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Gas Again


"Feeling comfy?" asked the dentist, as the chair gently lowered David R. to a near – horizontal position.

"Yes, very, thanks," David R. said.

"Okay, then, we'll proceed with getting that nasty tooth of yours sorted, shall we?" the dentist continued.

David R. nodded.

"Justine?" said the dentist, from somewhere above and behind David R. The nurse, Justine, came into David R.'s vision. A lovely black woman with flawless ebony skin, her uniform seemed to be a little tight around the bust. The image made David R. feel hot.

Justine reached for the anaesthesia mask and brought it up towards David R. to place over his nose, hooking it over his head to hold it in place. As she did so, she leaned forwards and David R. caught sight of her magnificent cleavage. Wow, he thought.

"Anything else you need to say before lights out?" the dentist asked. David R. smiled, shook his head.

"Okay, then, you'll be feeling on top of the world in a minute," the dentist said, chuckling. "Justine."

Justine stood calmly at the foot of the dentist's chair, facing David R, her hand on the anaesthesia unit. Her expression dispassionate, bored even, she slowly began to turn the wheel.


David R. found he'd been breathing the gas before he even smelled the strange medicinal scent building up. Already he felt lightheaded. He let out an involuntary chuckle. Is this what the perverts pay for? he asked himself.

"That's it," the dentist said. "Deep breaths now ..."


David R.

"Damn my bloody tooth," David R. said, futilely sucking at the medicated mint his best friend at the Record said was sovereign against toothaches. Indicating, he turned the car right, into the large customer car park area underneath the big sign, The Post Dental Practice.

Finding a parking space, David R. pulled up, secured the vehicle, climbed out of the car. Cold air entered his mouth, causing the pain in his tooth to flare up. David R. winced. Not too long now, he said. Then I can get this bloody thing behind me and get on with my story.

Across from him was the entrance to the Post Dental Practice, an unprepossessing little door set in a blank brick wall, with a few windows on the first and second floors. David R. saw a few of the windows had their blinds open, and caught a glimpse of a beautiful black girl wearing a provocatively tight white dental nurse's uniform.

He caught sight of her as she turned towards the window, then bent over. Dreads, cornrow braids. Beautiful dark eyes ...

He enjoyed the sight of her a moment, before an angry hoot behind him made him jump. Startled, David R. turned, to see that a car had driven up behind him, only to find him standing in the middle of the driveway staring up into the air like an idiot. Abashed, his face flushed, David R. stepped aside, let the angry, tense driver through. He caught her face; she was young, pretty, brunette, but damn if she didn't have a temper on her.

David R. looked at the door, then back up at the window. The nurse had gone. Damn, he thought. He glanced at the door again, then squared his shoulders. Should've had that spot of Dutch courage before I came, he thought. But then I had to drive here, so ... He sighed and approached the door.

Through the door was a corridor, with a friendly signpost which read RECEPTION --> in blue, rounded letters. David R. followed the signs through the corridor until he came to a set of stairs, which he climbed up to get to Reception.

Reception was bright and sunny; the blinds were wide open, and the sunlight streamed into the room, giving the room with its cream yellow walls a happy glow. Around the reception area were rows of long comfy sofas set against the walls, and a double back to back row of soft armless chairs in the middle, all upholstered in the same midnight blue. There were half a dozen patients there; a dour looking old man wearing a thick lumberjack – style red and black check coat; a blonde woman wearing a white coat with a pink lining and white furry collar, white trousers, pink high heeled shoes and carrying a matching pink handbag; two young men, who looked like brothers with the same red hair, the same green eyes, the same black leather jacket, jeans and boots; a professional–looking woman in a business suit with olive skin, her long black hair tied behind her in a ponytail, and finally a young Oriental woman in a black top and black jeans, wearing a black leather coat.

"Miss Tan?" someone called. It was David R.'s dentist, Mr Tilley. The oriental woman got up, went over to Mr Tilley. Passing by David R., the young man slicked back his mousey brown hair and attempted his most charming smile. Miss Tan cold shouldered him, continued on her way.

Cold bitch, David R. thought; then he turned his attention to the big Reception desk, behind which sat the new Receptionist, Sarah C.

Sarah was blonde, and had one of those fresh, pretty faces that made her look like an eighteen year old. She had a pert, oval face with high but not prominent cheekbones, and luscious, full, broad lips. Sarah C. didn't wear much makeup, and next to none on the lips.

"Hello again," said Sarah C. "Here for your appointment?"

David R. grinned, nodded. "I'm a little early," he replied.

"Well, if you'll wait a while, Mr Tilley is seeing another patient first," Sarah C. said. "He won't be long before it's your turn."

"Good job," David R. said. "My bloody tooth's killing me."

"Filling fall out?" Sarah C. asked. David R. nodded. "Well, Mr Tilley did let you know that it was likely to happen. Not to worry." She smiled, handed David R. a manila folder. "He'll take care of it now."

"Do I hand this to Mr Tilley?" David R. asked.

"Yes, thanks," Sarah C. replied, with a slow nod. David R. smiled, nodded, went to the nearest empty seat, sat down.

The folder was not the only thing Sarah C. had handed him. Held between the covers of the manila folder was a slip of paper. David R. took it out discreetly, unfolded it when he thought nobody was looking.

Something definitely weird going on here, the note said. No evidence yet, but nurses aren't letting me in on something.


David crumpled up the note, put it in his pocket. Figures, he said to himself.

So there is a connection between this place and the College Orgy, he added, glancing around to see if any of the nurses had been observing him. Seeing nobody else around but the patients and Sarah C., David R. sighed and sat back, waiting his turn patiently as his tooth throbbed painfully in his mouth.

Mr Tilley

"And there you go, Miss Tan," said Mr Tilley, straightening up from examining her mouth. "Right as rain."

Mr Tilley was a handsome man, middle aged, still slim. Clean shaven, he had sparkly green eyes, dark hair just starting to grey, and an engaging smile.

Miss Tan slowly rose from her chair. She felt dizzy.

"Here," said the nurse, Justine; the black nurse. Miss Tan saw a plastic disposable cup filled with pink fluid. She accepted the cup, took a mouthful, swilled it about in her mouth and spat into the little spit disposal unit on the arm of the chair.

As before, the stuff tasted strange in her mouth; Miss Tan felt the dizziness come back to her.

"Oh, that's a small side effect of the anaesthetic we're using on your teeth," Mr Tilley said. "Tell you what, why don't you allow Justine to take you to the Recovery Room, and you can sit there for a bit until your head clears."

Miss Tan hesitated.

"Justine will guide you," Mr Tilley said. "Go with her now, and wait in the recovery room."

Numbly, Miss Tan let Nurse Justine lead her away.

Mr Tilley smiled, looked at the cup with the pink liquid.

"Okay, that liquid solution takes time to work, but is effective over the long term," he said. He glanced at the gas anaesthetic unit at the foot of the dentist's chair. "But the gaseous compound has an immediate effect, even if it lasts a short time."

He busied himself with clearing up the equipment and preparing the room for the next patient, one David R.

Mr Tilley smiled. He had a special treatment planned for him ...

Miss Tan

"Here you are," Nurse Justine said, smiling, as Miss Tan entered the Recovery Room just off Reception. By the time she got to the comfy chair, her legs were feeling distinctly wobbly.

"I feel odd," Miss Tan said.

"You would," Nurse Justine replied. "You just had a tooth out. That's bound to be a bit of a shock for your first time."

"Okay," Miss Tan said.

"Sit here," Nurse Justine said. Miss Tan sat.

"What's your first name, honey?" asked Nurse Justine.

"Kel – Kelly," Miss Tan replied.

"Well, Kelly, you just sit here and in a moment you'll feel as right as rain, no worries," Nurse Justine replied.

Miss Tan watched as Nurse Justine turned and left the room, leaving her alone to look at the clock on the opposite wall and the dental posters. There were magazines on the coffee table, but right at this moment Miss Tan could not care less about anything. Her head was simply spinning, and her legs were wobbly underneath her.

David R.

David R. could not believe his luck. That gorgeous black nurse he'd glimpsed in the window was approaching him.

"David R---?" she said, a broad grin. "Mr Tilley will be seeing you shortly," she added. "He'll be a moment with his patient, and then he'll be ready, okay?"

David R. nodded, tried not to show his arousal, failed to control the flushing of his burning cheeks anyway. He'd met this nurse, Justine, before when she'd been in Reception. Boy, was she hot; but back then, when he'd arranged his first booking with Mr Tilley, she'd politely but firmly rebuffed his request for a date.

A shame, that, David R. thought, as he watched Mr Tilley cross Reception to go into the Recovery Room.

"Where's that?" David R. asked. Nurse Justine followed David R.'s gaze. She turned back to him.

"That's the Recovery Room," she replied. "If you've been given general, or if you've had major orthodontic surgery, you can rest there for a while until you feel better."

"Okay," David R. said.

Kelly Tan

The door opened. Kelly Tan did not move her head to see who it was. A shadow fell across her, and then Mr Tilley's face came down to meet her. Kelly didn't move.

"Do what I tell you," Mr Tilley said. "Raise your right arm as if you were asking a question in school."

Kelly obeyed.

"Good, good," Mr Tilley said. "Let your right arm go. Stand up."

Kelly Tan lowered her arm, stood up, continued staring forwards. She had no idea why she was doing this, instead of just getting into the car and going home. It just seemed a sensible thing to do.

"Good," Mr Tilley said. "Kick off your shoes."

Again, Miss Tan did so, standing in stockinged feet on the carpet.

"Sit down again," Mr Tilley said. "You're just about ready. How does your mouth feel?"

"Fine," Kelly said.

"Good," Mr Tilley said. "I'm glad I did a good job on them. You really have the loveliest teeth. I'll bet you have a gorgeous smile, too. Smile for me, please."

Kelly's smile stretched from ear to ear.

"H'mm," Mr Tilley said, frowning slightly. "Let's do something different. Do you have a boyfriend?"

"No," Kelly said. "I'm too busy with work."

"Then you need someone in your life whom you find very sexy and attractive," the dentist said, solemnly. "You know that man you blanked back in Reception? The one who tried it on with you?"

"Yes," Kelly said.

"He is very attractive," Mr Tilley said, "and very sexy. Do you understand?"

Kelly Tan thought of David R. Her mouth curled into a seductive grin; her eyes softened, her pupils dilated, as she thought of him.

"You wonder what he is like in bed," Mr Tilley said. The grin grew wider. Kelly's face flushed.

"You're feeling very aroused right now," Mr Tilley said. Kelly's breath became short, rapid, shallow. The flush in her cheeks began to creep down her neck.

"Loosen your blouse for me." Kelly began to unbutton her blouse.

"That's good," Mr Tilley said, "but now save it for that man when you see him."

"Okay," Kelly said, calming down slightly. Her hands dropped to her side, leaving her blouse partially unbuttoned.

"In a while, one of the nurses will come in here," Mr Tilley said, "and give you something to wear. When you are given the item to wear, you will wear it as the nurse directs you. Do you understand?"

"I will," Kelly Tan said, nodding.

"It is important that you put the item on immediately, as the nurse instructs you," Mr Tilley said. "And then I will come in and give you further instructions. But first, just wait here until the nurse comes in."

Kelly Tan sat back.

"Relax," Mr Tilley said. Kelly Tan relaxed. Mr Tilley left the room, and the door closed behind him.

David R.

David R. watched as Mr Tilley exited the Recovery Room and went into a corridor leading to the operating rooms.

"There's a lot of activity going on," he said to Sarah C., who nodded. David R. continued to look around the room.

There was a TV set across the room from him, which was playing loops of advertisements for dental services. Nobody was watching.

Mr Tilley

It was almost time.

Mr Tilley popped into the other two surgery rooms, where patients sat in their chairs, being presided over by his partners, Miss Mostyn and Mr Grange. Miss Mostyn was blonde, with a triangular face, high cheekbones and a pointed chin. Mr Grange was a square-faced, greying man with a salt-and-pepper moustache.

"You done?" Mr Tilley asked Miss Mostyn.

"Just finishing off the polishing," she said, her face obscured by a surgical mask.

Across the room from her, Mr Mostyn was just letting his patient up. Mr Weems was 56 years old, happily married.

"Done," Mr Grange replied.

"Good," Mr Tilley said. "There are no more surgeries scheduled for this afternoon, Max. Take the afternoon off."

"Sure," Max replied, taking off his surgical mask. "Sadie, help Mr Weems back to Reception." He gave Nurse Sadie a manila folder. "Take this to Reception, and have Sarah make the payment arrangements, okay?"

Sadie was petite, brunette, with Gypsy features and smouldering dark eyes. She smiled, accepted the manila folder from Mr Grange.

"You ready?" Mr Tilley asked Sadie. Sadie nodded.

"When you're done with Mr Weems, go and help Beverley," Mr Tilley said. "I'll round up Helga and send her down to you when Miss Mostyn's done with her."

"All right," Nurse Sadie replied. "This way, Mr Weems," she said, leading the man out of the surgery room.

"Generous of you to let me go like this," Mr Grange said.

"Well, I'll probably expect you to do the same for me some time," Mr Tilley replied.

"I'll do that," Mr Grange said. "Like those breaks you take for a few days every now and then."

"Something like that," Mr Tilley said, watching Mr Grange leave the room. Once it was vacated, Mr Tilley shut and locked the door, then checked Miss Mostyn's room, which was also empty.

Sadie returned. "Mr Weems and Mr Grange," she said, "have left the building. Miss Mostyn's taking her lunch break now in the staff room."

"Who else is there?"

"Helga," Sadie said.

"Okay," Mr Tilley said. "Get Justine, Helga and Beverley ready. Justine knows what to do. She'll bring this David chap into my surgery, and when I give the signal, you, Helga and Beverley do what you've got to do, okay?"

"Yes," Sadie said.

Miss Mostyn

"Top up?" asked Helga. Miss Sandra Mostyn shook her head.

"No ta," she said. "I've drunk enough tea today. You go ahead."

"Cheers, Sandra," Helga replied, topping up her cup of tea.

Sandra sat back, sighing, her own cup of tea in her hands. "It's been a long day," she said. "Tiring."

Helga, a tall leggy blonde with a distinctly Nordic appearance, sat back and smiled. "You don't know the half," she replied. She fished for a packet of cigarettes in her bag. "Smoke?"

Sandra shook her head. Helga took one out of the packet, put it to her mouth, lit it, blew a long streamer of blue smoke up at the air conditioning grille overhead, which blew a streamer of cool fresh air into the room.

David R.

"Would you like to come with me, please?" asked Justine.

"Gladly," David R. said. He got up, cast a glance over at the newcomer to Reception: that angry woman who'd almost run David R. over out in the car park earlier.

Through the short corridor, Justine led David R. until they came to Mr Tilley's surgery room. "In here," Justine said, ushering David R. in. Mr Tilley was already waiting for them, his surgical mask around his neck. Mr Tilley smiled, showed David R. to his seat.

"So how are you feeling today?" Mr Tilley asked, as David climbed into the chair.

"My tooth's lousy," David R. replied, "but otherwise, okay."

"Glad to hear of it, David," Mr Tilley replied. "I'm going to lower the chair now." The chair began to recline.

"Feeling comfy?"

"Yes, very, thanks."

"Okay, then, we'll proceed with getting that nasty tooth of yours sorted, shall we?"

David R. nodded.


David R. watched as Justine approached, caught a glimpse of her cleavage, felt naughty thoughts as she adjusted the mask over his nose.

"Anything else you need to say before lights out?"

David R. smiled, shook his head.

Mr Tilley chuckled. "Okay, then, you'll be feeling on top of the world in a minute. Justine."

Justine stood, dispassionately, at the foot of the chair, and slowly turned the wheel of the gas cylinder.


Is this what the perverts pay for? David R. asked himself, chuckling as the gas stated to take effect.

"That's it," the dentist said. "Deep breaths now ..."

Kelly Tan

The door opened again. Kelly didn't move or say anything as the young, sultry brunette nurse came over to her, carrying something in her hand. The nurse bent over to look at Kelly.

"I'm Sadie. How are you feeling?" the nurse asked.

"I am relaxing," Kelly replied. "Mr Tilley told me to relax."

"Good," Sadie said, holding up the item.

It was a full face gas mask.

"Put this on," Sadie told Kelly. Kelly obediently put on the gasmask, and Sadie leaned forwards to adjust it about Kelly's face.

"Now you're almost ready," Sadie said. "Carry on sitting here and relaxing," Sadie added. "Someone will come by shortly to give you further instructions, okay?"

"Okay," Kelly replied, her voice muffled by the mask.

David R.

Wow, thought David R. as the gas really began to hit home. He felt completely relaxed, unable to move a muscle.

Justine still looked bored, her hand on the wheel of the cylinder.

"Justine," said Mr Tilley. Justine came up towards David R.'s head, moved out of his field of vision. All he could see was the far wall, and the window, whose blinds were closed.

David R. felt really, really relaxed. "Good ... stuff ..." he managed to say, his voice slurring.

"Well so far, you've only caught the lightest whiff of gas," Mr Tilley said, "enough to make you feel good. Would you like a bit of a giggle now, David?"

David R. nodded, dopily. Should be fun, he thought.

"Justine," Mr Tilley said.

Back came Justine into David R.'s field of vision, her back turned towards him so that all he could see of her was the back of her head, those tight shoulder length dreads she wore.

Then she turned, and David R. got the shock of his life.

What's she wearing? he thought. That looks like a fucking gasmask!

Once more, Justine positioned herself beside the anaesthesia machine, right at the foot of the dentist's chair, straight ahead of David R. Her face behind the gasmask remained impassive. Her hand rested on the wheel. Turned it up.

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