tagSci-Fi & FantasyGenie Chronicles - Make a Wish 03

Genie Chronicles - Make a Wish 03


A big thanks goes to Joe Brolly for the original Genie Chronicles. As many people have done, I'm simply taking his original story format and giving it a twist. Fair warning, lesbian and futa (shemale) sex will feature heavily in this storyline. Thanks to Ultrafem, Stickymon, NinjaKitty, and Anasheya for drawing pictures that inspired these stories. Milla Jovovich also appears in this chapter, but of course this is a work of fiction so standard warnings apply.

Also, I apologize for the delay between chapters, but I work on this when I have free time to write. I'll try to have the next chapter up sooner.


Vick stepped out of the shower and gave Jessie some unmolested time to finish washing her hair. The magical girl oohed and awed over the smell of her body wash, loudly declaring that strawberries were her new favorite scent. Vick dried her hair off with her soft towel but then thought about it for a moment before asking, "Can you please dry and style my hair?"

"Wish granted mistress!" Jessie replied over the sound of the rain fall showerhead.

Vick turned and looked at her reflection in the mirror and gasped lightly. Her hair had never looked better. She kept it short and her natural color was a pale red, but it was now colored a deeper red with blonde highlights. Her bangs gently fell forward in waves while the rest was slightly spiked in the back. It looked like something out of one of those glamor magazines and really made her new curvaceous body pop. Her breasts were large, her hips were shapely, her skin was silky smooth, and her cock was gigantic.

Suddenly her knees felt weak and she slowly lowered herself down onto the lid of her toilet, taking a moment to breathe deeply, trying to center her world again. She had power, real power, to do just about anything she wanted. If she framed the wish properly she could probably be a millionaire and have a villa on the beach. She could live forever, if she desired, and she could fuck anyone on the planet, living or dead or even imaginary. Wishing for Scarlet had been a heat of the moment thing but now that her mind was focused on desire, she felt overwhelmed by her options and opportunities. A gentle hand on her knee snapped her out of her funk and Jessie was kneeling before her, sympathetic concern evident on her face.

"It is a funny thing, when I read your mind as I exited my lamp I detected a very warm sense of contentment from you. You value your job and feel you contribute well to society. You do not yearn for power or prestige, and a simple life of books, friends, and family would have been enough to keep you happy for the rest of your life. Now that I am here, you do not know where to start because you never really wanted anything, and you feel pressure to do something grand with this." Jessie said as if she was reading Vick's mind.

"You read my mind?" Vick asked, enjoying the distraction from the pressure she was feeling.

"Yes, my mind, body, and soul were formed to be the perfect mate for you. As such I had to read your mind and delve into your personality to determine what you desired in a partner. I detected a kind and gentle lover, but also someone who enjoys being in control or even dominating, but all within the confines of passion. You also do not mind being dominated a little yourself, but only once in a while. Your personality, your warmness, politeness and kinkiness, all of it is what made me possible. You have given me the gift of life, and for that I can never thank you enough Mistress. My gift to you is any wish you want, whenever you want, just so long as it has some kink." Jessie said with a quirky smile.

"I just feel a sudden weight of responsibility, like with this power I should do...something." Vick admitted.

"Your only responsibility is to live the life you want to live. If you wish to help some people along the way, I am more than happy to help. I must warn you though, doing anything too large and grand in scope increases the chances of us being found out." Jessie warned softly.

"What would be wrong with us being found out?" Vick asked, rising up from the toilet seat and walking out to her living room. The dialogue with Jessie was pulling her out of her daze and she started getting dressed, putting on one of her new and bigger bras to hold up her larger bust size.

"Beyond the fact that it would likely have dire and drastic effects on the world's view of religion and spirituality, there are likely forces that would strive to contain us to better understand my power, as it was in my time. Also, if you are too open with my abilities, it could attract the attention of a powerful sorcerer, or another genie master." Jessie replied as she got dressed too. She walked out of the restroom with a pile of clothes in her hands and started putting them on, enjoying the routine act rather than just willing her clothes on like she normally would.

Vick finally got her bra adjusted and was addressing her panty drawer and stood confused for a moment. All her panties either had a slit in the front or a pouch. At first she was dumbstruck, but then she remembered her gigantic cock and she couldn't help but smirk at Jessie. "So you adjusted all my panties to either have my cock dangling out for anyone to see, or to be softly cupped in a pouch?" Vick asked.

"I figured that would best fit your clothing needs Mistress. One has the benefit of easy access and the other is designed for colder weather, when you might not want to be as exposed." Jessie replied with a demure smile, her raven black hair cascading around her olive skinned face.

Vick shook her head while laughing silently to herself. She grabbed the panties that matched her red lace bra, which happened to have the slit in the front. Pulling them up her legs she guided her cock and balls through the slit. She caught a glance of herself in one of the mirrors and was shocked. She looked like some porno actress ready to pound someone with her thick piece of meat and heavy breasts swaying back and forth. "Okay, I need to stop getting distracted by this thing. You were saying something about sorcerers or other genies. You think they're still around?" Vick asked, trying to keep the conversation on track.

"Very likely in some form or another. As a defensive mechanism genies, like myself, were stripped of the power of detecting them so that in turn they could not detect us. Powerful sorcerers would seek to make my power their own, even if they only got a few wishes out of it. And other masters with genies may wish to pit their power against my own." Jessie answered as she pulled up some tight jean shorts with no panties on, leaving herself commando style.

Vick paused for a moment and was about to ask Jessie about the lack of panties, but Jessie answered her unspoken question quickly. "As my Mistress has been feeling particularly horny, I figured easy access might be needed wherever we go."

Vick felt her cock growing at the thought of Jessie walking around without any panties while she wore her panties that left her cock exposed. Shaking her head again she kept her mind on the topic. "So our best bet is to stay under the radar. I can make wishes but nothing that might gain global attention?" Vick suggested.

"That would be best Mistress. Since I love you and want to be with you forever, I do not wish to tempt the powers that would actually be able to force us." Jessie replied honestly.

Even though it sounded dangerous, this new information actually made Vick feel relieved and she relaxed as she pulled up her loose khaki capris shorts and buttoned an eggshell white blouse. Somehow having some kind of limitations, even if they were vague and unseen, made her feel like she couldn't go crazy with her wishes. She could live her quiet life, just one full of sex and fun!

Vick gathered her keys, wallet, purse, and slipped on her flip-flops as she started checking her apartment to make sure it was in order.

"Mistress, are you going somewhere?" Jessie asked as she finished dressing in a tight purple shirt with the words 'MAGIC' bedazzled on the front as she slipped on her own flops.

"Yes, we're going somewhere." Vick stated as she opened the door for Jessie. The genie walked out and Vick locked up behind her then led Jessie through the apartment walkway to her car.

"May I ask where we are going?" Jessie asked, still confused by her Mistress's sudden quiet determination.

"Well, from this conversation we've been having I take it you haven't experienced much of the real world, if any. So, we're going out for our first date including dinner and a movie. I figured seeing the Avengers would give you more context as to who Scarlet is and just how hot she is." Vick informed Jessie.

Jessie blushed and took Vick's arm, walking with her comfortably. "I have such a loving and caring Mistress. I must admit though, seeing you ram your cock into Scarlet's dripping pussy was enough to convince me of her beauty."

It was Vick's turn to blush as she opened the door of her Acura for Jessie, letting her into the car. She felt her cock stirring in her capris short and she tried to mentally calm herself down. As she sat in the driver's seat she could see Jessie eyeing her groin as she licked her luscious, ruby red lips. As Vick turned the car on, she felt her cock rise and tent her shorts awkwardly.

"Jessie, make the car tented so we can see out just fine but others can't see in at all." Vick wished for.

"My pleasure Mistress. I hope this means you have thought of something naughty to do while we travel."

"I have, but let me think a moment on how best to accomplish this." Vick replied. She thought for a moment, considering how best to approach this situation.

"Jessie, how about you transfer to the back seat." Vick suggested first. Jessie looked a little disappointed but she could tell her Mistress was up to something, so in a puff of deep purple smoke she went from the front seat to the back seat behind the passenger, so she could still see Vick.

"Good, now can we have a stark naked Milla Jovovich in the front seat please, and make sure she loves giving head, so much so that she can orgasm from it?" Vick requested.

Another puff of purple smoke was followed by a gorgeously naked Milla Jovovich. Her slender body and supple breasts had a smoothness to them that screamed of someone who took delicious care of their figure. Her long dark hair fell down in front of her chest, but it wasn't long enough to hide her erect nipples that tightened at the sight of Vick's crotch.

"Hey girls, happy you called me in, I'm always up for a good cock-sucking. But may I ask what movie inspired you to summon me?" Milla asked as she lovingly stroked Vick's inner thigh. Her other hand gently rubbed the top of her breasts as she nibbled her lower lip in eager anticipation. Vicky loved how small and pink her areolas where, making her breasts appear to be very perky and aroused.

"The scene in the Fifth Element, where you were in the white straps." Vick admitted with a blush.

"Oh yeah, that outfit rubbed me in all the right places. I'd leave it on when we were done filming because of how sexy it made me feel." Jessica teased.

Vick gently kissed Milla on the lips before she started to go down on Vick, but then Vick stopped her briefly.

"Jessie, can you please connect your pussy and her pussy to her mouth, metaphysically that is. I want you both to experience my cock fucking you through her blowjob. Also, please make her mouth and throat able to accommodate the size of my cock, I don't to hurt her but I also would love for her to deep throat me." Vicky wished, feeling her excitement grow larger. The other two girls lit up while sharing a devious look, then Milla freed Vicky's monster cock from the confines of her capris pants, stroking it lovingly as it grew in length and girth. It had a massive vein going up the side of the shaft, and the head was large and bulbous, designed to provide a gentle stretching sensation and also to rub the inside of a pussy delicately.

Once Vicky reached her full size Milla gasped, feeling a little unsure. "That's enormous! I can't believe how huge your cock is and your balls too. You must cum buckets!" Vick blushed as she turned on the car, then she inhaled sharply as her world suddenly felt very small with a pair of luscious lips wrapped around the crown of her cock.

Jessie moaned out loudly as her cock rubbed against the back of Milla's throat, while Milla and Jessie started squirming and grinding against their seats as Vick's imaginary cock started pounding them in speed with Milla's blowjob.

"Jessie, can you make the car drive on autopilot? Just have it drive to Bella Luna's on Mopac please. I don't think I can concentrate on driving while she's sucking me off." Vick gasped as she gathered Milla's hair in her fist, pumping the model's head up and down on her raging cock.

Jessie was leaning over slightly in the back seat, trying to get more of Vick's illusionary cock up her tight pussy, panting slightly. "But of course Mistress."

Milla was moaning like crazy as she felt like she was being pounded from both ends. The sensation of the cock entering her pussy at the same time it slid down her throat was intense, and the size of Vick's cock was stretching her in a very enjoyable way. Her first orgasm crashed through her in no time and both her mouth and pussy pulsated on Vick's cock.

Vick was trying to have a conversation with Jessie, but was finding it difficult with all the moaning in the car as all three girls were enraptured in pleasure. "So...I don't know how much you know about Austin, but it's a great town." Vick was able to squeak out as Milla's wet lips dragged against her thick member.

"Mistress, I gained knowledge of the world through your mind. What you know, I know, but I still have no experience with it yet. I look forward to exploring the world with you." Jessie grunted heavily.

The car easily guided through traffic, avoiding collisions and making the ride gentle with very few bumps. Soon the girls became lost in the slurping sounds of Milla's oral milking of Vick's engorged dick. The genie pulled her shirt up and exposed her delicious breasts and openly groped them, her large areolas tightening as her nipples became sharply erect. She leaned over more as the imaginary cock fucked her and kissed her mistress deeply, shoving her tongue in Vick's mouth. Another orgasm coursed through her body and she almost screamed as she felt a dick that wasn't really there stretch her wide and plunge her deeply.

Vicky attempted to tell Jessie more about Austin and its sights, but all too soon she was tugging back and forth on Milla's hair, making the beautiful actress deep throat her cock as far as it could go. After about 10 minutes Vick couldn't hold back anymore and she shoved Milla down on her dick, making her lips touch the base of her shaft. Vick held her there as her cock exploded in Milla's mouth, sending a torrent of cum down her belly. The sensation sent both Mill and Jessie over the edge and they came together, screaming delightfully.

Just as the girls were coming down from their orgasmic trance the car parked and the restaurant loomed before them. Milla reluctantly let Vick's cock slip out of her mouth and she licked her lips, making sure she caught all of Vick's essence.

"I appreciate the meal. Feel free to invite me anytime. Especially when Scarlett Johanson is around, she's so hot and I'd love to eat her pussy." Milla said with a seductive grin just before she puffed away in a cloud of purple smoke.

Vick rearranged her clothes and saw that Jessie looked disheveled also, her clothes all twisted and rumpled from her fantasy fucking. Her jeans were especially a mess and were soaked with Jessie's pussy juices. "Jessie, can you freshen us up? I'd hate to go inside looking like we were just in an orgy."

"Of course mistress." Jessie replied. In the blink of an eye both girls look like they'd just come out of a stylist, their hair perfectly well done and their clothes looked like they'd just come out of the dryer.

"Perfect." Vick replied with a smile.

The girls went into the restaurant giggling like school girls, holding hands and displaying their mushy love in open. The place was run by Vick's old boss who was openly gay, so she didn't think there'd be a problem bringing Jessie and displaying their affection there.

It was a fairly quiet evening so they were seated as soon as they walked through the door and their waitress was a short blonde whose hair was tied in a messy bun. She wore thick rimmed glasses and was more than a little awkward. Vick found her very cute because she liked shy and awkward girls. They tended to be a bit wild in the sack.

"Does the blonde please you mistress?" Jessie asked having noticed the waitress caught Vick's attention.

"She's cute and I like how shy she is. But she's probably not gay." Vick replied.

"She's undecided thus far. She's had unsatisfying relations with men and a recent drunken encounter with another woman has sparked a sudden interest in the opposite sex. She finds women more visually appealing than men and wishes to explore her interest more, but feels reluctant." Jessie revealed.

"Wow! How did you know that?" Vick asked.

"I simply read her mind and her past. Since all this information was of a sexual nature, it was extremely easy." Jessie answered.

"But if I made her have sex with me, isn't that like rape?" Vick asked, feeling a little nervous suddenly.

"I don't understand mistress. You seem to enjoy sex with the simulacrums without such concerns." Jessie countered.

"Yeah, but that's kind of different. They're not real and they just appear and disappear. This girl is real and I don't want to make her do anything she doesn't want to do." Vick replied.

"So simply make her want to have sex with you mistress." Jessie suggested.

Vick turned red and brought the conversation to more of a whisper. "I know you can do that, but that takes free will out of the equation. It just doesn't feel right." Vick urged, trying to get Jessie to understand.

"I see there is still much I need to learn about the world. I appreciate your respect for the free will of others mistress." Jessie said, giving up her stance on the situation.

Vick chewed on her salad for a moment, following the waitress with her eyes. "Do you know how she'd react to seeing my cock?" Vick asked, deciding not to let the topic go.

"She'd be frightened of it at first, and you, but after the initial shock of it wore off she'd find it highly arousing. The only aspect of men she enjoys is their cocks. A woman with a cock is the perfect combination of her desires." Jessie answered.

"Does she find me attractive?" Vick asked.

"Very. She's already had several fantasies of you forcing her to eat you out while serving us. It's why she's having trouble looking you in the face."

"Okay, well this is something I can work with." Vick replied, her blood running hot again with desire. "I think I have a plan that'll work, but I'll need a little magical help from my gorgeous genie."

Jessie grinned. "I live to serve my mistress."

A few minutes later Stephanie was returning to check on her table with the two gorgeous women. It was obvious they were dating, but she couldn't help but feel a twinge of jealously. They were both so attractive it made her feel flushed, which didn't help with her clumsiness. She was about to refill their water glasses when the one with fiery short red hair was pulling her chair out and about to stand up. Stephanie turned to leave, but something on the floor caught her foot and she fell back, landing in the lap of the red head.

"Oh god, I'm so sorry!" Stephanie almost screamed. Her panic wasn't from the fall though. She felt a very obvious bulge rub up against her already moist pussy under her skirt. Her eyes were wide as she realized the red head had a giant stiff cock that almost made her cum just from rubbing her groin.

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