tagErotic HorrorFuture Reservations

Future Reservations


Author's Note: This story is fucked up and has incest and literal mind fucking. Don't say I didn't warn you!


Thomas Kincade woke in the middle of the night to his mother standing in the door to his room, dressed in a sheer black robe that hugged every curve of her sensual body. It was so sheer, in fact, that the first confused impression Thomas had of the world was the hard points of his mother's nipples. He blinked grit from his eyes, his thighs pressed together against his morning wood - and managed to get a word out past the croak in his throat: "Whaazaaghgmmugh?"

Well, it wasn't exactly a word.

Then he really saw what his mother was wearing. She slipped forward - the light from his ceiling light flowing along her shoulders and arms. Her left hand was dripping with blood - almost as distracting to Thomas as the tight dress she was wearing.

"Honey," Mom said, smiling at him, placing her bloody index finger against his lips. "You need to pack. Don't worry - you don't need much."

Thomas blinked, slowly. He hadn't thought it was blood. It might have been red dye. Or paint. Or hair coloring. Or jam. But no, it tasted like blood. His tongue flicked to his lips and then jerked back into his mouth as he shook his head again - faintly aware that there was a sound coming through his window. It was an eerie, high pitched sound that went up and down and up and down - teasing his ears with recognition. Mom turned away from him - her dress tight enough to show the cleft of her ass as she headed for the door.

"Maybe just your laptop," she said, sounding amused. "You're a writer, right?"

Thomas looked out the window.

Now he saw what was causing the high pitched noise.

It was the screaming. Half the city looked as if it had fallen into an immense abyss - flames the color of blackest night burst from the pit, and writhing tentacles the size of buildings were reaching out - coiling around skyscrapers, bending them in half. The rumbling sound echoed through the window, and strange creatures seemed to fill the sky, pouring from the hole around the flames. They swept down towards the people fleeing them, while cars honked and crashing, crinkling sounds filled the air while glass broke and riots sprawled away from the madness.

Thomas felt like he might need to pinch himself.

"Come on, Honey!" Mom called up the stairs. "I didn't sacrifice your father for nothing."

Thomas nodded, slowly. "Just a second, Mom, I- WHAT!?" He jerked his head around so fast he almost got whiplash.

Mom called up. "Hurry! Quick!"

Thomas scrambled from the bed - confusion and fear driving him. In a world gone mad, go with the woman who seemed to know what she was doing. But...she had to have been joking. Right? Dad? Sacrificed? He tugged his pants up, grabbed his laptop, his cellphone, and tried dialing Kat. His girlfriend didn't pick up, and as he came down the stairs, he staggered as he saw his father sprawled out on the kitchen table, arms tied to several stakes driven into the wood. His chest was opened and his heart had been removed and placed in a jar beside him. And...as Thomas took this in, his mother was kissing his father on the forehead.

"You're a dear, Hank," she said.

"Oh, it's no problem," Dad said.

Thomas looked from the yawning cavity in his father's chest to his father's head - which was still moving as Dad looked at him, beaming.

"Hey, son!" he said. "I'd wave, but...as you can see, I'm a bit tied up!"

"Oh, Hank," Mom said, shaking her head as she reached down, rubbing her finger along the rope bindings. "See you later."

"Well, ten thousand years is later..." Hank said, shrugging. "Go, go, the skull platform is waiting - and you know how security is."

"Bye!" Mom said, waving as she headed for the front door - casually hooking her arm through Thomas' arm and dragging her son towards the front door. The last thing Thomas saw of his butchered father was him laying back and tentacles starting to emerge from the hole in his chest. And life had only started getting weirder after that.

The skull platform was exactly what it looked like. It was a platform made entirely out of skulls, surrounded by a glowing blue-white collection of rings. The rings hummed faintly and stepping over them made Thomas' skin buzz and tingle. He blinked as he looked at the neighbors coming out of their houses - looking around confused and scared. Several of them didn't even notice the skull platform that had appeared at the Kincade household.

"We need t-to get...Kat..." Thomas said, looking at his Mom.

"Honey, she's not a follower of Xog-Shaggog, the Devourer of Worlds and Inverter of Qualities," Mom said, in the gentle tone she had used to tell him that Santa Clause wasn't real. "She'll need to be purified in a deathless hell for ten thousand years before you can see her again."

Thomas grabbed his Mom's shoulders. 'Mom!" He said. "What the FUCK is going on!? I thought you were a Universal Unitarian!"

"I am!" She said, smiling. "And they thought that I was kidding when I said I worshiped Xog-Shaggog. Well, they won't be laughing now." She shook her head. "But Kat-"

Thomas growled. It was a low, angry, feral sound. A sound that made his Mother pause for a moment. She sighed, quietly.

"But Kat will be able to come. But we'll have to place a xen'kog into her mouth and turn her into a mind-wiped body slave. She'll follow your every order and be eternally young, willing, and pliant."

Thomas blinked. He looked at his Mother. Then he looked at the neighbors. Creatures from beyond his imagination were starting to rip through them - screams filling the air. Fires burned in the city. Tentacles reached to the heavens, and the sky itself even seemed to be cracking. Eyes were swelling in the places between the stars - looking down at him. Promising not just a death, but an eternal, horrible, continual existence. Something more hideous than he could possibly comprehend. Then he looked at his curvacious, MILFy as sin mom, who said that he could get away from all of this and get a mind-fucked slave that looked exactly like his stupidly hot girlfriend.

"...okay!" Thomas said.

It wasn't exactly a difficult decision.


Kat opened her window when Thomas knocked on it - she was looking scared. And why wouldn't she? The world was coming to an end. Kat was the same gorgeous girl that she had been yesterday - ebony black skin, short and curly hair that bloomed around her scalp in a mini-afro, and an elegant set of lips that were just as good at smiling as they were at smirking. Though, right now, she more looked terrified and confused than anything else.

"Thomas, what is going on? And why are you flying? And..." She blinked. "Oh, hey Miss Kincade."

"Hey, Katherine!" Mom said.

"So, um, what is happening?" Kat asked.

"We're here to..." Thomas paused, then glanced at his mother, then looked at his girlfriend. "To...rescue you! Come on!"

"But-" Kat started.

"Shh..." Mom put her fingers on Kat's lips - gently stroking them, tracing the curve of Kat's mouth. Kat breathed in, her tongue darting out to taste Mom's fingertips. Her eyes became unfocused and she grabbed onto the windowsill of her room, dragging herself onto the skull platform. Once she was on, Mom grinned at Thomas. "I have to admit, honey, I've wanted to do this for years..." she reached around, cupping Kat's breasts through Kat's nightshirt, squeezing them. "Especially while you were at college."

"Mom!" Thomas exclaimed.

"Hey, older women have needs!" Mom said. "Don't be a prude."

The skull platform soared up and up into the air, giving Thomas a great view of the end of the world. He looked away from that - and saw other platforms zooming towards the clouds. Roiling white fog - not really clouds at all - parted before his eyes and he saw that the moon had moved closer to the Earth, shifting its position in the sky...and also its perspective. Rather than being the sphere that he knew that it was, the moon looked like a flat disk, barely larger than a mid-sized island in the Pacific, as if the sky had become a paper mache fantasy rather than merely the demarcation between orbits. Sitting in the center of the impossible moon was a sprawling black castle - all spires and spines and non-euclidean curves.

The skull platform came down before the front gate - other platforms landing.


Thomas started, spinning to see Penny Lane - a nerdy, freckled girl that he had known back in high school and hadn't spoken too since he went to college - sprint over to him. She punched his shoulder.

"You didn't say that you worshiped the big X-Oh!" Penny punched his shoulder again. "Far out! So, are you excited or what?"

"I..." Thomas blinked as the front gates to the castle started to grind and groan, the top of them creeping down and down towards the ground. Which was, Thomas reminded himself, the moon. He shook his head slowly, then looked back at Penny. "I...didn't know I was worshiping him until today."

"Oooh," Penny said.

"What is going on?" Kat asked, her voice dazed.

"Hey...hey!" Penny scowled. "She's not a worshiper!"

"How can you tell?" Thomas asked - confused.

"I didn't put my spell on her," Mom said, putting her hand on his shoulder. "I sacrificed your father for him - of course, we agreed, that you'd do better here than down there. That college of yours was not a good place to spend ten thousand years of darkness. Now, come on, we're here to be taken into the Black Castle."

"Are-...is no one concerned that a creature that eats the whole world might turn on us?" Thomas asked.

"Well, if he does, it'll be fast!" Penny said, brightly.

"What!?" Thomas spluttered.

But it was too late. The gate had opened.

Standing there, in the center of the door way, was a woman. Her skin was bright purple and pink, with dark red highlights along her cheeks, while her hair was a spilling nest of tentacles, the suckers wet and grasping as her tentacles wriggled and twitched around on her shoulders. Her eyes were wide and almost Asian looking, her lips small and nearly non-existent. She wore a pale purple-black...three piece suit, with gold buttons that clashed garishly with her clothes. Her pants hugged her ass - and her front. And made it quite clear that she had a rather...huge dick.

She held a I-pad in one hand, her finger tapping it as her other finger pressed to a small ear-bud that rested underneath her head tentacles.

"Yeah, yeah, I hear, got it, yeah," she said. "Understood. Oh, just a second!" She tapped the ear-bud, then smiled at the group of people. "Welcome, welcome, glad to see you, Xog-Shaggog is pleased to welcome all of you to his eternal black fortress of endless pleasures. As each of you has worshiped him faithfully or are blessed by the blood of a sacrifice, you will all be given nothing but pleasure and deference for the next ten thousand years of purification..." She paused, then looked at her I-pad. "Huh. Getting a weird..." She paused. "Okay! Okay! Raise your hands if you are a worshiper of Xog-Shaggog."

Everyone raised their hands - everyone save Kat, who was looking stunned.

"Ah, there you are," the strange woman said.

"She's going to be my son's mind-slave," Mom said.

"I'm what!?" Kat asked.

"Ahh, I see, very good choice. Though..." The demon woman paused, eying Kat. "Not super PC, making the black girl a mind-slave?"

"The world's ending, why do I care?" Mom asked.

"Wait, can't-" Thomas started.

The purple woman stepped forward as Kat opened her mouth to object. In a single smooth motion, she pulled a wriggling thing from her pocket, and held it up. Thomas saw it: A curved, cock-like shape, roughly twelve inches long, with eyes gleaming on either side of the cock-head. The base fanned out into a series of wriggling tentacles, which grasped and clutched at the air as the purple woman jammed it into Kat's mouth. Kat made a loud gagging noise, but before she could do any more, the tentacles flipped around - grabbing the sides of her head, then sliding into her mouth. She made a muffled noise, her eyes widening so far that there was almost nothing but white. She grabbed at the tentacles, and her throat bulged slightly.


Then the cock started to move in her throat. Sliding backwards and forward, the motion of it made her head bob forward and backwards, while she fell to her knees.

"Hot," Penny whispered. Thomas couldn't help it - his cock was hardening as he watched his girlfriend struggling on the floor. The purple woman sighed, checking her I-pad's clock, as if to make sure they were staying on schedule.

Kat gagged and choked more, her nose flaring as spittle drooled around the...the...what had Mom called it? A xen'kog? The xen'kog's tentacles had continued to spread along Kat's dark cheeks, the tips of two smaller tentacles reaching her ears. Kat made a noise that sounded...well, as close to a scream as one could make while ones throat was filled. Then the tentacles plunged into her ears, forcing themselves in with a wet squelch. Kat's back arched, her breasts jiggling under her night-shirt, her nipples hard as rocks as she bucked her hips. Her eyes rolled back into her head and then she fell to the ground.

Thomas' cock was even harder now.

He watched as the xen'kog writhe, then jerk the tentacles free from her ears, tiny trails of blood bubbling from each of her ear holes - one puddling on the ground, the other filling her ear as she lay on her side. The xen'kog pulled its tentacles behind itself and wriggled down her throat, which bulged...and then shrank as the xen'kog finished implanting itself in her. She lay on the ground, drooling.

"All right then," the purple woman said. "Get your slave up and we can get on to the tour - you need to see where the pool is, and the gym!" She nodded.

Thomas stood there, gaping down at his girlfriend. He felt sick. Elated. Fascinated. All of the above. Hysteric, too. Add hysteric to the list.

"Honey," Mom whispered in his ear. "Get her on her feet."

Thomas gulped, shaking his head. "S-Stand?" He asked.

Kat twitched on the ground. Then she blinked - her eyes turning from white to...red...her irises were red as they rolled back to looking forward. She stood up, slowly, sensually - moving like a cat. She stretched her arms back behind her, thrusting her chest out. "Mmm, yes master."

"Now! Tour time!" The purple woman said - pointedly, trying to sound cheery while also making it clear that it was time to start going.


"And this is the blood pools," the tour guide said, gesturing with one hand towards the room of bone and sheeting, hot, red blood. The iron stink of it tingled in Thomas nose as he tried to not gag - while, beside him, Penny oohed softly.

"Glad I brought my bikini!" she said. "Fresh baby blood is great for your complexion."

"Baby blood?" Thomas whispered.

"Yes, we get it fresh from the souls of unbaptized children - squeezed fresh!" The tour guide said, nodding as she walked effortlessly backwards - an act made easier by the wide, ornate nature of the corridors they were moving through. The walls were decorated with macabre murals and engravings - showing images of tentacled creatures and curvacious women and the tentacled creatures...doing things to the women. Thomas gulped as he looked at a carved woman, tentacles rammed into her curvacious ass and filling her pussy, her arms spread wide, more tentacles wrapped around her arms. Then the mural's mouth moved and he heard a faint whisper: "...help me..."

"What the fuck!?" Thomas sprang away from the wall - almost knocking over a tall, dark skinned man in a business suit, who glared at him.

"Oh, don't mind them," the tour guide said. "Here, we come to our five star restaurants, open twenty four seven - if you ever hanker for anything from your favorite fast food to the most exotic dish, you can come right here and have our slaves whip it up for you lickety split!"

Thomas continued to stagger from tour to tour - barely registering the gym, the movie theater, the torturarium, the garden of flesh, or the ball pit. Which wasn't actually filled with testes, which was something that Thomas found shocking in a distant, dull sort of way. By now, he had become so stunned by the endless cavalcade of...everything...that seeing a ball pit that was just full of the same kind of bright, shiny balls that decorated every Freddy's Funtime Factory in the country was as weird as seeing a ball pit full of discombobulated human sperm glands.

"And here are your rooms!" The tour guide held out a set of key-cards, giving one to each person. "Feel free to settle in! We'll be having the first swim meet tomorrow, and the first get to know each other game tonight!" She nodded, sagely.

"S-So, um," Thomas said, glancing - for the first time since the tour started - at Kat. "W-What do I do with..."

The tour guide blinked. "With?" She asked.

"My...with Kat?" Thomas felt his face turn bright red as everyone looked at him. Mom clucked her tongue and shook her head slowly.

The tour guide chuckled, softly. "Whatever you want, Mr. Kincade!"

"I...uh..." Thomas coughed. He wasn't entirely sure what he had been about to ask - where he was going to go with this conversation. He mumbled. "C-Can we take the thing out of her?"

"The xen'kog?" The woman blinked. "Oh!" She chuckled. "Don't worry, the xen'kog has moved into its second stage of life, now that it has burrowed into the base of your former girlfriend's throat. Moving into her brain, it's eaten all of the parts of her brain that control free will and grown into those - transmitting her soul directly into the belly of our lord and master!" She nodded. "It's also kick-starting hormones and injecting her with toxins that will mutate her body over the next few days into a more perfect fucktoy." She smiled, walking over and squeezing Kat's ass. "So, basically, your girlfriend is dead, loving it, and fuckable. Exactly what boys want, right?"

"No!" Thomas exclaimed.

"Pff, you just can't please anyone these days," the tour guide said, looking at the others in the group. "Millennials, am I right?" She giggled.

The group started splitting up. Penny and Mom and Kat stayed by Thomas' side.

"So, Penny, I'm so glad you made it," Mom said, brightly. "You and my son were so CUTE when you were young...he was really sad that you couldn't go to the same college. Course, my hair turned white! Imagine if he was in Seattle instead of California when all of this happened." She shook her head.

"T-That's why you wanted me to come home..." Thomas whispered, his eyes widening.

"Oh, honey..." Mom patted his cheek, gently. "Now! Lets check out the rooms!"

"Can I come?" Penny asked, giggling. "This is a riot. No offense, Thomas. Oh, and since she's brain dead - effectively, can I just say I was waiting for a chance to kill that cunt and take her place." She pressed against Thomas' side, giggling. "Now I get you forever."

Thomas gaped down at the slender, nerdy girl hugging his side as Mom strode forward and - swiping the key-card through the lock on the door - pushed the door open to the rooms that they would be spending the next ten thousand years at. The first sight was...not promising - not to Thomas at least. There was a large, cushy bed, a television, an adjoining bathroom, and a balcony that looked out onto the sweep of the bizarre moon-surface that the black castle had been built on. In other words, it was a resort room, not a house.

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