tagNonConsent/ReluctanceGameshow Epilogue

Gameshow Epilogue


Nancy walked back into the building. It was over. Her ass was sore and she still had Howie's cum coating her mouth, but it was over. There was a sign pointing her to the locker room, so she went that way. She was still naked, and it would feel really good to put clothes on again.

When she entered the locker room, there across a bench were all her clothes. There was also a bathroom and a shower. Nancy never even stopped at her clothes. She walked straight over to the sinks in the bathroom. Next to a sink was a cup dispenser. Nancy took a paper cup and filled it with water. She spent the next five full minutes washing the cum out of her mouth. Finally, when the taste was completely gone, Nancy headed to the shower.

There was actually a row of showers. Nancy could hear one in use, but she didn't care. It didn't matter to her how many ladies were using the showers, as long as there was one open for her. She got into the nearest stall and turned the water on as hot as she could stand it. It felt wonderful. Nancy spent the next fifteen minutes just letting that wonderful hot water bake her poor aching body.

When she stepped out of the shower, Nancy felt alive again. She grabbed a nearby towel and dried off. Whoever had been in the other shower had obviously left, since Nancy didn't hear it running anymore. After she was dry, Nancy headed over towards her clothes. When she came out of the bathroom and looked back into the locker room, Nancy stopped in shock.

Nancy's clothes were right where she had left them. However, sitting next to them and beginning to dress was Howie. Nancy couldn't believe it. She finally just walked over to him and asked him what the heck he was doing in her locker room. Nancy was standing naked in front of him, but considering what had happened the last few hours, that just didn't seem like a big deal right now.

Howie actually looked surprised at Nancy's concern. He couldn't believe she didn't know what was going on. But she certainly didn't seem to have a clue. When she continued to stand there staring at him, Howis just asked her if she had ever seen this show. Didn't she know that the two contestants always were sent back to the same room. That was the final part of the game. To see how they would react to each other.

Nancy shook her head and asked Howie what that had to do with anything. Howie couldn't believe it. He had to ask. "You mean you entered this game without ever having seen the show. How could you risk all this without even knowing how it worked?" She told him that it may have seemed stupid, but at the time she entered the game, she didn't have an extra $50 to spend to see the show.

It was astonishing. Howie couldn't believe that this girl had entered the game without even knowing what she was risking. He asked Nancy if she had even known what would happen to her if she lost. Nancy told him that she had read the rules, so she had known the basic idea. However, some of the more awful details had been a surprise. Howie also asked her if it was true, if she really was a seminary student. Nancy told him it was.

Howie felt like he was being a pest, but there was one more thing he had to know. He asked Nancy what would make a seminary student participate in such an ungodly game. Nancy told him about her financial problems and that she had felt this was a test from God to see if she could stay true to her faith. When he asked her if she had managed to do that, Nancy told him that she honestly wasn't sure. Now that it was over, and she had the money to go back to her life, she wasn't sure she wanted to. Howie just told her that he understood, he wasn't sure that he would go back to his life either.

That had Nancy curious. She knew nothing at all about Howie, so she asked him what his life had been like. That question set Howie back. He hadn't really expected Nancy to be interested in his life. He sat down next to her and tried to think about what to say. The whole situation seemed surreal somehow. Nancy had come out of the shower before Howie had been able to dress. So, there they were, sitting next to each other naked like it was perfectly normal. Of course, considering what they had already done, it probably wasn't a big deal.

Howie told Nancy about his life as a chemistry student. He loved the studying and the subject, but the rest of his life was miserable. He told Nancy that he was seriously considering leaving school. Nancy asked him if would miss it, and Howie told her that he really didn't know. Certainly he would miss the chemistry, it was the only thing in his life that made it worthwhile. But the rest of it, the way people treated him, that he certainly wouldn't miss.

Then Howie asked Nancy the same thing. If she walked away would she miss it? Nancy told Howie that she really didn't think so. When her school had decided that her money was more important than her, she had lost a lot of faith in the school, if not in God. It was funny. It had probably taken these last few hours to make her face that.

Then Nancy asked Howie why he had entered the game. She had told him about her money problems with the school. What was it that drew him here?

Howie didn't say anything for a moment. Then he told Nancy the truth. He had always been small and uncoordinated. While other guys became good at football or baseball, Howie became good at school and studying. Later, when he became a teenager, as if his size and strength hadn't been enough trouble, his skin decided to breakout big time. Even now, when everyone else had outgrown their acne, he still had it.

In all his life only one girl had ever been interested in him. And then he'd messed it up because he had no idea what he was supposed to do. So he had enrolled in the game. After all, no girl as beautiful as Nancy would have ever looked at him outside it.

That last part actually stunned Nancy. She asked Howie if he really thought she was beautiful. Nancy told him that she had always known she was athletic. But she had always been so wrapped up in her faith and her studies, that she had basically ignored her social life. Besides the only guy she had ever been serious with had just taken advantage of her. Howie had to smile at that. He joked that the guy probably hadn't taken advantage of her as badly as he had.

Nancy actually smiled at that for a moment, but then she asked Howie why it hadn't bothered him to do those things to her. He seemed like a decent enough guy. How could he have done those awful things to her. Especially the bit where he put his penis in her bottom. Why would a nice guy have done something like that?

Howie told her he was sorry if he had hurt her, but it wasn't like he had forced her to join the game. Certainly part of it was that he was bitter towards women, and he had used the game to take some of that out on her. On the other hand, how was he to know that she hadn't been aware of how the game was played. Frankly, he had assumed that since she was there, Nancy had known exactly what she was risking and had been prepared to deal with it. If she hadn't been, then she had no business entering the game in the first place.

As for putting it in her ass. Howie had never had an opportunity to do that with a girl, but his friends had told him that it was fantastic. Nancy told him that it may be fantastic for the guy, but the girl certainly didn't enjoy it. Howie told her that she might not have enjoyed it, but some of the people who had told him how wonderful it was were women.

After she got over the shock of that, Nancy asked Howie how he thought any woman could enjoy that. Well, it certainly would be hard to enjoy it the way it had been done out there, but Howie assured her that his friends told him that if he played with her clit enough to get her really excited, it could give her the most intense orgasm she had ever felt.

Nancy had to laugh. She told Howie that if he actually believed that, then he knew even less about women than he thought. Regardless of what his friends had told him, she had actually felt that thing up her anus. Nancy could assure Howie that there was no way she could enjoy it. Howie actually had to laugh with her, although he told her that he would love to have a chance to find out.

That stopped Nancy. "You mean you would want to put your penis back in my anus, even though you know how much it hurt before?" Howie told her that he hadn't meant to offend her, but hadn't it hurt when she lost her virginity. That hadn't meant that sex hadn't felt awfully good later.

Nancy had to admit the truth of that, but sex was natural. Having a man put his penis in her behind was not natural. She still didn't believe that she could ever enjoy it. Howie told her that he hated to disappoint her, but from the little he had seen of her, she appeared to be a very sensual woman. He had a feeling that she could learn to enjoy anything if it was done correctly and with kindness. Nancy laughed and told him to dream on, at least fortunately she wasn't going to have to find out.

Then Howie asked her why not. Nancy didn't even know what to say. She just stood there speechless. He had to be joking. But he wasn't. Howie told her that he would like to propose a wager. Nancy asked him what he had in mind and Howie told her.

Howie said that he would love to know Nancy better, but obviously they had a major difference of opinion on this issue. So they needed to settle it. If Howie could make Nancy enjoy having him up her butt, she would follow him back to his school. Having her around would fill in the parts of his life that were missing. If he couldn't, then he would leave her alone and she would never hear from him again.

She couldn't have heard this correctly. Nancy just started at Howie. Then she asked him how they were supposed to settle this. Howie told her that was easy. They were already naked. Nancy could just bend over the bench, and Howie would work on her equipment. After he had his dick firmly up her anus, he would have ten minutes to make her enjoy it.

Nancy just shook her head. She told Howie she couldn't imagine why he thought she would take his bet. Howie told her it was because she actually liked him. If he was right, she wouldn't think he was a disgusting pervert. On the other hand, if he was wrong it wouldn't matter how much she liked him, she would never be able to be comfortable with him.

As reasonable as that actually sounded, Nancy told him that she wasn't letting him put his penis back in her anus for ten minutes. Howie asked her what the big deal was. After all he'd already been in there once. Yeah, Nancy told him, for one minute and that had hurt. There was no way she was letting him in there for ten. Howie told her that was her choice, but wasn't finding out if they would be compatible worth ten minutes. After all, if they became a couple, then what they had done wouldn't seem nearly so bad.

That actually got Nancy's attention. She had been wondering why God had made her have sex with this total stranger. Maybe he was not supposed to stay a stranger. After all, if they became an item, what they had done would not be nearly so bad. If they actually married some day, it would even become forgiveable. Perhaps it really was God's way of leading her to her destiny. After all, Howie was kind of cute. Maybe not physically, but he was smart and fun to talk to. And she had to admit this was the only way she would ever have met him.

Still, was she really supposed to just bend over and take Howie's bet? An hour earlier she had prayed to God to save her from having to have a penis up her behind. Now she was supposed to voluntarily accept it. It just didn't seem right. Then while she was thinking, Howie came up behind her. He started kissing her neck and gently rubbing her breasts. OOOHH that felt nice. Suddenly the bet didn't seem that bad. Howie certainly seemed to know how to make her feel good.

Her mind made up. Nancy pushed Howie away. Then she walked over to the bench, bent way over, and told Howie he had ten minutes.

Howie couldn't believe it. He never really believed Nancy would take him up on his bet. He was really going to get to screw that wonderful ass again. And if he could win the bet, Nancy would actually stay with him. That would be incredible. She was smart and fun and beautiful. Howie didn't know how he had gotten so lucky today, but he wasn't going to do anything to blow it.

With Nancy bent over, Howie walked up behind her. He reached under her and began to gently rub her clit. Nancy just stayed there. Then after a minute or so she started to moan. Howie just kept gently stroking her clit.

Nancy was getting more and more excited, but she didn't know what Howie was doing. She looked back and told him that felt really nice, but that his time was running. Howie gently laughed and told her it wasn't. Under the terms of their bet, his time didn't start until he was in her ass. So for now she should just turn back around and enjoy. Nancy certainly had no problem with that, what Howie was doing felt wonderful.

After a couple of minutes, Howie could feel Nancy's vagina getting wet. He released her clit and reached up for her large breasts. He started to gently play with them. From what he had seen, Nancy's boobs were very sensitive and she really responded to having them carressed. As he worked, Howie was also becoming excited. So he figured what the heck. He was getting hard and Nancy was very wet. He wasn't ready to go up her butt yet, Nancy wasn't excited quite enough for that. But there was another hole. As Howie leaned forward and reached for her breasts, he gently slid his dick right into Nancy's pussy.

Nancy almost jumped up. That wasn't what the bet was. Howie was in her vagina. Well maybe it was just a mistake. She smiled back at Howie and told him he had gone in the wrong place. Howie smiled back and told her that he had ten minutes in her bottom. Neither one of them had said anything about not using that other wonderful hole in the meantime. Besides it certainly had to feel good. Nancy couldn't argue with that. His penis felt absolutely wonderful in there. In fact, she was beginning to wish he would just stay there and forget the stupid bet.

Howie kept carressing Nancy, while his dick moved in and out of that incredible pussy. It was heavenly, but he had to pay attention to Nancy. Howie desparately wanted to win this bet. As he gently screwed her pussy, Nancy's breath got shorter and shorter. When Howie realized she was getting close, he reached his hand under her and rubbed it over her pussy. She was so wet, he had no trouble getting plenty of her juice on his hand. When his finger was soaked in it, he moved it up and gently pushed into her anus with it. His finger was so slippery it slid right in.

When the finger went into her anus, Nancy started to tense up. But she was so excited, even that felt good. Howie was moving that finger in and out of her bottom. Between the finger in there and his penis in her vagina, Nancy was ready to explode.

After he had her asshole well lubricated, Howie decided that he had reached the moment of truth. Quickly he pulled his dick out of Nancy's vagina and placed it at the entrance of her ass. Very gently he pushed it into that incredible hole. Between the juice he had already put in there, and the amount her pussy had left on his cock, it slid right in.

Nancy felt Howie pull out of her vagina. Why was he leaving? It was so wonderful. Then her eyes popped wide open as she felt the thing slide into the other hole. It still felt too big in there. She wanted to tell him to take it out, but she had promised Howie 10 minutes in there. Besides, she was so horny, she wanted that thing stuck in her somewhere. Then Howie was back rubbing her clit. Oh dear God that felt good. Nothing could hurt while he was doing that.

As Howie rubbed and she became more excited, Nancy actually began to push herself back against the penis deep in her anus. She still felt too tight, but maybe if she spread out it would feel better. Nancy reached back and pulled her cheeks as far apart as she could. That was better, and with the way Howie was rubbing her, nothing hurt at all. In fact, having that big penis in there was starting to feel really good.

Nancy didn't want it to stop. It was incredible. She wanted that thing stuffed in as far as it could go. She pushed back and told Howie to just stick it in deep and hold it there. Howie obliged happily. He pushed his dick up Nancy's butt as far as he could possibly go, while he continued to stroke her little clit. Nancy tried to hold still and keep that thing deep in her anus, but she just couldn't do it.

She wanted to just enjoy the wonderful feeling, but Nancy couldn't hold it off. She was going to explode. Nancy started to move herself up and down on that wonderful thing stuck in her anus. Slowly at first, and then faster and faster. Finally, she couldn't take any more. Nancy screamed at the top of her lungs that she was cumming, and slammed up and down on that wonderful penis as hard as she could. She pumped her ass up and down on that thing for almost two minutes, before she finally collapsed on the bench. As she went down, Nancy could feel Howie collapse on top of her. Sometime while she was cumming he had cum too. She could feel his penis squirting the last of his cum in her butt. God it had been wonderful.

Howie couldn't believe it. It was better than he had even imagined. Nancy was getting more and more excited. Finally, she screamed at the ceiling and her ass clamped down on him like a vice. When she orgasmed, her asshole just kept squeezing his dick. He couldn't take anymore. Howie fired into that incredible hole. He couldn't believe how long it lasted. He just kept shooting and shooting. Then Nancy was laying down over the bench. Howie realized that his legs wouldn't hold him anymore and he collapsed right on top of her.

Nancy just lay there. She could feel Howie's now soft penis still stuck in her anus. He started to get up, but Nancy told him to just stay there. She wanted to feel that thing in there as long as she could. Finally, though, Howie's dick was completely worn out and it slid out of Nancy's bottom.

For a couple of minutes neither of them could move. Then Howie caught his breath enough to ask Nancy if that was enough to win the bet, or did she need more proof. Nancy smiled from ear to ear. She turned around and threw her arms around Howie and kissed him deeply. Howie couldn't believe it. In a strange way that kiss was the most exciting thing that had happened all day. Then Nancy broke the kiss and told Howie that was enough for now. Then, still smiling, she told him that she might need more proof later that evening.

Howie and Nancy finished dressing and were about to leave the room, when they heard a scream. They waited a minute, but never heard anything else so they walked out. As soon as they exited the locker room, Howie and Nancy found Vic waiting for them. He presented each one of them with their check and congratulated them on their performance. He told them that he was glad to see them getting along so well and that the limousine was at their disposal. They were free to return to the hotel at their convenience. Howie and Nancy thanked him and headed for the car. As they began the walk that would begin this new and wonderful phase of their lives, they both wondered what that scream had been.

In another locker room, just as Howie and Nancy were leaving theirs, Bink had slammed his dick right up Carol Blondy's wonderful ass. When that thing had shoved up her ass, Carol had let out a shriek. Like Nancy, she was also bent over a bench. But the similarity ended there. The man screwing her butt had no interest in her pleasure whatsoever. Carol was bent over with Bink's dick up her butt and her huge tits hanging down in front of the bench. Bink just rested there a minute, with his dick as far up Carol's ass as he could get and his hands squeezing those fantastic hanging tits.

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