tagIncest/TabooGames We Played: Hypnotized

Games We Played: Hypnotized


Part 3 from Games We Played, and Games We Played - Interlude.


Friday Night

Earlier in the evening while my sister and I watched TV, I had managed to insinuate my hand into her panties. She had actually unsnapped and unzipped her shorts, and lowered them slightly so I had easier access (which is encouragement to say the least!) But then she had suddenly moved away from me, obviously going to bed as hot and bothered as me. I asked, "Can I help." To which she responded, "I think you've done enough." Since moving home we have developed a history of playing our childhood games, with interesting results. This evening was my first attempt at 'outside the game play' with mixed results. It nonetheless has left me about as horny as I think I've ever been in my life.

12:00 Midnight - Still Restless. I couldn't sleep. I felt hot, was still burning. Laura, my sister, had literally crawled away from me on her elbows, when not a minute earlier she had been grinding her puss into my hand.

12:15 a.m. - Still laying awake in the dark. I still have an erection. Can you get too aroused?

12:30 a.m. - There was no 'game' this evening. I was outside the box (so to speak) . . .

1:00 a.m. - Hey, I just remembered MY favorite game! Among all of our various childhood antics, one that had particularly stood out with me was Hypnotist. It brought back a flood of memories. The late at night darkness, sneaking around, the silence, whispers, the smells, the warmth of our beds.

Late at night one of us would steal into the others room, and whisper in their ear, "You are getting sleepy. You are getting sleepy." We were 'hypnotizing' each other, and that was the game. We would come up with some crazy behavior, or sound, or something that the other would have to do the next day. Only WE would know. Our secret. It was hilarious. You would spend the whole next day waiting for the hypnotized act! And when you saw it, the certain walk, the somersault, the asking for a certain ride, you realized that secret connection. Nobody else knew, just us. I could hypnotize her tonight! I could. I could do it.

Now if I could just get my legs to work.

2:30 a.m. - It IS a brilliant idea. NOW would be the perfect time.

I wear a lose pair of boxers and a grey T shirt to bed, and I just stayed in these as I crept down the dark hallway to her room at 2:30 in the morning. This was crazy, she could freak. I could feel my heart pounding in my ears. It was pitch black. Her door was closed. I, as slowly as possible, opened the door to her room. The noise of the door opening sounded unbearable, but in reality was just a click and a swish on the carpet. I was standing in her room. Two windows on each side of her bed let in thin bands of light from the street lamps. Her shades were blue, and as my eyes adjusted, there was a soft blue white light glow to the room as an outline of everything became clear. I could see her laying on her back, head turned lightly to the side. Her blonde hair raised up around her head, disheveled. I walked over to her bed sort of bent over and then kneeled by her night stand.

She slept in a double bed, and she had a sheet and light blanket pulled up under her chin. I could see her soft white cheeks and chin, blonde hair, closed eyes. She slept with a little pout as she lay on her back. I could see the rise and fall of her breathing. I sat there, settled in, sort of getting myself comfortable. I needed to calm down. I wanted to start laughing out loud to relieve some stress, and at one point I was even just shaking my arms in the air with my mouth open silently. She didn't move. I was sitting at the side of the bed where she was closest to the edge, which was the left side as I reached the point of no return. Lifting myself up to my knees, I leaned over the edge of her bed and put my mouth next to her ear. In the split second I was about to speak, it all came back to me: the darkness, the warmth, her hair, her breathing, her smell.

In barely a whisper I said, "You are getting sleepy."

Pause. I watched her intently as I continued, "You are getting sleepy. I am going to count to ten, and at the end of ten, you will be Hypnotized."

I was really shaking now, I just thought this could all go so wrong somehow. She turned her head away from me, paused a moment, and then adjusted herself slightly and brought her head back exactly where it was. But absolutely no reaction, no change in her expression.

I proceeded in a soft whisper, "One. Two. Three. Four. Five. You are falling into a hypnotic trance." I think I just noticed a bit of a smile - who knows. "Six. Seven. Eight. Nine. Ten. You are asleep. Totally, deeply asleep. Can you hear me?"

She did not move a muscle. I waited, Nothing.

"Can you hear me?"

She shifted around just a little bit, sort of a stretch.

"Yes," she just barely whispered, her speaking was directed straight up, not at me.

I continued, "You will not remember this tomorrow. But you will remember to do what I say. If you understand, nod your head."

She slowly nodded. I could also tell that her breathing was changing.

"Without waking answer me, what you are wearing?"

A pause. She softly whispered, "Gray flannel bottoms. . ."

Another long pause, I was almost ready to speak again.

". . . and, uh, a white undershirt."

I asked, "Are you wearing panties?"

"Um, yes - but, not a bra."

"Did you touch yourself before you went to bed last night?"


"Did you make yourself cum?"

"Yes - But, I came another time too."


"This evening, while I was watching the TV."

"Did you touch yourself there too?"

"No, I had help from my bad little brother."

"Did you let him touch you?"

"Yes, I did."

I could feel her hips moving around on the bed, I could see the covers rising a bit. She was shifting her hands.

I whispered directly into her ear, "Tomorrow, you will be touched at various times during the day." I added, "Inappropriately. But you will not notice when it happens." "And, you will decide to go to bed without your pajamas on - or your panties, tomorrow night. Can you do that?"

She turned her head just slightly to the right, which had the effect that her cheek was brushing right against mine, and it placed her mouth right by my ear. I could feel her warm breath.

She said, "Yes. What do you mean - inappropriate?"

The way she said that word with her mouth was somehow amazing. Her lips were swelling, wet, were pouting and I could feel the warmth of her breath.

"I'll show you, just a little what I mean."

And I reached under the covers toward her warm body. I felt her flannel pajama bottoms that tied at the top, and reached my hand under the edge feeling for her blonde puss. I could feel her legs opening, felt her stretch, arch actually, and saw her mouth open; but she kept her eyes closed and said not a thing. Her labia actually felt swollen, bruised. The lips were so open and she was wet, soaking even on the inside of her panties. I let my fingers slide down through her center and to her backside, and just ran my finger over her anus.

I held my mouth right at her ear, her cheek on mine, as I breathed my warm words on her, "this is what it might be like."

"O,Ok," she turned her head left.

I brought my hand back up through her center, and with my middle finger, pressed it briefly into her vagina and continued rubbing upward around her clit, as she pushed her hips up into my hand.

She just said, " mmm, Ok."

I could smell her sex rising from under the sheets. God she smelled good! Her warmth, the warmth of her body under the sheets, her legs open in the dark pushing against my hand. I wanted this to last forever, but I pulled my hand from her panties, and let it drift up her abdomen, let it rest just below her navel. Softly stroked her.

"I am going to count in reverse now, sweet." And as I said that, I let my hand wander up to her breasts, feeling one then the other under her T. Felt the nipples contract under my touch.

"Ten. Nine. Eight. Seven. Six. Five." I let my hand wander back to her abdomen - I just had to feel that blonde little pussy one more time. I reached just under the edge of her panties. "Five. Four." I withdrew my hand. "You are waking from your hypnotism, you will now continue in your normal sleep. Three. Two. One."

She lay there quietly, and then slowly turned on her side away from me as I withdrew from her and stealthily moved back to my room.


It was Saturday, and I slept really late - not a surprise since I basically had not fallen asleep until about sunrise this morning. Immediately though I remembered what happened. Did I do that? It just all seemed too unbelievable. Yes, I could still smell her on me.

I got up, put on a pair of sweats and left my grey T shirt on. I went into the kitchen, and there was Laura leaning over the counter on her elbows with a newspaper and cup of coffee, still wearing her gray pajama bottoms and t shirt (no bra). She was normally dressed, but this was her typical morning position, especially on weekends.

I walked into the kitchen as nonchalant as I could, and said, "Good morning. Sleep well?"

I came up behind her as I was talking to her (as was my habit these days) and just lay my hand on her waist, but then let my fingers slip lightly just beneath her bottoms and panties to the point where I could feel the wisps of her blonde hairs rising up from between her legs. She pressed her back into my chest (as also was her habit), but then she also tipped her head back onto my shoulder and turned her head so that her cheek was touching mine.

"Oh, I slept pretty good. I had so many dreams, but I can't remember any of them." I could feel her warm breath on my ear, could feel myself getting hard.

She remained lightly pressed against my chest and I could smell her hair. I reached a little lower and inched my fingers between her legs, and sort of rolled her puss lips in my fingers, one then the other, very slight and very light. God she was wet already. She pressed her bottom against me as well, and I knew she could feel my cock rising against her.

I stood there and in as casual a voice as I could manage, "Can you believe it's going to be the start of finals. I actually have a paper I need written by Monday - and I haven't even started it."

She, lifted her head while still pressed against me, and without skipping a beat (though I could feel her heart) responded, "I have about half a book to finish from Sociology. Couple of Hours - shouldn't be too HARD." She emphasized that word.

Then she added, "Do you want some coffee? It's over there, I made it nice and Hot for you." She leaned forward as my hands slipped out of her bottoms, went back onto her elbows and continued to read the paper some more.

"Great. Thanks. I think I will," I answered. I could barely walk to the counter. I poured myself a cup. Damn, She was 'hypnotized' today!

We both actually did have a tremendous amount of homework to do, and so our paths did not cross as much as they could have, but really it was that much better somehow. While she was at the breakfast table eating some toast and jam, still with her paper (she read the thing practically cover to cover in the mornings), I stood behind her and could see her T shirt opening at the top giving me a great view of her little titties. And so while she was reading I actually slid my hand right inside her top and started playing randomly with her bare breasts. They felt great while she was sitting up.

She didn't shift or move from her paper, just said, "Mmm, you smell nice."

I said, "I haven't taken a shower yet."

She said, "Neither have I."

Another time during an afternoon break, Laura was on the couch, sitting with her legs wide open - one foot touching the floor and the other along the back of the couch cushion. I lay at the other end of the couch with my head on cushion, my feet bent at the knees.

I started to make conversation, "I've written all of One page. I somehow have to fit fifty years of the fifteenth century in four pages. I don't even know why they do that."

As I was speaking, I reached my foot out toward her crotch and lay it right between her legs and started to roll the ball of my foot back and forth. I saw her eyes flash for a moment to my foot and then she looked straight at me with those wonderful blue eyes. A nothing going on look. Blushing now and pressing her hips just lightly against my foot. I could tell she was horny as hell.

She responded, "Well they have us reading, uh, reading about Marx still. I know that from a sociology perspective he contributed a lot, but they go into the politics and . . ." I was still rolling my foot over her puss and she was starting to breath heavier, "and ..uh, . .oh, I lost my train . . . of thought." Her voice went quite low just then and she gave a quick hard grind of her crotch into my foot, but she kept her eyes on me, those beautiful blue eyes that betrayed nothing.

It was really an amazing idea. I was a genius. Even just passing her in the hall I was letting my hands freely roam over her hips, onto her breasts, down the center of her back, between her legs, the crack of her ass. She didn't change her outfit all day, which she never does, but just kept wearing that gray flannel bottom and the T shirt top.

The best moment of the day though was when I noticed her going into the toilet. I thought why not, it sure qualifies as inappropriate. I waited a beat from when she went in and opened the bathroom door, walked in and closed it behind me, smiled at her on the toilet and sat down on the tub edge opposite her. Her head had swung immediately to the door, and she watched me with wide eyes as I sat down. She didn't know what to do, but left her legs parted slightly and her arms rested on each leg, the elbows sort of bent in the middle and her pants down around her ankles. I could hear her peeing now.

I said in a casual tone, "I got my second page done. What's happening with you?"

She sort of assumed a backstage voice whisper, "Uh, I'm trying to take a shit here."

I just wagged a finger and said, "Ah, ah, ah."

She let her shoulders drop along with her head, and her elbows went together. I could hear her under her breath, "you little shit,"

I just said, "How's your reading?"

She looked at me, "Goood. I got three chapters done." And we continued in a casual banter, while ignoring that we were sitting in the toilet with my sister taking a dump, and me watching her in just her T. I could hear pauses, pressure and a soft release, drops into the toilet. She was blushing red. When she reached for some toilet paper, she looked at me like - 'are you leaving NOW?' But I reached out and took the tissue.

"Allow me." I said.

She just shook her head, and started to Giggle, "You are such a help around the house, Who knew?"

I started to reach between her legs, but she said, "No, uh, from the back."

She scooted forward and sort of lifted her ass in the air. I reached down and wiped her middle, front to back with a steady pressure, and dropped the tissue in.

She said, "Again. And you got to check it."

She was smiling now, kind of getting into the process and giving some guidance. The whole thing was kind of awkward with two people doing the task of one. She was turning at the waist toward me and had her arms on my back and craning her neck watching me, and said "Now you do a good job, dammit."

I started to laugh, "pa-ractice makes perfect dear."

I wiped her ass again, checked - it was clean. She started to get up, and I said, "ah, one more - make sure," and I quickly patted her little puss dry with the flat of my hand.

She got up, pulled up her briefs, her bottoms. She rolled her eyes at me, batted me as we walked out and we went back to our rooms.

Saturday Night

I put in rather early this evening. I WAS really tired. And I actually set an alarm for 2:00 a.m. just in case I could be stupid enough to fall asleep and not wake until morning. I did drift off after awhile. I was really very tired, I didn't need the alarm though. Somehow at 1:50 a.m. I was wide awake.

Again in my boxers and T shirt I went to Laura's room. I quietly opened her door and moved beside her bed. She was in the exact same position as last night, only tonight there was a comforter on the bed. I moved up beside her, leaned in and whispered the exact same incantation of last night - 'hypnotized' her.

Then, I whispered, "what are you wearing?"

"I'm naked."

"Are you wet?"

"I've been wet all day."

"What happened today?"

"Um, uh, I read a book, a normal day. I don't remember anything, INAPPROPRIATE." I liked the way she said the word.

"Did you think about this?"

I pushing the covers back a little as I reached for her and lay my right hand onto her belly, then sliding down her hips to her left thigh, back up across her blonde hairs and down her right thigh.


I ran my fingers right through her center opened her labia, split her open, like a piece of fruit. Her pussy lips opened up so nicely, and I saw her mouth open up at the same time.

I whispered, "Very nice. You get rewarded for this."

"I do?" She said.

I shifted the covers so that her entire body was exposed to me from her shoulders down. In this low bluish light she just glowed, there were also these wonderful thin slants of light on her skin. I lifted up onto the bed, and I positioned myself so that I was laying now between her legs and could see her puss open in front of me, smell the sex. A wonderful earthy smell, delicate, so relaxing. I laid my cheek on top of her little blonde bush and didn't move for awhile. I want to be here forever I thought. She lay one hand on my head.

"Don't wake up," I whispered.

I had been thinking about this for awhile. Since seeing my sister and touching her, smelling her, I really wanted just a little taste. Lowering my mouth softly onto her little mound, I started to lick her with a flat tongue. As I pressed harder into her with my tongue I could literally feel her pussy lips enlarge and open, opening her pink middle. She had this wonderful little nub of a clit, it was like a little finger, I could put my lips around it. The first time I did, I heard a strong, drawing in of breath, "huuh."

I felt her hand on my head pushing me down into her, as her hips also pressed up and she arched her back. As I looked at her, her face was turned to its side with mouth open pressing back into the pillow. I could see her white teeth. She was rocking her hips gently in a rythem with me now. My nose was rubbing up and down into her puss as I licked along her center. It would touch her clit as I lapped downward. I was like a little cat at a bowl of cream. I ate her like a fuzzy little peach, her juices were running onto my chin, and when she was really pushing my head down into her I could barely breath. I started to fill her up with my fingers. Her breathing was getting heavy, and she was pulling my hair.

I called up to her, "do you like your reward?"

I could hear, "Ho, yes." And "Fuck, yes."

I took my middle finger and pushed it up inside her soft tunnel and rubbed little circle there, I licked her clit and wondered at her taste and smell. She was letting me do anything. I had all the time in the world dear. Nothing but time.

She started to get fairly loud, short little bursts, little screams. And she started pulling my hair now, and making a sort of motioning gesture, tugging me toward her. Scraping my back.

"Oh, I need you up here. Turn around, turn for me" she said in a light pleat.

I looked at her and then with my right hand, slipped my boxers down easily and kicked them off the bed.

I said as I was moving, "Ok. You want a bigger reward now?"

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