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There are a lot of good how-to's out there about the technique of deep throat - a very worthy and noble pursuit. I mean, do you know any man that doesn't love sliding his cock alllll the way into a warm, wet mouth, burying himself balls-deep and feeling a burst of hot breath through flared nostrils brush over his pubic hair while being looked up at with wide, adoring eyes?

Yeah, me neither.

Which is why it's certainly a skill worth cultivating. And I have, over the years. Over and over and over. I can take a lot of dick - I learned to relax my throat, to fight the gag reflex, to tip my head back to make more room. I learned to do it because I loved to see the surprised look on a man's face and the delighted sound of his pleasure when he realized I was going to take it all. And I can definitely do it with relish and even without gagging - not once (she says proudly!)

The thing is, choking while giving a blowjob isn't very appealing -- for a few reasons. It's not a very sexy blowjob if a girl is choking and coughing and her eyes are watering and she's apologizing the whole while for her inadequacies. Also, a man will often become self-conscious and his pleasure will immediately be diminished if he thinks the woman he's with is uncomfortable in any way or doesn't really like what she's doing. So a woman who can take a man's full length with nary a whimper and a great deal of enthusiasm is definitely arousing.

However... while taking him deep without choking is an end goal definitely worth pursuing, there is also an art to gagging on a cock. I know it sounds like a paradox. How could gagging on a cock be sexy if I've already said it really isn't?

Well, there's a subtle difference. The cough and sputter of a woman unable to handle what's being presented to her is decidedly different from a woman who, one moment, can take him fully into her throat, and the next is gagging and gasping and pulling his cock out of her mouth to whisper, "God, it's so big!"

Because what man doesn't love the knowledge that he's filling his lover completely, that she can't quite handle all of him, although she's oh so willing to try -- again and again and again? There's something appealing about a woman who is willing to gag on her lover's cock -- and willing is the optimum word there.

If it's clear that she's uncomfortable, that she's inexperienced and truly not having any fun, it will turn most men off. But if her enthusiasm is so great, her hunger and greed for cock so compelling she can't control herself, that she takes even more of him than she thought she could handle and gags a little bit -- that's a turn-on.

But you really do have to be careful when intentionally gagging on a cock, especially if you've never mastered the art of deep throat. The best way to control the length of him going into your mouth is by wrapping your fist around the base of his cock. That way, unless he's extremely large, you'll have a manageable length to work with, and you'll be able to direct both the angle and the depth.

It's important not to start out gagging -- you need to show him that you really can handle what he's giving you, that you like it and want more. Using the rhythm of his breath is usually a good guide to how fast you should be going. Once he's beginning to pant a little bit and shift his hips, trying to press more of himself into your mouth -- let him. Take him deeper -- take him as deep as you can. If you're used to deep throating, don't worry about fighting your gag reflex -- go ahead and gag, then pull back and gasp.

He will probably be thinking he gave you too much at this point, so this is where it's important to reassure him, "God I love it in my throat like that! Fuck my throat, baby!" and take him into your mouth again, encourage him to move his hips, to shove his cock into your mouth. If you don't mind him grabbing your head (some women hate it -- I happen to love it) let him grab a fistful of hair and shove himself into your mouth. You may be surprised by the sounds he makes -- the growls and grunts and groans -- as he really gets into fucking your mouth, as he realizes that you really do like it and want more.

If you're not used to deep-throating, just keep your hand wrapped around the base of him. If you're brave or very experienced, you can move your hand and try to take all of him and let him fuck your throat that way. My lover likes it when I actually put my hands behind my back and let him take my mouth, surrendering to the thrust his cock completely. You will inevitably gag on him much more like this, because you'll have less control, and it can get very messy with all the saliva and precum.

And, of course, if you're going to finish him off this way, you'll have to make your own decision whether or not to spit or swallow.

Gagging isn't for everyone, of course. If you don't like it, don't do it. But I can tell you from experience that after taking his cock this way, I'm so wet I could float away and I often can't even wait and have to start touching myself while I'm sucking him.

So even if it's just an occasional "Oh god it's so big!" struggle or you come to like a full-out "Please take my mouth!" throat-fuck, gagging, if done right, can definitely be a major turn-on for both of you.




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