Gathering Storm Ch. 03

byMany Feathers©

I laughed with uncertainty even after hearing her words. Once again intending to stand up and move away. Joy's grip became even firmer, as did the sound of Cynthia's voice.

"No worries Jack...sit back, relax, let her amuse herself...and me, while I watch. It's really ok."

"Could this really be happening?" I asked myself, though I did lean further back into the couch. Joy's hand now expertly working me, sliding up and down, though alternating her teasing of my prick. Sometimes palming it, sometimes merely tweaking the head between her fingers. I realized I had closed my eyes, opening them...glancing over though it was still difficult to see any real expression or features on her mother's face. Just the less dark form of her nude figure sitting there in the chair.

And though we could all hear the diminishing rolls of thunder somewhere in the distance, the lightning itself no longer entered the room, now keeping it dark. Her hand stroked, fondled and then squeezed. She milked me, producing self-made lubricant. She purposely jacked it, smearing it, forcing it to sound as she did so.

"Hmmm," Cynthia moaned softly. Movement more than anything telling me she had repositioned one leg. "Do that some more, I like hearing that," she told her daughter. I liked feeling it, and settled back even more as she again milked my dick forcing out even more pre-cum fuck juice. It was indeed slicker than before as she purposely played with it, even bending it off to one side, releasing it...allowing it to slap back against my own thigh. She did so repeatedly as Cynthia's groans and soft mewling moans began to accompany her doing that.

And then I could hear the subtle, yet again sweet slick sounds her fingers began making as she sat across from the two of us, now quite obviously fingering her own slick, slippery pussy. "Louder!" Cynthia urged her daughter. "I want to hear more...make it slicker, louder!" She asked again, doing so herself now.

As slick as I honestly was...Joy made me even more so, purposely spitting onto my dick. If it wasn't erotic, lusty...even vulgar enough as it was, she made it more so in doing that. Jacking me fiercely now up and down, rapidly, she periodically continued to spit. In the darkness it began sounding almost as though she were churning butter. Next to us...Cynthia had begun to pant. Hearing the pleasure in her soft almost continuous moans now, I knew she was again nearing orgasmic release. The likewise fast, furious fingering of her own cunt clearly heard.

"Come, mother...come," Joy now urged her, which seemed perhaps to have triggered it as she did. Crying out intensely, deeply...her voice taking on a sultry wail as though sirens themselves had appeared adding to it as she came.

And then Joy leaned over, her lips surrounding my cock so unexpectedly, pulling from the root of my balls the rapturous release of my own cosmic explosion.


I was stunned of course that she had done that. Not expecting it in any way shape or form, not even sure that her mother might have suspected it when she had, too lost in her own joyous bliss perhaps to have noticed. I dared not mention it, or that she had. Though again, neither did Joy, licking her lips however, tasting and thus swallowing whatever trace remained of my second copious spending.

"Now we can light candles," she announced standing up. "But first...I gotta pee!"

There was a guest toilet right around the corner down the hallway, which she headed towards. I heard the door open, but never close. And then the familiar tinkle of her piss as she began relieving herself.

"Candles are in the kitchen," Cynthia now stated standing up. "Come Jack, help me light and distribute them."

I followed her down the opposite hallway leading towards the kitchen area where we indeed lit several candles, soon turning the darkness into a soft warm glow. I couldn't help but admire her still nude body as we did so, and noticed that she appeared to be blushing a little. Almost demurely she looked at me, blushing even more perhaps.

"I was sort of naughty wasn't it?" She said. "Doing what we did...but admittedly, it was hot...sensual, arousing, even if it was highly wicked of us both to have done that."

" was," I answered back. "But if you're ok...with what happened," I wondered, wondering as I asked if she knew. If she had known that Joy had taken my cock into her mouth, sucking me...draining me, swallowing my soul in a way when she did that. Even I had to wonder.

"Like I told you before Jack...just don't fuck her. Promise me that, you won't fuck her. Beyond that, I don't mind...I know she can be a real temptation, and I'm not so cruel as to not realize that. Especially leaving the two of you alone together during the day."

Her comment again a reminder of the day to come, and I asked once again. "Are you sure you have to go? Really? I don't mind going with you. I mean shit Cynthia...the weather!"

She walked over, her fingers caressing my chin, a quick soft kiss on the cheek then as well and then a nice lingering hug as I felt the press of her soft breasts digging into my chest.

"I appreciate it...but no Jack. You saw how she can get, so fearful and afraid. This storms just beginning Jack, it's far from being over. Unfortunately I believe, the worst is yet to come, and I'd much prefer you're being here...with her. When it does."

I had no idea just how right she was. But I was about to find out.

To be continued...

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