tagMatureGardening is Fun

Gardening is Fun


Three short stories showing the sexy side to gardening


I started my own Gardening business last summer which has taken off really well. I tidy up gardens, cutting lawns, trimming hedges, digging, planting flowers and many, many other jobs. Most of my customers are mature ladies between the ages of 55 to 80; some are so sexy it's hard at times to keep my cock under control. With last year's summer being very hot, when I'm finished a few of them even asked if I'd like a shower to clean myself up, to which I usually replied "yes". So as not to trail dirt and filth throughout the house I would remove my working tog's, put on a pair of 'trackers and top' then followed the 'lady of the house' to the shower, but with time it got to the point where I would just strip down to my pants and make my own way to the shower.


One very nice lady; always complements me on my body; after one particular sticky day she asked, 'if I wanted my back scrubbed'; never the one to refuse such an offer I replied "yes" expecting her to just pick up the flannel and wash-away; the next thing I know she strips off and joins me under the shower; at first I was shocked, but for a 70 year old she has the most beautiful pair of big tits with enormous nipples, a very hairy pussy and a nice arse, all the things I love in a woman.

With her gentle hands washing my back and an occasional finger testing my anus, my cock soon began to show its appreciation for her efforts; turning me around Jane looked down at my growing erection then passed a comment about being 'just like her late husband' before engulfing my cock with her mouth.

Jane suckled my cock very slowly and very gently. For a widow and a mother of three she certainly knew what a man desired; I desperately tried to hold back but couldn't, my cock exploded in her mouth and she swallowed every drop of my seed. With the water now running cold we quickly dried each other and made our way down stairs for some tea. Since she lives alone and I've got nothing to hurry home for, we just sat there and talk about our lives. How she had breastfed all three of her children (hence the nipples) etc; and how she and her late husband really enjoyed sex, but how, she could never take to George (her late husband) giving her oral sex. She could take anal and giving George oral, but George giving her oral, no there was just something about it.

With all this talk about sex, my cock was like a ramrod and being sat on the sofa next to Jane didn't help especially as I kept getting a whiff of feminine arousal. Sensing my discomfort Jane reached down and started stroking my cock through my trackers, soon it got to the point of no return and Jane asked my to strip off and lie on the carpet.

Facing me she straddled my lap, she then began lowering herself down on to my now very erected cock.

"Oh Yes!.....Please fuck me it's been so long," she murmured as she gently lowered herself down until her swollen clit ground against me. "Oh my god..."Oh fuck, FUCK! It's big" Jane moaned, her pussy now fully engulfing my cock. I took hold of her voluptuous breasts the large dark nipples, now fully aroused sat on top of raised areolas. By god, she is beautiful.

With one hand gently teasing a nipple, I took the other into my mouth and gently bit it. "Yes...YES!" she panted. "Fuck me...That's right fuck me!" Jane suddenly climaxed, her body shook furiously, her pussy gripping me like a vice. I moaned, managed a couple of thrusts before shooting my load into Jane's hot pulsating pussy. Feeling my spunk seeping from her, I re-adjusted my position then I plunged my cock deep into her pussy as she continued to shudder. For a short time, I just held it there.

Jane moaned, and came again. Clamping her mouth over mine, Jane continued to ride me; her pussy milking every remaining drop of spunk from my body. "Oh my god, it's big so fucking big," she kept moaning. We continued to kiss, our tongues passionately fencing, until my cock was no more.

We have had sex in the garden, in the shed, everywhere, it's a shame she dislikes oral for she is so sexy. She loves me to fill her with my hot seed. Once or twice a week I'm regularly parked outside Jane's attending to her shrubbery.

Beth & Sidney

A very strange couple, she is 60 years old who also has big tits, a shaved fanny with an hourglass figure; her husband has a large cock of about 10 inches. This I know after catching him in the shed and joining him for a mutual wank after a stressful morning. Beth's husband always watches me in the bath with his wife; I soap her large tits whilst she washes my body paying particular attention to my hard throbbing cock and anus.

We then go and have some tea and watch porno films; after which we all get naked; I then take her husbands cock into my mouth whilst she watches then when we're both hard she fellates me whilst he shoves it up my well lubricated arse and slowly fucks me. We both try and cum at the same time, my spunk filling her mouth as his cock fills my bowels. With my spunk filling her mouth she then 'snowballs' her husband; as I said a very strange couple.

Alison and Diana

If ever there was a house that gave me ball ache it was this one. Many a day I've had to lock myself inside the mower shed and 'tossed myself off' having completed cutting the lawns, why? Just read on:-

All last summer the daughter, taking a gap year from 'uni' would sit on the terrace topless while I cut her father's lawn; her hand continually running over her flimsy covered pubic mound. The heat was usually bad enough but having to watch this everytime I approached the house whilst sat on the mower was ball aching and the mower's vibration didn't help either.

When I had finished she would then offer me a drink, trailing a finger across my groin as she brushed past me to get it. I'll kept thinking, maybe my luck was in when as usual her mother's car would pull on the drive.

"Good morning Alison, Diana has just gone to get me a drink." I'd say waiting for the daughter reappeared now fully clothed and present me with a glass of beer, ensuring the briefest of finger contact. This scenario continued for several weeks but no further enticement was forthcoming.


I thought no one was at home, since I knew the family were holidaying in Cornwall and had closed up their house until early August. I was busy cutting the lawn when out of the corner of my eye I thought I saw a curtain move; stopping the mower I went over to the house. The kitchen door was ajar so I went in and shouted. A voice called me to come through into the lounge. Slipping off my shoes I made my way into the lounge. It was Alison, she said she was sorry to have surprised me but she was having a break from the family to write some reports. She told me to finish the lawn then come in and have drink.

When I returned she was standing in the kitchen wearing just a bright red thong. She asked me if I liked what I saw. Hell.....who wouldn't! She is in her early 40's and still has a shapely body; her breasts were firm and gently curved upwards to a small nipple. She had a crisp waist and a pubic mound which pushed her thong outwards.

She poured me a beer then holding her G & T allowed her free hand slid down her stomach and into her thong, soon she began stroking her clit. My cock already agitated by the mower was now fully aroused and throbbed painfully in my shorts. Placing her glass on the work surface she came over, undid my zip and with some effort pulled my distended knob out. Mmmm. That looks nice,' she said "let's go somewhere comfortable and have a closer look."

With that she led me by my cock through the house into the master bedroom. "You'd better shower," she said as we both stripped off and got under the large double power shower. After soaping each other in every nook and cranny and feeling well turned on she turned on the jets and we washed each other down. Leaving the water running she slid down and took my cock into her mouth. Her tongue worked its magic and I soon felt my balls tighten, fearing I was about to come I asked her to stop; with that she turned off the water, dried us down and lead me to the bed. Quickly she knelt on the bed holding onto the headboard and told me to fuck her doggy style straight away.

I had just managed to get my cock against the entrance of her vagina when she shuddered and came; clear juice's dripped down her thighs as I slipped inside her cunt. I gave her my whole length and heard her whimper with pleasure. For the next few minutes I slid my full length in and out, she pushed against me at each penetration. To anybody listening her head must have sounded like a jackhammer as it pounded against the headboard.

'Fill my cunt with your spunk.' She demanded as I increased my speed and pushed harder into her. She was grunting at each stroke. I felt myself coming and pushed deep into her. She sensed the imminent arrival and clamped her vaginal muscles tightly round my cock. I shot my load and she screamed fantastically as she also shuddered to a massive climax. She collapsed on her face and my limp cock slipped from her, pulling with it some of my spent seed. I fell on my back beside her, closed my eyes and remember the sensations of the last half-hour.

Soon I felt a tongue begin to lick my limp cock. I knew it wasn't Alison's as she still lay beside me. I opened my eyes as Diana took my now firming cock deep into her mouth. The thought of days past, all the teasing and such like soon had me proud. Sensing I was ready Diana straddled me. We both swore loudly as I slowly entered her. "Fuck, you're so wet...and so tight." In watching her entry I swear I saw a bulge move up her delicate body.

'Now it's my turn, I am really turned on after watching you and mom at it. I always wondered what you'll be like, once off your mower.'

I had no idea she had been there and that they had set me up for their pleasure.

She rode me slow and deliberate as if she was waiting for something; Alison now recovered, straddled my face ensuring I licked her clean whilst her daughter rode me slowly to a painful climax. After which Diana and her mother continued playing with each other allowing me time to recover before servicing them again.


This is only a sample of my activities as a gardener and since all my work has come via 'word of mouth' I must be doing something right. There's even talk of my being placed on the recommended list at our local WI.

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