tagNonHumanFur Fever Ch. 01

Fur Fever Ch. 01


No one knows where the virus came from, or who created it. The virus turned perfectly normal people into incredibly horny animal creatures. Eventually the infected would overcome the lust, but only after the virus was treated.

There were multiple strains of the virus, some more potent than others. The symptoms varied, but almost always victims turned into mutant animal creatures. The sky's the limit in terms of what kinds of transformations would ensue after one was infected.

Sadly infected, you were contagious for life (like STDs). So they were forced to live in seclusion on an island with others like them There hadn't been an outbreak in decades. Until recently...


The virus had been around for years by the time I reached my junior year in college. So long that health classes included it as part of the curriculum. I learned more about the virus than I did linear equations. In the long run, it was a good thing I paid more attention in health classes.

I was always so careful, and I still ended up getting infected. My boyfriend came over to my apartment. We spent the afternoon doing nothing of particular interest. Then night came, and something happened. The virus must have been building up inside me for hours. It was around eight when I started feeling the first stage of the changes. I was sitting next to Jared on the couch watching some stupid rom-com. That's when he noticed something was off.

"Hey, you okay Ally?" Jared asked.

"Ya, why? Is something wrong?" I looked down at my body, but nothing seemed wrong. I was wearing pajamas, my chest practically falling out of my tank top. For once Jared's eyes weren't glued to my breasts, rather my face.

"You look kinda hot," Jared said.

"I appreciate the compliment, but that's not going to get you anywhere tonight." I teased. That should have been the first warning sign that something was wrong with me. Sure we'd had sex a number of times before, but I'd never been so straight forward and blunt about it before.

"I'm serious Ally. You're sweating." Jared reached over to touch my forehead. We both jumped a little when his palm made contact with my forehead. His hand was so cold compared to my skin. I hadn't realized just how hot it was until he touched me. I was suddenly very aware of the sweat rolling down the side of my face, and how my hair was slick with sweat.

"Shit, you're burning up Ally. Do you need me to take you to the hospital or something?" Jared asked, a bit frantic.

"No I feel okay, I think. Maybe I should just go lie down." I said, feeling a bit off now that Jared had pointed out that I wasn't quite right.

Jared stayed on the couch, and I went into my bedroom. There I looked at my reflection in the wall to wall mirror I had on my closet door. I did look pretty flushed, my hair was stuck to my forehead with sweat. My chest heaved with each breath I took, and after staring for a sufficient amount of time I saw that there was something on my chest. I walked forward, and nearly screamed when I saw there was a patch of brown hair in between my breasts.

"Please, oh god please, please don't be the... I can't have it, it's impossible..." I said to myself repeatedly as I continued to stare at my body in disbelief. I didn't want to believe that I was infected. How could I have been? The virus had been contained, destroyed even in some areas. It wasn't supposed to be wandering the streets, so to speak. I couldn't be infected, I just couldn't. My denial was erased pretty quickly as my temperature rose. I tried to keep quiet, I didn't want to worry Jared. But as the heat grew, I started writhing and moaning on the bed. The heat was unbearable, it was like someone was shoving my body further and further into an inferno. At last Jared knocked on the door and asked if I needed any help.

"No... I'm okay. I stubbed my toe on the bed. I know this sucks, but I'm just gonna head to bed now. Is it alright if we continue this... tomorrow?" I bit my lip as a wave of heat passed through my body. It was happening, I just knew it. I sat on the edge of my bed, sweat pouring down my face like a waterfall.

"Are you sure?"

"Ya. I'll just take a Tylenol or something and call it a day." I said as calmly as I could.

"Alright. But if you need anything, call me. I'll talk to you in the morning." Jared said. I heard him gather his things and then exit my apartment. I thanked God my roommate was away on vacation with her significant other. One more thing I didn't need or want to worry about.

With Jared out of the picture, for the moment, I stripped my clothing off, and sighed as I felt the cool air from the A/C unit wash over my skin. I got goosebumps, and hugged my arms around my chest. That damn patch of fuzz (fur, I was going to have to start calling it fur) seemed a bit bigger. Still centered between my breasts, but it was thicker and darker, almost black. I ignored it as best I could and laid down. Sleep quickly overtook me, as the fever sucked my energy away. I hoped that I wouldn't wake up to find myself some furry freak. Although if that did happen, at least I wouldn't have to be conscious through the transformation. Which I'd heard wasn't that pleasant.


I woke up drenched in sweat, the early morning light creeping in through the curtains. My sheets were soaking wet, for a moment I thought I'd peed myself. But it was all perspiration. I rolled out of bed, catching myself on my hands. My vision was blurred with the sweat, and I groped around to find a blanket to dry off. grope around for a blanket, and use it to dry my face off.

"What's... ugh what's going on?" My throat is thick, and my voice sounds off. I'm not sure what's wrong with my, I just know something is wrong. try to stand up, but my legs are so weak. I caught myself, but then screamed when I looked down and saw myself clearly for the first time.

It was hard not to see my muzzle, it was at least six inches long. My nostrils were flared out as I took deep breathes in an attempt to calm myself. A few thick bristle-like hairs stuck out from my nose. I caught my reflection in the window and gasped, as much as a horse can gasp. My entire face was a horse's. From my long pointed ears, tipped in brown hair, to my wide set eyes and my prominent facial bones. My mane was get black, and once I brushed my forelock out of the way I saw I had a small white star on what I guess is now my forehead.

Then there was the matter of my arms, which I'd gotten a good look at after extending my limbs to inspect my head. My arms were covered in hair, from my shoulders to all the way to my fingernails, which were now pretty thick and black in color. Dark brown hair just like the hair on my chest, which has also spread. My breasts are hidden in fur, only the nipples visible. And they're not my normal nips. They're huge, maybe an inch and a half long, with dark, thick skin. I couldn't believe what I was seeing. I fearfully touched one, and felt something inside my body twitch. They were so sensitive. I had to reach backwards to brace myself on the bed frame again.

I needed to see what other changes my body had gone through. I might not have wanted to, as I was still in denial that I'd been infected, but I had to face facts. In dim light, I could see that my entire body was covered in fur. There were patches of white here and there, no apparent order to the splotches. As I got to my feet, I realized there was another drastic change.

My legs were pretty toned before. I'd been involved in track since junior high. But this... this was insane. My thighs were enormous, powerful and rippling with muscles. That wasn't the most jarring change though. No, I was left in a state of shock by the changes to my feet. I no longer had any. I was standing on two shaky hooves. Shiny, black horse hooves with white hair separating the black nail and the otherwise bay coat on my legs. I tried to take a few step, to no avail. I couldn't seem to get the hang of balancing on hooves. I felt like I was walking on stilts, I could hardly feel my feet/hooves.

"That's going to take some getting used to oh my fucking god what is that?!?!" I screamed as my eyes drifted upwards. Now that I was standing up, something that had previously been resting from my lap now dangled down below. It was attached to me, I could feel it. No one ever said anything about the virus doing this. This was wrong. This was so fucking wrong.

My crotch was covered in a soft layer of thick hair. But in the middle of my new pubs was what I could only describe as a tube of skin. The top was pulled down, keeping the hole closed. Kind of like a belly button that goes outwards. The tube wasn't empty, about halfway down the five or so inch length there was a bulge. A really big bulge at that. Beneath were a pair of baseball sized testicles in a chocolate brown sack. The fur didn't stop there, it went up and around my ass.

I touched my asshole, knowing I'd find but was still a little surprised. It was huge. Twice the size of my human anus. I had no doubt it was black too, and there was a thin layer of horse hair around it. As I continued to probe around my rear, I touched the edge of something else. It quivered under my touch. Another twitch deep inside my gut made my legs wobble. I tightened my grip on the bed frame and slipped my fingers a little further down. Whatever I was touching was warm and wet. Oh my god it couldn't be...

That wasn't just my vagina, it was a horse's vagina. It was a bizarre mixture of relief and shock, finding that I still had my womanhood. In addition to my new manhood. I was a hermaphrodite, I was a fucking herm horse freak. I felt like crying. My sniffles came out as snorts. I crumbled to the ground, and yelped (more like whined) as something was painfully pinched between my large ass and the floor. This time I didn't need to look or even reach back to know what it was. I had a tail, it only made sense. I was an anthro-horse creature, there was no denying it anymore.

I wished it was a nightmare, or that I was high on something. But I wasn't. I was sitting in my bedroom, the latest victim of the Fur Fever. I couldn't stop staring at my new horsecock. It was... I didn't have any words to describe the situation. I could feel everything, every twitch, every pulse, every breeze that passed through the room and over my cock and balls. My life was over. As soon as my parents found out I'd be shipped off to the island, never to see any of my friends again.

Or Jared, oh crap he would be calling in a few hours. Worse, he'd be here asking to come in. What would he say when he saw me? Could I even let him inside the apartment without risking exposing him to the virus? I didn't want to do that to him. I didn't even know how I ended up transformed. Bad luck most likely. And that wasn't the worst of things. It was only a matter of time before I started to feel the second effects of the infection. The body heat would turn into another heat. Estrus, I would go into a completely animalistic state of lust and need.


"Ally, you up yet? Feeling any better?" I shouted through the door. Ally hadn't returned my phone calls, my texts, nothing. I asked some of her friends if they'd heard from her, and it was always the same answer. No. It was almost noon, and no one had heard a thing from Ally. I was starting to get really worried. So after my morning classes ended, I decided to go check on her. I know she wanted to be left alone, but it wasn't like her to cut herself off like this. Unless something was very wrong. I spent last night lying in bed wondering if Ally was acting this way because someone was threatening her, or if she was on drugs. She'd tell me if she was, wouldn't she?

"Ally?" I called again, this time she answered.

"I'm alright. I don't want to get you sick though." Ally's voice said. I could tell she was sick (she sounded so drained of energy and life, but there was clearly something else going on too. I just knew there was. Call it a sixth sense, I could just tell Ally wasn't telling me the whole story.

"Are you sure? You don't need me to get you anything? It's no trouble, I don't have any classes today. Just think of me as your..."

"Jared, please, I'm begging you. Just go. Please, go." Ally almost sobbed at me. That really got me worried, and I fumbled around in my backpack for the emergency key Ally had given me a couple of weeks ago. I wouldn't do it if I didn't think Ally was in serious trouble.

"That's it, I'm coming in Ally." I said before turning the key. I heard something scuffing against the floor inside her apartment, and I threw the door open. I caught sight of something turning around the corner. I went to Ally's door and heard her crying on the other side. At least I thought she was crying. There were muffled noises, similar to hearing a large animal snort. I didn't pay it much mind, I was more concerned that Ally was hurt in some way.

"Hey, please talk to me. I just want to help." I said.

"I... I know. But you can't, you just can't help. You can't see me like this. Please, just go." she weeped.

"You're starting to scare me, can you please just tell me what's going on?"

"No... you don't understand I'm... I'm not safe to be around. I got... I've been..."

"Ally, no matter what you say I'm not going anywhere. I... I love you. I'm worried about you. And I don't want to spend the rest of my day wondering if you're still in here sobbing." I said. There was a pause, during which Ally got her crying under control. I heard her cross the room and stop at the door. Then she answered my questions by opening her bedroom door.

I was staring at a seven foot tall horse creature. My girlfriend had been infected with the Fur Fever virus. Her body was covered in dark brown fur, lighter in some areas, and then completely white in others. A voluminous tail flicked back and forth every so often, as did her ears. I blushed when I realized that I was eye level with her breasts. Massive orbs covered in brown horse fur, with big black pegs for nipples. My eyes stopped on Ally's crotch. I let my jaw hang open, as it was the best representation of how I felt at the moment. She had a cock. Not just any cock, a horse's cock. And a huge pair of balls. My god, the Fur Fever turned my girlfriend into a shemale.

"Ally, what the...? How did...? Are you alright?" I stumbled over my words so much. I could hardly think straight, let alone speak. Ally, standing in her doorway a huge, well endowed horse creature with male genitals and female breasts, I couldn't wrap my head around that idea.

"I know. Please go before you get infected too. I don't want to ruin your life too." Ally looked like she was about to start crying again. Her brown eyes had tears welling up in the corners. She retreated from the doorway and back to her bed. I quickly walked forward to calm her. Ally curled her body up as best she could. I was surprise dhow muscular the virus had made her. She was ripped, body builder ripped. She sniffled through her equine snout, and avoided looking at me directly. Maybe it was because she was a horse, but my first reaction was to gently stroke her ears between my fingers. Ally whickered in response, surprising us both.

"Glad you're feeling better." I said, sitting on her bed. Ally looked up and smiled at me. I noticed that her nipples seemed pretty hard. Her forelock was stuck to her forehead with sweat, and there was this odd smell in the air.

"Oh, my, god..." I thought, realizing that Ally must be going through stage two of the infection. Last night, that was the actual heat. Now Ally was going through the...

"Oh Jared, thank you. Thank you so much. I... I needed that. I... I need more." Ally moaned. Her ears flicked while I stroked them, and the heavy scent in the air got thicker and thicker. I felt myself getting hard just from whatever pheromones were being released into the air. What if I'd just exposed myself? Even if I wasn't, based on how Ally was looking at me, I thought it was safe to say that I wasn't going to remain human for very long.

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