Sequel to "Meeting Dr Georgia"

* * * * *

I walked over to where she was standing, and she turned to me and took my hands in hers. She looked into my eyes and softly said, "I would like very much to kiss you, Dear. Would Diane like Georgia to kiss her?"

Although it wasn't entirely unexpected, I wasn't really prepared for it. I was surprised when, without hesitation, I took a step forward so we were almost nose to nose with our mouths about two inches apart. We each leaned forward slightly, and our lips met very gently. We were only touching with our lips and hands. Georgia's lips were slightly parted and felt warm, dry and soft on mine. We were the same height, so it was very comfortable and natural.

We stayed just like that for a moment, our lips just barely touching, and it was the gentlest, sweetest kiss I had ever experienced. Georgia opened her mouth slightly and pressed her lips just a tiny bit more firmly against mine. My lips parted to meet hers, and her arms slid around me. Georgia pressed her body against mine, and I responded by doing the same to her. As our kiss became deeper, her head tilted one way, mine the other, our mouths opened wider, and I felt the tip of Georgia's tongue exploring my lips.

Her hand moved down my back, pressing me to her, and I could feel her pubic mound moving against mine. Georgia made a little sound, and I heard myself go Mmmmm. My tongue sought hers as I surrendered myself completely to her kiss.

I opened my eyes for a moment and saw that hers were closed and her eyelids fluttering slightly. That was extremely erotic to me, and I parted my lips further. I pressed myself more tightly against her, and our kiss became deeply passionate. As my tongue entered Georgia's mouth, it slid over hers as it was entering mine. This kiss is different than John's but in a wonderful way. Oh, her lips are so warm and soft.

We kissed deeply, and Georgia moved her body against me. I could feel her breasts and her mound against my own. She was making soft little noises into my mouth, and I knew I was doing the same.

When our kiss broke, we held each other and whispered nonwords into each other's ears. Georgia's hand went into my hair and pressed my face to where neck and shoulder met. John had always felt firm and masculine, but Georgia was very soft and feminine and she smelled of some delicate perfume.

She whispered, "Oh, little girl, you feel wonderful."

Our heads moved at the same time, my mouth again seeking hers and hers mine. Our second kiss started out deep and passionate, just like the first had ended, my legs trembling.

As our kiss continued it gradually softened until, when we stopped, our lips were just gently touching. We each moved back a couple of inches, looked into each other's eyes, and smiled.

Georgia softly said, "My, my, Diane. You have really grown up. I'm not sure I've ever been kissed like that before. Let's do it again." We did.

When we had been very thoroughly kissed, Georgia took me by the hand, led me to the big bed, and we sat close together. Georgia leaned her head over close to mine and said, "Honey, I've had a long tiring trip, and I feel dirty. I need a long, hot shower. Would little Diane like to join Georgia in the shower?" I've never heard anyone speak of herself in the third person. It's cute, I think.

I didn't even think about it, just nodded my head and turned towards Georgia to be kissed. She kissed me and gently lowered me to the bed so that I was laying on my back. As we kissed, her hand slid under my suit jacket and found my braless breast beneath my blouse. The nipple felt like it was hard enough to scratch her hand. I heard myself groan into Georgia's mouth as her fingertip circled my erect nipple.

Georgia took her hand from my breast, broke our kiss, and whispered, 'I'm trying not to rush it, Little Darling. I want you so much, but I want to take my time with you, enjoy you the way you deserve to be enjoyed. Will Diane let Georgia enjoy her?"

I didn't know what she wanted to do with me, but I sure didn't feel like waiting. I pulled her down for another kiss and nodded "yes" as our lips met. She finally stood and gave me her hand to pull me to my feet. She hugged me and said, "Let's take off our clothes and get into the shower, Dear. I want my body to be clean and sweet for you."

Georgia took off her suit jacket, threw it on the bed, and said, "Get out of those clothes, Honey. Just toss them on the bed." I did.

We were both undressing, and I was surprised that I didn't feel embarrassed. It was like we had done it before and was a perfectly natural way to be. I guess being with John with my clothes off helped me not be too shy about this. I think I've been naked more than half the time in the last week. Besides, Georgia has seen me before, just not all of me at the same time, and sure not in circumstances like this. She isn't shy about taking off her clothes. I can hardly wait to see her in the nude.

Georgia beat me undressed because, as usual, I had trouble with the darned pantyhose. She walked into the bathroom saying cheerfully, "Come on, Diane. Let's get wet and soapy together! I have a spare shower cap for you.!"

I walked naked into the big bathroom, and Georgia was standing there, wearing nothing but a shower cap. I could feel myself blush, but I couldn't help looking at her from head to toe. Wow! I never would have guessed that Georgia looked like that under her clothes and that white coat she usually wears. Why does John like my body so much when he can have one like that?

Georgia was a very pretty lady, with her short hair and flawless complexion, but her body was spectacular. Her skin was pale and perfect, and her breasts were full and plump with no trace of sagging. Her nipples were large, erect, and a beauiful pink. Her waist was tiny and flared into full, firm hips that made her figure seem ........ lush, .... ripe. Her tummy was firm and had just a slight bulge that made it seem very sexy. Dr Georgia may have been no more than five feet tall and a hundred pounds, but she was all woman.

I guess I must have been staring, because she giggled, saying, "See anything you like, Dear?"

I was embarrassed, and I stammered, "I .. I'm sorry I was staring, but you're the most beautiful woman I've ever seen."

Georgia laughed and said, "How many naked women have you seen, Diane?"

I could feel myself blush as I said, "Well, just you, but you're beautiful."

She whispered, "I'm glad you like the way I look, Dear. I think you're a beautiful girl. Kiss me."

She took me into her arms, and I put mine around her. We shared our first naked kiss, and it was wonderful. Her skin was warm and soft against mine. Because of the differences in our sizes, I'd never really been able to get my arms around John. Georgia, though, was just my size, and I could really hold her. I loved that.

As we kissed deeply, I could feel my nipples swell and my pussy start to moisten. Ohhhh, she feels so good. Soft, warm body, soft warm lips. It feels like my pussy is gushing. I wonder if hers is, too.

We finished our kiss, and Georgia turned us so we were facing the big mirror with our arms around each other's waist. We smiled at our reflections and just stood that way for a moment, looking. My God, she's beautiful. No wonder John wants her. Tiny little waist, lovely high breasts, smooth hips. Those big rosy nipples look ... yummy. She makes me look like a skinny boy. She has just a little bit of a tummy, and that makes her look softer and even sexier. She sure looks silly in that shower cap, though. I think a shower cap is the unsexiest thing there is. I hate the way the seam in those darned pantyhose leaves a line down my tummy. Georgia has one, too.

Georgia kissed me lightly and turned to start the water in the shower. I looked down at her behind, I couldn't help it. I hope my bottom gets as shapely as hers someday. Mine's sort of flat in comparison. Huh, I'm flat all over compared to Georgia.

I put on my cap and joined Georgia in the shower. The first few minutes had nothing to do with getting clean. We kissed, hugged, petted, rubbed, and had a wonderful time. The only thing I didn't like was that Georgia's pubic mound felt rough and stratchy against mine when we rubbed ourselves together.

I guessed she noticed, because she took my hand in hers and moved it down to her mound. It was all bristly, like Dad's cheeks when he didn't shave for a few days.

She laughed and said, "I know I'm all whiskery, Dear. I haven't shaved for a week. After our shower I'll take care of that. Maybe you can help me."

I said, "Do you keep it shaved all the time, Georgia?"

She laughed, "Let's just say that it gets shaved when it needs to be. I wasn't using that part of me while I was in New Orleans, so I didn't bother with it. I don't always do myself. John likes my pussy smooth, and we both enjoy him shaving me. You're lucky, that pretty little cunny of yours is naturally bald." Cunny?

I didn't know what to say to that, but my mouth was busy kissing, anyway.

We kissed, washed, petted, kissed, rinsed, petted and kissed for a long time. I thought maybe I love kissing so much because I've only been doing it for a week and it's new to me. Adults who have been kissing for years seem to like it just as much, though. I'm sure glad of that; I can hardly get enough.

I had never felt a woman's body before, and Georgia's fascinated me. I loved to caress her wet skin and feel the soft smoothness of her. She seemed to feel the same way about my body, and we had a wonderful time exploring each other.

I really loved her breasts. They were large, a nice full B cup, which made someone her size seem busty. They were plump and firm. Her nipples were a pink-tan color and much larger than mine. Mine were hardly bigger than quarters, but Georgia's were almost the size of those big old silver dollars.

I know I'm not supposed to be interested in a woman's body, but hers is so beautiful. Is something wrong with me? Am I a lesbian? I don't know, maybe I'm that bi-thing John told me Georgia is. Right now, I don't care. It doesn't mean that I love John any less or don't want him as much. It's just that I've found a whole new kind of sexual feeling that I didn't know I had. Like John said, I'm a very sexual person, so I'm going to go wherever it leads me. I know Georgia cares for me and won't do anything I can't handle. I'm about to enter a new chapter of sexual experiences. Well, I think I already entered it the first time Georgia kissed me.

Georgia stood behind me and put her arms around me to spread warm soapsuds all over my tummy and chest. Then she took a breast in each hand and started gently squeezing them. Squeeze, relax, squeeze, relax .......... It felt wonderful. I looked down, and my little nipples were so erect and red that they almost glowed.

She slid one hand slowly down my tummy to my mound, and one of her fingers found my swollen clitoris. She whispered into my ear, "Oh, Honey, Georgia never noticed what a beautiful big clittie Diane has. It's right out in front, too, just waiting for Georgia's attention. I can hardly wait to get my mouth on it, but would Diane like Georgia to play with it a little right now?"

I nodded my head and leaned back against her. Clittie? It sounds sexy the way she talks about herself like that. Mmmmmmm, my button feels like it's gotten huge.

Georgia kissed my shoulders and neck while she started stroking the length of my swollen clitoris with her wet finger. She continued to massage my breasts with her other hand. Even though she had just began to stroke me, I could already feel my little preorgasmic tingle.

Georgia whispered in my ear, "Little Diane has a very sensitive clittie, doesn't she? Does that feel good on your nice big clittie, Dear?

I moaned, "Oh, Georgia. That feels wonderful. Please don't stop. Please keep your finger going on my button. Yes, right there. Right there! Ohhhh, if you keep that up I'm going to go over. Oooh, God, don't stop. I'm going to ....... Ohhhhhh, I'm going to come."

Georgia knew what I needed, and she stroked my button faster, squeezed and pulled my nipple, then slid the tip of her warm, wet tongue into my ear. As if I didn't have enough stimilation, the wet, sexy tickling sensation of her tongue in my ear sent me over, and I had a short, hard standing-up climax. She slowed her strokes after I passed my peak, but continued to prolong my pleasure. I felt a little shakey in the legs, and I could feel myself blushing with excitement and pleasure.

When I had come down, I turned in Georgia's arms and kissed her passionately. In between kisses I whispered into her ear, "Oh, Georgia, Darling. That was wonderful. I had no idea a woman could make me go over. I never dreamed that I would want to be like this with a woman. You're going to have to show me what to do, but I want to learn everything about making love with you. Kiss, please." After our kiss Georgia said, "Diane, you are so yummy. You have a wonderfully large clitoris and a sweet tiny cunny that's just made for me. Georgia is going to show you some beautiful things, and we're both going to love every one of them. Put your finger in Georgia's pussy, Honey."

I slid my middle finger down through Georgia's bristles and found her cleft. After the harsh bristles, it was soft, moist, and hot there. I had never felt a pussy other than my own, and I was surprised that there didn't seem to be a clitoris. I hesitated a moment, and Georgia told me again to put my finger inside, so I slid it into her vagina.

I don't know what I expected, but she seemed to be about the same size inside as I was; maybe just a little bigger. I thought she would be .... a lot bigger inside than that. Georgia has been ... doing it for a long time, and I assumed her vagina would get stretched. Maybe that only happens when women have babies. I'll bet they really get stretched then.

Then the hot water suddenly ran out, so we had to get out of the shower in a hurry

We had fun drying each other, and when Georgia finished me she kneeled down. She kissed me between the breasts, then she ran her tongue over and around one of my "high beams." She started flicking my erect nipple with her tongue, and it seemed to get even bigger. I ran my fingers through her short hair as she sucked it in between her warm lips. It felt so good that I started trembling.

Georgia alternated sucking my nipples until they were tingling, then she had me sit up on the tile counter by the sink. I put my towel down so I didn't have to sit on the cold tile. Georgia knelt on the floor between my knees, and that put her mouth on a perfect level with my pussy. She kissed the insides of my parted thighs and told me the skin there was very soft and smooth. John tells me that, too. I'm glad they like me there. John and Georgia like me in so many ways, and every one of those ways is wonderful.

She used the tip of her tongue to part my outer lips, then the inner lips, and my pussy was completely open for her. She pulled her head back a little and looked at it.

She said, "Diane, you have the most beautiful little puss I've ever seen. It's so pink and smooth that it makes my mouth water. You have a tiny pussy, but your clittie is by far the biggest I've ever seen. It's poking its head out and just begging for my tongue. It's so big I could almost suck it like a cock. Ohhh, I just have to taste you. Can Georgia taste your little cunnie, Darling?"

I responded by putting my hands in her hair and pulling her mouth to my pussy.

Georgia leaned forward, kissed my pussy with her open mouth and sucked the inner lips gently into her mouth. She kept them sucked into her mouth and stroked her tongue up and down between them. Ohhhh, that feels good.

Then she released the lips and slid her hot tongue into my vagina. The tip of her tongue went directly to that "special spot," as if she already knew where it was. She started licking me there with the tip of her tongue, and I could feel that tingling start almost at once. I had both my hands in her short hair, holding her mouth to me as she licked inside.

Just as the tingling got me almost to an orgasm, she took her tongue out of my vagina, looked up at me and smiled. "You're absolutely delicious, Little Lover." Then she licked her moist lips, said, "Yummy," and again buried her mouth in my pussy.

When her hot tongue first touched my button, I felt that familiar little electric thrill and said, "Oh, Georgia, that feels soooo good. Lick my button, Darling. Lick me."

I could feel the tip of Georgia's tongue push my button's little hood back, and she started swirling it around the head. When she started sucking my clitoris in and out between her lips, that tingling kept getting stronger until I knew I was heading for an orgasm. I heard myself moan, and I guess Georgia knew what was about to happen.

She stopped what she was doing, looked up at me and said, 'Oh, Little Diane. Your clitty is so sensitive. Do you like to be teased?"

I was too far along for that, and I told her so.

She said, "Sweetie, your little puss puss is so tasty I hate to have this over with. I hope Diane is going to let Georgia kiss her sweet puss a lot. Does little Diane want a nice cummie?"

"Oh, Georgia, I want that more than I've ever wanted anything."

"Does little Diane promise to let her sweet Georgia kiss her pretty cunny as much as she wants?"

I nodded my head, yes.

"Then Georgia is going to make love to Diane's sweet little puss puss until she has a nice cummie."

All I could say was, "Ohhh, yessssss."

She held my swollen clitoris sucked in between her lips and started licking it. Georgia even knew about that little supersensitive spot on the side. She seemed to know exactly what would put me over, and did that ever do it! As my dam burst my cry echoed loudly in that big, tiled bathroom.

I fell over that cliff of orgasm into an incredible ocean of ecstacy. Georgia licked, and I came. I just came and came and came....... Long, long, wonderful orgasm. She kept me at my peak longer than I had ever been there, and only let me come very slowly and gradually down from it, prolonging my pleasure wonderfully.

About the time I thought I was going to have to beg Georgia to let me down, she stopped, pulled back a little, and smiled up at me from between my widely parted thighs. Her lips and chin were wet with the juices from my pussy, and she looked incredibly sexy and ....... lewd.

Oh, God, what a climax! I never had one that big when John kissed my pussy. It wasn't as big as when John makes love to me, but almost. Georgia seemed to know just where and just how ......... Of course she would! She's a woman, she has a ....... button, too. I never thought about it, but who would know how to kiss a pussy better than a woman? I wonder what it would be like to kiss hers. I want to, and I'm pretty sure she would like me to. I'm going to ask her if I can. She's awful bristly, though. Maybe she wouldn't mind shaving first. Georgia stood and used a finger to scoop up some of the moisture on her chin, then she sucked the finger clean. She used her finger again and put it into my mouth. She was looking right into my eyes with a devilish look on her face while I sucked my own juices from her finger, and I thought it was very sexy.

I slid off the counter and took her into my arms to kiss her wet mouth. Mmmm, my pussy tastes good on her lips. I can hardly wait to find out what hers tastes like. I wonder if her pussy tastes the same as mine.

We kissed again, then she whispered in my ear, "Would Diane like to lick Georgia's cunny?"

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