tagMind ControlGareth's Adventures: Lucy's "Dream"

Gareth's Adventures: Lucy's "Dream"


Author's note: This is my first ever work of erotic literature, so if it's so abysmal that you run screaming into the night at least I let you know beforehand. The first section is a message from Gareth while the rest is from Lucy's view. Any section you see marked with a * indicates a lapse in time or a general break in the story. It will depend on how well this story is received for me to continue on with it or start on something different. With that said, I hope you enjoy.

My name is Gareth, and I have the ability to make your wildest dreams come true...Without you ever waking up.

Ever since I can remember, I have had the ability to enter people's dreams at will. Be it during the day while you nap, or at night when you slumber, I can open the doorway to your most private and tantalizing dreams. Whether you know it or not, you secretly yearn to have those fantasies fulfilled, and I can make it so.

As time has gone by, I have learned to not only master but expand upon my ability. I realized that not only can I enter other's dreams, but I can give them complete access to their own subconscious, granting them total control of what they dream and how they dream it. I can also decide what feelings they experience: pain, love...pleasure. What is better than to have the most pleasurable dream of your life while feeling every bit of it as if it were actually happening?

What is your fantasy? Of course I already know it, but do you?

Wait for me, I am coming.

*Have you ever gotten to the point in your life where you realize that everything just sucks? Today was that day for me, just woke up and realized that I have a crappy writing job at a crappy editing place with even crappier pay. Too bad crappy is just enough to get the bills paid.

My name is Lucy, and I could really use a vacation.

As for introductions I can't imagine I am doing such a fine job at this point, but let us pretend I'm not trying to impress or compete against you for a moment shall we? I am an average looking all American blonde of twenty six years, five foot four with perky C cup breasts and a not quite toned but not quite pudgy body. Slap on some olive colored skin and you have me. I don't necessarily turn every head at the bars, but I have had my share of intimate encounters. None of which have been very memorable to be honest.

Maybe that has been my problem lately. Not enough orgasms and suddenly I turn into a world renowned bitch. Go figure right?

My last relationship was probably around six months ago now that I think about it. The fact that I only remember his ugly goat beard must mean he wasn't that impressive. Since then I have tried to focus solely on my career as an editor and climb the ever elusive ladders to higher paychecks. Needless to say, I haven't really succeeded.

Walking through the door of my one bedroom apartment gives me a sense of peace, and loneliness. Where there is loneliness, there is also a very active libido. I put down my things, kick off my shoes, and go straight to the bathroom, shedding an article of clothing with every other step. By the time I reach the shower I am already naked. Just looking at my nakedness gets me even more revved up as I hop in the shower and turn it on to steaming hot, gotta fit the occasion right?

As the water starts to run down my body, I figure it would be better for me to actually wash myself before getting down and dirty. I grab the bottle of soap and start lathering it all over my body, especially my breasts. Oh my oh sensitive breasts. A couple of rubs here and there and more than just water is running down my legs. To hell with cleaning, I need relief NOW.

My hand pretty much shoots down between my legs of its own accord. I start rubbing my clit slowly as my other hand grabs my left nipple. Tweaking it ever so slightly makes me moan in pleasure. The hand on my clit suddenly kicks it up a notch and goes into overdrive, flicking back and forth at the speed of light. At some point I had switched breasts, giving equal if not more attention to my right nipple. As much as I was enjoying my self induced breast play, I needed something inside of me. Through sheer force of will I wrestled my hand off of my breast and shoved a finger right up my pussy. I nearly cracked my head on the damn wall from the pleasure.

"Oh fuck me." I gasped, or rather yelled. Can't really say anyone heard me, not that I would care either way. With one finger pistoning in and out of my pussy, I use my other hand to detach the shower head and aim it directly at my clit. This time I really did smash my head on the wall, nearly crying from the extreme dual pleasure I was experiencing.

I even became so bold as to shove a second finger in my tight pussy. At this point I was either going to go insane from lust or have a heart attack when I cum. My lust clouded thoughts briefly entertained curling my fingers up so I could hit my g-spot. The rational part of my mind decided it probably wasn't such a great idea to do that in the shower. The primal part of me that was currently in control of ninety nine percent of my actions at the moment threw caution to the wind and did it anyway.

"OOOOH FUCK MEEE!" I screamed. Every single muscle in my body convulsed as I had a pretty powerful orgasm. My mouth formed a perfect O, and even with the nozzle aimed directly at my pussy I could tell I was releasing a waterfall of juices into the shower. I was convulsing so much that I felt I was about to slip and die on my bathroom floor, so I pressed against the wall and slowly slid down to the floor.

I had let go of the shower head at some point and the water was shooting across my face as I attempted to catch my breath. Not the easiest thing to do with water going up my nose, but I barely had the energy to open my eyes let alone move so I remained sitting where I was. Ten minutes or so pass by and I decide I can probably attempt to crawl out the shower and think about what comes after that when I get there.

A half hour later I was sitting on my couch wearing only an oversized shirt and eating some fantastic tasting cereal. Not all women are expert cooks you know, and after the major action I just experienced in the shower earlier I don't entirely trust myself to handle anything more complicated than a bowl and spoon for the night. I was watching some romance movie on HBO, which technically translates into somewhat soft-core porn. I wasn't really following the plot of the movie, or even the movie at this point. Post orgasmic haze and everything.

I got up and headed to the kitchen to dump my bowl into the sink and shuffled my way to the bed room. Most people might be happy to sleep in their soft bed at night; some might even be getting ready to get their brains plowed into their pillows. Not me, single woman going to sleep in her single bed. I don't have the worst life out there, but I certainly wish I had a better one. Even if I didn't, at least having a decent cock in me every now and then might make me forget about my woes for a night or two.

What a coincidence that after thinking that, I experienced one of the most amazing and satisfying dreams of my life.


Now where did that name come from? There was no one around me here at...where was I exactly? It looked like my room but...different somehow. Maybe the lit candles everywhere was a dead give away. Aside from the fact that I don't own any candles, why would I light them right as I go to bed? Who in the world...

"Lucy." a man's voice said.

Oh god, someone is in my house. I am already reaching for the table next to my bed for my cell phone when I realize that not only are my hands tied to the headboard but my legs are tied to each other. There is enough slack on my arms for me to not be uncomfortable, but tight enough so I can't reach any of the knots. My legs weren't tied tight enough to leave marks either, but I am nowhere near flexible enough to attempt the acrobatics needed to untie myself. As odd as I found that my potential murderer/rapist would want me to be comfortable at a time like this, I couldn't stop thinking that I was probably going to die tonight.

"Lucy." the voice said again.

"W-who are you?" I asked, desperately trying to keep my voice calm but failing miserably.

"My name is Gareth."

For whatever reason, the moment he said his name every muscle in my body relaxed all at once. I could have sworn my bed got bigger as well, but I was already confused enough at this point so I chalked it up to my imagination.

"Okay...Gareth," god even saying his name made me just want to melt into my bed. "Is there any particular reason I am tied to my bed...naked?" Call me crazy, but I hadn't even realized I was naked until now. When did my shirt disappear?

"Because you need to be," Gareth said. I don't even know where his voice was coming from, no one was in the room with me and the door was closed, yet I could hear his voice as if he was right in the bed with me...

"OH SHIT!" I screamed as I realized he was in the bed with me. I don't know how that is even possible, my bed was never big enough for two people before, and he wasn't there when I woke up so how is he there now? Before I could ask him I actually took in the features of the guy who was leaning on his hand and staring a hole into my forehead.

First off, he was naked. If he wasn't some magician rapist that would be a good sign for me since his chest looked like it was made straight from marble. It was somehow glistening without being wet and his waist was just as smooth as the rest of him. Looking further up (he had a blanket on) I got a glimpse of the face of an angel: dark blue eyes, chiseled jaw, perfect white teeth from the little I could see, and not a blemish on him. His dark hair looked a lot like that guy Damon from the Vampire Diaries.

Oh shit, he's a vampire! Oh god oh god oh god of course the hottest guy I have ever seen is a blood thirsty vampire getting ready to suck me dry. Figures.

"Lucy, as odd as this sounds in your situation, calm down. I am not a vampire." Gareth said with a slight smile on his lips. Oh thank god. But wait...

"How did you know what I was thinking? Hell while we are at it, how did you get in my bed and why am I still tied to it?" I asked him. I might have been relieved that he wasn't going to drink my blood, but I was starting to get pissed as to why I was like this.

"Simple, we are in a dream. Your dream to be exact," he said with a completely straight face. Although that would explain a few things here and there, it is just safer to assume he is a complete lunatic and I am going to be dead by morning. "Otherwise, how else would the magician rapist suddenly appear next to you in a bed that was made only for one?"

Damn it. That made sense.

"But why are you here? What are you going to do to me?" I asked him. I still couldn't get over the fact that he was still the hottest guy on the planet right now, and when those last words left my mouth I felt something tingle between my legs.

His beautiful lips curled into a smile and I realized that he could probably still read my mind. "The reason I am here is because you need me. Your life right now needs some...excitement." As if being tied to my bed naked by some crazy Adonis wasn't exciting enough right?

Nevertheless, after hearing the word "excitement" my pussy actually started feeling a little damp. I was getting ready to ask what he meant by that when his hand slowly rose and fell across the bottom of my stomach. I stopped breathing as his fingertips slowly raked their way up, stopping just an inch away from my breasts before going back down. I think I was starting to get an idea of what type of excitement he had in mind.

My nipples jumped to attention when he ran his hand back up my stomach, this time going directly between my breasts and up to my chin. He leaned forward and it looked like he was going to kiss me. Being tied to the bed I couldn't exactly meet him halfway, but it turns out my mouth wasn't what he was after. He gave my left breast a slow and very sensual kiss before trailing his tongue up to my nipple. His hand had never stopped moving and continued to rake a path between my stomach and chest as he twirled my nipple in his mouth. I may or may not have moaned at this point...quite loudly.

Like any intelligent man, he took that as a signal to continue and started sucking on my nipple. I was getting ready to moan again when his hand stopped between the valley of my breasts and latched onto my right nipple. He tweaked it just as his teeth lightly nipped at my left and I yelped in ecstasy. By this time my pussy was almost flooding and I was squirming, wondering what he was going to do next.

This is the part where I actually believed I was in a dream, because one moment he was sucking on my left nipple while flicking my right and the next he was sucking on my right and flicking my left. He had switched places in the blink of an eye, yet I couldn't entirely process that as the sensations I was experiencing started to get the better of me. As he continued sucking, he brought his free hand down to my pussy. He trailed a slow path up my slit, coating his finger in my juices. Thank god I wasn't blind folded because he brought his finger up to his lips and licked my juices off of it in one motion.

For some reason, I lost it right there. Every part of my body started to tense as I began cumming, hard. Whatever I had experienced in the shower earlier paled in comparison to this. If I didn't know any better, my heart had stopped beating and my brain ceased to function. It was the most incredible, toe curling, mind blowing orgasm of my life. The ropes made a little bit more sense now; they kept me from launching myself off the bed and out the window. When I regained my senses somewhat, Gareth was no longer next to me. I almost thought I had woken up from my "dream" when I felt his tongue on my pussy.

"Oh...oh god...stop." I whimpered. My pussy was the most sensitive it had ever been and the bastard was now licking it, but I'll be damned if I actually wanted him to stop. Even if he couldn't read my mind, I doubt he would have stopped anyway.

He was slowly sliding his tongue over the edges of my cunt, building me up all over again. He took his finger and started rubbing my clit back and forth, drawing a very long and very loud moan deep from my throat. With my legs still being tied together I couldn't push him any further so I started arching my back in hopes to pull him closer.

He took the hint, snaking his tongue into my tight little pussy and GOD it felt amazing. He started pushing it in and out while at the same time rubbing my clit a little harder. I was on the fast track to exploding all over again, just a few more minutes and I would be there. It seems Gareth couldn't wait that long, he continued his administrations while burying his hand underneath my back. I couldn't quite guess what he was trying to do until I felt his hand slide down to my ass.

Before I could say anything his finger penetrated my ass and I exploded all over his face. It might be the start of a theme, but this orgasm broke any scale ever created to measure such pleasure. I didn't even know my body could contain the amount of juices that were shooting out of me. If Gareth hadn't been right in front of my pussy I probably would have shot all the way across the apartment and into the kitchen.

Through the sheer amount of pleasure my mind, body, and probably soul at this point were going through, I started to worry if I might be drowning Gareth or something. I managed a look past my breasts and saw that his mouth was clamped down on my pussy, gulping down my nectar. That added to the erotic nature of all of this and I started cumming all over again. Multiple orgasms have never been my thing, but now I wish they had been.

After the most satisfying and sensational orgasms of my life, I was breathing so erratically that I was beginning to see spots and started to slow things down before I passed out. I felt so amazing that I almost wanted to cry; never before have I felt such fantastic feelings. Relief and longing coursed through me as I felt Gareth's tongue leave my tight pussy. He lifted his head up at me and smiled.

"If that is your idea of excitement, I don't think I will survive what you consider sexy." I told him as I slowly became more and more sleepy. Several mind blowing orgasms tend to tire most people out, but it felt like something was leading me closer and closer to blissful slumber.

"Most people can't even begin to comprehend what I find sexy Lucy, and for good reason," he said with a chuckle. "But it seems this is all we have time for tonight. Sweet dreams."

Was that supposed to be funny? I wanted to ask him more questions but found I couldn't form the words. In fact I couldn't seem to do much of anything besides think, and even that was becoming difficult. My eyes closed of their own accord and everything went black.

*I awoke to the sound of my alarm's incessant blaring. I reached over to strangle the snooze button and sat there in my bed, wondering if everything that happened last night was really a dream. As I continued to wonder I felt something slip off my stomach. I looked down to see a letter with only one sentence:

"That was only the beginning".


I couldn't shove my fingers up my pussy fast enough.

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