tagIncest/TabooGetting Even Gone Very Right

Getting Even Gone Very Right


Readers: This story is ripe with unlikely scenarios. I did not compose it with the thought of the scenarios actually happening. It is an escape from my reality. Do not read it from the context of your reality and complain of my departure from your reality.

Revenge gone very right

Before I could recoil from the sharp pain or could exhale the breath I sucked in, at least a dozen more hard blows tore at the sensitive skin of my ass. The tawse used had three tongues and made of stiff thick leather solely for exacting extreme pain. It was working very well.

"You son of a bitch," she screamed before delivering another dozen blows on my ass and thighs. "You mother fucker," exited her mouth before another series of blows. I reeled from the pain not knowing what set her off this time. She relentlessly struck me, strapped me with the hardest blows she had ever given me. Already, nerve endings began shutting down from the damage she inflicted.

"How could you even think that!" Then she swung the tawse striking me more times than I could count. She must have beaten me into unconsciousness. I had no way to gage time, how long had I been out, how long had she continued to beat me before realizing I was out? I was damaged goods and it would be a month or longer before I healed completely.

I reached back to feel my thighs and ass; they rippled with welts and I felt what must have been dried blood. That was my last straw, the straw that broke the camel's back. I began hatching a plan to escape her, but not until I ruin her in the same way, she ruined me. I conceived my plan slowly.

It was close to two days before I could walk properly and she just smirked. "Smirk bitch," I thought to myself. "Your day is coming and that sexy body of yours will be a wasteland of useless ugly flesh." I carefully hid my plans until the right moment.

I watched her every move, I studied her daily routine, and I learned everything I could. I knew her menstrual cycle, I knew her sexual habits, and I knew her sleeping habits, eating habits, bathroom habits. I began knowing her thoughts before she had them. It took almost nine months before I had a chance to act on my plan.

I had to be cautious during all these months not to change my behavior in a noticeable way. Anything that could tip her off, I had to avoid. I found ways to use new wireless fiber optic cameras to my advantage. I recorded everything occurring in the house when I was at work. I studied the videos at night after she slept.

Her body is a man's dream, her skin flawless, and her breasts full and perky with cute little nipples perched at the apex. Her torso tapers to a finely shaped waste, her stomach flat with a hint of abdominal muscle. Her hips flare forming a beautiful backside, full, firm, and perfectly sculptured. Her pubic mound was pure bliss, hairless, with a little camel toe. How could she be so hateful of me? I could be her lover if she was not the evil person to me she actually was.

She came home late one Friday night, actually, early Saturday morning. I waited silently in my room until I was sure she would not come in my room with her tawse and beat me as she usually does. I endured many beatings after her late nights.

I waited a couple hours making sure she was asleep. I checked my cameras around the house and finally her room. She sprawled out naked sleeping on her stomach, probably passed out from alcohol and maybe drugs. I seized the opportunity.

With four stout lengths of hemp rope, I eased into her room. I quickly tied her legs to the end rails of her bed, tightly, with knots that would not slip if she struggled to get free. I did the same to her arms. I did not take my adventure further. Morning would be my moment. I went to bed and slept the soundest sleep I have had in months.

I came awake hearing her screams. "Get in here you son of a bitch. Untie me motherfucker. I will beat you to death for this. You worthless piece of shit, get in here."

I made a cup of instant coffee, took my time sipping it, and casually walked to her bedroom. "I'm sorry, did you call me?" The calmness of my demeanor equaled the fury in her eyes.

"Oh, I see, you are all tied up now. I'll come back later then." Every muscle in her body strained to get free of her bonds.

"I will beat you to death, god damn it. When I'm through with you, you will pray to die." She continued to thrash about until the ropes burned her wrists and ankles.

"No, I don't think you will beat anyone. In fact, you may experience much of what you made me endure all these years. Your pretty little ass is going to get ripped apart by your own tawse." The shock of her predicament sank in, fear and panic replaced hatred. She peed her bed. I left her to contemplate my next move.

I waited about two hours before returning to her room. Hatred returned to her eyes as I reached into her hiding place to retrieve the tawse. "Thought I did not know about this little hiding place," I calmly spoke. There is a lot I know. Now, let me introduce your pretty little butt to your very own tawse."

The first blow struck square on the high point of her butt. I spared no measure and welts immediately appeared. The next landed on the sweat spot just where her thighs begin. Her screams of pain were like music. I rained down another half dozen sever blows raising welts from her waist to her knees. I took the tawse with me as I left. "By the way, I am not done."

I had the hardest hard-on of my life and beat myself off three times before my cock went soft again. I returned to her room to see her limp on the bed; even as I entered, she made no struggle. "I'm back. I see the welts have gone down a bit. I guess I will have to raise them up again."

I carefully aimed each blow to give her skin equal coverage. I rained down 30 blows and saw her turning black and blue. I positioned two mirrors so she could see what was happening to her. "Let me know when the welts go down. I will come back to raise them again."

I waited three hours before making my return. "You didn't call me, I guess the welts did not go down. Let me inspect." Her ass was several shades of red, purple, and black. Her thighs were deeper blue-black. "Have you kept an eye on the mirrors? I hope you can see how I have destroyed you lovely skin. You are through being the lovely princess."

I began round three making sure the skin of her ass and legs received equal treatment. This time, I gave her 50 blows and drew blood, she peeded herself and the bed again. "Stop," she begged. "I can't take any more. Please, stop. Please."

"You would not stop when I begged, why should I stop for your begging." I gave her ten more harsh slaps with the tawse. "You will not be able to walk for days. You will be just as I was after you beat me. The only difference is, I will be by your side when you need help." I gave her ten of the hardest slaps of the tawse as I could muster. "That, you little bitch, is 100 strikes after the six warm ups hours ago. How does it feel on the receiving end? I might add, I found and removed every toy you think you had hidden from me."

I left to return three hours later. This time I laid the tawse across her hips letting her know I was back. She recoiled at the touch. Slowly, I raised the heavy leather into striking position and let it rip across her mattress, not striking her. I had a bottle of aloe with me and I poured a copious amount on one leg and smoothed it over her skin; I did the same to the other leg. I spread more over her ass. Her punished skin soaked it in quickly and I applied more until her skin absorbed as much as possible.

"I will remove the ropes now and rub aloe into the rope burns. Will you behave?" There was no hardness in her voice; she gave me an affirmative answer. "Let me help you up and take you to the bathroom. I will sponge you clean then strip your bed to let the mattress air and dry. I have some food for you to eat and I will help you down stairs to eat."

Through all this, she had few words to say. I sponged her with warm water avoiding contact with her butt and thighs. She begged me to set her on the toilet and as I did, she gushed a river of pee. "Oh god," she exclaimed, "that feels good. I have to shit, oh fuck, I don't want you to see this." It was too late as she expelled a good healthy shit.

"Bend over, let me clean you." I knew how humiliated she was to expose her shit stained and badly bruised ass to me. I used caution cleaning her ass then used the warm washcloth to wash her pussy and ass hole clean.

"I will use the kitchen sink spray nozzle to wash your hair after you eat. Put this robe on." I handed her a new silk robe I knew would feel cool against her damaged skin. It was a challenge getting her down stairs; her muscles did not react to brain signals because her nerves had shut down. She will have more pain later as her nerves begin repairing.

She did eat and even braved sitting while doing so. Hungry and thirsty, she ate well and drank large amounts of water. I washed her hair as promised then took her back to bed. I applied more aloe to her skin seeing that she was healing somewhat and would not have long term damage to her skin.

I left her alone, retired to my own room and secured it from the inside should she have the strength to retaliate. Much later, there was moaning from her room followed by soft footfalls to the bathroom and a flush of the toilet.

Then came a tapping on my door. "Let me in, please. Please open up. Can you give me another aloe rub? Please open the door." She was completely out of character and for safety, I checked my cameras, saw nothing threatening, and shut down my hardware.

I opened the door with the tawse in my hand held in a non-threatening manner although I was on full alert. I let her enter my room and she immediately lay on my bed. "I enjoy you rubbing aloe on my legs and butt. Please rub some more."

I switched on the bed stand light to see how much healing occurred in the last few hours. The aloe had the desired effect. She jumped as the cool liquid touched her skin. She cried out in pain letting me know her nerves were slowly coming back to life. Over the next half hour, I worked the aloe into her sore body. I worked more into the rope burns; they would heal by tomorrow night.

"Rub me some more, I mean rub more aloe into me, please." As I worked the lotion into her skin, she gave a slight moan and sucked in a breath of air. "That is really a nice feeling she whispered, don't stop," she sighed. I realized this was becoming sexual for her and she might even have a cum from it.

Moans became constant as she became more sexually aroused and more nerve endings became alive again. When she began panting and moaning more loudly, I knew she would cum soon and I encouraged it. "Its okay, let it go, cum." Then she tensed every muscle in her body and had an orgasm.

As she calmed, she confessed, "That was my first ever orgasm."

Even as her confession sunk in, my resolve to get away from her did not abate. She was not going to dominate me any longer. "Are you feeling better now," I asked trying to sound sincere. "Do you want to go back to your bed?"

It was not too late in the night but I needed to sleep some and I did not want her in my room. "I want to stay with you," she mumbled half asleep. "Will you rub me off again?" Did I hear her correctly? Did she just ask me to rub her off?

"I will put more aloe on your skin, if that is what you?re asking." She smiled almost sweetly but I was still cautious of her and dominating behavior. I poured some aloe directly on her skin, the cool liquid touching her sore skin might stimulate pain and I wanted to gage her reaction. When she jerked and whined, I knew she felt the coolness as sudden pain against her damaged skin. I began to rub the aloe into her skin.

"Am I badly bruised," she whispered. As I rubbed the aloe over her, she began moving her hips in a sexually excited way. "Why are you being kind?"

"You're bruised and it will be several weeks before you wear skirts, and you can forget skin tight pants unless you can mask pain really well." I continued to rub aloe into her ass and legs and she continued gyrate her hips. "And, you can forget club nights and all your drinking and drugs and fucking around town."

Some of her spirit returned when I accused her of fucking around town. I saw her eyes burning, glowing in her evilness. She spit out, "I do not fuck around town and I will...?

I took her favorite tawse and raised it above my head, "Do you want to start over? You will do nothing except behave." I brought the tawse down on her sore ass with just enough force to remind her of her current predicament.

"Really, I don't fuck around!" I think I saw a tear form in her eye. "I will prove it if you let me." This was getting interesting and I wanted to learn how she could prove it. "I am a virgin," the words struck me harder than any of the strapping she ever gave me.

With the aloe in hand, I began rubbing her bruised skin with a different sense of touch. If she wanted a rubbing, I would give it to her. I explored the cleft of her ass and touched her little brown butt hole. She jerked her hips up against my finger moaning. I backed off to rub aloe into her legs. As I rubbed her thighs, my hands drifted close to her pussy, not touching her pussy, but letting her know where my hands were. She sighed at the near touch.

She encouraged my actions with sighs and moans getting louder. I finally touched her pussy and she rewarded me having a tremendous orgasm. I got very excited hearing her cum; I grasped my own cock and pumped hard and fast. I came all over her ass; a huge wet cum battered her butt.

I slumped over her in post cum exhaustion and noticed her crying into my pillow. Her muffled words were not clear; I listened more closely. "I'm sorry! I so sorry," she chanted until she fell into a deep sleep. In my own tired state, I lie next to her and fell into my own sleep.

I woke feeling well rested and comfortable. I felt a warm body next to me and everything of the last couple days flashed before my eyes. I leapt from the bed fearful that she would find some way to retaliate; I struck a defensive posture with tawse in hand. Then I remembered her crying and hearing her chant I'm sorry.

When she awoke, she appeared disoriented in unfamiliar surroundings then remembering where she was, she turned her head, saw me on the ready, and froze. "No! No more! No more!" The combination of her pleading and real fear in her eyes surprised me; I relaxed my guard a bit.

"Did we sleep together," she asked with wonderment in her voice. When I gave her an affirmative head nod, she simply returned it. "Help me stand, I need to use the toilet." With no ceremony I helped her up on stiff and still very sore legs, she walked to the toilet. In amazement, I heard her turn on the shower and brave the pain her ass and legs must feel.

I dressed and went to the kitchen to start breakfast. I remained on alert all the time waiting for her to appear. When she did, she was dressed in a very conservative blouse and a mid calf skirt. "I am still sore, I could sure use more aloe."

"I agree, but first you need to eat, sit if you can." I was surprised that she sat with little display of discomfort. "I heard you crying and saying 'I'm sorry,' just before you dropped off to sleep. What do you mean, sorry for what." I asked the question with the intent to get an answer.

She looked at me with a pained expression that did not have anything to do with my retaliation and the beating I gave her. It was a different pain, mental anguish, a pain that comes when someone is about to bare their soul. I set a plate of eggs, bacon, and hash browns in front of her. She picked up her fork and began poking at the breakfast.

"I really am a virgin and last night I really did have my first orgasm ever. You believe that, I hope. But you may never understand what I'm sorry for and why. I'll try to explain over the next few hours." I told her to eat while her breakfast was hot and she began eating as though starved. I set my plate down and ate with her.

"Why did you finally decide to take revenge against me?" The question was to the point and demanded an answer just as my question demanded an answer.

I felt an angry response building but I needed to control my anger and my response. "I am leaving here, leaving you alone. I needed to let you feel all the pain you caused me. You deserve more, much more pain but even if I beat you everyday for a year, it would not equal all the pain you caused me. Even talking about it now, I want to beat you again, and again. If I don't leave... Well, that's enough, I am leaving."

As my words sunk in, disbelief and resignation shown in her eyes and color drained from her face. "You cannot leave! You can't! I need you!"

"You do not need me! If you did you would treat me better. I am not your whipping boy anymore." I picked up her favorite tawse and slapped it down on the table making her jump in defense. I made my point. "You haven't answered my question yet. Why are you sorry?"

"You will not believe me, I'm positive you won't. If I tell you I'm sorry for all the evil I made you suffer, you will think it is because you decided to take revenge on me. I don't want any more beatings that is true. I am sore and busied, I am in pain and you behaved with concern after my well-deserved punishment. You gave your aid when I never did that for you - ever. You cared for me on your bed, gave me feelings I never knew existed. You humiliated me. You nursed me. Sorry is not a cop out, I mean it."

"That does not explain your attacks on me over these years, what did I ever do to you to make you beat me? I did nothing to deserve your abuse. That is why I am leaving here, leaving you to fend for yourself. Maybe you'll get lucky and find a new whipping boy."

Slowly she rose from her chair, the pain evident in her eyes as she moved. I watched as she moved toward me, her hand reached for the tawse on the table; however, the reach was not threatening as though grabbing it to strike out at me. She handed it to me, raised her skirt over her hips, and presented her bruised but healing ass. "Beat me again. Punish me more. If you don't believe I'm sorry, then start over. I know I deserve it."

I took a position that would allow the greatest leverage of the tawse and best striking angle to give her a painful strapping. With slow and determined practice swings, I made contact with her badly bruised but still cute butt. When I was ready, I raised the heavy tawse and swung with all strength I had and hit the table with a loud blow that caused her to jump. I left the tawse on the table. "That's all. No more. You need more aloe. Go to your room."

Why, I wondered, why couldn't I hurt her more? She beat me into unconsciousness and could have killed me and I could not hurt her more. I saw tears in her eyes as she let her skirt fall as she turned toward the steps going to her room. I had a hard on for her.

She lay on her bed with her clothes removed. Lying on her stomach, the swell of her hips and roundness of her butt were sensual, she was sensual. "Tell me how the cool aloe feels on you repairing nerves." As a small trail of aloe dribbled up her legs, she jerked in discomfort. When I put my hands on her legs, she sighed and spread them slightly.

I worked the lotion into her bruised thighs almost making contact with her pussy. She rotated her hips giving me a perfect view of her virgin, so she claimed, pussy. I drizzled aloe over her ass and she reacted with some pain or discomfort again. I rubbed the lotion into her skin letting my fingers trace the cleft dividing the perfect mounds of her ass.

I pressed a lotion-coated finger against her little ass hole; she moaned and lifted to meet my finger. My hand drifted lower to touch her pussy and she responded with a louder moan. I shifted my concentration to her pussy and found her little clit. With a gentle touch of my finger on her clit, she came hard against my hand.

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