Gas Money


By the end of my first year at college, I was terribly homesick and dying for a relief from all of the stress. As an English major in the honors program, my workload was tough enough, but on top of that, my girlfriend of 2 years dumped me a few weeks after move in day. We dated in high school and decided to attend the same university to stay-together. What a stupid decision that was. I could have gone out of state, free to live a new life with a fresh start. To be completely honest, I kind of saw the break up coming. Sarah is flat out gorgeous with her long brown hair, slim frame and an ass that would make you surprised it was attached to a white girl's body. Her breasts were impressively full and perky for her size as well. Most of the guys I hung out with in high school were black, like myself. I didn't really care whether Sarah was black or white, but my homies used to always give me props for pulling a "snow bunny". I'm a skinny guy and I don't play sports, unless you count marching band. I'm healthy and fairly fit, but not your typical model of overt masculinity. Sarah was the captain of the dance team and I always had a feeling that she was out of my league and would probably leave me for a strong, tall, and handsome athletic type, and that's exactly what she did.

During exam week, I decided to go on my university's ridesharing Facebook page to see if anyone was travelling to my city for break. Ganderville is only two hours North, so I knew I had a good chance of finding a ride, even on such short notice. I would normally go with my buddy, Kevin, but he still had a final exam a couple days after my last one and I really didn't want to stay around campus for any longer than I already had to. After about 3 minutes of searching, I came across a post that read:

"Headed to Ganderville this Thursday evening. One seat available. Gas $$ appreciated. First come, first serve!"

The guy's name was Jake. I clicked on his profile to see if this person looked like a reasonable stranger to go on a road trip with. He was thin, white, and probably about 5'9", with short blonde hair. He had a soft, smooth, boyish face. His eyebrows were neatly defined. He was a freshman, like myself and by the time I had this information I was already messaging him.

"Hey man, I'm Jermaine. Do you still have a seat available?" I said. His response came back fairly quickly.

"Hey Jermaine, of course! It will just be you and me... :)" I was slightly taken aback by the smiley face. Guys don't usually use exclamation marks and smiley faces when messaging other guys, especially not to a guy you just met. It gave an extra friendly, if not flirtatious, tone to the message. I mean, Maybe he was just a really friendly person. Or maybe he was gay. I didn't want to make assumptions or stereotype. It honestly didn't matter to me one way or the other. Maybe if we became friends, he could be a pretty effective wingman. Girls love partying with gay men, I thought as I daydreamed about him helping me find girls at parties. I snapped out of it and replied, "Great I'll see you Thursday! :)" I guess I sent a smiley face back just to reciprocate.


On Thursday evening I stood outside my dorm with my backpack and a medium sized suitcase as I waited for Jake to pick me up. I heard a car honk and I turned my head to see Jake pulling up to my side of the curb in a Honda CRV. He was the only person in the vehicle and I wondered why he said he only had room for the two of us. As he parked in front of me, I could see that his backseat and trunk were filled with bags behind his tinted windows. He rolled down the passenger window.

"Hey, Jermaine!" he yelled from the driver's seat, leaning over in my direction. "Go ahead and try to squeeze your bags anywhere you can find a spot back there, haha! Sorry it's so crowded back there. I'm not good at packing lightly!"

"It's alright!" I said while forcing a small laugh. I moved a couple bags around in the backseat then shoved mine in. I just barely managed to get the door closed, then I hopped into the front seat.

"Nice to officially meet!" Jake said as he reached out his hand for a shake. I couldn't help but notice that his hand was very soft as I grabbed it. He had big round eyes that looked pretty like a girl's. Is he wearing mascara? I thought as I fixated on his long eyelashes. I snapped out of it.

"Uh, hey man. Nice to meet you," I stuttered. "I appreciate the ride."

"No problem dude. I'm glad to help you out," he said, right before glancing in my direction, smirking, and then focussing back on the road as we pulled off. There was a bit of an awkward pause. What he said next really caught me off guard.

"You're pretty attractive," he said nonchalantly. I sort of laughed hoping to mask my growing level of discomfort for the situation.

"Oh, uh, thank you!" I paused... "But hey, I'm sorry man, maybe I should let you know that I'm not actually into dudes."

"Oh yeah, I already knew that. I just like to make straight guys feel uncomfortable!" he said with a burst of laughter. "Why so standoffish? Loosen up. We're all friends here." There was another brief pause. "So what's your girlfriend like?" he asked abruptly.

"I had a girlfriend," I sighed.

"Oh, I'm sorry. Was she hot?" Jake asked excitedly.

"Yeah... she was in shape, on the dance team, nice ass, long straight hair, perky breasts and had the sexiest eyes," I told him. He kept his eyes on the road, tucked his lips inward and nodded as if he was in serious contemplation.

"Interesting," he finally said. "So do you only date white girls?"

"No, I've dated some black ones before her," I replied. "I had a fling with a filipino girl once, but it was never serious."

"So you keep your options open?" he asked.

"Yeah, I suppose you could say that."

Jake just nodded and went back to focusing on the road. He turned up the radio a bit and didn't talk much for the rest of the trip. When we were about 2 miles out from my exit on the interstate, Jake asked me if I wouldn't mind helping him unload all of his bags at his house before he took me home. I agreed.

We pulled into an impressive gated community. Jake's house was at the center of a cul de sac. Both neighboring houses were huge but not quite as extravagant-looking as Jake's. We hopped out and started grabbing bags. Over my shoulder was one of his weekender bags. It was heavy and I couldn't quite make out what was in there. Definitely some clothing, but I could also feel some other objects rattling around. I rolled one of his large, stuffed suitcases behind me. I followed Jake, who had a duffle bag under each armpit, into the house.

"We'll take these bags upstairs to the master bedroom," he said as he made his way toward the stairs.

"You have the master bedroom in this house?" I asked, fairly surprised. Jake sort of chuckled and said,

"Well, of course I do. This is my house." He looked back at me, winked, and started up the stairs. I admit, I felt quite impressed that Jake apparently owned or had this house to himself. I didn't pry, but I assumed he came from a wealthy family or something. The master bedroom was very well decorated and put together. The bed had a pink, translucent canopy above it and there was a large, fuzzy, pink area rug in the middle of the floor. The room sort of seemed like some girls' fantasy paradise.

"Impressive place you got here," I said, still looking around.

"Thank you," Jake replied as he dropped his bags to the floor. "Wait until you see this." Jake turned his backside toward me, and before I knew what was happening, he had pulled down his pants, just past the hump of his pale white ass, revealing a black lace thong wedged tightly between two butt cheeks. He looked over his shoulder. "What do you think, Jermaine?"

I was frozen with confusion. I thought I had made it clear to Jake that I was not interested in guys. But I couldn't quite account for the growing stiffness inside of my pants as I studied his ass in that thong. It was unusually plump and round for white person-a white boy. As I fixated on his ass, my mind took me back to memories of Sarah. I imagined how if Jake put on a brown wig and some makeup, he would make a convincing doppelganger. I didn't know what was coming over me but my cock was so stiff, pressed up firm against the inside of my jeans. I was in a trance...

"Jermaine?" I was snapped back to reality as Jake turned around. I felt flushed with a cold sweat as I realized he was watching the bulge in my jeans grow while I was being mesmerized by his soft, plump, sexy, pale, white ass cheeks. "No one is watching but us. I can see how excited I'm making you. It'll be our little secret." Jake began to step out of his pants and take off his shirt. He had a smooth, girly looking frame. We locked eyes and I began to reach for my jean button. I tried hard to resist. But I was horny as fuck. I could already feel deposits of precum oozing from my dick and cooling on my thigh.

"I... I'm not.. Gay," I stammered in one last attempt to stay strong against my urges.

"I know you're not, daddy. I'm not either." Now I was more confused. Jake walked over to one of his bags laying on the floor, unzipped it, and pulled out a long, straight, brown wig. "You like brunettes right?" he said as he rested it on his fist. He reached in the same bag, grabbed a brush and began brushing the back, then the sides, then the bangs. He put it on, place a hand on his hip and posed for me as he bit his bottom lip. I had never seen a boy become a sexy girl with so little effort before in my life. "One more thing," he said. He reached in one of the pockets of his duffle bag and pulled out a stick of red lipstick then began to apply it, looking at me all the while. He rubbed his lips together then puckered them for me. "See. It's not gay if I'm a sissy." He walked toward me slowly. "Now call me Jackie and fuck me like a little slutty bitch."

Jackie placed her hand over my bulge and began rubbing it up and down. I was hard as hell!

"Wow! What a big package you got there!" Jackie said with a giggle. "Slim black guys are underrated. I find them too often have the longest cocks!" She undid my pants button, pulled the zipper down, then drew my pants and boxer briefs to my ankles. My dick sprung out in front of me, lightly slapping Jackie in the face. She puckered, then licked her plump lips before gently wrapping them around my rock hard penis.

Her head bobbed back and forth-her mouth surrounding my stick. She gripped the base of my dick with her left hand as her head began bobbing side to side as she went back and forth. I don't know how Jackie was making her tongue do whatever it was that was sending me over the moon, but I didn't want it to stop.

This isn't gay, I reasoned with myself. If anything this was right. How could something so good-so sensual-Be wrong? I felt a passion build up inside of me. As I looked down and watched her bob on my cock, I saw a beautiful, fair-skinned lady making love to me with her mouth and it was fantastic.

She stopped, looked up at me and smiled. Then she stood up and climbed onto the bed. She positioned herself on all fours with her backside facing me. Her ass perked up as she arched her back. Only but a little bit of fabric covering up her asshole and holding her small penis and balls. Hypnotized, I walked toward her, fully erect, then placed both of my hands on her soft ass cheeks. She did a cute little shake for me. I gently pulled her thong from off her body. My cock was still wet from her blow job. Her pink butt hole was lightly flexing. I knew she couldn't wait for me to fill her with my long chocolate penis.

I aligned the head of my dick to the hole and and pushed in. It was tight, but Jackie relaxed as I eased all the way in.

"Mmmmm.." She groaned as I drew back slowly. She began pushing back and forth on my dick all by herself while her own dick and balls flapped between her legs. I grabbed her by the waist with both hands and began thrusting in sync with her motions.

Flap! Flap! Flap! Flap! Flap! Was how it sounded as my pelvis repeatedly thrusted into her plump bottom. I groaned.

"Cum for me, baby. Mmmmm cum inside of me!" Jackie cried.

I could feel it building inside of my balls as they swung low back and forth. I could feel an orgasm building in my chest. I thrusted faster and Jackie moaned louder. I gave one, big, final thrust forward and moaned as my seed filled her ass. I pulled back and watched my cum ooze from her hole. Jackie laid on her stomach, satisfied as I grabbed a towel to clean myself.

I put on my underwear and pants then asked her if she would still take me home. She nodded, held her hand out and said,

"You owe me some gas money."

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