tagLoving WivesGaining Confidence

Gaining Confidence


Although we had not been in the area long enough to find the number of men I wanted to give pleasure to Linda, things were definitely looking up. What I found even more interesting was that Linda, who had been up to this point less enthusiastic than I wanted was developing more of an interest in selecting our partners. Although she wouldn’t admit it, I noticed that the swinger magazines I brought home were not where I had put them, and some even had the corners turned down on some pages that displayed men and couples who apparently interested her. I couldn’t help but hope that eventually this interest would be more apparent and my wife would become more of a “man-hunter.”


We were settled in our new digs, so it was time to start looking around and see what was happening in this part of the country. As isolated as we were, there wasn't much hope for a chance encounter like we had just experienced with Wendell and Shirley or even Mel and Mary, out latest encounter, so we were really on our own.

I put an ad in a swinger’s magazine and sat back waiting to see if we would get a bite. Linda was getting a little restless. Five men had fucked her besides myself, including several repeats with our new found friends. She had come to understand that other men would like to join the growing list of men who had been inside that tight pussy.

More than one had gotten a "come hither" look, but she was still too shy and inexperienced to let those who interpreted it correctly take advantage of what I knew they would offer her. I could almost sense her sense of relief when I was able to tell her that we had a new couple to meet. Since she wasn't sure how to go about reeling her own prospects in, I think she was happy to know I would take care of doing it for her. She was champing at the bit to get back into bed with a new man between her thighs; but and I knew that she never would admit it, even when and if it began to happen. I could sense that she was more than a little interested in resuming our exploration of this lifestyle. I certainly was. I was beginning to realize just how lovely my wife was with another man's cock buried to the hilt in her cunt.

Larry and Della lived about a hundred miles from us, but that was a short distance along the interstate highway system. We had corresponded back and forth for a month or so, and they seemed as interested in meeting us as I was in them. We knew what they looked like, since we had also exchanged g-rated photos and, while not impressive, their candor and personalities came through. The proved to be just as down to earth and fun as I would have expected from their first letters. The phone calls we made back and forth to set up our first meeting only emphasized our mutual interest.

The morning we met, we drove down to their house. Even after meeting Wendell and Shirley, we were surprised at how warm their greeting was. We were still so new to the idea of swinging that we didn't realize how many people were doing the same thing and how much they enjoyed being around others who wanted to join.

Larry came out of the house, smiling. Della stood at the front door, holding it open, her smile as wide as her husband's. He shook my hand, but I could see his interest was in Linda, not me. Taking her in a bear hug, he gave her a kiss that expressed his feelings much better than words would have. It had to be at least fairly chaste, out in the middle of their front lawn as they were, but I didn't miss the fact that he was copping a feel of Linda's tits even as he turned away and came back to give me a hand with the luggage. We had packed light, but enough for overnight at their insistence. I had thought about leaving it in the trunk until later so we could always plead not being ready for an overnighter, but the greeting had been enough to convince me we'd stay.

I had both bags, but Larry insisted on taking one and following Linda into their house. Della smiled and hugged my wife as she got to the door, then followed her inside, leaving her husband and myself to our own devices.

"She's even prettier than her pictures," Larry exclaimed as we neared the house, "and what a set of knockers!" he laughed

I smiled back. "I'm glad you approve, Larry. They're very sensitive, so when you get hold of them be she’ll be ready as soon as you feel her nipples beginning to get hard."

"I already have," he laughed, referring to the short clutch they had shared on the lawn. "And I can tell you that you're going to like Della too. She loves to give head. She can make a statue hard with that hot mouth of hers and fuck........ that woman loves to fuck more than life itself. She'll cum all night if you keep screwing her."

We were almost to the house before I was able to tell Larry that he too had lucked out and how much Linda liked a long, slow screwing. He rolled his eyes and laughed again. We had both been very lucky and knew it immediately.

The girls were both in the bedroom together, talking quietly, as we came inside and took the bags into our overnight accommodations. They both turned and smiled at us as we came in and dropped the bags. Della, more gregarious than Linda, circled the bed and put her arms around my neck. Larry was heading for Linda, obviously for the same reason. She looked a little nervous, but I could see that she was already excited, her nipples protruding through her bra, pressing tightly against her blouse.

I kissed Della, expecting it to end with just a touching of lips, but that wasn't what she had in mind. Her mouth opened under mine and I felt her tongue probing my lips before I could even open them wider. My hands slid up under her arms and my thumbs found that her breasts were already swollen, her nipples creating little dimples under her dress as our tongues joined in our first kiss.

Larry hadn't wasted any time. He was holding Linda close, with one hand while the other fondled her tits. He already had the most critical three buttons of Linda's blouse unfastened and was sliding his hand into it, feeling for the lovely breasts that stood high and proud on my wife's chest. I didn't miss the fact that Linda's back was arched, pressing her chest against his hand, and standing so close to him that she was straddling one of his legs. I also didn't miss the fact that Jerry's trousers were being tented by what was obviously a very capable cock projecting almost six inches below his crotch.

"Wow," Linda laughed nervously, backing away slightly. "You don't waste any time, do you?" She had started to button her blouse again, but one look at Della and I, still locked in what was obviously a very amorous embrace, and she dropped her hands. Larry took advantage of that to press close to her once more and unbutton the only two other buttons that held the front of her blouse together. He exhaled in a long, low, soft whistle of appreciation when he saw how Linda had dressed for the occasion. She stood still, smiling up at him as he pushed the side of her blouse away. One breast, barely contained in the cup of her filmy 40DD bra, was almost completely visible.

"You like?" my wife purred to his throat as his hand slipped over that warm fullness, cupping a nipple that already was pressed tightly against the fabric of her bra. Larry could see that her tits were just as sensitive as I had told him, and he intended to take advantage of it. He pushed her back until she had to sit down on the edge of the bed to keep from falling on it and held both hands up to him, as though to push him away.

"Whoa, boy, whoa," she laughed, "at least let me get dressed.....undressed......whatever," she laughed. "I'm sure we'd have a lot more fun if you let me take a shower first."

"I don't know about that," Larry laughed back, "but I'd better show you the shower and help out if you need your back washed." He took her hand and led her from the room as she hurriedly grabbed up her overnight bag.

"That was fast," I managed to gasp as I came up for air from Della’s sweet lips. "I didn't know if Linda would respond that fast or not, but obviously she was ready. I think we're going to have a great time."

"I can vouch for that," Della purred, reaching between us and feeling my cock, already hard with lust for this nicely shaped woman's body. "You've got what I want right here," she murmured, looking me in the eye at the same time that she unzipped the fly of my trousers. She caught my cock as it jumped from the confines of the facings, filling her hand to overflowing.

"Ah, Earl," she said very softly, "this is perfect," she whispered, almost in awe, staring at my cock. "Not too big, not too small, just right." she sat down on the edge of the bed and pulled me to her by the length of my throbbing shaft. She unfastened the tab at my beltline and tugged at seams of my trousers until they fell to the floor. Putting her hands behind my thighs, she pulled me closer until my cock was poised at her lips. “M-m-m.” she hummed, “I like a man who’s ready,” she added, noticing my lack of underwear. She pulled me closer, slowly opening her mouth to let me enter her. I felt her hot breath as her lips closed around my cockhead and then slid slowly toward my crotch, not stopping until her nose was in that mass of public hair.

"I love the taste of cum," she murmured as her head began working back and forth. I helped, putting my hands behind her head and pulling her closer until I was certain that I must be chocking her with the length she had in her mouth and throat. She didn't relent at all. If anything her lips closed tighter along my shaft and I could feel my cockhead pressing into her throat as she pulled at me. I found my own hands fumbling with the buttons at the back of her dress, unbuttoning them one at a time until it was open below her waist, then pulling down on the sleeves, exposing her full breasts.

I felt the cool air of the room on my cock as she opened her mouth and told me, "They aren't anything compared to Linda's." But I knew they would be an exquisite mouthful when I got to that point. Without thinking I pushed her back on the bed and knelt straddling her chest. She never relinquished her oral grip. I glanced nervously over my shoulder. I didn't know how Linda or Larry would react if they saw me in this position, on top of Della, literally fucking Della's hot mouth.

"Don't worry," Della mumbled around my dick when she came up for air, "Larry likes for me to do it this way and he'll take good care of your Linda. Now, give me this lovely thing,” she laughed, engulfing me again. I didn't know why she had mentioned Larry taking good care of Linda, but I didn't care at the moment. I found out later exactly what she had meant.

Della and I lay cuddling each other after she pulled that first load of cum out of my nuts and swallowed it without the slightest hesitation. Tiny rivulets of cum she had missed were running slowly down from the corner of her mouth, but she caught them with one finger and licked them away, smiling at me. "Let's go into the master bedroom and take a shower together, like Linda and Larry. They'll be through by now, and I'm going to give you a shower you'll never forget." she laughed. I was effectively hobbled until I stepped out of my trousers. I began trying to get my trousers off. Della helped, taking another short kiss of my cock and chuckling as she held my trousers down so I could get my feet untangled. Since there was a shower in the bedroom we were in, I knew that wasn't the only reason she wanted to go in there. Frankly I was a little curious myself, so we got up and went across the hallway into another bedroom.

A totally nude Linda was on her back, legs spread wide, with Larry between them, fucking her missionary style, his weight supported on his arms. The bed was the largest I had ever seen, almost half again as large as a king size. My wife's eyes were closed and there was a smile on her face. I don't know whether she even realized we were in the room or not, but she certainly was enjoying the slow, long strokes was feeding into her pussy, the flesh glistening with their juices as he pulled almost completely out of her then slid slowly, ever so slowly totally into her until nothing but his balls remained outside her cunt.

Della tittered as I almost ran into the door of the bathroom, looking over my shoulder at the tableaux on the bed. "Come on," she said, as I started to close the door between the bathroom and the bedroom, "They’re going to see everything we both have anyway, so why bother. We don't stand too much on privacy around here. In fact we don't wear clothes half the time. It slows us down to much. Larry and I both love to screw," she continued, bending over to adjust the lower spray head before we completed undressing each other. I didn't miss the fact that there was nothing beneath that short skirt of the dress she wore except a lovely, hairy, chestnut colored muff that already glistened with the juices of passion we had generated only minutes before. I couldn't resist reaching over her hip as she started to straighten and cupping that lovely bush between those long legs, I slowly dragged my middle finger back through the warm valley between her thighs. Instead of jumping away as some women would have, she spread her thighs and leaned back into me, putting her arm back over her shoulder and curling her hand around my head. She sighed with pleasure.

"I'm hot, really hot," she volunteered. “I want to fuck, so save it until I'm undressed, okay?" It was a promise I couldn't resist. I watched as she shucked out of the last vestiges of her clothes and saw she had been totally bare beneath her dress. Her breasts were perfect 36's without even a wrinkle between the flesh of her chest and the nipples. Those little soldiers stood tall and proud, with the pebbled, dusky areola forming a two inch diameter ring around them. I reach out to touch them and got my fingers slapped playfully.

"Unh, unh" she laughed, shaking her head. "You can't play with your food until we've had our bath." She began slowly pulling the rest of my clothes from my body, watching with a smile as my cock bobbed up and down in approval of this lusty woman’s body. “

Now, that's a good little boy! Give mommy a kiss!" She leaned forward and kissed the head of my dick. I started to thrust forward, but with a giggle she bent further forward and began adjusting the shower head closest to the floor that was directing water upwards while the overhead valve drenched us.

The first part of the shower was about getting clean. The second was far more enjoyable. I knelt between Della's thighs and kissed her sodden muff, caressed by the spray of water both from beneath us and overhead. The force of the water was enough to almost drown me, but at the moment I couldn't have cared less or died happier. My wife was only a few feet away being fucked to death by a total stranger, her tits sucked until I knew they would be red from the friction of his hands, lips and mouth. I had his wife right where I wanted her at the moment, with that hot, juicy cunt in my mouth, my tongue sliding up and down that lovely pink valley and my lips sucking the hardness of her clit. Della bent her knees and straddled me, moaning with pleasure, one hand steering my head by a grip on my hair, the other holding on as she ground that delightful pussy into and around my mouth until my face was awash with her juices.

"Do you like to eat pussy as much as fucking?" she gasped as her body began shuddered with an orgasm that threatened to force us both to the floor.

I had to think for a moment, but then I nodded.

"Good," she gasped, tightening her thighs around my face. "We're going to have a great time together!" Appearing almost embarrassed, she stepped back and smiled shyly, "A real good time!"

We ate supper together that evening in a restaurant that specialized in steaks, although I doubt we did justice to them. But it was still a great evening. I sat with Della. Linda was Larry's partner for the evening. I think the pleasures we gave each other under the table as we ate were almost equal to what we had done earlier that day. I'll never forget how flushed Della got when I felt her body shake and realized that my finger fucking of her had stirred her into a tremendous orgasm right there in front of half the patrons in the restaurant. I toyed with her breasts beneath the edge of the table, feeling her nipples stirring with lust. Of course Larry was busy doing almost the same thing, even to the point of unbuttoning my wife's blouse to the extent only a single button held it together. No doubt the other diners appreciated the view almost as much as Larry and I did. At least there were no objections from anyone who happened to see her condition and a lot of smiles from the men who seemed to be making an unusual number of trips around our table. What a tip the waiter got that night!

On the way back to their home, Linda was in the front seat with Larry while I kept Della amused in the back. I couldn't imagine anything getting any steamier than it had at the house, but it did. Della was one of those wonderful ladies who refused to be concerned about what others might think and even under the bright lights of the expressway she had my trousers down around my ankles, sucking my cock while I fondled those lovely tits of hers.

I don't know what Larry was doing with my wife, but she certainly wasn't objecting, leaning almost against the passenger side door, blouse open to her waist, and skirt high on her thighs. Larry drove with one hand and kept the other beneath my wife's skirt. Then, between the tantalizing feel of Della's lips on my cock, I heard Linda gasp. Looking up toward Larry and Linda, I saw the flush creeping up over her bare chest and into her face, a certain sign of her orgasmic delight. She was curled around him tightly, kissing his neck and ear as his hand continued the sawing motion beneath her skirt.

We were barely in the house before that king sized plus bed of theirs got its first real workout that night. We had realized early that there would be little sleep gotten that night. We had two very amorous people on our hands to make sure that was the way it would play out. Larry and I sat on each side of that enormous bed, with the girls in front of us. Larry was slowly helping Linda out of her clothing as I did the same with Della. Larry peeled Linda's blouse back and kissed her breasts through her bra, unfastening it as he mouthed her nipples. Linda stood perfectly still, a slight smile on her face, both hands on his shoulders, watching him uncover her charms one at a time. Again there was that low wolf whistle as they fell free of the bra that held them even higher, right into his hands. Her nipples were already hard with desire, puckering the aurealas surrounding them.

"Those are beautiful!" he said softly, lifting them as though measuring their weight, kissing first one, then the other. Linda stepped closer, encouraging him to suck them. For a moment Larry wanted only to suck those lovely, full breasts, but his hand went to the waistband of her skirt and began unfastening it. He slipped it down and let her step out of it, exposing the fact shat she had only a garter belt and stockings beneath it. Kissing his way down her body, he reached her pussy pelt and inhaled deeply.

"And so is this," he murmured, kissing the hooded little man between the lips of her pussy.

Della was even more passionate. She helped me take off her clothing and then pulled me to a standing position and began taking mine off. As soon as my shirt was gone, she sat down on the edge of the bed, unfastening my belt and the waistband of my slacks, slowly tugging them down over my hips, catching the waistband of my shorts as she went. My cock sprang free once more and she leaned forward to kiss the head of it, already glistening with pre-cum. I groaned as I felt her lips close over it and the heat of her mouth surrounding it.

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