tagNonHumanGenie In My Bottle Ch. 04

Genie In My Bottle Ch. 04


"Sorry ladies, I have to go," Gene apologized to the two women. They both got up putting their clothes on wiping his cum off with their hands and tongues.

"Who was that?" Rachel asked

Gene didn't respond. He didn't have time to explain himself. He didn't want to be rude but he nodded and the women disappeared back to the bar. They sat at the same booth where they originally met him with cum covered faces. All the men at the bar ogled them laughed hysterically. Elizabeth blushed and got up.

"We had a bit of an accident with a gentleman today." She announced while Rachel put her head down in embarrassment.

* * *

Marissa sat sobbing in a park bench all alone. The night was chilly and she just sat there with her arms crossed crying and feeling so much jealousy. She suddenly felt a warm person standing over her. She looked up and saw Gene with an apologetic look.

"What are you doing here? I thought you'd stay back there with those sluts." Marissa said in an angry tone.

"Marissa, please let me explain," Gene began.

"I don't wanna hear it Gene. You are just like all the other men out here."

Gene frowned. "What the hell is that suppose to mean?"

Marissa got up wiping her tears. "Never mind. Gene I don't want you to stay with me anymore. I want you to take me back to the apartment with that magic that you do and go back in your bottle."

Gene didn't move. "No. Marissa you are overreacting. You were out there having a good time why can't I?"

"You are my genie. You are supposed to do only what I tell you to. I never ordered you to go out and find two cheap whores."

Gene was furious and grabbed her arm. "I only did it because I was so pissed off at you! I was raging that you were going to give your virginity to that Dylan guy. I'm in love with you Marissa! Don't you understand that?"

Marissa blinked and couldn't believe her ears. She couldn't speak at that moment. Her little body trembled in fright and excitement. She pulled away after a few seconds and turned her back on him.

"Gene take me home please," She said softly.

Seconds later they were in Marissa's apartment alone. "Marissa please forgive me," He pleaded.

Marissa looked at him sadly and tears rolled down her face once again. "Gene get in your bottle please."

Gene hesitated but followed her orders. She grabbed the bottle's cork and placed it on the bottle. She held the bottle against her chest crying. She grabbed her car keys and headed off towards the beach.

Gene could feel everything rattling inside as she drove. His heart sank knowing what was going to happen next. He knew she was getting rid of him. He wasn't going to stop her because he knew that she was the one with the power.

Marissa arrived to a deserted beach and got the bottle that was next to her on the passenger seat. She got off the car still sobbing and stopped by a tiny light post that barely lit the ground beneath her.

"Goodbye Gene," She said softly and kissed the bottle.

She dug the bottle into the sand until it was not visible. Maybe some other person would find it and give Gene a new home. Gene saw nothing but darkness and he looked around. He was hurt like never before. How could his mistress be so mean? He only hoped she would regret it and come back for him. All he could do was hope.

* * *

The next day Marissa got up with a huge headache but smiled at first thinking Gene would be there under her bed asleep in his bottle. Then reality hit her and he wasn't there. Gene I already miss you. I'm so in love with you but you just got me so upset and I'm so damn stubborn to forgive you.

She managed to get up and get dressed hoping to hang out with Camille for a change. She was walking towards Camille's apartment building when she saw Dylan walking right towards her with a very angry face. Her heart stopped for a moment and she wanted to just turn away. On one corner of her eye she saw Giovanni walking by he must have come from Camille's apartment.

"Where the hell did you disappear to last night? You really pissed me off Marissa," Dylan said as he walked towards her.

"I don't want to be with you anymore Dylan." She boldly stated.

"What?" He stopped a good foot away from her.

"I-I've already got another boyfriend," She said.

Dylan laughed. "Yeah right. So fast? Who?"

She looked over and saw Giovanni standing there looking at them argue. She waved to him to walk over towards them. Giovanni hated just looking at Dylan. He walked up to them and felt Marissa put her arm around him. He felt confused but didn't care as long as he was near her.

"This loser? What's he got that I don't got?" Dylan asked almost laughing.

"He's a great lover," Marissa didn't know what else to say.

Giovanni was more confused now but suddenly felt Marissa's soft lips on his. He was kissing him! He parted his mouth to invite her tongue in but she kept her lips pursed. Dylan just watched them kiss and began to walk away.

Marissa noticed Dylan was gone and sighed relief. "Thank you. I had to get him off my back someway or another."

Giovanni looked sad. "Oh. I-I'm glad I could help."

Marissa tossed her hair began to walk away. "Wait! Where you going?" Giovanni called after her.

"To Camille's" She answered and kept walking. She had no idea Camille had witnessed everything from her window.

* * *

"Hey Cami, I just wanted to stop by for a bit. What do you say you and I head off towards the book store and read some cheesy romance novels?"

Camille had a blank look. "Marissa, what was that all about?"

Marissa looked puzzled. "What was what all about?"

"That little scene down there with Giovanni and Dylan. Were my eyes deceiving me or were you kissing Giovanni?"

She giggled. "Oh yeah I had to find a way out to get Dylan off my back and Giovanni was there when I needed him.

Camille felt her eyes water. "Marissa you are such a bitch."

Marissa's brown eyes widened. "Camille! W-what?"

"You are a bitch! Don't you know how much Giovanni likes you and you have to go and use him this way? To top it all off I'm in love with him and hate the fact that he worships you and always talks about you. You don't know how to appreciate a good thing do you?"

Marissa stood there shocked hearing her friend admit her love for Giovanni. Never in a million years would she imagine Camille falling in love with skinny, quirky, but sweet Giovanni.

"Camille I-I I'm sor-"

Before she could finish Camille slammed the door in her face leaving her feeling guilty and shameful for the way she'd been behaving. All her life all she wanted was a good looking, popular guy to love her the way she fantasized she should be loved. Instead she got a good- looking guy who wanted nothing but sex and had no interesting conversations to carry. She was a coward for not confronting him like a real woman and telling him the truth. Now she'd used one of her best friends and hurt her other best friend. She was right now the most cold hearted person she could think of. She had to find Gene. Hopefully he was still there.

* * *

Marissa waited until almost nighttime to head off towards the beach once again. It was a lengthy drive and she drove thinking everything over. She loved Gene and she was going to let him know. She was going to beg him to forgive her and to help her bring her friends together and help Dylan get Ashley back.

She arrived as the sun was setting and since it was chilly, no one was out expect a few fishermen fishing miles away. She walked towards the light post and began to dig viciously for the famous red little bottle. She sighed and smiled when she found it. She grabbed the bottle pulling the cork off and looked inside. Gene was fast asleep.

"Gene!" She whispered hoping not to wake him.

He didn't budge.

"Gene!" She said louder.


"Gene!" She screamed loudly.

He jumped out of his bed and fell on the floor. She gasped hoping he was OK.

He looked up and didn't smile like usual. He just stared up at her. "Marissa? Damn you scared the shit out of me."

"Gene I'm so sorry. Please come out. I need you."

Gene got up and crossed his arms. "No. You brought me back here and didn't even give me a chance to explain myself."

"Please Gene! I-I-I love you!" She finally blurted out.

Those words were like music to his ears. He had to smile. "You what?" He wanted to hear her again.

"I love you! I love you! I love you!" Marissa shrilled.

In less than a second Gene was there standing in front of her. "Gene!" She put her arms around him and he held her close. He stroked her long hair and felt her heart racing against his.

"I love you too Marissa. It feels good to admit it doesn't it?"

She looked up into his blue eyes. "Yes it does. I could say it all night if you want me to."

He smiled and touched her face. "That would be nice."

"Gene I'm sorry I behaved like such a jerk. I hurt you, Dylan, Giovanni and Camille."

Gene raised his eyebrows. "You bad girl." He said sternly.

She looked down feeling guilty. "Yeah I know I'm a terrible person."

"Don't worry I'll help you as much as I can." He lifted her face up.

"Kiss me Gene please," She begged closing her eyes.

He held her close and leaned down to place his lips on hers. This kiss was nothing compared to Dylan's kiss. This kiss was special and so amazing. Gene's lips felt so warm and his tongue glided on her lips wetting them and creeping into her mouth. Marissa's massaged her mouth with his until they were both lost in their own passionate kiss. Gene loved the way she kissed him. She felt so innocent and so beautiful. He broke the kiss slowly and looked into her eyes. She could still feel her heart fluttering. {I}So this is what it feels like to kiss someone you really love? {/I} Marissa thought to herself.

"I've wanted to kiss you like since the first day you found me."

"I'm glad I found you. I think you are my gift Gene. I know everyone has their own soul mate in life and you are mine. I know you are. I can't think of anyone else I would rather spend my time with or share my secrets with."

"I can't think of anyone else I'd rather listen to or be around than you. You've captured my heart Marissa."

"I'll never hurt you again Gene. I promise. Never again." She held him and they stayed in each other's arms hearing the waves crash.

* * *

"Are you sure this is gonna work?" Marissa asked Gene as they stood around Camille's apartment. She'd gone off to her usual afternoon jog and Marissa and Gene stayed there filling her room with balloons and flowers. It was going to be a gift from Giovanni supposedly.

"Yeah it's gonna work because we are going to do the same thing to Giovanni's place. That way they'll confront each other for once and realize how much they love one another."

"I feel so stupid never being able to see how much Camille loved Giovanni. I feel so foolish."

"Well I guess no one would have known because Camille kept it to herself. I don't think even Giovanni knows. He's going to find out now."

Marissa looked around and almost fell in love with the place herself. The beautiful balloons surrounded the place and bright red roses were everywhere.

"Ok now it's Giovanni's turn. Let's go." Gene nodded and they disappeared to Giovanni's apartment. Marissa only hoped this plan would get her friends together. They had been the most wonderful people she'd ever met. They deserved one another.

* * *

Camille got to her apartment later on that afternoon. As soon as she opened the door the smell of roses engaged her senses. She looked and her eyes widened seeing all the balloons and roses filling her tiny apartment. She didn't know what to think at first. There was a letter on her bed with dark print. She opened the letter and saw it was from Giovanni. Her heart raced and she couldn't stop smiling. She loved him more than she'd ever loved anyone and now he was showing her love back. Nothing could be better than this. She was going to shower and then give him a call. Finally the man of her dreams was showing her affection just like she'd always fantasized.

* * *

Giovanni got to his apartment and his room was filled with yellow roses and balloons as well. He felt somewhat shocked but so flattered. Any lady who would do something like this for a man had to be special. He saw a letter on his bed with dark pink print.

"Camille?" He said to himself. He opened and read the love note, which touched his heart. He closed his eyes and thought about all the wonderful times he'd shared with Camille and it all made sense. He rushed out of his apartment to look for her. He had to tell her how much he loved her.

* * *

Camille had just gotten out of her shower and stood there in her dark green robe with her hair still damp as she picked up the phone nervously about to call Giovanni and thank him and invite him over. Before she began to dial, she heard a knock at her door. She went to open it and saw Giovanni standing there looking at her so seriously.

Before she could say anything he grabbed her and kissed her hard. She felt her toes almost curl from such an intense kiss. He closed the door behind him and put his arms tight around her. She didn't have time to talk, she just went with the flow of his kiss.

This tongue felt so delicious sliding against hers and her hands went up and down her petite little frame. He finally broke the kiss and was breathing hard. She smiled at him and put her hand on his face.

He suddenly looked around and saw almost the same set up as he had in his own place. He looked puzzled. Camille noticed some kind of awkwardness.

"Gio? Something wrong?"

He didn't respond. He didn't care if they'd been set up. The fact the she loved him was best thing that could have ever happened to him. Whoever had set this up was a genius, a true and wonderful human being.

"No. Nothing's wrong. I love you Camille."

She gasped hearing those beautiful words come out of his mouth. "I love you too! I'm so in love with you!"

They began to kiss once again and she was practically walking backwards towards her bed. She stopped kissing him and held his hand on her heart. It was beating fast as she took deep breaths.

"See what you do to me. See how crazy I am about you," She said and sat on her bed looking up at him.

Giovanni felt his knees weak. It was time to make love to the girl he loved. How could he have been so blind all of this time and not see how she felt about him? Now it was time to make up for it.

He got on his knees and kissed her hands. He stared into her honey hazel eyes took a deep breath before his found himself beginning to untie her robe. His eyes widened when he caught the first glimpse of her cocoa skin and her bare breasts. Her nipples were a dark brown color and very pert. He gulped and touched them lightly.

Camille moaned immediately feeling Giovanni's hands on her breasts. His fingers stroked her nipples making goose bumps on her skin. He dipped his head and wrapped his lips around one of her nipples hearing her moans intensify. He gently held her nipple between his teeth and looked up at her. Her eyes were filled with lust and she looked so sexy.

Giovanni stood up and was about to slip Camille's robe off her shoulders when he felt her tugging at his pants. He looked down and saw her fumbling with his belt. She was unzipping him slowly and so nervously. She'd been wanting to see what his cock looked like or even how it tasted.

Giovanni was just shocked as he was about to show is cock to a girl for the first time in his life. He never felt more excited. Camille looked up at him and reached down to pull his hard cock out. She licked her lips when she saw his huge white cock throbbing for her. The saying that black guys have bigger cocks than white guys was so false, especially at this moment. His cock head was plump and a dark pink color oozing with salty precum. She leaned closer and could smell him making her so hot!

"Yes suck it," Giovanni blurted out. Hearing that turned Camille on more.

She slowly slid his head in her mouth savoring his taste and warmth. Giovanni shuddered at first and then let out a loud moan. Little by little she started to take in every inch of his cock in her mouth slowly beginning to bob her head back and forth. Giovanni put his hands on the back on her head moving her head back and forth to the rhythm that satisfied him. He then moved one hand down to her nipples pinching them and twisting them making her moan into his cock.

Camille could feel his cock twitching in her mouth as she put more suction to it. He tasted so delicious just like she thought he would. Her beautiful dark pink lips were wrapped tightly around his white cock. Loud suction noises filled the room accompanied by Giovanni and Camille's moans.

"Hmmmm oooh yeah! Oh Camille! Oh baby this feels good!" Giovanni said looking down at her. Their eyes met and they both felt this strong passion between them. A passion that had been hidden and was now ready to be revealed.

"Oooh I wanna cum Camille. Omg! I'm gonna cum so hard!" Giovanni rasped feeling somewhat shy about cumming so soon. But after all it was his first blowjob and he never imagined it would feel this wonderful.

Camille couldn't wait to have him spurt all his cum in her mouth. She wanted to drink him up, to taste him and have his taste linger in her mouth for hours. She couldn't wait to feel the warm liquid he provided to fill her mouth so she could have his seed in her belly.

Cum for me baby, let me swallow your hot cum. Let me do what I've always fantasized…

Giovanni felt his cock twitch hard and his whole body tightened. Soon he felt hot long ropes of cum spurting out of his cock and into Camille's mouth. Oooh fuck she's gonna swallow! Mmmm! He watched Camille take his cum so gracefully and watched her swallow it all. Such a sexy sight.

Giovanni was catching his breath now and Camille didn't let his cock out of her mouth until she finished drinking every drop of cum he had. Giovanni was still hard as a rock and couldn't wait to make love to this black beauty. He'd always heard black girls were so exotic and beautiful and Camille was all that and more.

He took off his shirt not being embarrassed by his skinny body. Camille stared and smiled. He looked so gorgeous not matter what. He slipped of his shoes and took his pants off until he was finally completely naked in front of the woman he loved. Camille let her robe slip off her shoulders until she was left with her tiny lavender color lacey panties.

She shifted her body all the way on the bed and he crawled on the bed with her. He grabbed each side of the panties and slowly slid them off her long legs. His mouth watered when he saw her beautiful little pussy. She was completely hairless and her lips were a dark brown color and her clit was a hot pink color just barely poking out between her lips. He dove his head between her legs and right away her smell enticed him.

He spread her lips gently and let her clit creep out. He began to run his tongue up and down her swollen clit making her squirm and moan. His hands reached up to play with her nipples that made her moan more. He'd never eaten a pussy so he'd just have to do what he'd seen in porno's. He flicked his tongue faster and took turns wrapping his lips around the wet swollen clit.

Camille raised herself up on her elbow and looked at her lover eating her out. It looked extremely sex to see her legs spread wide and seeing his handsome face in between them licking her and sucking her.

"Oooh fuck! That feels good! Keep licking me like that! Oooh yes like that! Mmmm suck my clit harder! Oooh my god!" Camille tossed her head back and felt her entire body tighten and her legs begin to shake.

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