tagCelebrities & Fan FictionGame, Set, and Match Ch. 01

Game, Set, and Match Ch. 01


Part 1: Forgiveness is Divine

(Note: This was originally a fanfiction I posted elsewhere on the Net. Curious about reaction, I have decided to repost it here. Knowledge of the Dead or Alive video games and characters will help, but isn't absolutely necessary for enjoyment. I hereby acknowledge that I do not own any of the Dead or Alive characters, which are all property of Tecmo, Team Ninja, and all those high rollers. Please, don't sue, I have only $2.75 to my name today anyway.)


It was day four of a sunny tropical vacation on Zack Island. The female fighters from the past Dead or Alive tournaments had been lured here unknowingly, seeking new opponents to battle in hard-fought single combat. What they had found upon arrival had been...a little different. The island was a paradise, with long, smooth beaches, a lush jungle, and a simply decadent hotel, complete with a pool filled with cool, icy blue water. The only competition to be found seemed to lie in the various volleyball nets that were planted around the island, and a handy supply of different volleyballs at one of the stores. And so, the fighting femmes had shrugged, thanked their luck that the entire two weeks was on Zack's tab, and proceeded to enjoy themselves.

Hitomi approached the net, her long, light brown hair flowing behind her as Christie passed the ball upcourt to her. Kasumi moved up to face her, light on the balls of her feet. Hitomi knew a point was inevitable. She had studied Kasumi's style of play the other day. She could put a surprising spin on a hit, to make it arc past an almost-certain block, but her own defense was weak. If only her partner, Lisa, had been closer, this shot would have been a challenge. With a loud "Haa!" Hitomi leaped, and spiked the ball cleanly over the net, her lithe, powder-blue bikini-clad body arching gracefully. The ball sent Kasumi to the ground with a loud THWACCK! and she gave a pained cry.

Hitomi landed lightly, and pumped her fist in victory. "Yes, gotcha!" she cried happily, but then blinked, noticing that Kasumi wasn't getting up. She laid on the sand yet, one hand cupped over her mouth and nose. Something red seeped out from between her fingers, and had even spotted on her pale pink bikini top. Blood. Hitomi ducked under the net at the realization that she'd actually hurt Kasumi, as Christie just folded her arms just under her full bosom and sniffed, turning up her nose.

"Tch. You're too soft to play in my league, Hitomi. I'll find a better partner than you. See you." she said in her icy voice, idly brushing her frost-white hair away from her left eye as she turned and strode off the court, firm muscles rippling gently under her black one-piece swimsuit. Hitomi glanced back, but then looked to Kasumi again, even as Lisa rushed to her side as well.

"Kasumi, my God, I'm so sorry, I didn't know I was gonna..." Hitomi began, her words coming in a panicked rush. Kasumi lifted a hand and waved at her, looking at her with watering, golden brown eyes. She slowly got to her knees, and pulled her hand away, letting a few drops of blood fall from her nose to the sand, where they sunk in, dark. She pinched her nose in between her thumb and forefinger, and stood, leaning on a ready, red-suited Lisa for support.

"Thanks a lot, Hitomi. You just ruined our game, and maybe broke her nose at the same time. What do you do for an encore?" Lisa snapped angrily, steering her injured partner, who hadn't had the chance to say anything through her soft, wounded sobs, away towards the hotel. "Cmon, Kassy, we'll get the folks at the front desk to break open the first aid kit for you." she murmured softly, one hand stroking over Kasumi's back in comfort. Hitomi looked around, bewildered. She lowered her head, wiping at her eyes, and scuffed one foot in the sand before dejectedly trudging along the beach until the sun sank halfway into the ocean. When the last light began to pale, she headed for the hotel herself, barely looking up from her own bare feet the whole time.

Hitomi angrily stuffed one swimsuit, then a towel, into her suitcase. This had been a rotten idea, she'd decided, angry, self-damning tears streaking her face. She had never been the type to make enemies on purpose, but she trembled, despairing of any other light that Kasumi could see her in. She paused for a long, shuddering breath, and looked at herself in the mirror above the vanity in her room. Her young face was flushed and tense, her light, cloud-grey eyes darkened by her tempest of emotions. She wiped the back of a hand across her eyes, sniffling, then rubbed off the tears on the hip of her snug, faded blue jeans. She took another breath, tugging a finger at the neckline of her black, spaghetti-strapped tank top, trying to cool herself somehow. 'If only there was a punching bag in here...something I could really HIT...' she thought to herself, when she was jolted out of her thoughts by a sudden sound. The gentle rapping of knuckles on her door, only twice.

She took another deep breath, trying to hit the same mindset as when she did her Karate katas, reaching for relaxation, and opened the door with a lightly trembling hand. There stood Kasumi, her nose red and swollen, but unsplinted. She held her hands up to her yukata-wrapped bosom, wringing her fingers together nervously. Hitomi blinked for a second in her surprise.

"K-Kasumi? Come in." Hitomi offered, stepping aside, then closing the door after Kasumi had timidly stepped into her room. "I'm kind of surprised, that you'd want to see me, after...earlier."

"Hitomi, I want to talk to you about that. I just-" Kasumi began softly, but was cut off by Hitomi, who had gone back to angrily packing.

"I know, you want a chance to tell me off, before I leave here and quit upsetting everyone." Hitomi said quickly.

"No, Hitomi, I wanted to say-"

"That I'm a dumb, musclebound, graceless tomboy, and I'll always break everything I touch with these clumsy hammer-hands?"

"NO! Hitomi, stop this, please, and listen!" Kasumi said, grabbing Hitomi's wrist and turning her to meet her eyes. "I'm here to tell you that I forgive you. That wasn't the first time I've been hurt while training, or playing. If I took every sparring bruise to heart, I'd be a wreck by now. There are some hurts you have to write off as accidents. Please, I don't blame you at all. Stop doing it to yourself."

Hitomi sagged, the wind out of the sails of her self-directed anger. She sat heavily on the bed, her wrist still in Kasumi's now-gentle, warm hand, and felt her shoulders hitch. The tears came quickly, and Kasumi slid onto the bed next to her, to wrap her arms around the crying young lady's shoulders. Soon, hard sobs faded down to sad little sniffles and hiccups, and the two of them sat closely, arms still loosely around each other.

"I'm so sorry, Kasumi. I just...you couldn't talk before, because of the pain, and I just...assumed the worst. Especially right after Christie dumped me as a partner, and then Lisa chewing me out...It was just too much at once. I got overclocked." Hitomi said softly, gently rubbing a hand over the silk of Kasumi's yukata. Kasumi gave off a small shiver, but smiled warmly.

"It's all right now. I'm not hurt badly. The swelling will go away in a day or so. But I'm more concerned about you. I'd feel badly if you...left now." Kasumi said softly, stroking Hitomi's long hair softly, putting a tingle through the younger girl's nerves.

"What do you mean?" Hitomi asked, blinking. "You don't mean Lisa dumped you too?"

"No, it's not like that. She's really trying not to be mad, since I talked to her. I think she just needs a day or two. I mean, I've seen you both on the courts and off, seeming like such a free spirit here. If you go now, like this, you'll be clipping your own wings. Everyone deserves their chance to fly, and that means you too." Kasumi explained softly, her hands gripping Hitomi's shoulders tighter in her conviction of her words. Hitomi gulped and wet her lips with her tongue, her cheeks flushing as the seed of a new emotion bloomed in her.

"Kasumi...you're so kind. I don't know what to say." she stammered, her body stiff as indecision tightened inside her, making her shudder. Kasumi merely smiled, and drew her face closer to Hitomi's, her own sweet pink lips parting to speak.

"Then you don't have to say anything. There are other, sometimes better ways than clumsy words." she breathed gently, her golden eyes shining with kindness, her lips a fraction of an inch from Hitomi's.

She saw it clearly. The ball was in her court. All she had to do was decide, pass or spike? To play defensively, hoping for another, lower-risk shot, or to seize the immediate opportunity. Giving her lower lip a brief, soft bite, she decided, surging forward to capture Kasumi in her arms, and her lips in her own. Silk whispered as she ran her hands around Kasumi's waist and up and down her back, and their mutual, soft 'mmmmms' were the only sound for a long moment.

Kasumi melted into the sudden embrace, arms wrapping around Hitomi snugly, her hands stroking the muscles of her back in a gentle massage. Parting her lips, she felt the clarity of Hitomi's emotions and passion as her tongue dipped in between her lips, seeking out Kasumi's own soft tongue. Their tongues slid and writhed against each other for a long moment, and Kasumi's yukata was being slowly loosened from around her top half, revealing an ample, fair-skinned cleavage to sight. As one of Kasumi's hands rested on Hitomi's hip, Hitomi slid one of her own hands upward. She passed her fingers over Kasumi's upper arm, then her shoulder, and rested her hand gently on her chest, just above one full breast. Kasumi sighed into the kiss that still lingered wetly, and used her free hand to draw Hitomi's hand down, pressing it so that she now cupped the soft, warm flesh inside the collar of the yukata.

"Mmmmm, a traditional girl, huh?" Hitomi asked with a little giggle, after breaking the kiss with a slight gasp. Kasumi returned the mirthful smile, and rubbed at Hitomi's denim-clad hip and bottom, drawing a soft coo from her. After a delicious squeeze, she stood up in front of Hitomi, looking down at her gently, and reached back behind her. She tugged at her obi, and the knot in the sash came undone. It fell to her feet in loose loops, and the yukata itself hung openly, barely draping her lovely, slender body.

"I think we have a layer or two too many between us, don't you think, Tomi-chan?" Kasumi asked, batting her thick lashes and smiling coyly over her shoulder as she slipped the pink silk garment from her shoulders, letting it whisper down to the floor in a soft puddle at her feet.

"Y-yeah, you may be right, Sumi-chan." Hitomi answered, nodding her head, which felt as light as a cloud with these new developments. Not only was she not hated, she was suddenly desired, and by the most beautiful, most graceful, most delicate-looking martial artist she'd ever known. Hitomi was afraid to pinch herself. 'If this is just a dream, I never want to wake up again, ever, ever...' she thought as she stood, barely feeling her own hands as they moved on their own. Soon, her jeans were on the floor, and her tank top as well. Having changed quickly from her bikini to her casual clothes, she had forgone a bra, and stood clad in only a pair of plain white cotton panties before the lovely, flame-haired ninja. Kasumi glided forward, and gently eased Hitomi to sit on the bed, then pressed her hands against her shoulders further, urging her to lay on her back, her bottom just at the edge of the bed.

"Just relax, please. Let your Sumi-chan take care of you now, and help you forget all about earlier today. I...want to see you keep spreading your wings over this vacation, neh?" Kasumi said softly as she stroked one of Hitomi's cheeks with her warm, silken fingers. Hitomi shivered and nodded, looking deeply into those bewitching, capturing golden eyes, and let her body relax as she blew out a deep, gusty sigh. Kasumi smiled at the tension that left Hitomi's body, and started to kiss her way down her body, from her ear, to the side of her neck, then down along one collarbone. When her lips caught Hitomi's nipple, she gasped and cradled Kasumi's head to her breast. Kasumi smiled against the warm mouthful, sucking and swirling her tongue as Hitomi's thighs moved under her, rubbing against each other, then parting so that she could settle herself in between them.

Feeling Hitomi's warmth against her growing hotter, and the pace of the fingers that combed through her hair quickening, Kasumi decided that the time was right. She slid downwards more, kissing her way down Hitomi's belly, and to the waistband of the simple panties Hitomi wore. With a soft moan, Hitomi lifted her hips, hoisting her firm bottom off the bed. Kasumi smiled at the assistance, and gently hooked her fingers into the waistband, pulling them off smoothly. In less time that it takes to tell, they were merely dangling from one of Hitomi's ankles, forgotten. Kasumi gazed down lovingly at Hitomi's bare peach now, the entire mound of her sex as bare as when she was first born. 'Either she's very steady with a razor, or she got herself waxed before coming here.' she thought to herself, gently petting and rubbing over Hitomi's lower belly, her fingers nearing the sweet prize that was in plain, close sight.

Hitomi craned her neck to look down, watching Kasumi, then reached blindly, grabbing one of the thick, fluffy down pillows and stuffing it behind the back of her head for support. She gasped and cooed at the touches of Kasumi's hand on her belly, and lower. Her storm-grey eyes half-shut in pleasure as Kasumi cupped, then began to gently rub, her shaven mound, the heel of her hand brushing at the fleshy hood that hid her most delicious of nerves. A deep moan was drawn from her throat as Kasumi's fingers worked along her pink slit, teasing her warm, dampening petals open, and stopping just shy of dipping into her now-hot chamber. She shifted her hips, grinding againt the sweetly stroking hand, wanting only one thing. More.

Kasumi smiled at how well Hitomi responded, and rubbed her fingers along the hot, wet folds one more time, before lowering her pink lips to where she had just been teasing with her graceful digits. She planted kisses all over the bare mound, all around Hitomi's now-dripping flower, but not quite touching it. She was rewarded with a deep, tortured moan, and the tightening of fingers in her fiery hair. 'I can't presume to take your maidenhood, if you still have it, Tomi-chan. But I can, without guilt, bring you other pleasures that don't require such...invasive techniques.' she thought, as she finally pressed her lips to Hitomi's hood, and began a gentle suction that had the pink pearl inside it swelling quickly.

Hitomi clasped her legs tightly, crossing her young, strong calves behind Kasumi's neck, her own hands coming up to cup her modest, but perky breasts. As she squeezed them and toyed hotly with her own nipples, she felt that whole nerve center washed in sweet, warm pleasure. She looked down again, to see the most serene look on Kasumi's face as she sucked and flicked her tongue over her stiff clit, and then wormed her tongue down her wet lips, tasting the musky, tangy nectar that seemed to be filling the whole room with its' stimulating aroma. Then, there was the sweet sucking again, lips pressed together tightly, the tip of a tongue flickering quickly over the captured bud of nerves, and Hitomi's pleasure was wound tighter. Sweat broke on her lean, tanned body, and her moans rose to urgent cries.

Kasumi knew the tension that now made Hitomi's young body begin to shift and arch. She knew how close her new lover was, that her thighs tightened and her toes curled. She knew all this, and never changed a thing. Her sweetly pressing lips and fluttering tongue soon saw Hitomi to a bucking, shuddering climax, and she had to wrap her arms around the girl's hips, to hold on and continue her oral servicing, riding out every hard shudder of passion. She smiled as Hitomi cried out, gasped, said things that probably would have scorched her ears if she'd known three words of German, and then finally laid back, shivering softly all over, her hands finally releasing her own breasts and falling limply to her sides.

Hitomi gasped and panted for breath as Kasumi slowly rose, then crawled up next to her, cuddling her warmly and holding her through the last of her post-orgasmic quiverings. Her lips were dry and slack as Kasumi wetted them with her own lips, kissing her sweetly. She let her head spin, and her worries slip away, as sleepiness drew a long yawn from her.

"Oh, Sumi-chan...that was...I don't know what I did to deserve...wow." she gasped, her voice softly quivering like the afternote of a freshly plucked harp-string. Kasumi just snuggled against her, her own body warm, but her self-control firm.

"It's all right, Tomi-chan. If you're tired, sleep. I could use the rest too, and I'll be fine till morning. You'll pay me back then, neh?" she asked, smiling and tossing Hitomi a playful wink. Hitomi giggled and returned the wink as she burrowed under the covers, then held them open for Kasumi. Kasumi paused only long enough to rise from the bed, and turn out the lights. They laid spooned together then, just enjoying the feel of each others' breathing, and a few whisper-soft words were heard before they both drifted off to sleep.

"Sumi-chan...suki da yo."

"Tomi-chan, Daisuki mo."

END of Part 1.

*Author's note--The last words here, for those of you unschooled in Nihongo, are the expressions 'I love you', and 'I love you more'. I do try to go lightly on Japanese in my fics, but sometimes it just adds flavor to toss in a bit. Hope you enjoyed that, and that you look forward to Part 2, which I'm titling 'Opposites Attract.' It's another couple you may not quite see coming! Coming soon, so keep your eyes open!

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