tagSci-Fi & FantasyFutanarious Bimbosis Ch. 05

Futanarious Bimbosis Ch. 05


The drive to her office was quite uneventful. Jen had to constantly battle back sexual urges, or thinking about how strange it felt to have her breasts pressing against the unfamiliar fabric of her shirt. Each time she turned a corner, she would be reminded that they were a little swollen from her illness. While sitting at a traffic light near the offices, she saw a bubbly looking blonde with large swaying pigtails and a pink tank top crossing the street, "How did this little ditz find her way into the land of the grown-ups?" Jen said chuckling under her breath as the girl idly moved across the street before her gaze. Jen felt her eyes following the girl. Her skirt flipped perfectly with each step she took, showing off the cute pair of pink panties she had on underneath. Jen's mouth watered and she realized she was almost craning her neck to watch the dumb blonde walking. She shook her head and tried not to focus on the strange girl. Jen was not a lesbian and she didn't appreciate her mouth watering whenever she saw a pair of tits. She felt the surge of electric pleasure pulsate in her pussy as she thought about holding onto a pair last night between her lips. A horn honking behind her nearly gave her a heart attack.

"I bet that girl sucks a cock a day." She said out loud to her car as she moved through the intersection. She felt proud of being able to belittle the strange girl, but she could still picture the blonde woman stripping down to a pink pair of panties that was covered with ribbons, with a lacy top, barely covering erect nipples. Jen's mouth watered again and she felt her cheeks growing warm. She moved a bit in her seat from the discomfort of her sudden arousal... "I actually bet that those soft tits get a good cum bath every day too." She said, her voice growing airy and her pussy burning even further, "they are nice enough that I could probably suck on them for hours." She licked her lips and shifted her legs again feeling heat welling between her legs.

"What the fuck am I doing!?" She shouted to her car. There was no way that she was daydreaming about that little bimbo girl. She was a professional, with a high profile career. She couldn't be idly spending her time daydreaming about a blonde slut... or her being attracted to women for that matter. It was as though she wasn't as in much control of her thoughts as she had once been. She shook her head again and tried to focus on getting to her office in safety, before her wandering mind got her into a wreck. She arrived at the parking garage, and stationed her vehicle in its usual marked spot. There were a few less cars today, and she attributed that to some sort of illness that was spreading in the building. She couldn't have been the only one that got sick yesterday.

As she got out of the car she felt her body bounce in an unfamiliar way. Her breasts were not being held back by the usual tight strapped bra. They jiggled freely in her blouse, and her nipples rubbed excitedly on the fabric. Her face turned red and she adjusted the small jacket that was covering her erect nipples. She just had to make it into her office and no one would notice. Truly she could have gone to a store... but the only good stores where she bought her clothing from opened at nine o'clock and she wasn't going to settle for less than her usual dress and attire. She defiantly stepped away from her car, feeling her breasts bounce and shake with each step. Her hips seemed to sway a bit more than usual today also. Whatever got her sick was making her bloat in the most bizarre ways. Each step she took made her pussy burn hotter though, and she found herself biting her lip trying to get the thought out of her mind.

She stepped into the elevator and selected her level of the building. She already knew the people she was going to see. There would be the receptionist, though he was always browsing the web or listening to a radio. She would probably pass a janitor, since that man was always on their floor for some reason that she could never understand. That is why she always had to use the men's restroom for her Monday escapades with the executives. In order to get to the top of a business, you always had to do something that you didn't really like doing all that much. Then there would be the tirade of questions from a few underlings who thought they could easily get into her position and run the branch better than she. Jen shook her head preparing for what was about to happen. She reached a hand up and held onto the small jacket she had donned that morning.

When the familiar ding of the elevator announced the level she arrived at, she stepped out and briskly walked towards her office. Each step she took felt exaggerated, and her breasts bounced heavily against her hand. She could feel moisture gathering in her panties from her now longing pussy. It was as though she hadn't had sex in over a year. The receptionist didn't lift his eyes from the paperwork that was scattered on his desk. It was an excuse for him to stare at his cell phone instead of work. He had a hidden stand next to his monitor. When Jen passed by she looked over her shoulder to see on the small phone screen a woman pulling a large glass dildo in and out of her pussy. The receptionist was actually watching porn at his desk! Jen felt her face flush and she quickly looked back in front of her. She pictured the girls open mouth as she pushed and pulled the dildo in and out. She shook her head once again trying to get the sexual image out of her mind. How many times were people doing things like this at her office?

As she walked by a desk she saw a woman reading a page on her browser, and Jen made out the first few sentences. The words that stood out to her were pussy, cock, suck, and ass. The woman had the audacity to actually be reading pornographic material as well. This whole office was in shambles for a reason. Everyone was acting out sexually, and doing it so openly. Jen shivered and she began to dream about having a cock stuff itself happily into her little puckered asshole. What if Jenni did that to her and she was able to lick the tits on the blonde that she saw crossing the road earlier that morning. Jen nearly tripped when she rounded the corner toward her office door.

When she nearly arrived at her office door Tiffany popped up in her vision, "Hi Ms. Parks. How are you feeling today? You gave me too much money last night for the cab ride and I brought you the change. Did you want me to do anything for you today? I didn't think you would be coming in this morning." Her sentences ran together as though she had forgotten how to hold a conversation with a person. Jen lifted her hand to her temple and looked at the woman who had a pleading gaze in her eyes. Her left hand stood open with the change from the money she had given her the night before. Jen sighed and removed her hand from her temple, the other hand still holding onto her jacket trying not to expose her chest that was now heaving against her hand anxiously. Tiffany was actually very cute, if she took off her glasses and let her hair down. Jen could actually picture her with something more revealing than a blouse and cute skirt. She blushed as Tiffany placed the money in her palm and stepped back.

"I am still not feeling that great, if you could tell anyone that wants to talk to me to wait a while until my headache cools that would be perfect." Jen said stepping to the side of Tiffany, "Thank you for the change by the way, I appreciate the help you gave me." She said coldly under her breath hoping that Tiffany didn't' hear what she had just said. She didn't want the stupid woman to take advantage of her thinking that she lost her cool because she got sick once, and Tiffany had to drive her home. She was authoritative, and in command. People just didn't go up to her and make her suck their cock for nothing. Though Jenni didn't even ask... she just stood there while Jen took a stomach load of sperm. Tiffany's eyes glazed for a second while she watched Jen step into her office. The woman was a fool; she could tell that she wasn't going to get through to that little bitch anytime soon. She figured that last night whatever was said was probably due to her not feeling well.


Tiffany quickly turned to head back to her desk. The perfume that Jen decided to wear today was intoxicating. Tiffany felt her head spinning as she stepped, almost awkwardly back their desk. It was as if she hadn't walked in years. As she padded her way along the aisle she felt her nipples push roughly against her clothing. Her body began to heat, and she realized that she was growing aroused. Was it because of Jen's perfume? Or was it some reaction to the bacteria she had put in Jen's creamer? She hadn't worn a mask and probably inhaled some form of it, but would she really show symptoms or anything of the sort? She shook her head and sat down at her desk, crossing her legs trying to forget about what she was feeling or what was going on in her head. Jen couldn't know that she found her more attractive today, because that would give away what she had done.

Tiffany wheeled around to her desk and began to type on the examination document. Perhaps today she could find out a bit more from Jen to see what was going on with the alterations and transformations brought on by the bacteria. While she was typing on the document, a messenger icon popped up in the corner of her screen. Diana had four exclamation points written in with nothing else. Tiffany felt a surge of panic. What if Diana got exposed or worse... what if they were shutting down the department because they discovered a missing sample. She typed back quickly and furiously trying to get a coherent response.

-The Real Princess 8:34 AM!!!!

-Tiff 8:35 AM Diana what is going on?

-The Real Princess 8:35 AM The Specimen has produced a second anomaly alongside her current one.

-Tiff 8:36 AM What the fuck do you mean?

-The Real Princess 8:36 AM I mean she grew a second dick. I don't know when but as of this morning she has been hyperactive and humping everything she can.

-The Real Princess 8:36 AM I put another female specimen into the tank with her and the female has submitted to the Emily.

-The Real Princess 8:37 AM I think that the new mouse is starting to change color, but that could be from all the semen that Emily is pumping out.

-The Real Princess 8:38 AM I don't even know where all of it is coming from either. I am afraid they are going to drown

-The Real Princess 8:38 AM This isn't a joke.

-The Real Princess 8:38 AM Shit I have to go, call me later.

-Tiff 8:38 AM Diana!?

-Tiff 8:38 AM Hey Diana!

-The Real Princess has logged out 8:40 AM

Tiffany's head began to whirl out of control. She drugged her boss. She took that bacteria without knowing any of its properties and administered it to Jen. Jen Parks. The woman really was a bitch, but this was beyond what she had imagined when she pulled that vial from the lab. She had expected the other woman to get sick, but what if she starts doing what Emily the mouse is doing? There was no way that could happen though. Women can't just grow a phallus and go around fucking everything they see. Besides from what Diana was saying Emily didn't produce her anomaly until after twenty four hours, and Jen had just passed twenty four hours with no result. Emily the mouse was probably administered a smaller dose. Tiffany shook her head and stood up in her cubicle looking over at the smoked glass of Jen Parks office. There was no movement inside, but the door was firmly shut. She sat down and began to drum her fingers on the desk. Before Jen left tonight she was going to have to check on her. She needed more data so she could log and note anything strange going on with Jen.


Jen sat down in her office chair, the door clicked into place quietly. Her office was tranquil and perfect for meditation. She could probably overcome whatever was going on in her mind with some form of meditation. There were people reading, or watching porn at work... that was absurd. They were probably doing something else and her mind decided to play a trick on her and make her believe that she saw something sexual. She turned the chair around to face the wall, so if anyone walked in they wouldn't get a good look at her. She finally let go of her jacket and looked down at herself. She really did look like a whore. Her top buttons undone exposing a healthy amount of her cleavage. She closed her eyes, and the blonde girl crossing the road pranced across her vision. Jen tried to get the visage out of her mind, and then Tiffany was standing next to her at the desk, though Tiffany was dressed in the blonde girls' clothing. A tight revealing tank top, and her hair was done up in pigtails. Tiffany pulled off her glasses and bit one of the arms seductively. She turned and bent forward, exposing a cute red thong flowed around her sex perfectly.

"Hey Jen want to like fuck me?" She said, but the voice wavered and seemed distant to Jen. She stood up from her desk and tried to chase after the image of Tiffany. She did want to fuck the girl. What was wrong with her? As she ran the office stretched beyond her and soon she was surrounded by white. The trance she had started was actually working, though it had some strange interlude that she didn't expect. Soon the world of white turned dark, but it wasn't the usual black. It felt like she had pinched her eyes shut and small colors were blossoming in the darkness. Something didn't seem right to her about this meditation session. She felt warmth around her, and there was a pressure against her face she wasn't quite sure what it meant.

"Guess who?" A familiar voice whispered in her ear. She knew who it was without thinking at all. There was a sudden pressure of flesh on her back. A hard prod indicated that whoever it was didn't bother to wear clothing. Jen leaped forward away from the grip on her face and whirled around to see a massive cockhead right at eye level. It smelled intoxicating and she could still remember the taste on her lips. It was the last thing that she had wanted to see during a meditation session at work.

"If it isn't the other me..." Jen said moving her vision upwards to get a better look at the second time intruder. Jenni smiled back down with her full plump lips, a hunger flashing in her eyes. She traced a finger up her side and shivered excitedly, her nipples pushing out into the air. Her cock bobbed a bit, and a large drop of precum dripped from the tip.

"Your office is like so nice and such, but I think you could use a bit more color. You seem to like white and grey don't you?" She said tipping her head. Jen looked down and realized that she was in her office still, and Jenni was standing on her desk admiring the room. If anyone outside could see through the fogged glass, they could easily make out the figure of a nude woman with a massive dick. Jenni giggled and her thick breasts jiggled with excitement, Jen's face warmed as she realized she was growing so aroused from the entire scene. Jenni hopped down, her breasts bouncing with exaggeration and she walked around the room. She seemed to have grown taller since the last time she saw her. She was at least five feet nine inches. Was that possible? Of course it was... this woman was a dream girl, she didn't have the limits or boundaries of normal people. She was fake. Jen shut her eyes and tried to get the woman out of the room. Was she going schizophrenic? She was in her office, and there was a person in the room that didn't exist. She couldn't just run out into the hall and ask if someone was standing there, it would make her look even more insane than she wanted to.

"Why the hell are you here? You are... were... you're a dream. You were a strange fucked up fever dream from last night. You are not supposed to be at my work!" Jen barked out angrily at the intruder. Her legs wavered and she realized that each step that Jenni took while admiring the room made her cock swing. As her breasts and cock swayed in her vision, Jen could feel her mouth watering. Could all this be an anticipation she had been looking forward to? She shook her head trying to get herself out of the trance she was falling into.

"Jen, Jen, Jen..." Jenni sighed out turning around and grabbing a hold of the other woman in a warm embrace. Jen's face pressed into her massive tits, she thought that she was going to suffocate between the soft flesh. Jenni's prick pushed up against Jen's stomach leaving a trail of precum where it rubbed. She melted happily in the woman's warm embrace. Had she been anticipating something like this all along? "I like told you I am part of you. If you think I am a dream that is fine, but I am not going anywhere silly." She sang out to the ceiling. Jen wanted to quiet her incase this wasn't a dream. The people in the office would be able to hear her easily, "But like let's get out of this little dank office. I think I can do something much better. This cold room doesn't suit what we will be doing well." She squeezed Jen closer into a hug, Jen sighed in comfort as her face was pressed between the woman's massive breasts. Jen felt warm water roiling against her legs. It was soft and didn't seem to bother her that she had just been introduced to liquid. She stepped back from Jenni's embrace and was greeted by a beautiful scene.

The world was mostly white, there was steam rising gently from the pool that she was standing in. Thick white tiles plated the pool floor; there were four steps with railing that led from the center where she and Jenni stood. There was a tiki bar area, which stood empty. Ten chairs sat in a row along one side of the pool, while a hot tub bubbled nearby. The water she stood in was warm though, probably a water yoga therapy pool. This had to be a spa. The open sky stood above her and she could see palm trees blowing in a warm breeze. It felt like she was in the most wonderful place on earth. She looked down and realized that she was standing completely nude. This had to be a dream if she transported from her office to a Spa in some distant island and was completely naked. Had she passed out while at work? Hopefully no one noticed her mental absence. She did request that no one bother her for a while... maybe the other office drones wouldn't notice her sleeping away at her desk. The water boiled against her leg and she looked down at the surface. It was murky and had a shiny hue that didn't seem like a liquid you would normally find in a pool. Something clicked in her head. The smell was intoxicating and familiar.

"What the... What the hell?" Jen shouted out when she lifted a hand from the thick surface of the liquid. Cum. It was a giant pool of bubbling cum that was moving and boiling against her legs happily. Her mind was hazy and she could help but bring her hand to her mouth and lick the seed from her fingertips. She felt a shiver run down her spine. She raised another hand to her breast and kneaded the flesh, spreading the cum across her nipples happily. What was she doing? She quickly dropped her hands to her sides and gritted her teeth, trying to hold back the urge to dunk her face in the liquid and drink it up.

"Like I thought you would like it this time! It isn't as salty like the last bit I made for you to drink up from my cock! It kinda tastes like a familiar cream don't ya think..." Jenni said looking down at the liquid that she was standing in. She was proud of herself for what Jen was attracted to. She leaned forward and realized that the pool smelt and tasted just like the creamer she had so happily drank down the other day. She pressed her hands together in the liquid and scooped up a copious amount to her lips. She drank it down, splashing some of the liquid down her body. It was more than intoxicating. It was better than anything she had ever had in her entire life. She dipped her hand again and drank more, and couldn't help but go back for a third handful. She was like a greedy kid at a candy store that couldn't help but snag up fistfuls of chocolate and stuff it into her mouth. She began to shake and liquid her fingertips clean. Jenni laughed and dipped her hands in the liquid and splashed Jen with a hefty handful, some of the thick sweet tasting cream into her mouth.

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