tagLesbian SexGeisha Training Ch. 03

Geisha Training Ch. 03


Sunday dawned early and most of the girls had gone to the temple to say their prayers. I lay in bed and lounged, waiting for someone to seek me out but all was quiet. I closed my eyes and went back to sleep, awakening at another soft knock, this time from Suki-san.

"Are you all right?"

"Yes. Just sleeping."

"You are late for class."

"Oh! I'm sorry. I hadn't realized it!" I jumped out of bed, forgetting that I was naked. Suki-san admired my figure with a sensual gaze that heated my cheeks. "I was waiting to hear them in the halls... "

"The girls go straight to the classroom from their prayers." I felt her hot breath on my neck as her arms came around me, her hands cupping my breasts and firmly stroking my nipples. "Now, you should get dressed and hurry up."

"Yes, Suki-san." She turned me in her arms and we kissed for a few long moments. Her mouth tasted of butterscotch and chocolate. We gazed at each other for a second, then she kissed the tip of my nose and headed down the hallway. I joined her in the classroom a few minutes later, thanking Naoko for saving me a place and making myself comfortable.

"Now, yesterday, we spoke of pleasuring the female and we learned about female genitalia. Today, we shall learn about seduction."

"Seduction? What will seduction have to do with our duties as geisha?"

"Quite a bit, Akina." Suki-san tugged on a girl's hand who was sitting near the front. "Come on, Yeshune. I require a volunteer." Yeshune sat on the couch at the front of the class, trying her best not to giggle. "Now watch. I shall seduce her without words."

Suki-san first took her shirt and pants off, then crawled onto the couch, her eyes locked onto Yeshune's. The young girl smiled nervously, smoothing her kimono down over her legs. Suki-san moved beside her and reached out a hand, gently smoothing the woman's hair back from her face and cupping her chin. Yeshune looked down at her hands folded in her lap, then back up into Suki-san's eyes. Suki-san's hands did the seduction. They touched, stroked, gentled. Before our eyes, Suki-san hypnotized Yeshune with her touch. When she reached into the woman's kimono, no doubt squeezing her breast and giving her a warm kiss, Yeshune was hers.

"That's how it's done."

That day and the next two weekends, we honed our seduction skills. The simple method of the first day progressed into more complex techniques and became foreplay. There was verbal foreplay, consisting of everything from innocent words to filthy phrases. Several of the girls couldn't fathom the idea of talking dirty but with Suki-san's help, they learned quickly and at length, became comfortable. Oral foreplay was next. Practicing on each other, we learn the art of raising the temperature: licking inner thighs, sucking toes, nibbling on necks, kissing the wet slit but not slipping the tongue in. Everything we learned was designed to break down barriers, set the client at ease and make the woman beg to be brought off. Foreplay was the difference between being a whore and a geisha and a keyword here was patience.

Three weeks before the end of my year, we were called in to Hana-san's office by Suki-san. By then, there were only nine of us. Akiko had left due to becoming pregnant and could no longer be involved in the program. Each day became a dress rehearsal for a day in our geisha profession. We played the shamisen, we spoke with each other, read the newspapers and practiced the tea ceremony. Suki-san began by pronouncing us the best class that she had ever had. Hana-san gifted us with jade brooches, meant to be used with the kimonos and gave us our final exam.

Upstairs awaited nine of Hana-san's best regulars. We were to each pair off with them and give them the best service we could. Our sessions would be videotaped for later critiquing and the woman who provided the best service would win a coveted spot in Suki-san's o-chaya as well as have a gift of her own choosing. We were given twenty minutes to prepare and chaos broke out as we all tried to exit the room at once.

Suki-san pulled me aside, giving me one of her patented lover's kisses and a tender embrace this time. "Make me proud."

I didn't say a word. I knew what she expected of me and I wouldn't let this beauty down. I went to my room and pulled out a garment bag that I'd been hiding in the very back of my rack of kimonos. I laid it on the bed and unzipped it, pushing the plastic material aside and gazing on nearly $5,000 worth of kimono. Raw magenta and pink silk and golden embroidery made this a work of art and I had paid a high price. I quickly stripped, pulled the kimono on and did my hair and makeup until I resembled an Utamaro geisha. Perfect. I slid my two-toed stockinged feet into the geta and ascended the stairs.

Maybe it was just me, but the world seemed to stop when I reached the top of the stairs. I've always had an unfair advantage because of my height but something told me that the extra money I'd spent on the kimono and the extra time I'd spent learning makeup skills had paid off. Even Suki-san stared at me. I bowed to everyone in the room and immediately shuffled over to Suki-san, reserving my lowest and most deferential bow for her.

"Good evening, Suki-san."

"Good evening, Nikki-san. May I say that you take my breath away."

"Domo." I tried not to grin. Instead, I flicked my fan out and turned to the woman she was speaking with, giving her a slight nod of my head. I would later find out that this was the fabled Nozomi-san, the geisha all aspired to become. She was older, in her late forties, with coal black hair, deep, dark eyes and an infectious smile. Her small hands were elegant, even in their arthritic stage and her legs were smooth and unmarked. I had caught her eye, but looked away quickly. It would not do to presume that I was on her level. I fanned my heated face and waited for Suki-san to address me again.

"Nikki-san is our best, Nozomi-san."

"Is she?" I felt her apprising eyes on me but resisted the urge to look up. "I heard that she's American."

"Yes, she is. She came to us from San Francisco, in the great state of California."

"Ah, I see. She's very tall."

"Not so much so. She's 5'9". While she is taller than some of us, her height does not put her at a disadvantage." Nozomi-san gave her a nod. "Do you wish to have her service?"

"I don't know, Suki. I haven't made my choice yet." My heart dropped into the depths of my already nervous stomach. "But I reserve my right of first choice."

Suki-san gave a nod. "As you wish, Nozomi-san." I gave a parting nod and allowed Suki-san to escort me away, where Nozomi-san could not overhear our conversation. "She likes you!"

"She has a funny way of showing it."

"She is our best female-only geisha, Nikki-san. Perhaps she is just jaded."

I gave her words some thought as I watched the other girls mingling and conversing with the other women. Only a few were dressed in kimonos. Most were wearing street clothes: jeans, T-shirts, dress slacks, suits. Nozomi-san was wearing a double kimono, a specialty item that I'd thought about buying but ultimately turned down. The inner kimono would be nothing more than a thin, gauzy robe with a silken collar. Perfect for seduction. So I knew that Nozomi-san had come with the purpose of being seduced. Shibumi approached her but was quickly turned away. Yeshune, Naoko, Keiko, Akina and Risako also tried but she rebuffed them easily. I wondered what she was waiting for.

I pocketed my fan and went to the table Suki-san had set up, gathering a small bunch of strawberries and a cup of crème frâiche and shuffled over to where she had sat. "Nozomi-san, may I serve you some strawberries?"

Her dark eyes seemed to pierce through me and I was pleasantly surprised when she said, "Yes."

I knelt on my haunches at the side of her chair, used a small melon baller to remove the stem, speared it on a cocktail knife and dipped it in the crème, lifting it to her lips. Her eyes met and held mine as the sweet red berry slid past her lips, the cream collecting at the corners. Nozomi-san chewed for a long moment, our eyes still holding, then her tongue slid out to clean the cream. "Good?"

"Yes." She gave me a small smile. "Another, please."

I spent the next twenty minutes feeding Nozomi-san the strawberries. When the plate was empty, she sat back with a smile and said, "Thanks." I nodded and arose and spent the next hour avoiding her. Suki-san came to find me, sitting in the hallway and having a cup of tea.

"What are you doing?" She yanked my arm so hard that I nearly lost the saucer. "Nozomi-san has been asking for you for the last thirty minutes!"


"So? SO? You're saying so to Nozomi-san?"

"No. I'm making her beg for me." I gave Suki-san a tiny smile, not wanting to crack my drying makeup. "Isn't that what you taught me about seduction?"

Suki-san tried her best not to smile but couldn't help it. "Well, you learned that lesson well. She's practically beside herself thinking that someone else has taken you."

"Good." I set my tea down and arose, making sure that my sash was properly tied and my robe straight. "I will go in and see her now."

Nozomi-san was in quite a state when I entered the room but when she saw me, her mask of indifference dropped back down and I was relegated to the ranks of the other geisha. I made a turn and insinuated myself into the group of girls, ignoring Nozomi-san. I could see her out of the corner of my eye but I made myself keep ignoring her, no matter how many cigarettes she smoked.

Finally, it grew so late that the girls started to take their clients to their assigned rooms. I sat on the opposite side of the room, just out of Nozomi-san's sight and slowly sipped a cup of tea. When she came stomping over, I quickly arose. "The nerve! I've never been treated like this in my life!"

"I'm sorry, Nozomi-san. Treated like what?" I let my eyes flick to Suki-san who stood blanch-faced behind me. "Suki-san told me that you had not yet made a decision."

"I have made a decision. I thought that much was clear when I agreed to let you feed me strawberries."

"Then I must be the ignorant one, Nozomi-san. I thought I was just serving you strawberries." I could see by Nozomi-san's expression that she didn't know whether to be outraged or to laugh. A twitch at the corner of her mouth told me that the ice had been broken and she gave me a warm smile. I knelt at her feet. "If you will forgive my ignorance, Nozomi-san, I would be most pleased to provide service to you."

Nozomi-san arose and offered me her hand. "I accept." She leaned close and whispered, "And you'd better be good, you little minx!"

I escorted her to my assigned room and once inside, I leaned down and gave her a small kiss. "Would you like makeup on or off?"

"Off. And more strawberries." It took me five minutes to get rid of my makeup and grab a bowlful of fruit. When I returned, Nozomi gasped. "My goodness, you're beautiful!"

"As are you, Nozomi-san."

"I'm too old to be beautiful."

"No, you're not." I touched her face, running my fingers over her soft skin, then moved forward to replace them with my lips. Her perfume wafted into my nostrils and I suddenly had the urge to smell another type of perfume. I left my hands move down until I'd reached the juncture of her legs and gave her pussy a squeeze. She moaned, her hands reaching out for me. I unbelted her robe and mine, happy to see that she was naked beneath. I pulled the heavy outer kimono off, letting it fall to the floor, then let mine sag along with it. Her small breasts sat high and proud and I licked them through the gossamer material. Delicious. I pressed her back onto the bed and spread the second robe open.

I had started my seduction with her mind; now, I continued with her body. I picked up a strawberry, bit off the end and rubbed the sweet, tart juice on each nipple, following with my lips. Nozomi-san moaned again. I laid the fruit against her lips and let her eat it. Selecting another from the bowl, I traced the length of her body with it, positioning myself between her legs. I hadn't done my test but I knew that Nozomi-san would taste divine. I parted her thighs and lay between. Instead of my tongue, I used the strawberry to open her wet slit. She gasped in delight. I rubbed it up and down, over and over until it was well-coated with her juices and lifting so that she could see my face, I laid the slick tip on my tongue and licked it clean.

Nozomi-san gasped again. She'd never seen anything like that, nor had it done to her. I took another berry from the bowl and this time, I gently pressed it into her hole. She came immediately, her hips thrusting upward and a cry coming from her mouth. I pulled the berry out slightly, then pushed it back in. She jumped again, gasping each time I repeated the action. After I was satisfied that she'd cum several times, I left the strawberry inside her and slowly, deftly began to eat it out.

I'd never heard anyone scream like she did. She came so hard that her cry brought Suki-san running. "Nozomi-san! Are you all right?"

"Yes! Oh, yes! I'm fine." Suki-san shut the door and I went back to work, eating more strawberries and driving Nozomi-san to more orgasms. Finally, she begged for me to stop, gasping for breath. "That was the best I've ever had."

All I could do was smile and dip another berry into her juicy slit.

* * * * *

We did not find out who won until our graduation ceremony, the erigae, where those who had chosen to become true geisha would be 'crowned'. Since I was not participating in the normal geisha protocol, the ceremony was largely ornamental for me. At the ceremony, the winner's tape was shown and we all watched Naoko perform masterfully for and on her client. Her grasp of the shamisen put us all to shame and her singing was enlightening. Then, when she began her seduction of the client, her techniques put us to shame. None of us had thought to masturbate for our clients, but Naoko did, recalling the power she'd held over us in the shower that day.

We watched as she sat on a chair, partially turning sideways and hitching one leg over the arm, allowing her kimono to fall open and her half-erect cock to be seen, her small hand stroking it awake. The effect on the client was one of hypnosis. The client opened her robe also and dipped her fingers into her cunt, pearly beads of cum clinging to the dark hairs. There was no audio but Naoko was talking to the client, steadily stroking herself and touching her own breasts. The client did likewise, closing her eyes and shivering.

By the time the tape ended, we all sat in stunned silence, our fingers shoved deeply into our honeypots. Everyone embraced Naoko and congratulated her on the win and Suki-san welcomed her into the o-chaya. The other girls received their assignments and twittered happily between each other. Only I was left.

"Nikki-san, Hana-san and I have decided that you won second place. Your use of strawberries... all I can say is wow!"

"Which is exactly what Nozomi-san said. She left this for you." I took the envelope from Hana-san and opened it. Inside was $544,000 in yen, equivalent to just a little over $5,000 dollars.

"Hana-san has decided that you may choose any of her o-chaya for your assignment."

"Then, I choose yours, Suki-san."

Suki-san's beautiful face lit up and she winked. "I'd hoped you would."

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