tagExhibitionist & VoyeurFun in the Fun House Pt. 01

Fun in the Fun House Pt. 01


The young man was the first to jump the wall. Tina stood on the ground, waiting for him, watching him scan the amusement park for signs of life. She put her hands into the pockets of the purple, fur-hooded jacket that she wore and looked over the carnival boy's shadowed figure crouched on the wall. A heat stirred inside of her. It had been weeks since she had last been with a man; naked, entwined, and filled with cock. Tina wondered how good it would feel thrusting inside her.

The man turned to her and offered her a hand in silence. Returning from her fantasies the girl took it. Gripping her at the wrist, the lad pulled her up the wall. After steadying her on two feet of brick and mortar he turned around again and descended, with a small hop, off of the wall and into the park.

He caught himself on bent knees, muffling the sound of his landing, and stood up again. He peered into the depths of the park a second time, checking their status. It was dark and motionless at this time of night. The silhouettes of the rides looked like the skeletal remains of slain dragons in the full-moon's light. Once mighty and loud beasts of hydraulics and electricity these mechanical dragons were now motionless and silent, nothing more than collections of scrap metal and tubing.

Satisfied with his scouting and certain they were alone, the man turned back to the girl on the wall. He looked at her face. It was shadowed in the darkness, but her red hair almost glowed, like molten iron, in the luminescence, and her green eyes shone, very much like a beast's.

Motioning to her that it was clear, he held his arms aloft to Tina. Taking Todd's hand again, she hopped off the wall. When she hit the ground she stumbled and fell against him, pressing a hand into his chest. Beneath his shirt Tina could feel his build, rippling and solid. Up this close against him she could smell him: sweet and spicy.

Overwhelmed she flushed, and felt a dampness begin to well.

She had only met him earlier that day, but this carnival boy filled her with a lust she had never known before. She did not know what it was about him that got her so aroused. The shape of his jaw, perhaps? The wave in his hair? Or was it his eyes?

Those deep violet eyes were the first thing she noticed about him and probably the last thing she would forget.


Tina stared at Todd's eyes while she waited in queue for the Fun House with her friend Marley.

Todd sat lazily in a chair by the entrance. Presumably this was his station in the amusement park - someone to close off the doors if a child decided to break one of the mirrors.

The lad observed the crowd of patrons lined up, waiting for their turn to get in. At first he wasn't paying any special attention to any one of the patrons in particular; he had seen so many people while attending to this post that they were all just faceless customers to him now. But he noticed Tina staring at him with a look on her face that suggested she might not just be another face in the crowd.

When Marley and Tina had gotten to the front of the queue the young man approached them and greeted them before they could advance.

'Hey,' he said, 'I'm Todd.' He leaned against the entrance of the attraction, propped up on one arm.

'Tina,' said the girl, and gesturing to Marley, she continued, 'This is Marley, my bestie.'

Marley lifted her hand and wiggled her fingers in salutation, and then, giving Tina a smile, left them and walked on into the Fun House.

'Do you want to get a soda, later?' said Todd. 'I get a break at one.' Tina paused and eyed the boy up and down before replying.

Todd was thin, with muscles in all the right places. But Tina had been with plenty of men both thinner and buffer than Todd. It was his eyes that she could not resist. She had to have him.

'Yeah,' she said at last, 'I'd love to.' She turned to enter the Fun House, but then stopped and turned back around to the man. 'Meet me at the washrooms,' she said. 'I'd have to freshen up'.

Todd nodded and Tina left him at the entrance and caught up with Marley who was waiting inside the attraction. Tina smiled at her slyly.

'You're such a fox,' said Marley, smiling back.


The washrooms were a small, rectangular, independent structure, with one large opening in front that split to the left and right, leading to the male and female sides respectively.

Todd walked up to the entrance and leaned against the outside wall. He was grabbed by a hand that came from inside and was pulled within. It was Tina.

She pushed him up against the wall and grabbed his crotch. Wide eyed, Todd opened his mouth to speak, but he was silenced when Tina pushed her lips into his. The kiss was deep and strong and full of lust.

Todd could taste the sweetness of cotton candy on Tina's tongue as she probed his mouth and she in turn could taste the popcorn on his breath. Tina broke away and looked at him with a grin.

Todd was lost for words and stood staring at the girl who had him pinioned against a wall. He noticed the generous swell of her cleavage fall and rise with each heaving breath behind her low-cut white top. Her pinched waist stuck out from under the white fabric and sloped into broadly curved hips, and in the centre of a taught stomach an exposed navel stared at Todd like a cat's eye.

Tina caught him staring back and crooked a wicked smile. She grabbed at Todd's belt and pulled him into the women's washroom, turned in front of the nearest stall, and pushed him inside, shutting the door quickly behind them. Todd did not have time to protest, even if he wanted to.

Tina held him down against the toilet and, kissing him fiercely, she pulled his belt loose and dropped to her knees. She peeled away his jeans and slid delicate fingers under the waistband of black silk boxers which were quickly removed in turn. Todd's member sprang forth, pulsing.

Tina curled her fingers around the base of it and looked at it with hungry eyes. It was large. Her fingers could barely close around it.

It protruded from his waist like a lance, and curved toward his belly, ending with a helmet that was a size too big.

Tina could tell that Todd was holding his breath. She looked up at him and flicked her tongue against his tip; it pulsed. Then she put her lips on the head and slowly took him into her mouth and sucked.

Todd moaned and instinctively put his hand on her head, grabbing a fistful of her bright red hair. Applying pressure, he coaxed her downward. She complied, taking more of his length into his mouth. She gagged and withdrew, stroking his saliva soaked member as she composed herself, and then placed her lips around his head again.

Flicking the underside of his head with her tongue she sucked slowly, moving her head down and then up.

Down and up.

Down and up.

Down and up.

Todd sighed and reclined against the back of the toilet, keeping his hand on the back of Tina's head, playing in her hair. The slurping noise seemed to echo in the bathroom and Todd only became harder because of it. Tina could feel his veins throb in her mouth and she loved it.

Tina bobbed up and down on Todd until he started to squirm and groan and she knew he was about to cum in her mouth. Right then the door burst open and a group of young girls came into the bathroom.

'Damm-' swore Tina, unable to finish as Todd's cum filled her mouth. Todd tried his best to stifle his groan, but his attempt sounded painful.

'Did you hear that?' said one of the young girls who had just entered.

'Hear what?' said the other, a voice much higher than the first.

'I heard it. It came from there' said a third, pointing to the stalls.

The three girls turned around from the mirror at which they were touching up their makeup and eyed the bottoms of the stalls. They were all empty with the doors left ajar, except for the one behind them, which sported a pair of sneakers, jean shorts, a pink thong, and shaved delicate shins from underneath the sealed door. The girls giggled to themselves.

When they had finished their touch-ups they left, still giggling as they went.

Inside the stall, Tina finally let herself swallow Todd's cum. It was thin and runny now and she was sure the bitter taste would be in her mouth for the rest of the day...

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