tagSci-Fi & FantasyFuta Quest Ch. 07

Futa Quest Ch. 07


"A drow?"

Mary stared bewildered at the figure that lay before, a body that had once been that of a young elf woman, Lilith Woodgrove, now transformed, into a dark, twisted, sexier form.

"Yes, I read about them when I was in the convent," Clara replied. "They have not been seen for centuries, but it was written that when an elf is exposed to demonic energies, they turn into...that, and they become evil."

"Well, looks like we did that stuck-up elven bitch a favor!" Enn snorted.

"Come on, Enn, have a little compassion," Mary chided. "Is there any way to change her back?"

"Not that I'm aware of," Clara replied.

"Wha...?" Lilith mumbled as she slowly awoke. The drow moved her hand to her head, stopping when she laid eyes on herself for the first time since her transformation.

"N-no..." Lilith stammered, eyes wide in fright. "I-it can't be..."

"Lilith, we're here for you," Mary said, placing a reassuring hand on the drow's shoulder.

"Oh, gods!" Lilith exclaimed, tensing up. "S-something is burning up inside of me!"

"What is it?!?" Mary panicked.

"It's...the second stage of the transformation...b-but I thought it was only a legend..." Clara breathed.

"Huh? What are you talking about?" Mary asked, while Lilith squirmed and moaned on the ground.

"Through my readings, I found there were two types of demonic corruption: spiritual, and...physical. In the case of...physical corruption, there were tales of grotesque abominations, drows with...rather unusual features."

"My clit feels like it's on fire!" Lilith screamed.

"Y-you don't mean..." Mary gasped.

"Oh gods! My clit is...it's getting bigger!" Lilith screamed, her clitoris growing before her eyes, to the amazement of Mary, Enn and Clara, lengthening, thickening, a round growth coming off the bottom, taking shape as Lilith moaned hard, waves of pleasure coursing through her dark body.

"N-no way! That's..." Mary started

"A cock!" Enn exclaimed. "A huge one! Almost as big as you, Mary! And a huge set of balls!"

Lilith panted, her transformation finally complete. Looking down to her crotch, the drow screamed.

"I'm an abomination!" Lilith yelled, weeping.

"Nonsense," Mary said, trying to reassure Lilith. "You're not an abomination, and you're not alone. Did you already forget that I have a...a penis too?"

Lilith wiped the tears from her eyes as she remembered the huge girlcock that had massively penetrated her only minutes before. "By the gods..." she mumbled, eying her cock and Mary's, both of their massive pricks growing harder by the second.

"Holy shit, they're getting huge!" Enn exclaimed, licking her lips. "This is incredible!"

"Oh, gods, my cock is getting hard!" Lilith gasped, horrified and aroused.

"Let's see how drow cock tastes," Enn smiled, kneeling down in front of Lilith's rock hard member, taking the shaft in hand. "Wow, you're hard as steel!" Enn remarked. "It's hard to believe that I'm the cause of this, but I guess I have to take responsibility now," Enn said with a wink.

The demoness running her tongue up the drow's purple shaft, Lilith could do nothing but moan. "Delicious!" Enn giggled.

"T-this feeling, this sensation..." Lilith moaned as Enn continued licking and stroking her fat drow cock. "It's incredible...I'm so horny..."

Mary was horny herself, the swordmaiden slowly stroking her cock as she enjoyed the view from behind Enn as the demoness sluttily went down on Lilith. Turning her head, Enn saw Mary enjoying herself and giggled once more. "Come on, Mary, my pussy's ready for you..." Enn teased, wiggling her ass, her moist pussy flailing about. "Stick that huge fucking cock in me while I suck another."

Biting her lip, Mary obeyed Enn's seductive commands, grabbing Enn's luscious demon booty and pressing the tip of her throbbing cock against the entrance to Enn's demon pussy.

"Oh yeah, shove that fat fucking cock in me!" Enn moaned, feeling the heat from Mary's prick on her pussy lips. "Fuck me hard while I suck off this drow's huge cock!"

Enn wrapped her lips around Lilith's cock head as Mary began pushing her own cock in, inching deeper and deeper into Enn's tight pussy.

"Oh, gods, it's so tight," Mary moaned, precum dribbling out of her cock, helping to further lubricate Enn's pussy, helping Mary's cock slowly but surely slide ever deeper into Enn's wonderfully hot, tight cunt.

"Mmmmmhhh," Enn moaned as she worked more and more of Lilith's violet prick into her mouth, the dark elf moaning in pleasure as she experienced her first ever blowjob. "This sensation...it's like nothing I've ever experienced before..." Lilith moaned, wrapping her hands around Enn's horns as the demoness began to deepthroat her.

"Mary, is this what having a cock really feels like?" Lilith asked, wincing as Enn's snakelike tongue wrapped around her shaft, precum dripping out of her slit, down Enn's throat. "This is unreal!"

"Y-yeah, I guess it is pretty great..." Mary admitted, grinding her thick cock against Enn's pussy walls. "Clara, what are you even doing?"

The whole time this had been going on, Clara had been sitting nearby, dutifully writing in a book. "Oh, I'm just...taking notes, is all," she blushed.

"Why not join in? There's plenty of room for you, ooohhh," Lilith moaned, biting her lip as Enn sucked her cock like a pro.

"...I'd love to, but my, ah, research is more important," Clara replied. "Let's just leave it at that."

"Your loss," Lilith shrugged, going back to enjoying her blowjob.

Mary grunted as she hilted in Enn, the demoness moaning hard into Lilith's cock as she came, her pussy tightening and weeping all over Mary's dick.

"Oh, yeah, you're so good at this," Lilith moaned, marveling at how much of her cock Enn was able to take in her mouth and throat. "I feel something...different. Am I...am I going to...I am! I'm going to cum! My cock's going to cum!"

Enn's eyes lighting up, the demoness doubled her efforts, vigorously sucking Lilith's drow cock while jacking it off with her flexible, prehensile tongue.

"I'm about to come too!" Mary moaned, madly humping Enn, the demoness' pussy gushing as Enn moaned hard, both sides of her stuffed with cocks.

"L-let's cum together!" Lilith moaned. "Ahh, fuck! Here it comes! I'm cumming!!!"

"I'm coming!!!" Mary screamed, her balls contracting as hot cum shot up her cock, erupting in Enn's pussy, the demon writhing and convulsing in ecstasy, while simultaneously, Lilith dumped her massive cumload directly into Enn's throat, filling the demon's belly with hot spunk.

"She's tightening up on me so much!" Mary screamed, rutting her fuckload hard into Enn's demon pussy as fast as the swordmaiden could.

"She's drinking all of my cum! She's insatiable!" Lilith groaned, holding Enn's head down as her cock pumped the demoness' stomach full of her cum.

"Oh, gods," Mary moaned, her orgasm finally dying down, the knight extracting her limp dick from Enn's pussy, an avalanche of cum pouring out, soaking the ground.

Using Enn's horns for leverage, Lilith moaned as she pulled the demon's face off of her crotch. "Gods, she took it all...both of our cocks...all of our cum..."

"Aren't I the best damn fuck you've ever had?" Enn asked weakly, a fulfilled grin on her face. "All that delicious cum, oogh, I'm so full..."

"Damn, because I'm still rock hard," Lilith sighed. "Hey, Mary, you wanna help me out here?"

"H-help you?" Mary stammered, her face red. "W-what do you mean?"

"Not gonna lie, I loved feeling your fat cock in my pussy, and I wanna feel it again," Lilith said, moving in closer to Mary, as Enn watched, the demoness beginning to lightly finger herself. "But...I've got this new thing now, and it has needs too."

"W-what do you want?" Mary breathlessly replied as Lilith approached the horny swordmaiden.

"Just jerk me off while you fuck my pussy," Lilith replied. "Come on, I know you want it." The drow turned away from Mary, bending over, exposing her wet pussy to the she-knight. Mary could see Lilith's balls hanging down, only turning the human dickgirl on even more.

"Go for it, Mary!" Enn purred. "I wouldn't mind watching you two go at it."

"W-well, if it's what you really want," Mary replied, pressing the tip of her cock at the entrance to Lilith's pussy.

"Quit talking and shove that fucking cock in me already!" Lilith demanded.

Mary pushed her fat cock into Lilith's cunt, the drow moaning in pleasure as she did no. "Ohhh, fuck! That feels so good!" Lilith moaned. "Now, stroke my cock while you fuck my pussy!"

Mary placed one hand on Lilith's hips, stabilizing herself, the other hand moving down to Lilith's rock-hard cock. "L-like this?" Mary asked, slowly rubbing her hand up and down Lilith's thick shaft.

"Oooohhh, yessss, that's it, Mary," Lilith moaned. "Keep fucking my pussy and stroking my cock!"

"Gods...you're so tight, Lilith!" Mary moaned. "So good!"

"Damn, this is hot," Enn moaned, rubbing her clit as the demoness watched Mary pound Lilith's tight pussy, the human stroking the drow's fat cock as she did so. "Oooh, I'm gonna cum..."

"I'm-aah-" Mary gasped. "I'm gonna-"

"Here it comes!!!" Enn moaned, cumming all over her hand.

"Me too!" Lilith screamed. "Keep fucking me! I'm cumming!!!"

"I'm COMING!!!" Mary screamed, hilting her cock in Lilith's cunt as cum surged up her cock, exploding inside the drow's tight pussy.

"My cock is cumming!!!" Lilith screamed, her cock erupting, plastering the ground with her creamy white cum. "My pussy and cock are cumming at the same time! Oh fuck! This feels so fucking good!"

"Oh gods!" Mary screamed. "You're t-tightening up on me as I'm coming!!!"

"Aaah...aah...oh, fuck..." Lilith moaned, her orgasm dying down as Mary's did, cum dribbling out of the dickgirls' cocks until finally their orgasms finished. Mary pulled her cock out of Lilith's well-fucked cunt, eliciting a moan from both girls.

"Gods..." Mary breathed. "That was...incredible."

"You fucking know it was," Lilith grinned. "I have to say, maybe becoming a drow isn't that bad after all..."

"While I do prefer to get my hands dirty, I have to say, watching the two of you go at it was a nice change of pace," Enn said.

"Oh, wow, it's dark out," Mary noticed. "I guess we'd all better turn in for the night."

The three all thoroughly satisfied, they quickly fell into restful sleep, Clara staying awake just a bit longer to put the finishing touches on whatever she was writing.


Mary was back in the void, next to the window again. The window was foggy at first, but gradually, the picture cleared up for her. Mary's mouth fell open as she beheld a breathtaking landscape, of rolling hills, beautiful meadows, and...something fuzzy, dark, off in the distance. What was it?

While Mary was trying to focus on whatever was in the distance, something caught her eye. Small as ants, she saw four figures, marching toward the object in the distance. Squinting, Mary began to see these figures in greater detail. One wore bright, shining armor, another, clad in blue robes, a third, wearing chainmail, but possessing red skin, and a fourth, with purple skin, wearing...


"Mary, wake up! We're losing daylight!"

Mary was roused from her sleep by Lilith, the drow pulling her up.

"Huh? What do you mean?" Mary asked, a bit confused.

"I'm coming with you!" Lilith cheerfully replied. "I mean, I can't exactly go back to my elven people in...this form. Enn and Clara are cool with it. You are too, right?"

Mary looked the drow over. On her back, Lilith had a quiver full of arrows and a strong, accurate elven bow. Her clothes were a bit torn from her breast growth, but nothing too obscene. The drow looked at Mary with hope in her eyes and a bright smile on her face. Stealing a glance downward, Mary saw a slight bulge in Lilith's pants, a mere hint at the monster that lay beneath. Thinking it over for a moment, Mary delivered her answer.

"Sure, Lilith. I'd love for you to join us."

A new member in the party, Mary and company set out, eastward, back on the road to Grassdale.


Only a few days' journey away, a figure rode on horseback, the mighty, jet black steed an intimidating sight. Wearing a large, black cloak, the figure's features were completely hidden. The figure held one arm out, a strange, twisted compass cupped in a dark, feminine hand, the compass' needle pointing east.

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