tagHumor & SatireGadget Man Ch. 00

Gadget Man Ch. 00


"Hi chief." Gadget said, "What's up?"

"Oh, hello Gadget Man. We have a dead girl here." The chief pointed out with his hand, "We're not sure how she died or how long ago she died." He stated.

"I can use my go-go gadget thermometer if you like chief." I said hopefully.

"I don't know." He said back to me, "Remember the last time?' He said.

"Yeah, but I've fixed it since then." I said sheepishly as I remembered that I had to take another temperature, but instead of going into the dead body it went into Policewomen Jones and I had to walk around with her for 2 hours with the probe stuck up her cunt, unable to come out; "She didn't mind." I reminded the chief.

"No, but it wasn't a pretty sight when you went out onto the street though." He implored.

"You got me there chief." I answered.

"Okay give it a go." He said to me.

I stood back facing the blonde's body, "Go-go gadget thermometer." My fly unzipped with speed and out popped my probe with the numbers neatly on the side. It seemed to be confused so I pointed to the body. It nodded back to me and streaked towards the prone body on the bed. The chief held the panties aside and in the probe went, straight past her lips and into her cunt. It borrowed deep into the hole, sending back everything that it felt, to me.

"Anything yet?" the chief asked.

"No, it's still probing." I stated as I started to feel all hot and bothered. My face was slowly going red with blood as the probe touched the inside walls and sent back lovely sensations. I stood still savoring the feelings, I was getting. The hot juices that once flowed there combined with the smell of the confined area was transmitted back to me as well, so that I could literally taste her juices and take in her aroma. I stood stock still as the probe worked its way backwards and forwards, within her. I was getting very hot.

"Gadget!" The chief yelled, "Wake up."

"Sorry chief. The probes taking a bit long this time." I said.

"I can see that." He replied.

As the probe sent back the temperature, I realised that the girl was not dead, only dead drunk.

"Chief, this girl is alive." I said.

As the chief stared the girls eyes opened and she smiled at us; "Where am I?" Came the question.

"We thought you were dead, the cleaning lady called us." You said self-consciously.

"Oh, then what's this thing in me?" You asked as you looked down towards your genital area, where my probe was inserted into your cunt.

"That's me, I had to take your temperature." I replied, "I'm Gadget Man."

You looked along the length of the probe and smiled up at me, "I suppose I should have my temperature taken, just to be on the safe side." You moved your hands around to grab the probe and started to move it back and forth, in your cunt; "That's better." You purred.

"Hmm.... it certainly is." I agreed.

"I don't know." Came the chief's response.

"It should be okay." I panted as the probe became more uncontrollable. Sliding in and out with the girls help.

"It's okay, I don't mind." You also said to him as you arched your back and moaned and pushed the probe deep.

I bucked at the hips and sent my juices along the probe into you. Warm liquid spread throughout your vagina and filled you with pleasure.

"Oh...Oh..." You said as your legs crossed holding the probe to you, while you had your first orgasm.

"Gadget! Stop that." The chief said as he pulled the probe out of her.

"Sorry chief, but her temperature is up just a little." I told him.

"Okay, I thought that you might have been getting carried away." He implored.

"That's okay chief, no problems." I answered him back.

"None here either." The girl piped up as she stretched her slender body on the bed, "None what so ever." She smiled.

"Okay, we had better go and sorry for the inconvenience. He told her.

"Anytime." She said, as she smiled at me and licked her lips.

"Well I'll be off chief." As I spied an open window; "Go-go gadget rotor blades." I said. Out popped four small blades from my hat and controlling arms from the brim. They started to turn as I jumped out of the window. Slowly they lifted me to drift over the city.

Far down below I could hear the cry from a couple walking along.

"It's a bird. It's a plane. It's...." He started and then stopped.

"What is it?" His girlfriend enquired.

"I got something in my eye." You replied.

"Hold still." You said as you looked to see what it was. You saw white liquid on his face and put some to your lips. It was salty and tasted nice. You continued to lick his face clean of cum.

He looked back up and said, "It's bloody Gadget Man again. Do up your fly you filthy bugger."

I looked down towards my fly and saw that my probe was still sticking out, dribbling cum everywhere.

"Go-go back in gadget probe." I said.

It slowly retracted into my trousers and then the automatic zipper kicked in and closed.

I was definitely going to have to get that checked out and put in for maintenance.

* * *

So ends the introduction to my Gadget Man series. Stay tuned to see what mess he can get into, in future episodes.

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