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Gaea's Embrace


Aaron placed his foot carefully upon the next step in the narrow trail up the side of the mesa. It was night, a time that most in their right mind don’t go hiking up the side of a butte. But the spring stars shown down brightly in the night sky and allowing Aaron to see his way up the trail. Aaron was a new archeologist, just graduated from the University of Missouri. His specialty in the Southwest Amerindians had led him here, to Arizona’s Painted Desert where he worked under Dr. Livingstone, one of Europe’s foremost archeologists. Aaron felt honored and he loved the desert. But the time the arid wilderness really came alive for him was at night. And tonight Aaron just couldn’t take the dumb jokes of Robert or the infantile flirting of Jessica back at base camp. So with Dr. Livingstone’s permission, Aaron had gathered some supplies, his backpack, and a sleeping bag and headed up to the mesa. He had planned to be there in time for the peak of the Lyrid meteor shower. However, if he didn’t pick up the pace he wouldn’t make it.

Aaron was a tall blonde boy, just 25. His hair was pulled back into a flat ponytail and his blue eyes had be the downfall of many a coed back in Missouri. He didn’t consider himself that attractive, but others disagreed. Aaron kept himself in shape and there was very little fat on his body. His nose was aquiline and when he wanted to, Aaron could intimidate his students with little more than a glare.

Finally, Aaron reached up and the pulled himself to the top of the mesa. From up here, Aaron could look out and see the fires of the archeological camp far below. But more worthwhile was the beautiful starscape that waited. To the north Ursa Major, the Great Bear, prowled around the North Star and her child, the Little Bear. Leo was up there, almost overhead, and that was what Aaron came to see. The meteor shower would come from there.

Aaron quickly threw down his stuff, unrolled his sleeping bag, and got comfortable. He took out a notebook and a small penlight and began to write:

Sunday, April 21st.

Finally got away from everyone down at the site. Don’t get me wrong, it’s just they aren’t what I want, or need, right now. It’s been three weeks since Janice sent me that ‘Dear John’ letter.

Aaron paused; Janice had been a girl that Aaron had honestly considered settling down with. She was sweet, fun, sexy as hell, and was interested in the same sorts of things as he was. Except for football. Janice apparently liked football a whole lot more than him since she had dumped him for Jake Sidel, Missouri’s newest fullback. Jake shook his head and chuckled ruefully to himself. At least he wasn’t stuck with her. That didn’t alleviate the pain though, he still felt hurt and betrayed when Janice had told him in her letter that she didn’t think it was working out and she needed to be on her own. Brad, his roommate back at Missouri, had told him that Janice and Jake were an ‘item’ now.

Anyhow, the meteor shower is tonight and tomorrow in Earth Day. And being out here in the desert makes all that drift away. It seems like another life, another time and place. And I think I like this one much better.

“Who’s Janice?” a soft voice asked.

Aaron jumped, dropping the penlight. It rolled across the stone, coming to rest against a triangular shape rock. In the dim light, Aaron saw a young girl, no a woman, he mentally corrected as his eyes took in the large swell beneath her shirt. She was smiling at him. Aaron’s brain stopped working as he took in her details. She had long straight dark hair, a narrow, an oval-shaped face, eyes that wee a bit different than what he expected. Indian, obviously, he thought. She was crouched on her feet about 10 feet away. She wore a sleeveless shirt and a skirt. Her feel were covered with moccasins. She had several short beaded necklaces at her throat.

“Man,” Aaron said recovering his composure even though he could feel his rapid heartbeat, ‘I didn’t hear you. Don’t you know you should sneak up on people?” He smiled slightly to take the edge of his question.

She softly laughed, “I’m sorry, but you were so intent on your writing I don’t think you would have noticed me if I had come banging two rocks together.”

“Maybe,” Aaron conceded. “But what are you doing up here?”

She shook her head, moving her long hair back out of her eyes, “Watching the skies, same as you I expect. Tomorrow is a holy day and I like to meditate and watch the stars before the day starts.”

“A holy day?” Aaron asked as he reached for the penlight. He clicked it off and his eyes started to adjust to the starlight once again.

“Well, not a true holy day,” she answered, “but more of a day that I consider holy. After all Earth Day is a celebration of…,” she paused, “Earth and all the bounty that it gives despite everything that humans do.”

Aaron smiled, “I can see that. Yeah, Earth Day is one of my favorite days as well.”

She stood up and then said to him, “Mind if I share your bag? The stone is pretty hard.”

Aaron colored and then said, “Oh. Sorry. Sure, please.” He moved to the side allowing her to sit beside him.

She settled in and her movements drew Aaron’s eyes to her shirt. It gaped open slightly revealing the curve of soft brown flesh unhampered by a bra. Aaron quickly glanced away but his cock had other ideas. It had stiffened noticeably. As he settled down, Aaron tried to unobtrusively rearrange himself. Then he realized that her shirt and skirt were doeskin, or some other animal hide. Definitely unusual Aaron thought to himself.

“My name’s Gaea,” she said as she say cross-legged beside him.

“I’m Aaron,” the young archeologist answered, “pleased to meet you. Gaea is an unusual name.”

She glanced at him sidewise as she pulled her hair back behind her. Aaron noticed that it fell to below her ass. Gaea said, “Well, my parents thought it was a pretty name and Mom always said it ‘fit’ me.” She shook here head, “It is unusual though, but I like it.

“So, who’s Janice?”

Aaron took a moment and then said, “She was my girlfriend. She’s in another world now.”

“Ah,” Gaea sighed. “You miss her?”

“Honestly, not as much as I thought I would. I mean, when we were together I though she was the one you know? But now, looking back on it, she was never … oh I don’t know … real enough. It was like we were dating just so she could use me as a trophy. You know the ‘graduate student’ trophy? Am I making sense?” Aaron looked at her. He couldn’t believe that he was telling a perfect stranger about these feelings, but he felt as if Gaea would understand and wouldn’t judge.

Gaea nodded, “Yes, I know that. I’ve been in relationships like that too. And speaking from experience, you’re better off. Girls, and men, like that are like leeches. They drink your blood until they’re satisfied and then drop off to find another victim.” She pulled her knees up and rested her chin on top of them, turning her head so she could look at him.

“Exactly,” Aaron replied. “I don’t think Janice would like being compared to a leech, but then the shoe does fit.” They laughed together.

“You have a nice laugh Aaron,” Gaea said. “I don’t think you laugh as much as you should. It sounds a bit rusty.”

Aaron sighed, “Oh I am normally an upbeat sort of guy, it just there isn’t anyone my own age down in camp and I am feeling a bit lonely.”

Gaea leaned over towards him and said, “Well, I’m here now.” She moved closer and kissed him lightly on the lips. “No need to feel lonely now.”

“I guess not,” Aaron said; surprised by the intimacy they suddenly shared.

They talked for a few hours more about all the things people normally talk about when they are getting to know each other. However, Aaron noticed that she never really talked about herself. He wondered what the deal was, but at the same time he thought that she might be a very private person. However, the body language he noticed told him that Gaea liked him more than just a little.

The meteor shower continued through the night and the two watched it as they talked. Gaea moved closer and Aaron felt her shiver. It seemed natural so he put his arm around her and she sighed contentedly, snuggling closer.

They lay back and watched the meteorites stream by and the stars do a slow dance across the heavens. Gaea pillowed her head on Aaron’s shoulder and as they talked caressed his stomach through his shirt. Her fingers lipped lower and found the bottom hem, slipped under, and then caressed his stomach’s bare flesh. Surprised, Aaron turned to look at her. They hadn’t talked in a few minutes and nothing really needed to be said. Aaron noticed that Gaea’s eyes were a light green. That was his last thought before they kissed. Gaea’s lips parted and her tongue slipped out to caress his lips, asking for her mate to come out and play. Aaron responded and they kissed deeper. When Aaron came up for air, his senses were reeling and he felt as if entire body was lighter than air.

Gaea smiled and sat up. She reached behind herself and pulled the lacing free. Then with one smooth movement, she pulled her top off and then straddled Aaron. Her breasts were full and firm, with just a little droop, enough to let Aaron know they were fully natural. Gaea took his hands and drew them up to her nipples. Aaron cupped her tits and ran his thumbs across her areoles and nipples. Gaea sighed and leaned back, pushing her pelvis into Aaron’s. Her warmth seeped through Aaron’s jeans, driving him to turn her on so much that she would rape him right there. The image surprised him, and he smiled.

Aaron pushed himself up and with his hand drew Gaea’s left tit to his mouth. He licked out his tongue, circling the nub of her nipple. Gaea moaned softly, indicating that she appreciated his desire, but she wanted more. Aaron sucked lightly and drew the entire nipple between his lips worrying it with soft nips and nibbles. His other hand kept her other breast bust, pinching and pulling lightly on the sensitive flesh.

Gaea reached forward and caught the bottom of Aaron’s shirt, pulling it up and over his head. It interrupted Aaron’s nuzzling of her breasts but freed his chest so he could feel the soft flesh of her boobs against him. They kissed, their tongues intertwining and wrestling.

Gaea broke the kiss, her breathing rapid and quickly. “Wait,’ she said, and stood up, offering her hands to Aaron. Unsure, Aaron took them and Gaea pulled him to his feet. Her fingers dropped finding the belt and buttons of his jeans and unfastening them quickly.

Aaron reached for her and pulled her close, kissing her neck and licking slowing down to her shoulders. Gaea shuddered in pleasure. Aaron caressed her bare back and then his hands fell to her ass, cupping the round cheeks through her skirt. As he slid his hand across her ass, the skirt rode up and Aaron found himself holding bare flesh. Gaea smiled as Aaron’s gasp of surprise, and then reached down and pulled a tie on the side of her skirt. The skirt fell away to reveal her naked flesh. Gaea then return to Aaron’s jeans, unpeeling them from his body and stripping him bare.

She fell to her knees in from of him as she pulled the jeans off his legs. His cock was proud and standing tall, stiff with need and glistening with a drop of precum. Gaea smiled and then leaned forward her tongue licking softly against the soft head of his circumcised penis. Aaron moaned. Gaea drew his cock into her mouth and swirled her tongue around its shaft. She started to such as she drew her mouth away from him, sliding his cock out of her hot, wet mouth. Then she sucked him back in.

Aaron’s head spun, the stars spinning wildly. Aaron had had blowjobs before, but this one was beyond anything he had ever felt or even imagined. He tangled his hands in her hair, feeling her stroke up and down his cock. Gaea sucked deeper, her tongue swirling, drawing Aaron’s cock deeper into her mouth. As her nose nuzzled against his pubic hair, Aaron’s moaned and hoarsely said, “Oh gods…. Gaea, I’m going to cum…..”

Gaea didn’t respond, just caressing him with her tongue and lips. Then she hummed and swallowed slowly. Aaron felt the strength leave his body as the warmth of an orgasm overtook him. He felt the sperm move through his body and down his penis. As he started to spurt into her throat, he screamed her name.

Aaron’s body pumped his cum into her and Gaea pulled back to taste his juice. Then she sucked him back in and Aaron felt as if the bottom dropped out. Her tongue found the most sensitive spot and caressed it in such a way as to make him come again, or at least that was what it felt like.

When Aaron was able to concentrate again, he found himself lying on his sleeping bag, staring up at the sky. A meteor hurled by. He gulped some air and looked for Gaea. She was sitting beside him. One hand was caressing his still slightly rigid cock; the other was buried between her legs, a finger pumping in and out while her thumb caressed her clit.

“Jesus, Gaea,” Aaron said, expressing his astonishment at the feeling she had given him. Gaea smiled and then leaned forward, moving on top of him. ‘I didn’t mean to come so fast,” Aaron began.

“Shhh, it’s alright. You’re last longer next time.” She then kissed him. Aaron could taste himself on her tongue and it aroused him. He felt his cock twitch in Gaea’s grasp. Gaea chuckled and the lay down beside him. Aaron turned on his side so he was facing her. He them pulled her down and moved so he was on top of him. He kissed her and the moved down to her neck. He kissed softly, nibbling as he moved south. Gaea squirmed underneath him, her fingers twining in his thick blonde hair. She sighed softly and he licked her nipples and then moved downward.

Gaea started and said, “No Aaron… you don’t have to if you don’t want to.”

Aaron looked up at her, a wicked grin on his face, “Oh I want to. I want to show you what you did to me and I want to hear you scream my name.” He kissed her bare flat stomach and moved downward.

Gaea’s crotch was full and bush, her black hair forming a natural triangle around her thick lower lips. The lips gaped open, wet and moist, like a tropic flower seeking the sun. Aaron took a deep breath. She smelled clean, musky, and somehow, sweet. He extended his tongue caressing one side of her twat then the other. He moved slightly downward and without warning, slid his tongue into her, licking upward, and ending on her clit, swirling around it and sucking it between his lips.

Gaea moaned loudly, begging for more.

Aaron obliged licking and caressing. He slid his hand underneath and slipped a finger into her pussy as he licked and sucked on her clit. Gaea’s thigh muscles jumped and she moaned again. Aaron twisted his hand, caressing the insides of her pussy, his finger seeking the g-spot. Aaron learned this trick from the first girl that he had ever slept with and he never regretted it; it turned girls into pussycats he had found. He found the small mass of sensitive tissue and caressed, nibbling at her clit. Gaea moaned, “Aaron, oh… oh, Aaron…. Please, don’t stop…..” She gasped and then screamed aloud, “Aaron!!”

Aaron slowed his lapping of her juices as she gasped coming down from her orgasm. With one last slow lick, Aaron straightened his arms and moved so that he could look down at her supine body. She was absolutely gorgeous, Aaron saw. Her tan skin had no tan lines, her dark hair was the color of night. A slight flush from coming covered her skin. She blinked slowly and then purred, reaching for him.

“I knew you would be the one,” Gaea murmured. She purred him down and kissed him. She spread her legs, wrapping them around Aaron’s hips and pulling him towards her. Somehow, their bodies met perfectly and Aaron’s prick slid into her with the smoothness of a hot knife through butter.

Aaron groaned as Gaea purred, “You feel so good, baby,” Aaron said, groaning as his cock pulsed within her. Gaea chuckled deeply and kissed Aaron, “You’re mine sweetie,” she said.

A sharp chill ran down Aaron’s spine at her soft words. Gaea scratched his back lightly and undulated her hips. Aaron’s forgot all about her statement as his body took over. He pulled his hips back, sliding slowly out of her pussy, then with a grunt, slid forward sharply.

“Yes!” Gaea said. Her green eyes opened and she pulled Aaron closer “Fuck me lover. Fuck me hard. I need you to fuck me!” she whispered.

Aaron lifted himself up by straightening his arms. He adjusted himself, sliding his hands under her ass and pulling her towards him. Then he started thrust, sliding his cock in and out of her. Gaea moaned. Aaron’s balls slapped against Gaea’s butt. Aaron loved this feeling, his cock sliding into her tightness with smoothness. She was so wet! And so hot. Aaron moaned.

Aaron felt that tightness beginning again. Gaea moaned, feeling Aaron’s cock began to pulse within her. She reached up and pulled Aaron down, kissing him hard. Aaron returned the kiss, his tongue invading her mouth, her tongue welcomed the intrusion. With a gasp, Gaea broke the kiss and looked into Aaron’s eyes, “Say my name Aaron. Call out to me!”

Aaron moaned closing his eyes. He tried thinking of numbers, tombs, baseball, anything to keep him from coming so fast, ending this joining. Gaea whispered to him, “Oh, Aaron…. Your cock. So big and hard, it feels so good. Fuck me baby, fuck me!”

Aaron swallowed, and he felt the feeling start to overcome him. “Oooo, Gaea, baby… I’m coming!” he shouted. His cum boiled up within him and he felt it shoot out of him.

As he came down from his orgasm, Gaea was holding him gently, kissing his neck with a tenderness Aaron didn’t expect.

“Gaea….,” Aaron whispered, “I’ve never felt that…. Never come like that before!”

Gaea smiled, though Aaron felt the smile more than saw it. “I know. It’s a sign baby. We were meant to be together.”

Again, Aaron felt a strange chill as Gaea said the last. He turned towards her, “That’s the second or third time you’ve said something like that Gaea. What do you mean?”

Gaea smiled, somewhat sadly Aaron though, “I can’t tell you that baby. But trust me; I would never do anything to hurt you. Never.”

“You don’t even know me Gaea. What are talking about?”

Gaea looked into his eyes, “You’ll figure it out Aaron. I love you.”

Aaron paused, then his eyes widened. Gaea felt lighter, and now that he looked at her, she seemed somewhat translucent. ‘Wha…”

Gaea kissed him softly, “I’ll be back. I promise you my heart.” With that, Gaea faded and then disappeared.

Next thing Aaron knew he was being awoken by the rising sun. He groaned, the feelings of the night coming back to him. Was it a dream? Did he imagine it all? The soreness in his groan told him it wasn’t. And he was naked. He looked around and he saw his clothes scattered about, left where Gaea threw them. What did she mean?

Aaron sighed and pillowed his head on his arms as he thought about it. Suddenly he sat up quickly. Gaea. Gaea was the goddess of the earth. And Gaea didn’t talk about her family. He licked his dried lips. And she didn’t have a belly button!

“Oh man, it must have been a dream!” Aaron whispered to himself. But he didn’t believe it. He knew it happened.

Aaron stood and got dressed. Then he gathered up his camping supplies. He looked once more about the mesa and smiled.

The wind whispered by his ears and Aaron could have sworn he heard, “I will always be with you baby. You’re my heart. My love.” Aaron smiled. Suddenly the day seemed a whole lot better.

And it was Earth Day. Things were looking up. Aaron turned towards the path and started to head back toward the archeologists’ camp. He smiled and remembered Gaea. He would never forget her.

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So many spelling issues that toward the end it became painful to review. I want stories to get me off and not annoying guessing games that bring me no where fast.

The only useful advise I can give youmore...

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I normally am not too disturbed by misspellings or

incorrect grammar, but when a reader is forced to read a sentence 2-3 times, in order to determine what the writer MEANT to write, before they can continue, the situation becomes a bit untenable.


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