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Game On: DOAXBV Ch. 01


Disclaimer - Microsoft and Xbox are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation in the US. Dead or Alive and Dead or Alive Xtreme Beach Volleyball are registered trademarks of Tecmo LTD. This story is in no way suggesting or questioning the sexuality of any and all of the characters mentioned. It's just a harmless bit of fun.

Emma James was an 18 year old girl. She was 5'7, and approx. 120lbs, she had reddish blonde hair down to the middle of her back which contrasted nicely with her light blue eyes, she did regular gymnastics that kept her body well toned but she wished she could do something about her 32B chest. She wasn't the most popular girl at school, she tended to keep to herself and only had a few friends She discovered many years ago that she liked girls, the thought of boys would turn her stomach. Weekends she would baby-sit her neighbours eight year old son, Sam, he wasn't much of a handful as he would spend his time playing video games. This all changed one cold night...

Game On

"Now, you're sure you'll be okay?"

"Yes Mrs Reece, just like all the other weekends,"

"Don't worry about her Emma, she's just being paranoid,"

"I'm not, what about the news about electrical storms,"

"They'll be fine indoors, now come on,"

Emma waved goodbye to the Reece's as they left, not knowing she may never see them again. She went up the stairs to check on Sam, and he was in his usual place. Sitting on the floor of his room infront of his TV playing video games,

"Hey Sam,"

"Hey," he replied not looking up,

'How many video games does one kid need?' Emma thought to herself as she saw his collection. Three consoles; an Xbox, a Playstation 2, and a Gamecube, all surrounded by possibly hundreds of games, piled up and just waiting to fall over,

"I'm gonna get a drink, do you want one?" asked Emma,

"No thanks," came his reply,

Emma went back downstairs thinking about how that can't be healthy for Sam, don't get her wrong, Emma enjoyed playing computer games as much as the next person, just not as much as Sam does,

"Oh well, he can always get a job in Blockbuster," she laughed to herself as made her way to the kitchen and got herself a hot drink, before retiring to den and switching on the TV,

"And in weather news the weather will get much colder as the night goes on-,"

'Great,' thought Emma, 'God I hate winter,'

"-and we have more news on the freak electrical storms. They appear to be caused by ionic storms in the upper atmosphere, the possibility that they are drawn to radio waves is still being investigated-,"

"Boring," said Emma as she flicked through the channels, trying to find something worth watching, after much flicking she settled on a cartoon channel.

After an hour or so, Emma had begun noticing the reception was playing up, she walked to the TV and started fiddling with it, trying to improve the picture but only caught herself an electric shock,

"Ow, son of a-,"

Her curse was cut short as she heard a scream come from upstairs,


She ran up the stairs and into his room, he was nowhere to be seen but his TV, consoles and games all appeared to have an electrical current flowing through them,

"Sam where are you?"

"Y-you will nev-never find him-m,"

"Who said that,"

The mysterious and broken up voice was coming from the TV, Emma walked closer to it and saw a disfigured face on the screen. It's eyes were glowing green, and had horrid yellow teeth,

"What are you,"

"I-I am... freedom,"

"What," said Emma, her voice barely above a whisper,

"B-be f-f-ree,"

A jolt of electricity shot out of the TV and wrapped itself around Emma, before pulling into it in a flash of light.

Dead or Alive Xtreme Beach Volleyball

"Oh, my head,"

Emma awoke to find herself lying on sand, with cool water washing over her feet,

"Where the hell?"

"Hey, are you OK?"

Emma looked up and saw where the voice was coming from. She saw a young girl, probably about her age, with light brown hair and eyes. She wore a pink bikini with a flamingo over her right breast,

"You alright?"

Emma recognised the girl almost instantly, it was Kasumi from Dead or Alive,

"I, um, I guess,"

Kasumi helped Emma to her feet and brushed the sand from her woolly clothes, while Emma tried to brush Kasumi's hands away,

"Yes, thank you. Where am I?"

"This Niki Beach on Zack Island,"

"Zack Island?"

Emma looked around, recognising the various trees, the volcano, hell, she could even spot Zack's statue,

"This is impossible,"

"I'm Kasumi by the way,"

Emma turned back to face her, noting her smile and look of concern in her eyes,

"Nice to meet you," Emma said, quickly shaking her hand and going back to looking around, "Ha, there's the volleyball net,"

"What's your name?"

'Why is she still here?' Emma thought as she turned back again, "My name's Emma,"

"Well Emma, how did you end up washed up on a beach?"

I have no idea," came her reply, "This must be a dream, how can I be in a computer game?"

"Computer game?"

Emma had noticed the confused look on Kasumi's face,

"Yes, where I'm from, this is a computer game and you are all made of pixels,"

"Do I look like I'm made of pixels?"

Emma paused to look her up and down, spotting her pink canvas sneakers and pink ribbon around her wrist, she looked real enough,

"No, you look... Nice,"

"He he, thanks," said Kasumi, blushing slightly,

Emma went to walk forwards but her legs gave out under her, luckily Kasumi's ninja reflexes caught her before she hit the beach,

"Whoa," she said, "Easy there. You poor thing you must be exhausted, I'll take you back to my hotel room,"

Too tired to protest, Emma let her help her to Kasumi's room, not meeting any of the other girls along the way. When they got there, Kasumi laid Emma down on her bed and she immediately feel asleep.

Emma awoke to the comfortable and familiar feeling of her bed back home. She was dressed in a pink T-shirt and panties, and she rubbed her eyes,

"Oh man, what a crazy dream," she said to herself,

"What was it about?"

Emma froze in her position. She slowly looked up and saw Kasumi, still in her flamingo bikini, and she had a drink in her hand,

"I-I," Emma found it difficult to make a coherent sentence, "I'm still here?"

"Yep. Why, were you expecting to vanish into thin air?"

"Well you'd know all about that,"

Kasumi expression changed from happy to a look of confusion and shock,

"What-what are you talking about?"

"Well, you're a ninja aren't you?"

Kasumi tensed up and her face was that of stern anger,

"How do know that, you don't even know me,"

'Uh-oh, if I get her angry she will kick my ass,' Emma thought, "I just figured, what with the... Origami on the shelf and your reflexes when I almost fell over earlier,"

"Oh," said Kasumi, immediately relaxing, "Well aren't we a smart one,"

She walked over and sat on the bed, next to Emma,

"How'd you feel?"

"Still a bit woozy I guess, my back hurts a bit too,"

Emma stretched outwards causing the sheets around to fall to her waist, she noticed for the first time what she was wearing, her pink T-shirt had a heart shape of flowers with the words 'sweet heart' in the centre,

"These aren't mine,"

"Oh, no they're mine,"

Emma looked at Kasumi,

"Why did you-,"

"With all those woolly clothes you were wearing you would've got real hot real quick, plus you had sand and sea water all over you, so I thought it best to get you something else to wear. Don't worry their clean,"

"So where are my clothes?"

"I sent those down to the cleaner, they should be fine by tomorrow,"


There was a moment of silence as both girls looked at each other,

"So Kasumi, who else is here?"

"Well there's me and you; Hitomi, Leifang, Lisa, Tina, Helena and Christie, oh and Ayane but we don't get on too well,"

"What's wrong, she try to kill you?" Said Emma, half jokingly,

"Yeah, how'd you know?"

"Oh sorry, just a joke,"

"Oh, okay,"

"There was another moment as they stared,

"Ninjas are Japanese right?"


"So why are you speaking English?"

"I'm not speaking English, you're speaking Japanese,"



'In the game the girl's are from all over the place, yet they all speak the same language, makes sense that I would,'

There was yet another moment of silence,

"So what time is it?" Asked Emma,

"It's night time everyone else has gone to bed,"

"Oh, where should I sleep?"

"It's okay, this bed is big enough to share,"

"Are you sure you wanna share a bed with someone you hardly know?"

"Yeah, you look harmless enough. Why do you bite?"

"No," said Emma, thinking she saw a twinkle in Kasumi's eyes when she said that last part,

"Well then, to bed,"

Kasumi walked to the other side of the bed and put her drink down on the cabinet, before climbing under the covers and turning off the light,

"Night Emma,"

"Goodnight Kasumi,"

During the night Emma had dreams of the mysterious voice, telling her to find the keys for freedom.

The morning sun peeked through the windows to Kasumi's room, the sudden light woke Emma from her dreams and this time she felt happy about being where she was. Looking to her side she watched as Kasumi slept, she noticed how her right arm had draped over her waist, and Emma was unsure whether or not to move it. After some lengthy thought she decided it would be best, so she gently moved Kasumi's hand off and got out of bed. She went out of the window and was careful not to let in too much light to wake Kasumi, she could see out to the beach and saw another girl. She had her back to Emma so she could only make out the back of her. For the moves she was making it seemed she was practising some form of martial arts,

"That's Hitomi,"

Emma jumped slightly, turning round she saw Kasumi had got out of bed, rubbing the sleep from her eyes,

"Oh, morning Kasumi,"

"Morning," Kasumi said yawning, "Sleep well?"

"Yeah, you?"

"Mm-hm," she replied, still half asleep, "You thirsty?"

Emma noticed she was holding her drinks bottle again,

"Yeah thanks,"

Emma took the bottle and drunk from it,

"Mmm, strawberries,"

Emma drunk a little more as she and Kasumi looked at other,

"So, what's the plan for today?" Asked Emma,

"Well, I could introduce you to the other girls, we could play a few games of volleyball, or..."

"Or what?"

Kasumi smiled as she walked closer to Emma, pinning her up against the window,

"You know you talk in your sleep?"

"Yeah, I get it from my mum,"

"You said quite a lot last night,"

"R-really? W-what did I say,"

Emma was finding the words harder to say, she kept feeling her throat dry up so she was swallowing to keep it moist,

"Some weird stuff about keys for freedom, and some other stuff that made a lot of sense,"

"How so?"

Kasumi took in a deep breath and looked Emma up and down, she lightly rubbed her fingertips over the soft fabric of Emma's pink T-shirt,

"You like girls huh?"

"Yeah, well, I um, I sort-,"

Emma was cut short as Kasumi leant up on her toes and planted her soft lips onto Emma's. The kiss lasted only a second then Kasumi leant back, running her tongue across her own lips, savouring the taste,

"I'm sorry if you didn't want me to do that, it's just that-,"

Now it was Emma's time to cut off Kasumi, she grabbed her around her waistband pulled her in. This time when their lips met it was with force. Emma pushed her tongue out of her mouth and into Kasumi's, she could taste the strawberries from her drink. Kasumi was no longer interested in being submissive, she pushed Emma's shoulders, pressing her back against the window. Their kissing got more intimate, moaning into each others mouths, their tongues moving rapidly back and forth,

"Kasumi," Emma said pushing her back, "We shouldn't be rushing into this,"

Kasumi didn't reply, she reached behind her neck and untied the strap to her bikini, she pulled it over her head and let it drop to the floor,


Emma could only stare, she was mesmerised by Kasumi's breasts. They were perfect size for her frame, and were peaked by some milky pink nipples, already hard from the passionate kiss. Kasumi continued undressing, hooking her thumbs around her panties and pulled them down, stepping out one leg at a time, revealing her neatly trimmed quim.

"Morning Hitomi,"

Hitomi stopped her exercises and saw Leifang skipping down the beach,

"Morning Leifang,"

"I thought you might be hungry, so I got you some sachertorte,"


Hitomi and Leifang sat down on the beach and Hitomi tucked in,

"Oh, would you like some?"

"No, I already ate,"

Leifang watched as Hitomi wolfed down the chocolate cake,

"So," said Hitomi in between bites, "Who we playing against?"

"Lisa and Helena, we're meeting them at Private Beach in a little while,"

Hitomi finished off and stood up, brushing the sand off her legs,

"Well, are we heading off?" Asked Leifang,

"Yeah, I'm just gonna drop this off and... Hey, there's Kasumi,"

Leifang looked to where Hitomi was pointing, she saw Kasumi standing by the window, it was too far to tell but she looked like she may have been topless, but she could definitely see that Kasumi was repeatedly throwing her head back every now and again.

"Oh god Emma, that's so good. Your tongue feels so good,"

Emma's head was buried between Kasumi's legs, Kasumi holding her right leg up by hooking underneath her knee with her elbow and she was using her ninja skills to keep her balance. Emma was spreading Kasumi's lips with her right hand and rubbing her clit with her left, she was thrusting her tongue in and out of her wet hole, juices running down Kasumi's thighs,

"Yes Emma! Oh please,"

Kasumi's hip were rocking back and forth, her chest heaving with every breath,

"E-Emma, you're gonna make me cum,"

Kasumi involuntarily arched her back, her hands both clutched her hard nipples, her orgasm shock her to her core. Emma drunk as much as she could from Kasumi's flooding mound, but it overflowed and dripped onto the carpet. Kasumi finally lost her balance and fell onto the bed,

"Are you okay?" Asked Emma,

Kasumi could only lay on the bed, breathing deeply,


"I'm so good right now," she replied,

Emma moved to lay down next to Kasumi, wrapping her arms around her,

"You look it,"

The two girls laughed together, feeling the hot sun beat down on them,

"God you're sweaty,"

"He he, come on let's take a shower,"

Kasumi and Emma walked hand in hand to the large en suite bathroom. Kasumi helped Emma out of her clothes and they both got in,

"Ah, water's cold,"

"It'll warm up," said Kasumi,

As they playfully splashed each other as they waited for the water to warm up. Kasumi washed Emma's hair with her strawberry scented shampoo, then Emma did the same,

"So, we're gonna go down and meet the other girls, okay?" Asked Kasumi,

"Yeah, can't wait,"

Back in the room the girls got dressed. Kasumi put on a yellow bikini with red graffiti style writing on it, while Emma borrowed a pink sleeveless top and some denim cut off shorts. They walked downstairs and meet up with the other girls by the pool.

Down by the pool; Hitomi, Leifang, Lisa and Helena were relaxing after their game, Tina was stretched out, stomach down, on a deck chair, as Kasumi and Emma cam down from the hotel,

"Morning guys,"

"Actually Kasumi, it's afternoon," said Hitomi,

"Yeah, where have you been all morning?" Asked Leifang,

"Oh, well... Me and Emma-,"

"Emma? Who's Emma?"

"Oh, this is Emma,"

Kasumi pulled Emma gently by the wrist, she was now standing infront of the five girls,

"Hey, nice to meet you all,"

"Where'd she come from?" Asked Lisa,

"I found her last night, she'd washed up on Niki Beach so I thought I'd help her out,"

"That's kinda weird. Where are you from Emma?" Asked Helena,

"Oh, I'm... Not really from around here,"


"Sounds like she's from Texas," said Tina, not moving from her deck chair,

"How'd you get from Texas to Zack Island?"

"I'm not sure,"

"Well, this is fascinating," said Hitomi, getting out, "I'm going for a walk,"

As Hitomi walked out of the pool side area, Kasumi dragged Emma to the hopping platforms,

"Come on, you gotta try this,"

"I don't know,"

"It's easy, watch,"

Kasumi leapt from the edge of the pool onto the first platform, her breasts bouncing freely up and down as she went across. When she reached the other side she turned back to Emma,

"See, piece of cake,"


Emma lined herself up and leapt onto the first platform. It was now Kasumi's turn to watch as her breasts bobbed up and down,

"Come on, you can make it," encouraged Kasumi,

Emma leapt across two more platforms, just as she thought she was doing well her foot slipped and she fell into the water,

"Hahaha, nice one,"

Emma pulled her head out and swam to the edge in front of Kasumi,

"That's not very nice. C'mon help me up,"

Kasumi held her hand out and Emma grabbed it, instead of pulling herself out she pulled Kasumi in with her,

"Emma! What was that for?"

"That was for laughing at me,"

Both girls splashed each other, when they had finished the found themselves very close, face-to-face,

"Well," said Kasumi, somewhat out of breath, "That was fun,"

"Yeah, lot's of fun,"

Both girls leaned in closer, their lips almost touching,

"Hey Kasumi,"

Kasumi and Emma snapped out of their trance and turned to see Leifang with a worried expression on her face,

"What's up Leifang?" Asked Kasumi,

"It's Hitomi, we were supposed to meet up on Bass Island but she never showed up. I'm worried it's not like her,"

"Okay, don't worry. We'll split up and find her," said Emma,

"You wanna help too?" Asked Leifang

"Yeah, of course,"

"Thank you,"

"Don't mention it,"

"Okay, Leifang, you check Private Beach, I'll check Niki Beach and Emma, you go check the jungle. Meet back at Bass Island in fifteen minutes,"

"Alright," said Emma and Leifang as they went their separate ways.

"Hitomi? Are you here?"

Emma walked through the jungle, looking left ad right for Hitomi. After walking for a few minutes she started to her moans and sounds of deep breathing,

"Hitomi, is that you?"

Emma turned a corner and saw Hitomi sitting on a log,

"Oh, here you are Hitomi,"

As she walked closer, she noticed that Hitomi was rocking back and forth,


Now only a few feet away, Emma saw that Hitomi was using the log to get herself off,

"Oh yes... That's feels so good... Oh Leifang, more,"

Hitomi was moaning to herself, oblivious to Emma's presence, the muscles I her leg were twitching with every stroke. Emma could only imagine what the friction would feel like as she watched Hitomi's bikini bottoms scrunching up whenever she moved back,

"Yes Leifang... Go faster... Faster,"

Hitomi picked up the pace and leaned forward, hugging the log, her chest pushing hard against the bark. Emma had still been unnoticed, and was understandably getting hot from the show Hitomi was unknowingly putting on for her. She quietly unsnapped the button on her denim shorts and slid her hand over her mound, feeling the soft flesh of her pussy. Hitomi was screaming like a wild woman, her body moving so fast it was like a blur, Emma was working furiously on herself, trying to catch up with Hitomi but she was too far behind. Hitomi arched her back, her butt sticking in the air, as the orgasm rocked her body, sweet girl-cum flowed out, soaking her panties ad running of the log. Emma slowed her hands down, thinking she mat have missed her chance, but Hitomi only sped her pace even more, Emma realised she was going for a second cum, so she picked up where she was before. Hitomi felt it build up double time, but Emma was right with her, both girls orgasmed together, both feeling their juices flow freely. After several minutes both girls had calmed down, Emma quickly tidied herself up and walked towards Hitomi,

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