Gender Bias Ch. 02


I woke up the next day, the night before a haze. I couldn't believe the things that Sarah had done to me. I couldn't believe how far she'd gone. Had it all been a dream? How could such an innocent, naïve young girl with such a lackluster love life have turned into such a vixen? I awoke to this haze, this confusion, in her bed, with her flowery bedspread pulled up to my neck. I awoke in that soft bed, alone. I rolled over to check the clock on her nightstand, wondering just how fucking long I'd been asleep, and there, right beside the clock was the pink plastic cock. And it suddenly all came back to me. How she'd tied me to the bedposts, how she'd given me a killer fucking blowjob, and finally, how she'd fucked me with that plastic cock. And lying there in her bed, staring at the pink bell shaped head of it, I wasn't sure how I felt about it. In the heat of passion having that thing buried in my ass all the way up to the fake plastic balls was one thing, but here in the daylight, the reality of it loomed and I suddenly wasn't sure how I felt about it. I mean I certainly wasn't a homo. I can attest to that and so can the countless women that I've fucked in my day, but still, there it was that shitty little plastic cock, teasing me....reminding me.

I rolled out of her bed and saw that my still naked cock was surprisingly stiff. Mornings usually have that effect on me, as with most guys. I made my way to her bathroom and marveled at the collection of pink and purple soaps, lotions, and shampoos. I grabbed a bottle from the counter, a pink one if I remember right...figuring one was just as good as the other and climbed into the shower. Underneath the soothing water, I can't ignore the lingering pain in my ass, that pain of having been stretched...having been fucked. And I escape into her flowery prism, the pink shampoo/soap foaming over me, I can feel myself getting stiff again. And before I can think, my hands are scrubbing my cock, teasing it, rubbing it.

And as I was soaping myself up and rubbing my cock, growing harder, needing more...I began to remember last night, and how Sarah had fucked me so well. And the thoughts of that invading pink plastic cock stiffened me more. And before I realized it, before I could think, my index finger was rubbing my hole, teasing it, while my left hand was slowly jerking my cock. And the shampoo/soap as a lubricant, begged my finger to slip inside, to find that magic spot that Sarah's plastic cock had found, to bring me to explosion, to ease the pain building up in my balls. And there alone in her shower, I bit my lip, and my finger slipped inside, and an unexpected moan escaped me. All that I could think of was Sarah, Sarah and that plastic cock of hers. How she'd fucked me, how it had felt to be so full of something. And how it had made me feel so wanted, and so dirty. And how I had loved every feeling of it, every thrust of it. And there in the shower, with the water cascading down my naked body, my soapy hands are pulling and exploring. And when my probing finger slipped in a bit further, I hit the spot, that magical spot that only Sarah's plastic cock had ever found. And I explode, my moans impossible to hide, my pink, soapy jizz painting her shower tiles. Alas, I leaned against the shower wall panting. Eventually I worked up the will to turn off the water and open the sliding door.

"Thought I'd bring you a towel....but never woulda expected a show!" Sarah was standing in the bathroom with a pink towel stretched out to me, her punk rock hair standing on end.

I could feel my face flushing.

"Oh hun, I'm sorry don't be embarrassed. You got me all wet watching it. If you don't believe me..." Sarah bent over and slipped her cotton panties to the floor, kicking them off with her foot. She picked them up and tossed them to me.

I lifted the pink panties and saw that they were indeed quite soaked. My god, I had REALLY turned her on with the show.

"Here" she traded me the towel for the panties.

I dried off, still a bit embarrassed, Sarah watching me with her long tee-shirt concealing her nakedness.

"Sarah...can you do me a favor and bring me my clothes? I think they are on the floor beside your bed." I asked with her towel wrapped around me like a skirt. "I feel a bit naked under here." I added with a playful smile.

"I'll make a deal with you Stephen...."

I shuddered to think of what her deal could consist of.

"You wear those panties today...ALL day, under your jeans, think of me lots." She grinned those now wicked fuck-me-lips. "Do that and I'll let you come back over tonight. I'll let you come over and finish off this wetness that you started." Her grin now piercing, I could feel my cock getting hard again beneath the towel. It seemed my desire for her had grown insatiable.

"But hun, I can't do that. You know the guys down at work would kill me if they found out...I mean KILL me. I work on a construction crew, those guys aren't likely to fuck around with the likes of a guy wearing women's underwear. They'll seriously beat the living shit out of me."

"All I hear are a lot of excuses Stephen. If you want to fuck me'll wear those goddamned panties today." Her voice stern, demanding even, the panties shaking between her fingers.

I knew I wanted to fuck her again, and I knew I didn't want to wear the panties, but I thought...what the hell...I could wear them on the way out of her house, then change into nothing on my way to the construction site. While I didn't look forward to the idea of my jeans chaffing my naked, unprotected balls all day, I relished the opportunity to fuck her tonight. I get back inside her. I would do anything for that chance.

"Well?" she stamped her foot. "I don't have all goddamn gonna wear them or not?"

I sighed. "give me the panties."

Sarah jumped up and down, clapping..."Oh yeah! I can't wait to see you in them! And I can't wait to see you when you get home." Giggling, "I'll go get your jeans big boy..."

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