tagSci-Fi & FantasyGenie Chronicles Ch. 02

Genie Chronicles Ch. 02

byJoe Brolly©

Again Jack regained consciousness. Again he looked around to make sure it hadn't all been a dream, and again he found the Genie kneeling before him. She was calm and composed, her long hair neatly brushed and shiny, the only clue of what had just happened being a flush to her cheeks. This bugged Jack just a little. He felt completely spent after the recent activities, and figured that, what with the vigorous fucking he had just given her - her first fucking ever, to boot - she should feel the same. But there she was, apparently no worse for wear.

Jack leaned back on the couch and just stared at her for a few moments. When he looked closely at her face, he noticed what appeared to be the tracks of a tear under one eye. He asked, "Are you crying?"

She smiled self-consciously and bowed her head a bit lower. "Yes master. Just a little. I am sorry."

"Why? I mean why are you crying."

"Because I am happy, master."

"Why, because I 'fucked you senseless'? Did I, in fact, fuck you senseless, by the way?"

"Her smile widened, and her cheeks turned redder. "Yes you did master. We both collapsed on a heap in the floor for a few moments. And yes, that is part of what makes me happy."

"What do you mean? Wait, come here and lay with me. I'm tired of seeing you kneeling there."

Jack turned to lay on the couch propped up on several pillows, then she did as he directed, laying her body spooned on top of his so that his chin rested lightly on the top of her head, her glorious, silken hair cascading down his side and the front of the couch. His cock, soft at the moment (but still in its new, larger state, he noticed) threatened to harden again at the sensuous weight of her body on his, but he ignored it as best he could. Luckily her head was currently blocking his view of her breasts, or his concentration would probably have disintegrated entirely. Once they were comfortable, he asked her to continue.

"As your Genie servant I am your slave, body and spirit. You can do with me absolutely anything you want. You can even destroy me, if that is your wish. It is accepted. You do not have to give me pleasure, or treat me kindly in any way. You have already given me more pleasure than I could ever expect, and even if you never do so again, it is a wonderful gift. That is why I am crying."

This answer horrified Jack. That any creature such as this could be so thankful for so little was shocking. How were people, or Genies, treated in her day that she should be so appreciative? He mulled over this for a few moments, stroking her hair, and then finally said softly, "Ok, listen to me. I am having a hard time believing all this is happening. I still expect to wake from this wonderful dream at any moment. But here's the deal: I'm not sure how women, either human or Genie, were treated in the day you were... born, but it's different now, or at least I'm different. If what you say is true, that you are mine for life, and that you have been created to my 'specifications', then I think you are going to be much more than a slave. What, I don't know yet." He snorted. "Hell, I have only known you for a few hours, and all of that has been sex. I don't even know your name! What is it by the way?"

"I don't have one yet, master. It is up to you to give me one."

"Uh, wow, ok. Um, I'll have to think about that later." He paused a moment to get back on his train of thought. "In any event, I couldn't stand myself if I treated you the way you say some might have in your day. If we are going to be together for as long as you say we will, then I think our... 'relationship' will have to be much more than me giving you orders. As I say, I don't know what exactly that relationship will be, but I think we will be much more companions than 'Master and Slave.' Understand?"

"Yes, master." He could tell by the hitch in her voice that she was crying again.

"You ok?"

"Yes, master, quite ok."

And another thing; to be perfectly honest, even after everything I just said, I do kinda like being called Master by a sexy, beautiful woman. However, that could get a bit of a problem in public. Why don't you call me Jack? We'll save 'Master' for special occasions."

"Yes, Jack."

The idea of taking her in public brought him back to just what kind of relationship they would share. "So, can you be like a girlfriend or wife or...?"

"Yes, I can be anything you wish. I will always be at your command, however."

"Ok, but is it real? I mean would you be a 'real' wife or whatever? I guess what I am trying to say is do you feel real affection. Can you feel love?"

She turned her head to look up into his eyes, revealing a tantalizing view of her right nipple in the process. "I can and do, Jack. I love you now and always. Its part of what I am."

"How can you say that?! You have only known me for a few hours!"

"Part of my creation binds me to you, to love you completely and unconditionally."

"Even if I was as cruel as you say some... 'masters' might be?"


Jack contemplated this for a few minutes, uncomfortable with the idea of instant, complete and unconditional love. He at last decided that he would just have to see how this thing went. He definitely couldn't say he returned all her feelings yet. But he could see himself falling very, very hard for her, which scared and excited him, and made him want to be a bit cautious. He decided to change the subject for now.

"So, as a 'Sex Genie' what are you capable of doing? I know you said earlier that you were powerful, but can only grant wishes that involve sex."

Yes, any wish such as that I can grant."

"So, I can't wish for, say, a new DVD player?"

Tingle. "No. That is not an erotic or sexual wish."

"So, does that mean that you don't have the ability to create a DVD player?"

"Oh, no, it is certainly within my powers to create a DVD player."

"Well then..." He thought for a moment, and then tried again. "Does that mean that you could create a DVD player if it were part of an erotic wish?"

"If the wish were constructed correctly, then yes, that would be within the boundaries of the rules governing my abilities. It would fall into the area of indirect effects of an erotic wish."

"Ok, so how do I construct an erotic wish so that I get a DVD player out of it?"

She smiled apologetically up at him. "Sorry, Master, I am not allowed to tell you that. You must discover it for yourself."

"Hmmmm," he thought for a few moments, not sure what to ask next. Then a startling question popped into his head. "Are there other Genies around? Still?"

She didn't answer for a moment, as if thinking. Finally she said, "I don't know. It's quite possible. However, your initial disbelief that I was one, if that would be a common reaction, probably means that they are quite rare, now."

"Can't you... feel them, or something?"

"No. That ability in Genie servants has been forbidden almost since the beginning, after many early masters pitted their Genies against each other. Since then, for the protection of both Genie and Master we cannot detect each other."

"So they can't feel you, either."

"No. Not unless something changed after I entered my vessel."

"Huh." That seemed to exhaust that topic for the moment. He turned his thoughts back to her abilities. He had so many questions that he didn't know what to ask next. Finally he said, "Tell me more about what interesting things you can do."

"Yes, Jack." Again the brief tingle. "I can make any change to either you or myself that you might wish, with very few limits. I can make any sexual fantasy come true, no matter how impossible it might seem. You can have anyone you wish, in whatever situation you wish. The possibilities are truly endless."

He reflected on her words for a moment. "What are the limits you just mentioned?"

"In relation to making changes to you or myself?"

He nodded.

"Well, basically the only changes I cannot make to you are ones that would cause you permanent harm or death. I also cannot grant you my abilities. As for myself, I cannot expand my powers, nor can I decrease them or completely give them up."

"Can you... reproduce? Have a baby?"

She paused again before answering. "Yes, if you wish. It wouldn't be a Jinn baby, though. It would be human."

He contemplated a bit more, trying to put everything she said into perspective. Finally he said, "Wow. That's all a lot to think about." He smiled, "Not that I can concentrate on anything with you laying as you are." His now mostly-erect cock nestling in the crack of her ass gave extra meaning to his words.

She wriggled her satiny skin deliciously against him, pulling him a bit deeper into her crack as she asked innocently "Would you like me to move, Jack?"

"Ye...,"he had to clear his throat before trying again. "Yes. Turn over, please."

This resulted in more delicious rubbing as she turned over to lay face down on him, her firm breasts and hard nipples pressing into his chest, the fuzz between her legs tickling his balls and the base of his cock. "Yes, master," she murmured, locking her green eyes onto his.

"You know," he said a bit breathlessly, his now fully-erect cock pressed between her belly and his, "I haven't even kissed you, yet." With that, he placed his hand on the back of her head and gently pulled her lips to his.

They kissed for what seemed like hours, lost in each other. For what seemed an hour their lips simply teased and caressed. During the second hour their kisses became much more prolonged and passionate. By about the third hour their tongues had started to play, first at hide-and-seek and tag before moving on to some serious wrestling. After another hour or so Jack realized that his hands were idle, and quickly rectified this by caressing her back. This elicited some soft purring around her tongue, which developed into soft moans as his hands ever so slowly worked their way down to her soft, firm cheeks. After a time of alternating gentle squeezes and light caresses with the occasional kneading, Jack finally rested his palms against her rear and came up for air.

He was surprised to find that it was still daylight, much less only late morning. Had all this really happened in only a few hours? He smiled to himself, thinking she must be able to alter time, as well. Then his smile faded as he gave that idea more serious thought. COULD she alter time if he wanted?

His thoughts were interrupted by her asking, "Are you ok, Jack?" She had been watching the changing expressions on his face, and was apparently curious, if not concerned, by what they meant.

He quickly filed the time question with all the other questions and ideas that had occurred to him, ideas to be explored at a later time. "I'm wonderful! Still just trying to take this all in." He smiled at her. "You know, lying here on the couch like this with you is incredible and all, but it's getting a bit confining. How about floating us over to the bed."

She grinned. "Yes, Jack." They immediately lifted off the couch, her tantalizing weight still fully atop him, her glossy auburn mane of hair cascading over his right shoulder.

As they floated nearer the bed, however, he discovered a small kink in the plan. Like many single guys, Jack seldom made up his bed. His was at the moment a rumpled mess. He considered continuing the fun suspended in midair, but quickly turned the idea down, at least for now. One of the few thoughts he could recall from all the time his lips and tongue had danced with hers had resulted in a decision to take this magic wish thing very slowly. Not that he was afraid of it or anything, he assured himself firmly. He just wanted to savor each and every experience. He was afraid that the activities earlier in the morning had already spoiled him a bit for any regular blowjob. Now, he suspected, it would take quite a bit to top the lovely round of sex with a beautiful woman laying back on nothing. He figured it would be all too easy to take this thing for granted, and he didn't want to do that.

"Can you, um, make the bed?" he asked instead, a bit embarrassed. She smiled at him in what he would have sworn had been a motherly fashion if not for the current circumstances. She also rolled her eyes, but then they flashed, and the bed was quickly and neatly made. He briefly considered some sort of entertaining chastisement for the eye-rolling thing, and then filed that idea away for later, too.

They settled down gently on the bed and immediately began kissing again, this time accompanied with much mutual caressing and fondling and rolling around. He eventually wound up straddling her hips, looking down at her lovely, slightly flushed face and captivating green eyes. As much as he would have loved to lose himself in those eyes forever, though, he had a job to do.

Giving her lips another sound kiss, he then worked his way across her jaw-line, down her neck, and across her shoulder, eliciting soft moans and gasps as he went. Finally he reached his current goal; her perfect breasts. He had always considered himself a bit of a breast man, and felt he had been quite remiss in not giving this particular perfect pair the attention they deserved earlier. Even when lying on her back, her breasts stood high, firm, and proud. While not huge, they were nicely large and round in proportion to her body. She had said her body was formed to his ideal, and her tits certainly seemed to support that statement, at least in appearance.

As far as Jack was concerned, there were two factors that went into the ultimate set of breasts. Appearance was of course one of them. Sensitivity to stimulation was the other. He had sometimes heard women wonder just what men saw in breasts. He and several buddies had spent quite a few beers in similar discussions. While they had never come away with any consistent answers as to why guys liked LOOKING at breasts, he knew one of the main reasons he personally had such a fondness for them: A good pair of breasts, when wired correctly and operated properly by a skilled technician, could provide great rewards to their owner.

He had spent many an hour over several girlfriends trying to perfect his technique. They all had considered him perhaps a bit obsessed, but none had complained about the resulting attention, especially his last girlfriend. While her breasts had not quite been the most sensitive of the lot, they had been close, and that plus his past experience had allowed him to drive her moderately nuts from the stimulation on frequent occasions, even achieving an occasional small orgasm. Now, looking down at the lovely globes beneath him, it was time to see it they really qualified as the ultimate pair.

He began by caressing the firm, silky flesh with the lightest of feather touches, avoiding the nipples and areolas for now. That she began to mew and wiggle almost immediately was a good sign. He increased the pressure ever so slightly to a level meant to tickle as well as pleasure. He spent quite some time with this technique, exploring every square millimeter of her globes to find where she was most sensitive, and then focusing on those areas. The undersides of her breasts were especially vulnerable, resulting in violent squirming and pleading for him to do something more substantial. He finally relented, by tickling her nipples instead. She reacted by squirming so much that he could not keep the contact that he wanted, so he straddled her upper abdomen to hold her in place.

"But Master..." she pleaded, but he wasn't having any and interrupted her with a wicked grin. "I seem to remember someone tormenting me in a similar fashion earlier this morning. It's only fair." Actually, it wasn't really. His earlier torment had been at his request, and hers wasn't. Still, he was having fun, so...

He continued to tickle as she squirmed and continued to plead. He finally increased the pressure of his touch a bit more as he ran his fingers around her nipples and areolae. The pleas turned to moans. He continued to slowly increase the intensity of his touch, from lightly rolling her nipples between thumbs and forefingers, to firm pinching and pulling. The level of moans increased at an equal rate.

Finally deciding that his mouth should be in on the fun, he slid down to lay on top of her with his face at tit level. He then started the entire process over using only his tongue, switching between breasts frequently and at random to heighten her frustration. By the time he made it back to her nipples, her pleas and cries were incoherent. He continued his rapid switching between breasts as he alternated flicking the nipple lightly and quickly with his tongue, sucking the entire areola into his mouth and nipping it with his teeth, licking around the nipple in quick circular strokes, and anything else he could think of. After he brought his hands back into play by grasping and gently squeezing her tits to distend her nipples out toward his attentions, he was finally rewarded with what he had been seeking; her moans and gasps increasing into the full body shudder of an orgasm.

Once her shuddering stopped, he leaned back to admire her perfect, flushed orbs, happy in the knowledge that they were, in fact, his idea of perfect, and that he would be having lots of fun with them in the time to come. He then looked up into her eyes, and was a bit shocked at the raw lust shining from her eyes. Apparently her recent orgasm had acted as an appetizer, serving to whet her appetite rather than satisfy it.

He crawled up her until his face was level with hers, gave her a quick peck on the lips, then faking a huge yawn, said, "Well, all this sex has me really tired. How 'bout a nap?"

She growled, then with surprising strength flipped him over and straddled him. She was about to impale herself on him, but before she could he said, "Just what do you think you are doing?"

The fierce glow in her eyes immediately turned to a look of pleading. "Master, I need you inside me," she whispered hoarsely.

He made a show of giving this some consideration, then of giving in. "Very well, you may ride me..."

Before he could finish, she slammed down him, impaling herself to the hilt. He gasped at the tight wetness engulfing his shaft, and then continued, "But you will hold off my orgasm to coincide with your third consecutive one."

Her eyes widened, she said, "Yes, Jack," and then she started moving over him. As much as he wanted to thrust with her, he decided to let her do the work this time. He laid back, relaxed with his hands behind his head, and watched the show.

And oh, what a show. She threw back her head, her eyes closed, as she slammed up and down more and more forcefully on his cock. Her firm breasts bounced deliciously and his hands itched for them, but he refrained, so she took it upon herself to knead them and pinch and pull her nipples. This was immediately enough to send her over the edge of her first orgasm. She continued without slowing, though.

It was quite an incredible sight for Jack, watching this young woman ride him with such abandon, her hair flying, his cock appearing and disappearing as she rose and fell. He raised his hips slightly so that her weight would press on him instead of her knees as she descended, forcing his cock in just a bit deeper at the bottom of each stroke. After about a dozen more strokes or so she came for the second time.

Still she rode on, but she was obviously tiring, so he figured a little extra stimulation was in order. He beckoned her to lean down over him, supporting herself with her hands on each side of his chest, all the time continuing to jackhammer his cock as her hair cascaded down across his face. He let her continue this way for a few more moments then reached up and firmly pinched and pulled her nipples. This was enough to send her over the edge again, and this time she took him with her. But just as the wave was about to break, he whispered in her ear, "hold us right here," trusting her to interpret him correctly. And she did, much to her consternation.

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