tagBDSMFurther Adventures of Susan Adams

Further Adventures of Susan Adams


On the trip home from Maine, Susan's mind was chaotic, flitting from one subject to another. She enjoyed the freedom and sexual titillation of exposing herself as they rode along the highway, but, while she did so, she was thinking of a multitude of things. She was bubbling inside thinking of telling Jim that she was pregnant, knowing that he would share her euphoria. However, she dreaded telling Jean because she had no idea how she would react -- would she be angry, jealous....or what? Then her mind switched to what her overall relationship would be with both Jean and Don. She had really loved the month in Maine, partly, of course, the very restful conditions and delightful surroundings, but mostly because of the relationship with the two of them. It was hard for her to describe, even to herself, exactly what that relationship was. The best description she could come up with was that she was something of a sex slave with a very benign master and mistress. Each had used her sexually, each had viciously and painfully spanked her, but they also had been kind and thoughtful and the spankings had not been malicious or sadistic. They had controlled her actions, determining what she should or should not wear and had required her to expose herself so that she was embarrassed and humiliated. However, she had come to realize that she liked being dominated in that way. In addition, they had manipulated her, together and separately, causing her to have sexual relations with two other men, making her an adulteress three times over. Now, her "master and mistress" were taking her home where, presumably, they would, again, be just close friends.

However, while she assumed that her relationship with Jean would return to what it had been before, she speculated on what her relationship would be with Don. During the time in Maine, she had been available sexually any time he wanted her, which was often, but, before the trip, he had screwed her only once, after spanking her. Would he still expect her to be available when she was home with her husband? Could she say "no" if he did? Would she want to say no? In any case, regardless of all these idle speculations and thoughts of future problems, she had a sense of freedom, looking forward, for example, to dressing as she wished. Still, she admitted to herself that she had loved the experience of being a sort of sexual slave and would look forward to another trip to Maine.

All these speculations and ruminations made the trip home seem shorter and she actually was surprised when they arrived. Jim would not get home until that evening, but, if he had been there when they arrived he certainly would have seen a major change in his very conservative wife, for Susan was almost nude in the car. As she got out, her cunt was completely exposed because of her wrinkled and crumpled tunic top and, even more out of character (at least, the character of the "old" Susan), she made no effort to cover herself, actually almost flaunting her semi-nudity. Don was, as would be expected, aroused by her display, and they made arrangements to get together after unpacking and resting. They did get together and, after their three-way sex, Susan and Jean discussed her pregnancy, as described earlier. After Jean left, Susan lay there for some time, thinking of all the events that had occurred since that first spanking by Jean -- lesbianism, adultery with three other men and, probably most significant, being made pregnant by one of those men during dozens of adulterous sessions. Amazingly for one so new to such activities, none of these things made her feel guilty; in fact, quite the opposite was true. Just after another bout of lesbian activity and adulterous fucking, she was eagerly awaiting her husband's homecoming.

She went in and took a shower to prepare herself for the greatly anticipated reunion, paying particular attention to the area between her legs. She considered taking a douche, but decided, feeling daring as she did so, that enteral cleansing would be enough. She came out of the bathroom and, after inspecting herself with a mirror, she was satisfied that the exterior looked pristine while the cunt hole, itself, still was my wet with Don's cum. The idea of greeting her husband with the news of being pregnant, while knowing it was by another man and while her cunt was filled with that man's sperm, caused excitement to course through her. Not having seen Jim for a month was enough by itself, but the other factors added stimulation, such that, when Jim finally came through the door, he was almost assaulted.

Jim was startled and elated by this show of affection and Susan's obvious physical excitement at greeting him. Not having had sex for a month, and assuming that the same was true of Susan, he was more than ready to take advantage of their mutual arousal and make the homecoming memorable in an amorous way. After embracing and kissing for a few minutes, they hurried to the bedroom and stripped for action. Susan was a perfect picture of a desirable woman, large, firm breasts topped by turgid nipples. Blond cunt hair, bushy and curly, covering the base of her stomach and pointing toward the cunt, itself, nestled between lovely, firm thighs. Even when those thighs were spread, revealing the cunt lips and the crevice between, there was little evidence that she had been fucked not long before. No ringlets of hair saturated with liquid, no coating of thick gelatin-like fluid over the lips, and, most important of all, no white mass of cum plugging the cunt hole, itself. A closer look in brighter light, however, would have revealed cunt lips coated with a clear, slippery coating and a cunt hole filled with a viscous fluid just beginning to seep out. What is technically called the "outflow" was commencing, promising a gradual seepage of considerable proportions over time -- or a flood if sucked out.

After a relatively brief period of fondling and foreplay, both were more than ready for more serious lovemaking. Susan had enjoyed the multiple fuckings of the last month, but she considered those sexual sessions to be just that, fucking, not lovemaking. As a result, her excitement mounted far beyond the simple physical arousal and she delighted in Jim's physical presence. As Jim moved between her legs, she drew her knees up to her breasts, opening herself as wide as possible. Jim was eager to enter her, but, knowing her pleasure points, he bent down, lightly kissed her cunt mound, and proceeded to lightly tickle and lick the hair. As his tongue moved lower to the clit, he began to encounter the first dampness, and, as he reached the cunt lips, it slid over the slippery liquid that coated them. He avidly licked through to the skin, savoring the evidence of Susan's excitement (and, of course, unknown to him, the residue of her recent adulterous fucking). Finally, he reached the cunt hole, and found a steady seepage of the same fluid flowing out of her vaginal canal, a flow he sucked and swallowed as Susan's pre-orgasmic undulations became more pronounced. The flavor of her cunt was stronger than usual, it seemed to him, but he took that as further evidence that she was extremely aroused.

In fact, she was extremely aroused. Seeing Jim for the first time in a month, lying beside him, being fondled, anticipating being screwed -- she was wildly excited. The realization that her cunt was wet from Don's fucking was just an added stimulus, a catalyst that made the entire experience something new and different. As he licked her cunt, she pulled her knees to her tits, opening herself as wide as possible, and began moving up and down in a frenzy of delirium and abandonment. She forced her cunt against Jim's mouth, willing the cum inside her to pour out, to commit a different kind of adultery. Finally, she threw her legs straight up in the air and said something she had never said before, "Jim, darling, fuck me! Fuck me!"

That cry was enough to provide the final spark to send Jim into real action. He raised up between Susan's legs, positioned his bursting cock at the opening of her cunt, and drove inwards. He sank to the bottom in one surge, finding her vaginal passage to be open and slick, well lubricated with her own emissions and with the considerable remainder of Don's cum. As with the first time Don had screwed her Jim found her much easier to enter, the slickness making it possible for him to last longer. This made the love-making more intense and better for both of them, proving, once again, that fucking one's wife after another man has had her increases the pleasure, particularly if the husband (at least, most husbands) isn't aware of it. Interestingly enough, in later screwing sessions, even those few occasions when Don had not had her first, Jim commented on how much looser she seemed to be, how much easier it was to get in. Susan didn't tell him, of course, that the looseness came from being fucked two or three times a day for a full month!

In any case, as Jim's cock pistoned in and out, Susan achieved a quick, vigorous orgasm, but instead of slowing down, her excitement continued to build, culminating in a second explosion that she later realized was the strongest she had ever had. Jim soon matched her explosion with one of his own, flooding her passages, blending his cum with that of Don. For each of them, the orgasms were memorable, amazingly strong and, most important, evidence of their deep feeling for each other. They lay, side by side, afterwards, holding each other close, as Susan divulged her great news, her pregnancy. The shared news sent them both into almost delirious happiness, culminating in a second bout of fucking -- less explosive, tenderer -- before, sated, they just relaxed and, finally, slept.

Susan's behavior in all of this was a fascinating reversal of the "normal" male-female reaction to extramarital sex. A man can say, with complete honesty, that the adulterous sex he had with another woman was just a physical thing, having nothing to do with the genuine love he had for his wife. He may even get a secret thrill of thinking of his paramour as he screws his wife. Even more erotic, having his wife suck his cock after it had been in the other woman could well bring on a premature explosion. Perverted or not, men have excused, or rationalized, such behavior throughout history, separating recreational sex with a "friend" from loving sex with their wife.

However, women traditionally have seen things differently, rarely accepting that dichotomy. A husband caught in infidelity "couldn't love her anymore!" Sex had to have an emotional component. Yet, Susan's relationship with Don (and, for that matter, Jean) was one of friendship and physical excitement, with no deep emotional attachment. She did love her husband, but there still was that illicit thrill which came from combining adulterous sex with marital intimacy. Inevitably, however, qualms of guilt surfaced in her quieter moments because, while she was far more experienced sexually than before going to Maine, she had a long way to go mentally to accept her "depraved" actions and arousal as being acceptable without remorse.

In any case, over the next several days, they fell back into their normal routine, although there were some differences. Susan, for a month, had been used to walking around wearing, at most, a pair of panties, and she found herself doing the same thing at home. On one occasion, she gave the paperboy a clear view of her bare tits. On another, without thinking, she opened the door to get the mail, standing completely naked on the threshold of the door -- just in time to almost cause a car wreck as a driver looked at her instead of the road. She soon adjusted, but never returned to the almost puritanical pattern of dress she wore before the trip. Jim, seeing her almost all-over tan, asked if Don had seen her nude and, hesitantly, Susan admitted that he probably had seen her sunbathing. She also confessed that she and Jean had worn their panties and bras around the "cabin," thus explaining, without emphasis, why she was going around the house in her underwear. Happily, Jim was quite unconcerned about such casual nudity and undress in those circumstances, and it removed any chance that Susan would inadvertently refer to the casual intimacy in clothes worn, or not worn, in Maine. In fact, for a while, Susan found herself being very careful in her comments about the time in Maine, fearful of giving any hint of the libertine vacation she had enjoyed. Her fears gradually ebbed, and soon they resumed their previous routine, Jim going to his office to prepare for the fall semester and continuing his research. Life was good and their sex never better.

All in all, August was a very good month, partly the pleasure of being home, but also because things just seemed to work out. With her beating what seemed to be impossible odds and becoming pregnant, Jim and Susan agreed that it would be best if she avoided the stress and strain of teaching. Jim was now making a good income, and, with a little skimping, they decided that they could get along without her salary. Even that skimping soon became unnecessary, however. Jean normally employed a temporary worker to help type and edit her columns, and, as she said, Susan was far more qualified than most of the people the agency sent her. Being hired as an assistant to her very good friend provided the crowning touch for Susan, and she went around bubbling most of the time. Topping it off, when she and Jim attended the faculty reception later in the month, wearing her relatively sexy new dress, she was the belle of the ball. Jim was delighted with the "new" Susan, further feeding her euphoria, and making the world a delightful place.

However, there were some occurrences during the month that both added to and detracted from that rosy picture. For example, not everyone had such a delightful homecoming. As might have been expected, a month away from his office created a pile of work for Don. In addition, a number of very vexing problems had occurred, many of which he had not been able to handle on the phone from Maine, and his office workers had simply waited for his return rather than showing initiative. Unfortunately, the cabin was in a dead zone so using the internet hadn't been possible. As a result, when he returned home one evening, he was tired and very out of sorts. He was quiet and morose during dinner and, as he made clear to Jean, he just wanted to be left alone to think of the problems he had to solve. Around 8:00 PM that evening, Susan came over, complaining that Jim was so busy getting ready for the new semester that he wouldn't even talk to her. Despite Jean's efforts to warn her off, she kept attempting to draw Don out of his sour mood, being her normal vivacious self, even going so far as to ruffling his hair, a serious mistake. Never having seen him in that mood before, she didn't realize that she was tempting fate -- like teasing a bear trying to sleep.

Finally, after warning her several times to leave him alone, Don erupted. "All right, young woman, if you won't quit, you're going to get a spanking to teach you a lesson! Get up to the bedroom!" Don got to his feet and pushed her toward the stairs. Susan was thunderstruck, being taken totally by surprise. This was not Maine where she was committed to obey or accept punishment! It was in some ways a defining moment in their relationship, actually for all three of them. More than any words, her actions said that Don was still her master.

Almost in a daze, Susan went into the hallway toward the stairs as commanded. In doing so, she walked right by the door, a door that opened onto the deck connected to her house. Out that door and across ten feet of deck and she would be home, safe and with her husband. Don made no threat, wasn't forcing her, but she never considered disobeying, never even considered refusing to submit to what she knew would be a very painful spanking. Instead she slowly mounted the stairs, stammering, "Please, Don, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to get you mad -- I was just playing."

Don was in no mood to be forgiving, and probably wasn't even listening to her pleas. In fact, he was exactly in the mood to take his office frustration out on Susan's bare bottom. Following her up the stairs and into the bedroom, he sat down on the edge of the bed and said, "Take your panties off and come over here!" Reluctantly, but without hesitation, Susan reached up under her skirt and slowly pulled her panties down and stepped out of them. Then, like someone going to their execution, she walked over to Don, lifted her skirt to her waist, and, without further futile protest, lay over his knees, her hips exposed and ready for the punishment. As always, she presented a delectable picture of a submissive woman, plump ass cheeks clenched together as if to deflect the blows, framed this time by the skirt rumpled up over her back. Jean, who had followed them upstairs, couldn't help but notice how much more vulnerable those cheeks looked outlined that way than if Susan had been completely naked.

Don looked down at the exposed ass and, without comment, raised his right arm and brought his hand down with a resounding smack, sending a cracking noise throughout the upstairs. Susan let out a scream of pain as the force of the blow crushed her bottom, sending waves of agony coursing through her body. She had anticipated the pain but, as always, forgot just how bad Don's hands would hurt. As the hand continued rising up and thundering down, Susan's ass began to look like meat on a butcher's shop. First it turned pink, then a uniform red and, finally, a mottled mixture of plain red and angry crimson blotches. The spanking hand pressed deeply into the flesh, leaving an outline imprint in white surrounded by red as it hit and pulled away. The sunken area quickly rebounded, the outline of the hand turning an even deeper red and remaining visible until replaced by the next blow. The room was filled with the rhythmic smack, smack, smack....smack and the counterpoint moans of pain from Susan. Her shrill cries of agony had quickly degenerated into pleas for mercy, whimpers of how much it hurt and pitiful promises to behave in the future.

For Jean, the spanking brought forth the usual mixed emotions -- sympathy for her friend warring with the sexual excitement she always got from seeing Susan's perfect ass being belabored. She stood near the bed, watching intently, squeezing her thighs together in an involuntary reaction, bringing herself close to orgasm as the punishment went on. Reaching up under her skirt, she pulled her panties down around her thighs and began playing with her cunt. She couldn't believe the severity of the spanking, looking aghast as the hand prints on Susan's skin merged into what appeared to be one large, swollen welt. Susan was now lying limp, accepting the repeated blows with only a continual low moaning showing her reaction, while Don continued relieving his frustrations on her pliant body.

At long last, after what seemed like an eternity, his hand slowed and, finally, stopped, resting on Susan's burning behind, as he looked at the ravaged hips. The normally smooth, pink skin was now multi-colored, ranging from whitish areas that looked almost like frostbite to deep purplish-red splotches that already looked like bruises. In between was the overall dark crimson hue of a very well spanked ass. Without question, the cheeks were plumper than before, a swelling that would make sitting down uncomfortable for some time. Susan was limp, her head hanging down on one side of his knees, her loosely spread legs on the other. Her bottom cheeks, which had been tightly clenched together before the spanking, now were flaccid, the groove between them open enough that her asshole was clearly visible. Further down, her cunt lips were prominently revealed, swollen with excitement despite the pain, their insides glistening with moisture. Don looked at the erotic display as his hands played over the bruised cheeks, letting his fingers stroke between them, probing first her cunt and then, his finger lubricated, her ass.

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