tagNonConsent/ReluctanceFun with Cindy Ch. 04

Fun with Cindy Ch. 04


Chapter 4 Cindy's Birthday Party

The woman in Cindy's house was the slave of someone who owed me a favor and had lent her to me for the day. She's older than my slave by six years and has a great body. She's Japanese and while she has small tits, they fit well with her petite frame. The half inch long nipples capping them are almost always hard and I would have loved to give them some attention but it was Cindy's special day.

Cindy jumped back and stared at the slave in her house. She looked at me questioningly and I informed her,

"Slave, this is Fucktoy. She's going to be your new friend and she's visiting for your birthday party! You didn't think I forgot your birthday, did you?"

Cindy shook her head, there was no talking around her current gag. Fucktoy isn't the most subtle name for a slave but it gets the point across. I suppose I can't criticize too much, I haven't even bothered to give my slave a name. Fucktoy's owner had her on a rigorous exercise regimen and it showed. Every bit of her was tight and toned. Her shoulder length hair framed her face beautifully.

Under Fucktoy's torso was a big white box with a big red ribbon on it. I pointed it out to Cindy,

"Look at that, birthday slut, she even has a gift for you! Pick it up and see what's inside."

Fucktoy crouched back as my sexy slave picked up the box only to find that the bottom and back of the package were nonexistent. As she pulled the box forward she saw her present, a brand new sybian. She didn't seem to recognize it but must have known immediately that the attachment on top would be going inside of her. Noticing her uncertainty, I explained,

"This is going to make you cum, birthday-cunt. Get in there and straddle it, facing out."

I ran the power cord over to an outlet, moved my chair over in front of Cindy's house and set up the camera next to me. The two slaves were a bit cramped in the small space but they managed to fit. Cindy was on the sybian, slightly bent forward under the ceiling and Fucktoy was behind her, legs on the outside, over Cindy's calves.

I started the vibrations on a low setting and my slave jerked her body, startled by the stimulation.

"Lean back against your new friend and keep looking towards me. Fucktoy, put your arms around her and rub those titties."

Fucktoy didn't hesitate to grasp Cindy's inviting breasts. She slid her delicate hands under the bra and held them firmly but gently enough, treasuring them as she should. She rubbed and flicked the nipples like the expert she was. I could see Cindy relaxing as Fucktoy held her in her arms.

The vibrations from the sybian didn't stop, of course and as I slightly increased the intensity, Fucktoy massaged her breasts and Cindy began to react. Her shapely pelvis began to thrust onto her mechanical lover. It was quite beautiful, I can assure you.

The borrowed cunt was quickly learning what excited my slave. I sat back to enjoy the view and my slave couldn't help but enjoy herself. Fuckytoy was enthusiastically massaging her breasts when I told her,

"Take your left hand and play with her clit."

She was no stranger to pleasuring pussy and after wetting her fingers with Cindy's juices she spread the slippery girl cum over her engorged clitoris. The combination of vibrations and the expert fingers quickly brought Cindy to an intense orgasm. She was breathing hard and slumped back against Fucktoy who, without even being prompted, began to softly kiss Cindy's neck, starting at the base and moving up to just behind her ear. She moved her right hand over to the left breast and Cindy just melted into the tender embrace. I let the two sweethearts cuddle for a few minutes.

The sybian was still doing its job and, after taking it easy while Cindy rode out her orgasm, Fucktoy resumed rubbing her clitoris in earnest.

"Do you know what this dirty birthday slave really likes? Anal play. Why don't you take your hand from her chest and put a finger inside her butthole? All the way inside and keep wiggling it around."

Cindy was begging with her eyes but obediently lifted herself up so Fucktoy could insert a finger in her ass. Her next orgasm took a little longer but eventually she was jerking in those familiar convulsions yet again.

My slave was starting to get that glazed-over look that told me she was about done but I wanted this to last a little longer. Once she had calmed back down from her cum I increased the vibration and rotation of the sybian inside her pleasure hole and told her new friend,

"I think she has one more in her but you'll need to put another finger in her dirty brown hole."

I think Cindy was past the point of being humiliated or maybe the shame of two fingers inside her butt wasn't much worse than one. Either way, she was soon grinding onto the sybian, lost in Fucktoy's ministrations. After a bit she was clearly trying to get over the edge to that wave of pleasure and I turned the controls up one more time to push her there.

"Erffff, erffff, ERFFFFF!"

Cindy shouted through her gag as the wave crashed over her. I turned off the machine and while she was still soaking in the feeling of gratification I took her gag off.

"Your fingers must be messy, she'll suck them clean for you."

I informed Fucktoy before reaching behind Cindy and lifting her ass up to pull her birthday gift out of the box she lives in.

"You two lovers have fun."

I told them and closed them inside Cindy's little house. I went upstairs to the real people section of my home and made myself a late lunch. I was curious how the two slaves would get along so I had the audio from Cindy's house playing.

At first there were just quiet sucking noises while Cindy must have been making good on my offer of cleaning Fucktoy's fingers. There was some shuffling while they looked for a comfortable position in the cramped space. Eventually my girl broke the silence,

"Thank you for, well... making me feel good."

"You're welcome. Happy birthday. I don't see many people other than my mistress. I liked touching you, you're so sexy."

"Oh, uh, thank you! I, um, are you a slave too?"

"Yeah, I've been with my mistress for years now. How long have you been here?"

"Less than a year, it's been awful. He hurts me and makes me do terrible things."

"I'm sorry, mistress hurts me too. You can call me Fucktoy. What's your name?"

"I shouldn't say it, he doesn't let me and he knows what happens in here."

"Oh. You poor thing."

A minute or two went by before Fucktoy spoke again.

"I really liked touching you, it got me excited. Would you, you know, do it for me too?"

"I, I guess so. Do you like girls?"

"I like you."

It was quiet for a while. I could hear sounds that I assumed were kissing and my naughty girl was apparently touching her new girlfriend because Fucktoy eventually said,

"Oooh, yeah, keep doing that. Mmmm, yeah. Oh, yes, ahhhhh!"

I was glad the slavegirls were getting on so well but I only had Fucktoy for the day and we still had to have the birthday cake. Besides, I was getting horny as hell thinking of the two of them.

I went down to the basement took Fucktoy out of Cindy's house, leaving the birthday slave alone temporarily. I took her new friend to the punishment room where I had set up the birthday cake. It was in the center of a card table and balloons rose from each side except the one facing the door. From the pictures I had taken from Cindy's former home I knew her family usually gave her a cake with a recent photo of her printed onto the frosting. The cake I had for her now was also decorated with a recent photo. Of course I had to call in a favor to get this cake as the photo I used would normally have raised some serious questions. She's worth it though.

A few weeks earlier I had wound rope around the base of my girl's tits, making them swell up beautifully, round and purple. I had tied her with her back to a post almost completely immobile. With a thin cane I carefully yet brutally laid four vertical stripes on her right breast, to the right of the nipple. Then I placed four more to the left of the nipple. I repeated the process on her left breast. Now with eight vertical lines on each boob she was ready for the finishing strokes. A diagonal welt across each nipple finished the set of tally marks on both sides of the nipple making four sets of five.

I took pictures of my dear, crying her eyes out and her tits showing which birthday was coming up. She was gorgeous. Of course it was a surprise birthday party so at the time I hadn't given her any reason for the thrashing. She would soon find out when she saw the image on her cake.

I secured Fucktoy to a folding chair with white cotton rope and whispered in her ear,

"Maybe someday I'll get to play with you alone and see how much pain I can cause these big sexy nipples."

Then I went back for my slave. I cuffed her wrists to her elbows behind her forming a convenient horizontal handle with her forearms. I directed her into the punishment room and told her,

"Happy birthday sweetie, it's your favorite cake and you even have a new friend to share it with."

"Thank you, sir."

was all she could offer up in reply. I led her over to the cake and let her admire the image of her own misery before pushing her over, her voluptuous chest mashing into the middle of the picture. I took advantage of her bent over position to shove my rock hard cock into her tight shit hole. I gave her a few strokes before I pulled her up by the arms and faced her towards Fucktoy.

"Let your girlfriend have some cake, honey."

While Cindy had the frosting and crushed cake licked from her chest I continued her ass reaming. She had given herself an enema that morning but by now my cock was getting smeared with her filth. I wasn't too concerned though, she was nice and tight and I wasn't the one who would have to swallow it.

I pushed her into the cake two more times, making sure the entire thing was ruined. The whole time I was pushing my rigid pole into Cindy's butt. After I got off deep inside her bowels I let her stay still while Fucktoy finished her portion of birthday cake. I pulled out of her filthy orifice, turned her around and forced her to her knees.

She understood and unhappily licked and sucked her feces from my penis. While I was still hard enough, I thoughtfully pushed myself down her throat so she wouldn't have to taste all of it before swallowing it down. Eventually, I pulled out of her mouth and complimented her while taking off her arm cuffs,

"Good girl, now say goodbye to Fucktoy."

"Goodbye Fucktoy, it was nice meeting you. Master?"


"May I have some cake?"

"No. Back in your house now."

I took her back to the playroom and made her put on a sexy, dark blue bra then forced a painfully large ball gag between her teeth. As I shut the steel door I told her,

"Happy birthday!"

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