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Gambling and the Government


It seems our wonderful government is up to their old antics again. Once again they must protect us from ourselves, this time however they our targeting the online gambling sites. And not only have they targeted online gambling they have handcuffed the credit card companies and banks receiving "legal" money from a legal business in the countries they run in. How the new "Nazi" regime can do this is beyond comprehension! If our government is so worried about gambling problems then I believe it is time for them to make it totally illegal and shut Vegas and Atlantic City down. But will they do this? Hell no because they generate too much revenue for their own greedy pockets.

The thing I don't understand is instead of trying to shut down out of country sites (how they can bully legal companies is still a mystery to me) why not get together with the big casinos and set up their own online sites.

Not everyone has the time or money to travel to Vegas. I play poker online and have chatted and met some wonderful people whose disability can not allow them to travel such distances (can you say class action law suit!). Why should these people not be afforded the fun and exhilaration one experiences when you win a tourney or catch a card on the river or the utter thrill of having one of their cards come up on a bingo.

I was an athlete for many years and I can tell you the rush is tantamount to scoring a touchdown or draining the basket with only seconds left. Lots of people never get to experience such a feeling and now our great leaders have taken another opportunity away from the less fortunate.

Do some people end up going overboard with gambling? Sure they do, but then again lots of people end up going overboard with online stocks, drinking, sex, religion, politics, driving cars and numerous other things. I guess the solution is let's make everything illegal and all live as amoebas! So much for freedom!

I wonder what all the men and women across the big pond risking their lives everyday think about their glorious leader taking more away from the people they fight for? I think it is time for Old George to put that flack jacket on with all of his other cronies and head to the front lines and pick up that ole gun in his hand and be a fucking man as opposed to the little Adolph he is turning out to be! All you people better get your goose stepping training manuals!

Such a shame I actually believed in him. It makes me almost vomit when I think of all the times I spoke up in his behalf!

Gambling should be a choice that the government has no authority over. If I want to work my ass off and blow my pay on whether black or red comes up on my computer screen it should be my choice! Not all of us like to travel, not all of us can travel, and not all of us can afford to travel to the places our leaders line their pockets from. If I want to stay in the comfort of my home (which is where most of us stay just to feel safe) and pull the one armed bandit it should be my choice.

The government has made it illegal for banks to accept money from a legal company but the government will not be able to stop online gambling because there is always a loop hole. There are online banks that run from different countries that allow acceptance from legal online gambling sites. These same online banks let people without credit cards make online purchases from a plethora of online stores. How is the government going to control these? They can't stop a legitimate bank online from transferring funds to your home branch as a third party for the online gambling sites. It will take more time and more effort for us gamers to use this process but you will see the stocks of these online banks soar in the next couple of years.

And so inclosing for the next party in power, if you want to win the upcoming election here are a few points for your platform to victory. Bring our men and women home from a war that can't be won, in a place where they don't even want us, stop legislating my personal life, and last but not least actually look into an issue instead of rushing out and chopping down a whole forest because some of the people can't be responsible for themselves. I don't need to be protected from myself and I don't want to be protected from myself! Sorry to say people if you need the government to tell you how to live because you are so weak minded you can not control yourself from yourself then you are not going to make it in this world.

Can someone please tell me again why the great country of the US of A was formed in the first place? Didn't it have to do with a tyrannical leader who put his hand in the cookie jar one time too many? Welcome to the United States of Embarrassment! Such a shame that this great nation has fallen so far, and if you don't believe me just travel abroad. Heck just travel to any other country and make it known you are an American and see the reaction you get.

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