I want to thank everyone for the very kind comments. It was totally unexpected. Yes the two previous stories are true but names are changed of course. The next story is also very true. Please keep the positive feed back coming as it does inspire me to write more stories.

After my encounter with Gypsy, Hubby was hot to see me with another man, but I was not ready to just drop my panties and fuck every guy that leered my way! Hubby and I did continue to go to our monthly swing club, but none of the men there really interested me. A few months after my piercing our local club closed and Hubby and I didn't search for another, as we were involved with work and other projects at the time. One of our projects was building a back deck, which was a rather ambitious project as it amounted to nearly 5000 square feet.

Hubby was very busy with his job and hired out the decking to one of our local handymen, named Garth. Garth was in his mid forties, tall and muscular with unkempt sandy blond hair framing a ruggedly handsome face. Garth had the reputation of a ladies man but in the first couple of weeks he was working on our deck he had been professional and completely appropriate. Hubby on the other hand would tell me fantasies about him coming home to 'catch' me fucking Garth! I must admit it was a very pleasurable fantasy, but I had no intention of seducing the hired help! I certainly didn't want Garth to tell his drinking buddies about me being indiscrete and in a small town being labeled a slut would come fast and easy!

I am a nurse by profession and typically get off of work around 3:30, and get home a good hour before Hubby. One afternoon I came home and stepped out onto our back deck area to see how the work was coming. Garth was busy as usual and the deck was looking spectacular! I was very pleased with the deck and seeing Garth's bare sweaty chest! After a few moments and a very brief chat with Garth I went back into the house to change clothes. Our downstairs bathroom is just off the kitchen and has a back window opening onto the deck area. I always change out of my work clothes in the downstairs. I slipped off my dress and was standing in front of the mirror unhooking my bra when I caught a slight movement reflected in the mirror. As I was unhooking my bra and about to let it drop from my arms I saw Garth peeking in the back window! I froze in panic! After a brief moment I slowly turned and walked out of the bathroom and went upstairs! I had unhooked my bra but left it on, holding it to my breasts.

In my bedroom I felt alarm and excitement, a confusing mixture for sure. In just a second or two more Garth would have seen me topless, and a few seconds after that, completely naked! After I got over my initial shock, I thought about Garth watching me and I got very aroused. I finished stripping and lay back on the bed rubbing my breasts and pulling my nipple rings. Soon my fingers were rubbing my pussy, and flipping my clit ring up and down. My pussy was so wet and hot thinking about Garth nearly seeing me naked! And it is not like I haven't shown a lot of men my titties, but this was different. This was at my home to a man I didn't know was watching and whom I didn't intend to show anything to. Somehow it made it even more erotic. I got my vibrator out and began buzzing my clit ring. That didn't take long before I was gasping and quivering in orgasm. I rested a few minutes and imagined Garth watching me playing with my pussy. Watching me as I lay naked on my bed rubbing my pussy with my vibrator. I spread my lips with my left hand and put the tip of the vibrator inside. Then as I imagined Garth kneeling between my widely spread legs, imagined his hard cock pushing into my pussy, I slid the vibrator deep inside me and began sliding it in and out. Very slowly at first, then faster and faster! I came so hard that I half moaned and screamed.

That night in bed I told Hubby about Garth spying on me, and Hubby got very hard! I told him about me coming upstairs, at first frightened then getting turned on and masturbating, thinking about Garth fucking me. Hubby came twice that night, the second time as I was coming and calling out, 'Yes, fuck me! Fuck me Garth!'

The next morning Hubby Cane up behind me as I was drying off from my shower, and I felt his erection pressing into my buttocks. He encircled me in his arms and cupped my big titties in his hands. Then he began using his 'sexy' voice. The one he uses whenever he is horny and wants me to do something special! I thought it was going to be a request for a quickie, but he wanted me to do something sexy today. He wanted me to wear sexy under clothes to work. He wanted me to wear white stockings and a garter with a pair of my thong panties. I told him no one would see me in them and he answered that it was to put me in a sexy mood. Then he dropped the bomb. He wanted me to do the same thing as yesterday, but this time to strip completely and let Garth see me naked, nipple rings, clit ring, shaved pussy and all. He wanted me to strip with my back to the window, then turn and let Garth see me frontally. Hubby wanted me to call him on our cordless phone and tell me if I could see Garth watching and to describe in detail as I stripped! I was very reluctant but Hubby can talk me into most anything. I told him I would think about the strip show.

I have to admit that wearing the stockings and garter with my thong panties did keep me pretty aroused all day! Thongs are a little uncomfortable, ridding in the crack of your ass as they do, but it just seemed to keep me stimulated and on the verge of orgasm all day long! When 3:15 rolled around I was ready to go home and get out of my clothes...and just maybe let Garth get an eyeful!

When I got home I called Hubby on his cell phone as he had requested. What I didn't know at the time was that Hubby had taken off work early and was at our home upstairs when I called! He had me go into the bathroom and pretend I was just having a friendly phone call. I stood in front of the mirror like the day before and noticed that Hubby had the blinds open even more generously than yesterday! I think Hubby knew Garth was there when he heard me draw in a deep breath! After a few minutes he had me take off my dress and slip, all the time with my back was to Garth. Hubby wanted Garth to see my ass in my thong, framed by my garter and stockings. I have to admit I was very turned on and very wet as I stood there in just my bra, panties and stockings! My hands were trembling as I reached behind me and unhooked my bra. This time I let it slowly fall from my breasts and I knew Garth could see in the mirror my nipples and rings clearly.

My mouth was dry and I could hear the tension in Hubby's voice as he told me to drop my panties. I did this slowly, and as I bent over I knew Garth could see my pussy lips from behind. Hubby had me stand with my back still to Garth and slightly spread my legs. He told me he was going to have to go back to work, and then he clicked off the phone. I stood there for a few seconds with my wet, aching pussy, and put down the phone. Then I brought my hands up to my breasts and cupped them. 'All right' I thought. 'He wants me to put on a show for Garth? Well, I'll put on a show that will melt his cock!'

I began to squeeze my breasts and after a few moments dropped a hand down to my pussy and began to rub my clit. I was so wet and hot, I wanted to slip a couple of fingers inside me and make me cum. I thought that Garth might like to see that so I turned slowly around and leaned back against the washbasin, spread my legs and began fingering my wet pussy, I glanced at the window with half hooded eyes wanting to catch a glimpse of Garth. I wanted to see his head bobbing, and I would know he was masturbating as he watched me! But as I looked for his face at the window...he was gone! Then I was startled by a noise to my right, and standing there in the doorway to my bathroom, stark naked and sporting one on the biggest cocks I had ever seen, was Garth! I almost screamed but instead I stood there frozen and speechless. Garth walked slowly towards me, his huge cock bobbing with each step. He stood in front of me and placed his hands on my breasts. I felt the tip of his cock as it pressed against my belly.

'Don't hurt me!' I gasped.

'Hurt you? I'm not going to hurt you', Garth said. 'I'm going to fuck you.'

I felt my knees buckle, and Garth caught me, and picked me up. He carried me into the living room where he laid me down on the sofa. My head no sooner was on the cushion than his lips pressed into mine, and I felt his hot tongue as it probed my open mouth! I was gasping between his kisses, his tongue a hot coal of passion, his calloused hands all over my body, squeezing my breasts, caressing my stomach, and cupping my pussy. I spread my legs and felt his finger driving between my pussy lips! Oh god, his finger was nearly as large as Hubby's cock!

Garth began kissing down my chest, where he paused to kiss and bit my hardened nipples. He kissed lower down my belly, and then I felt his tongue on my pussy. I was moaning loudly, thrashing my head from side to side as he licked and sucked my pussy. I came twice, and then when I had rested I had Garth lie back, as I was anxious to get my hands on that big cock. I cooed as I stroked that big thing, and looked Garth in the eyes as I lowered my head and engulfed his cock in my mouth. It was so big, the best I could do was get the head in my mouth and a very few inches of shaft, but Garth seemed to love it none the less! I sucked and licked him until the whole thing was slick with my saliva, then I squatted over him, and guided his cock to my pussy as I sat down. I felt stuffed as I took nearly the whole thing into my pussy. I leaned forward and placed my hands upon his chest. I began to rock back and forth driving that thing in and out of my pussy. Garth's hands were busy on my titties and I dropped my head down and pressed my lips to his and I came again!

I leaned up, and let Garth suck my nipples again, all the time he was slowly working his cock in and out of my pussy. I pulled my nipple from his mouth and got up, turned away from him and guided his cock back into my pussy; I leaned back and rotated my hips as he began to fuck up into me again. We both began to buck very hard and I felt Garth stiffen and groan. I felt his cock exploding inside my pussy, and he filled me with so much cum it oozed out running down the crease of my ass and pooled on his balls! I slowly looked up, and there was Hubby standing in the hallway, naked, his spent cock in his hand, cum dripping from his fist!

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