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Fun with Cindi


From our fist date I realized what a sexual woman Cindi was. We were both divorced and in our 30's so neither of us were hesitant about acting on our mutual attraction. Our first official date was a lunch in which we talked at length about how we had both seen each other before and always been attracted to each other. Two days later Cindi came to my house to see me and within 30 minutes we were in the bedroom with her sucking my cock which was warm up for some incredible sex.

I learned early in our dating that cock sucking was something Cindi really loved. Not just something she did like some women but it would excite her to do it. Twenty years into our marriage and I can't remember a time when we had sex that she didn't suck me before or after we made love. She doesn't just suck my cock, she really makes love with her mouth. She likes to lick my cock up and down spending time licking my balls, teasing me with her tongue and taking it as deep as she can. I am not sure what I did to get so lucky but she is the woman of my dreams. I smile to myself when I hear guys complain that their wives don't give them head anymore.

It wasn't until we had been married for almost ten years when Cindi began to open up a little about her past. As soon as she began to revel a little about her past experiences I pushed her to tell me everything that she would. Slowly and over a couple of years she excited me with stories of her past experiences. She would mostly omit names but on some occasions if she knew that I knew the individual she would tell me who it was.

I learned that she started sucking guys in high school as a way to keep her virginity but that plan didn't work as well as she hoped. She learned how much control over men it gave her and she often used it to get her way.

Through high school and college she perfected her skills with a number of boys that I suspect are greater in number than she is still willing to admit to me, but it really isn't important. What is important is she learned what excites her and how to do it exceptionally well.

As we expanded our pillow talks about past experiences and fantasies we learned we had something else in common. She admitted she had tried a threesome with a boyfriend and a guy they picked up in a bar. Unlike a lot of men who fantasize about threesomes with two women, I am one of the many who fantasize about seeing my wife with other men. I had not told her that for fear of her reaction. I thought a lot about her story of the threesome for several weeks before I worked up the nerve to tell her my fantasy. Her first reaction was to be angry with me because she thought my bringing it up was an excuse for me to be with other women. It took me a long time to convince her I had no interest in being with other women but just wanted her to be with me and other men while I watched and joined in. To me it was the best of both worlds, I like to watch and I get to join in while I do it.

Cindi thought about this for several weeks and it often became a topic during while we were having sex. We have always enjoyed watching x-rated movies while in bed as a part of our foreplay so mostly we would watch movies with one woman and two or more men. It was very apparent to me as she watched them it would excite her but she still said no. Often while watching a movie we would lie in bed and play with each other. Her pussy would get incredibly wet whenever a woman was "servicing" two or more cocks. Scenes with a woman getting fucked until a guy cums then pulls out only to be quickly replaced by another cock would excite both of us. One particular movie seemed to excite us both the most. In the movie a woman in on all fours while her husband is leaning back on the bed and she is sucking his cock. Behind her were several of her husband's friends who he invited over for a poker game and they were taking turns fucking her. Every time they would switch off Cindi would let out a little moan.

It took almost a year of begging but finally I convinced her we should try a threesome with another man. She agreed it to try it but didn't want someone we knew because she was afraid they would tell all of our friends and she was a little scared to have sex with a complete stranger. Fortunately, I had an old college buddy that lived two states away that I was pretty sure would do it and when I suggested him she agreed. She had only met him once and thought he seemed nice. He was married so she thought that would make it safe and if it went badly for any reason she wouldn't have to see him again.

I made the call to my friend in what was one of the most awkward conversations I have ever had. "Hey Tom, how would you like to fuck my wife?"

That wasn't really how it went, but I suggested to him that we wanted to try a threesome and would he be interested. He was very interested. I must digress a little here to tell you about Cindi. This is the part where most guys will tell you how beautiful their wives are and I am no exception. Cindi is a brunette with beautiful blue eyes, shoulder length hair and a very sexy body. When we first met she had 34B breasts but two kids later they are 36d and she still has incredible legs and an ass made to fuck. I had no doubt that my friend would say yes but Cindi was worried that he would say no. From my conversation with him I would guess if he could have left home right then he would have.

We made arrangements to meet a couple of weeks later at a large city half way between the two of us. It was finally set to happen.

It is long enough ago that I really don't remember the time between the arrangements and out meeting but I do remember we had a lot of sex leading up to our meeting without any real talk about what was going to happen. I believe we were both very excited about it and thought about it a lot.

It was about a three hour drive for us and we talked about everything but what was going to happen. We were both nervous and excited and didn't really know how it was going to work. Cindi wore conservative clothes for the trip and said she would change when we arrived. Our plan was to meet Tom for dinner and a couple of drinks and see what happened from there. After arriving and checking in we sat around the room and waited for Tom to call when he arrived. He was staying in a separate room at our request because we wanted some time along afterwards so we could talk about our experience. Tom called right on time and we agreed to meet in the hotel restaurant for dinner at 6:00 PM.

When it was time Cindi showered and changed clothes. She has always been very conservative in the way she dresses outside of our home. She prefers professional office attire mostly longer skirts, blouses that never reveal much but she still manages to always look very feminine and very sexy. Tonight was different. She didn't go completely slutty, although I would have loved it, she did wear a very short black skirt, thigh high stockings rather than pantyhose and a silver blouse unbuttoned just enough to give a peek of her black bra underneath. She was stunning.

We had no plan other than to have dinner and see what happened. Dinner was pleasant but a little awkward. We all knew why we were there but it was like the elephant in the room. There was nothing sexual even mentioned during dinner. It helped that Tom was very good at talking. His job as a top salesman for a large national company was because he was a good talker, good at making people trust him and funny at times. We laughed a lot and had a couple of drinks with dinner also and that helped us all relax. Clearly Cindi was getting comfortable with someone she really did not know well at all.

When dinner was finished we sat for a while and finally I suggested we go to our room to continue the conversation. Cindi agreed and off we went. Our room was a nice suite with a couch and chair in a setting area separate from the sleeping area. It was nice to be able to go there first because it helped us all get through the awkwardness we all felt.

As we sat and talked some more I think we were all anxious to get started but no one really knew how to get it started. I didn't want to rush Cindi for fear of her changing her mind and Tom was very relaxed waiting for someone else to make the first move.

Fortunately for us it was Cindi. I never would have guessed it would be her to start but finally she stood up and said, "I am going to change into some more comfortable clothes, you guys just relax a while."

She went to the bathroom and was gone for about fifteen minutes. Tom and I sat and talked but again without ever mentioning what was about to happen. I sat on the couch and Cindi had been sitting beside me. Tom was in a chair facing us. We didn't move while she was gone.

When Cindi came out of the bathroom she took my breath away. I know I love her but for as long as we have been together I still think she is the hottest sexiest woman alive. She had changed into a very sexy black babydoll nightgown. She looked incredible!

"You like it?," she smiled as she came back to sit by me on the couch.

"Yes, very much," Tom replied as he smiled and looked her up and down.

Cindi sat be me on the couch and I put my arm around her and kissed her moving so I could adjust the movement in my pants. We kissed for a minute and as I broke away I motioned for Tom to join us on the couch. I started running my hand up and down her leg slightly touching her pussy occasionally and easily determined she was already soaking wet.

Tom sitting on the other side wasn't sure what to do yet so he just watched for a while as I slid my hand under the G-string she was wearing and played with her pussy. She stopped me and reached over and started feeling my cock through my pants and very quickly slid off the couch in front of me and started unbuckling my pants. I helped by sliding my pants and underwear to my ankles and sat back as she started stroking my cock.

Cindi never looked at Tom but was focused on my cock, stroking then licking then sucking as she loves to do. I was so excited by all of this and the thought of what was going to happen I was worried I would be done before we started. I reached down and grabbed one of her hands and pushed it over to Tom's cock. She quickly started rubbing his cock through his pants while never letting up on sucking me. After a few minutes of rubbing she tried to unzip his pants with one hand but it wasn't working. Tom got the message and stood up, unzipped his pants and quickly took off his pants and underwear then sat back down.

Cindi was now sucking me and stroking his cock. I could tell by her breathing that she was getting very excited by this and so was I. Being afraid that I was going to cum I then reached down and grabbed her head and lifted her off of my cock. I bent down and kissed her with a deep passionate kiss then still holding her head guided her mouth to Tom's cock.

It didn't take much to get her there, she was ready too. She moved over to be in front of him and started licking up and down his cock, around his balls first getting him very wet with saliva. Then she started at licking the head and paused very briefly to look at me with those beautiful blue eyes and I could see a smile on her face as she opened her mouth and took him in as deep as she could. She didn't break eye contact with me for a few moments then she was gone. Lost in what she was doing, kneeling in front of a guy sucking him for the first time while her husband sat next to them and watched excitedly.

She settled into a rhythm sucking him fast, then slow, using her hands and occasionally looking up at him as she sucked. She moved a little closer to me and reached over to play with my cock at the same time. This was the hottest thing I had ever done in my life. I had to concentrate not to cum all over her hand. Cindi looked so incredibly hot and sexy and I was never more proud of my wife. I had always known what a hot fuck and a hot cocksucker she was, now my best friend knew it too.

Cindi switched back and forth a few times, sucking one stroking the other until I decided it was time to move to the bed.

I grabbed her arm to help her off the floor and said it was time to move to the bed. I stood up and finished undressing and Tom did the same. We all moved towards the bed together and sort of fell onto it. Cindi lay on her back and I moved up to put my cock in her mouth. Tom dove into her pussy, pulling her G-string off and licking her like a starved man. She responded by going after my cock harder than she ever had before.

The next 30 minutes or so was a succession of a lot of switching around. Cindi would suck me while Tom licked her then we would switch so I could lick Cindi and play with her pussy while she sucked Tom. I know Tom and I both were struggling with not cumming yet because Cindi was doing her best to suck it out of us.

I have to interrupt my story to tell you something I agreed to prior to our meeting Tom. Cindi still had reservations about letting Tom fuck her pussy. She agreed to at a minimum suck him off but anything else was not guaranteed. I agreed to her terms so she would be comfortable but was hoping she would let him do everything. Now, back to my story.

At one point Cindi was on her hands and knees sucking me while I was half sitting up at the top of the bed enjoying watching Tom lick and play with her pussy from underneath. Tom slid out from under her and got behind her to enter from behind. I wasn't sure what would happen and I don't think she realized what he was preparing to do until he had his cock pressed against her pussy lips ready to enter.

I sensed a slight reluctance from he but then lust gave way and she pushed back against him and he was all the way in with two strokes. Both of them let out small groans as he settled deep inside her. Tom then grabbed her hips and started fucking her as hard as he could. Not rough but forceful. Unfortunately for me, that pushed me over the top. As soon as I saw him fucking her and could feel the movement while she sucked me, I lost it and started cumming in her mouth. It didn't slow her up at all. Cindi never took her mouth off my cock as she eagerly swallowed my cum.

I had to pull her mouth off of me because I was so sensitive afterwards. I slid out from under her and started playing with her breasts, squeezing them then leaning down and sucking them. Fortunately Tom had more staying power as he continued to pound away at her pussy. He paused and rolled her over on her back and mounted her missionary style which gave me better access to her tits. I continued playing with them and started kissing her. I leaned over to whisper in her ear, "doesn't that feel good baby?"

"Oh god, yes", she said. "I love it!" "Fuck me, fuck me now!" I want both of you to fuck me all night!"

Tom was about to shoot his load as I lay back and watched. He had her legs up in the air and was furiously pumping his cock into my sweet loving wife. I must say I had mixed emotions at that point. I was incredibly excited but a little jealous as well. With one final push Tom exploded in her pussy. He was grunting and groaning and at the same time Cindi let loose with her own climax shuddering and moaning as well.

Slowly Tom pulled out and flopped down on the bed beside Cindi while I collapsed on the other side. Normally after sex Cindi is so modest she will immediately cover herself with sheets or blankets but this time she just relaxed and laid there fully exposed. "That was wonderful!" she finally said when she caught her breath.

Later she told me she thought it would be awkward afterwards but she seemed really at ease and relaxed as we lay there all naked and in the same bed. We started up our conversation laughing and joking about how great that was and soon we were talking about things unrelated as if we were still at dinner and nothing had happened. There was a bathroom break, drink break but otherwise it was just three friends having a conversation and enjoying each other's company.

Probably an hour passed and we had all sat up to talk when Cindi reached over and started playing with my cock. The conversation continued as normal and she also reached over with her other hand and started stroking Tom. It was almost comical because if anyone was listening you wouldn't have any idea we were all naked and had just fucked each other's brains out.

It didn't take Cindi long to discover there was some life left in us. Her touch was starting to get a response so while Tom and I talked she bent over and started sucking him. She sucked and licked and soon had him back to as hard as he had been. Just watching had me almost completely hard but she willingly put her mouth to work on my cock to get me to fully hard.

As soon as she had me hard and switched back to suck Tom, I moved behind her to enter her from behind. Sliding my cock into her cum filled pussy was the most erotic thing I had ever done. Her pussy contracted around my cock and squeezed hard but was she was so wet there was no resistance.

I started pumping slowly just enjoying the feeling and enjoying the very erotic sight of her sucking Tom's cock. I watched her put her lips around the head and slowly slide it in deeper than I had ever seen her suck. She wasn't just putting on a show for me, although it felt like it to me, she was savoring every minute of it. She loved to suck cock, she loves to fuck and now she had both. I love to fuck her and I love to watch her suck cock, now I had both. Tom, well what was there for him not to like.

I lasted a lot longer than the first time but still not as long as I would have liked. I eventually felt that familiar feeling as I neared my climax. I reached under her and squeezed her tits then straightened up and went into a fucking mode that let her know I was cumming. She took her mouth off of Tom's cock long enough to yell out, "Fuck me baby! Fill me with your cum too!" Give it all to me!" I love it, I love it!"

That did it for me. I felt my cock shooting my warm cum deep into her pussy and I savored the moment. Then I collapsed on the bed behind her.

Cindi went back to her work sucking Tom hoping to get another load of cum out of him. Since this was our first time with him he had no idea she loves sucking cock and she really wanted him to cum in her mouth to show him how much she could please him. He stopped her from sucking him and moved around behind her again.

This time he left her up on all fours so I moved around to sit up and watch. He slid his cock into her very wet pussy and started fucking her slow and deep. I got in a position to kiss her and tell her how much I loved her while Tom continued to fuck her sopping wet pussy. At one point they paused and took a breath but then he reentered her and she acted like it almost hurt at that point but clearly she pressed back against him and told him to go on.

They settled into a rhythm and continued until he could last no longer. With a final grunt and hard shove he emptied his balls deep inside her. Four loads of cum, one in her mouth, what a night! Cindi never looked more beautiful to me and never looked sexier.

We rested and relaxed for a while then we decided it was late and time for Tom to leave. We said our goodnights with promises we would do it again and Tom left.

Cindi and I cuddled in bed and relaxed for a while. We were both anxious to find out what the other thought and Cindi was the first to bring it up.

"Do you still love me, even though I was complete slut tonight?" she asked.

"Are you kidding me?" "That was probably the hottest sex I have ever had and it only makes me want you more!" I responded.

"Really? I was afraid you would think I was such a nasty person you wouldn't want me anymore."

"Just the opposite, baby." "I love you and want you more than ever". It excites me to think you took one load of cum in your mouth and three in your pussy in one night."

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