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Garbage Dump Virgin


Grace is a very pretty twenty-two year old Chinese girl who just graduated college a couple weeks ago and now lives with her fiancée. Actually Grace is more than your typical gorgeous college coed. She has the face of an angel. She's extremely pretty with a figure that made every kid at college wished they could have. She's five-foot one-inch tall, weighs only one hundred pounds and has a figure measuring 32-28-34. When she was in class many times she wore revealing mini-skirts showing off her gorgeous milky white slender legs. Needless to say all the young teenage boys would try getting a good look.

Grace's story really begins when she was a freshman about three weeks into the first semester. Grace was walking back from the library to her dorm room. It was Tuesday and she didn't have any classes that day. As she turned the corner in the back of her building there was a garbage truck collecting the trash from the dumpster. Three men were tossing the bags and boxes into the back of the truck. Grace continued her slow pace across the paved lot crossing in front of the truck. As she approached she could see one of the men eyeing her up. She didn't think much of it as that happened to her a lot. But then he commented, "hey honey... you sure are a pretty little thing."

The others glanced over at what their friend was seeing. "OOuuu!! Wow!! Look at her," this big burly guy chimed in.

Grace was wearing a tight snug-fitting pullover top that displayed her pert breasts very nicely and a pair of skimpy elastic waist shorts. No wonder these guys took notice with so much of her smooth white thighs prominently exposed.

The first guy walked closer blocking her way. "Hey honey... why don't you stick around awhile. I hear you college girls really know how to put out."

Grace was getting pretty uncomfortable now. "How about it babe? Want to have some fun?"

Please don't,... let me get by... Please," Grace begged.

"Aww, c'mon honey... I'll bet a hot little thing like you knows how to handle a few hard cocks."

Now Grace knew she had to get out of there. She knew what was on their minds. Quickly she moved to the side to walk by him, but felt her arm being grabbed. "Where you going? You're not going to pass up some fun are you?"

"Let me go," Grace snapped back trying to pull away.

The garbage collector yanked her arm hard pulling her toward him and grabbing around her waist. "What's the matter. Think you're too good for us."

Then he began dragging her to the truck. He pushed Grace up against the side of the smelly vehicle pinning her to it. "C'mon guys," he yelled to his friends. "We got an uppity little China bitch here that needs to be taught some manners."

The other two guys quickly came to their friend's aid and held Grace's arms. Then this guy began kissing Grace. His hands began roaming all over her body squeezing her soft breasts and feeling the curves of her ass while he probed his tongue into her mouth. Then he pulled her shorts down and reached into her panties. Grace could smell the tremendous odor of garbage on this guy. And the idea that his dirty fingers were now playing with her pussy disgusted her. She struggled to get away, but the other two were holding her too tight. His fingers kept playing in the folds of her slit and squeezing her hardening clit.

"Hey, this bitch is getting wet," he exclaimed.

Despite Grace's resistance to his treatment her pussy WAS getting wet. He kept teasing her clit rubbing over it again and again. "Nooo,... Nooo,... please stop," Grace begged. Her body was instinctively starting to respond and she couldn't help herself. The garbage man realized he was arousing this Chinese beauty and made sure that Grace knew it.

"That's it slut. I knew you'd enjoy it. I know what you college girls are like." Grace really wasn't enjoying it, at least emotionally. She was being molested. But she just couldn't stop her body from feeling aroused from his touch.

The garbage man kept fingering her pussy until she was moaning. "See, I knew you were a hot little slut. You're going to cum aren't you?" His fingers were rubbing hard through her pussy. The feeling was building and growing inside her, despite the fact that this digusting garbage man had his dirty fingers in her. Then suddenly Grace lost control, the sensation built to the point that she couldn't help it. "Ohhhhhhh.... Ohhhhhhhh.....," she moaned out loudly. She started cumming. Her pussy became soaked with juices. Her panties were wet.

Then the man let her go. Grace quickly pulled her shorts up and stumbled away as the guys were laughing at her. She could hear them as she hurried off. "Thanks babe,.. we'll be here next week... will we see you again? How about a little blowjob?"

Grace spent the next fours years lying in bed at night remembering what the garbage men did to her. All through college she didn't go on dates and refused any offers to go out. She remained a virgin.

It wasn't until she graduated and met a nice young man that she finally allowed herself to be near another man. Now she lives with him. They're engaged. But she still lies in bed thinking about those men and the feeling she had.

Grace's fiancée had to go away on business. She was going to have to be all alone since she didn't start her new job until the following week. But it was a good opportunity to fix up everything in their new suburban house. And Grace was so happy that they found a place in a rural setting.

On Monday morning Grace was up early. She wanted to get to the store for a few things. She dressed in a short black skirt with black stockings, a tight sweater and black high heels. Grace is a very classy girl and would never go out in public unless dressed appropriately. And that included wearing red lipstick and having perfectly manicured colored-coordinated nails. Besides, her fiancée enjoyed the attention she received looking like that.

She had a quick breakfast and as she was cleaning up the dishes when she heard a garbage truck off in the distance. She realized she had forgotten to put out the trash for pick up. Quickly she grabbed the bags and walked out to the end of the driveway just in time. The truck pulled up and two men walked from the back. They saw Grace holding the trash bags and proceeded to take them. One of the guys, instead of tossing the bag into the truck, dropped it and simply stared at Grace admiring the small bulges under her tight sweater and her gorgeous legs covered only by her short black skirt. "Just move in honey?" He asked. "I haven't seen you here before."

Grace was getting flashbacks from four years ago. She knew he was saying something else but all she heard was a few words. ....Hot!!!... Sexy little.... pussy..." The other guy was looking right at her too as she froze in place. She was scared and shaking, almost in shock at what they were saying to her. She couldn't make herself move.

It was like a dream when she felt a hand take hers and lead her toward the truck. The next thing she knew she was inside the garbage truck sandwiched between this big fat driver and a husky unshaven man with filthy hands. There was also a third man riding on the back running board. As the truck drove off their hands were squeezing her breasts through her sweater and caressing the flesh of her thighs as they pushed her skirt higher and higher above her sexy stockings. She began crying and pleading for them to stop, but she was afraid to resist in any physical means to push their hands away. So she just let them slide their hands up underneath her sweater and skirt. They fondled her tits. They rubbed her crotch. One man even slipped a couple fingers underneath her bra to pinch her hardening nipples.

"So you got a boyfriend?" The big driver asked.

"Uhh...," Grace paused for a moment. "Yes... I'm... I'm engaged," she timidly answered back between the tears.

"Really!... That his house?" He questioned further.

Grace just shook her head.

"I'll bet you two are screwing every night, huh? I know if you were living with me I'd be between your legs every chance I could get."

Grace looked down afraid to answer and embarrassed at his comment.

"So do you? Hot thing like you must put out pretty good."

Grace softly whispered, "I've... never....

"What!!!", he yelled out. "You mean to say.... Oh fuck!... You're a virgin?"

Grace didn't answer again.

"Shit man, you hear this," he said to his buddy. "This bitch is a virgin,... yet she dresses like a damn whore."

Then he mumbled under his breath but Grace heard what he said. ..."she's gonna be real tight once we open her up."

"How about that sweetheart? Gonna let us pop open that tight virgin cunt of yours?"

Grace looked at the driver realizing what was about to happen to her. He was smiling when he added his thoughts.

"What's the matter honey? Bet you never thought your first fuck would be some dirty garbagemen, did you?"

Grace began crying again as she watched the truck enter the dumpsite and drive toward the far end. It stopped on the opposite side of two huge refuse piles. The husky man on the passenger side quickly got out and pulled Grace down to him. The guy who had been riding on back was watching as she stepped down. He was looking up Grace's short skirt as she slid down from the seat. Grace was crying and begging, "Please... Please... don't hurt me. Don't do this to me."

The fat driver in the meantime had walked around the truck. "Shit man, I can't wait to have me some of this hot little bitch. I hear you Chinese girls really know how to fuck. Is that true?" That only brought louder sobs from Grace. She was petrified and didn't know what to do.

One of the guys noticed an old mattress buried in some of the garbage. He freed it from all the debris suggesting, "this should do. The filthy little cunt doesn't need anything clean anyway. Do you honey?" And he patted Grace on the cheek. "She's going to be a dirty little whore for us. Isn't that right honey?"

Grace began crying louder as all three men huddled around her. The fat driver grabbed the bottom of her sweater and pulled it up over her head. "NOOOOO!!!,... NOOOOO!!!,... she screamed out.

The garbage worker with the dirty hands slipped his fingers in the waist of her short skirt and yanked it to the ground. Then he peeled her stockings down her soft milky white legs too. Now she stood in front of these filthy men wearing only a bra and panties. "Okay honey. You may as well take them off too. If not we'll just ripped them off and send you home naked when were done."

Grace was so scared she was crying hysterically. But still in her torment she understood what the man said. She thought of them driving her back home and walking back into the house totally naked. And what if they dropped her off someplace else and she had to walk through her neighborhood nude. But even with those thoughts she couldn't bring herself to unfasten her bra or remove her panties like they demanded. Never had she felt so embarrassed and violated as she did then. Her pretty body was almost completely exposed to these filthy disgusting men.

She felt hands on her shoulders as the big driver pushed her down on the mattress. When her knees impacted she realized how wet and dirty it had become from being covered in the smelly dump. It stunk as if it had been soaked in piss. Then she was pushed forward until her face was pressed into it. Hands were all over her. In a matter of seconds her bra was off and she saw it being flung away into the garbage dump. Then fingers were probing between her legs.

She was then flipped over on her back and she saw all three of them with their trousers unbuckled, zippers down and their hard cocks sticking out between their legs.

"OHHH, NOOOOOOO!!.... OHH, NOOOOOOOO!!!!" She screamed and begged and pleaded. The big fat man knelt between her legs. He grabbed her skimpy panties and simply ripped them from her body. "Guess we have to teach you what we want, huh cunt?" She saw his cock moving closer. It was easily ten inches. "Okay bitch, this is what we're here for... to give that tight little pussy some cock."

While the other two guys held her down, he placed his large ten-inch shaft in the center of her tiny slit and lunged forward.

"OOOUUUuuuuuuuUUUUUUuuuUUUUoooooo!!!!!" Grace SCREECHED out in a high pitch as his cock ripped into her tiny cunt. She could feel her sealed vagina break open. Her once sacred little pussy that she was saving for the one she loved was torn open by this disgusting beast of a man. He yelled out when he felt how tight she was, "FUCK!!...what a hot little virgin bitch. She's so fuckin' tight. Hold her down," he commanded his friends.

Grace was struggling to get away as his cock plunged deeper into her pussy. The men had her arms and legs restrained keeping her pretty much spreadeagled on the dirty mattress. He fucked her hard and deep while she sobbed the whole time. She was devastated. She was helpless. Her precious body was being treated so savagely and she felt so used and dirty being fucked in a garbage dump.

Then she heard the fat guy yell out, "Ready Bitch!!! Ready for your first load of cum in that hot little cunt?"

"NOOOOOO!!!!... NOOOOO!!!!!, she screamed out. "Not in me... PLEASE!!!!!!"

He paid no attention to Grace's cries. He buried his hard cock all the way into her and began shooting his load deep inside her. When Grace felt his huge cock throbbing and his warm seed gushing into her body, her crying turned into outright uncontrollable sobbing. Her pretty body was violated. Her virgin cunt was being filled with a filthy stranger's cum.

He pulled out. "Thanks honey. You got a hot little pussy. Let me rest a bit and we can go at it again." Grace knew then that it was going to be a long day. Her body was going to be their plaything for the rest of the morning and afternoon.

Moments later the husky unshaven man was between her legs and a second cock started fucking her virgin hole. He kept ramming his hard shaft into her over and over. Grace had stopped crying at this point and just let him have his way. It was useless to resist. While one fucked her, the other two were holding her down.

But then as he kept sliding his cock in and out of her, that feeling started returning again just like four years ago. Her body began taking over. Her pretty body was responding to the hard cock sliding in and out of her pussy. She thought to herself, ' Oh No... not again. Why is this happening to me?'

Grace tried fighting off the feeling as his cock slid in and out of her body and rubbing against her clit. Then it felt like his cock was growing and penetrating deeper. She heard him yelling at her.

"How do you like my cock slut? You like getting fucked?"

Why were his words making her aroused? His cock was beginning to feel so good. She began softly moaning. "Ohhh,... Ohhhh..."

He jammed himself in deep and she felt his cock ram against her cervix. That sent a giant wave of delight throughout her body. "Ohhhhh Fuck me...," she cried out.

"Did you hear that?" The man exclaimed in an astonished voice. "She likes it. The bitch likes it." Even Grace couldn't believe those words came out of her mouth.

He began fucking harder ramming his cock in her. Grace was half moaning, half crying and feeling so ashamed that she was enjoying what this guy was doing to her. He began picking of the pace savagely fucking her juicy hole. His friends were enjoying it too as they yelled, "make the slut cum."

"Do you want to cum Grace?" He asked. "Do you want my cum too? Tell me. I want to hear you scream out like a slut."

Seconds later, that is exactly what happened. Grace cried out exactly how they wanted, "Ohhhhhhhhhhhh.......Yessssssss... I'm......Cu...m........... .........OHHHHHHHHH!!!.......OHHHHHHHHH!!!!...... Fill my pussy... fill me with your cum."

And her whole body began shaking as the second garbage man emptied his load into her cunt. She was having an orgasm lying in garbage with a stranger's cock inside her virgin fuckhole.

Grace felt so humiliated that she was cumming. She was lying on this piss-smelling mattress in a garbage dump getting raped by three dirty disgusting men and her body was enjoying it. She looked up at the third man standing over her stroking his hard cock. She knew what he wanted. The words just came out of her mouth, "go ahead... fuck me."

"Did you hear that," he commented to his buddies. "Now she wants it. Looks like we broke this little bitch." And he proceeded to fuck Grace stuffing his hard cock in and out of her cunt until he deposited his load in her too.

When they all finally finished, they rested for a bit. Grace was stretched out lying quiet on the mattress. Her legs were spread wide open. It didn't matter anymore that these guys could see her exposed cunt. Cum was dripping out of it. She was dazed and partially in shock, yet being their sextoy was somehow so arousing. It was a feeling that she had enjoyed that one time before. She felt dirty, humiliated, used and liked it. What was wrong with her that she felt that way?

She heard another garbage truck in the distance. It was getting closer. Eventually she saw it drive up and stop. And then a minute later another one. She looked up from the mattress and saw six more men admiring her naked body. The big fat driver quickly explained how they had picked up this girl and raped her virgin cunt. And now it seemed that she enjoyed having cocks cumming inside her. Then he offered Grace to them. "We were just getting ready to take her home, but if you want to fuck the slut go ahead."

It was a strange feeling that rushed through Grace's body when she heard his words. It was as if she were being sold. The men considered her as nothing more than a cheap slut.

The six men didn't need another invitation. It only took a few moments for all them to have their cocks out and stroking them. All six guys grabbed Grace helping her sit up. Then one at time she had to suck their cocks until each one was rock hard.

"Okay honey, spread them legs," one of the men ordered. "Let's see how tight you are."

One at a time Grace let them fuck her already used cunt. She didn't resist at all. She knew there was no point in it anyway. Besides, she enjoyed the feeling of a hard cock throbbing deep in her pussy. By the time the fourth man was inside her, she was loaded with cum. Her entire cunt was oozing with white cream even before his cock was stuffed in. But that didn't stop him or the next two guys from fucking her juicy sperm-filled hole. The last man even commented, "hard to believe this bitch is a virgin. Her hot little fuckhole is so loose and sloppy I'd swear she's been a nasty little whore for years."

When Grace heard those words she felt so incredibly used. She was a good girl. She wasn't a whore. But that's what they thought of her now. She knew she could never tell her fiancée about this. But what made it even worse was she was enjoying it. Maybe they were right. Maybe deep down she had a hidden desire to be a slut and it was just coming out now. After all, she was just gangbanged by nine men in a garbage dump.

The six men returned to their trucks and thanked the others for a great fuck. Then Grace heard the trucks drive off. The other three were still talking about her as she lay there exhausted and totally used. "What a hot little bitch," the filthy unshaven garbage man remarked. "That cunt is incredible... and look at all that cum in her." And they continued. "I don't want to take her back yet, she's too much fun.

Then the big fat guy knelt down next to Grace's face. "Hey bitch.... want some more? Did you like getting fucked like that?" Grace heard him but couldn't make herself answer. She wanted to say yes and that she did like it and did want more.

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