tammy said with a shrug.

"Your uncle?"

"Yeah, my mom's younger brother."

"Geez, how old were you?"

"It was only a couple years ago. I was 18. I was a late bloomer. I didn't do that much with boys when I was younger."

"So it's only moderate trailer-trash stuff," I said, teasing her.

"Hey, we're not in Arkansas."

Uncle Drew stayed with them for a while after her mom's divorce, helping fix up the house they were living in to sell.

"He never fucked me, but he messed around with me. Touched me places. At first I was scared, but he had a way about him that I couldn't resist. So when he got me to rub him through his pants, I realized I was curious. One night when Mom was a work, he started fooling around with me on the couch, giving me a backrub. I had on a T-shirt, and he got his hands under and pulled it up and his hands felt so good and strong, I didn't mind. He started rubbing my breasts and playing with my nips, driving me crazy. I remember feeling all quivery between my legs, not knowing what was happening, making little noises in my throat. That really got him going. He was wearing shorts and he took my hand and guided it under the leg, and there was his cock all thick and warm and throbbing."

"I kind of jumped back at first, but he kept rubbing me and telling me it was OK and to just touch it and squeeze it a little. Next thing I know his shorts are off and I'm staring at this big thing between his legs, feeling it pulse in my hand. He's holding my hand on it, telling me it's OK, moving my hand up and down the shaft. I was still scared but at the same time very excited. I really was very fond of him, Uncle Drew. He left soon after that; he's in Seattle now working construction."

"So what happened?"

"He sort of pushed my head down there, said to please kiss it a little bit. The head was all swollen and red and sticky. I didn't know what it was, but I actually liked the taste. Like I said, I like salty things."

She was smiling, eyes on mine as she told the tale. I was the one feeling uncomfortable, embarrassed, but riveted at the same time.

"He pushed me down more so it went in my mouth, said to suck but be careful with the teeth. He kept moving my hand on the shaft. He started getting more excited, and I got scared and pulled away. That's when he shot off, mostly on my chest and chin. But some landed on my lips, and I didn't really mind the taste."

"Did your mom ever find out?"

"No, I never said a word. He said to just keep it between him and me, and he'd give me a nice present. He did give me a bunch of money when he left. He said, 'Our little secret.'

"So there, that'll give you something to think about until you see me again. And know that I'll probably be doing the same thing you are to help me get to sleep."

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