tagNonConsent/ReluctanceGetting Even (The Sequel)

Getting Even (The Sequel)


The other day, I realized it had been about a year since "the incident" and Tammy's subsequent move to her new job as assistant to Cheryl, the EVP of Marketing at our company.

I couldn't believe it had been almost a year already, and it had been weeks since I'd even thought about "the incident." Time pushes even the most vivid memories to the recesses of the mind, I guess.

Tammy and I have lunch together once in a while, but we have never discussed "the incident." That is, until this week. I don't know how she got started. I guess it was a passing comment of mine in which I compared her current boss Cheryl to the nightmare that was Susan, her tormenting former boss. Tammy started talking about Susan with emotions too fresh to be related to "the incident" of a year ago. I realized "the incident" had not been the end of it. Tammy didn't fully explain everything that happened, but she didn't need to. I can read between the lines.

Tammy hasn't changed a bit. She is truly gorgeous in every way. Maybe even more attractive than when she worked for Susan, the result of a less stressful work lifestyle and another year of maturing.

I often wonder if such beautiful skin is the result of nature or nurture. It doesn't matter, both are working in Tammy's favor. She is the perfect, long, flowing brunette who could walk into a room of models and still be the envy of all.

Tammy loves her new job. That's been obvious for months. She thinks very highly of her new boss Cheryl. She's very protective of her too. I must say, Cheryl is lucky Tammy is on her side, especially with what's happened at the company in the last few weeks. As sweet as she is, Tammy has proved she can be rather vicious when pushed.

About a month ago, the firm lost the Grant account. That set off a massive round of finger pointing and executive backstabbing. From where I sit, I wasn't too affected. I didn't think Tammy was affected either, but I learned at lunch that this was not the case at all. In an executive-level civil war, every senior executive was affected, assured Tammy.

The Grant account debacle fractured the senior execs into two camps, one which emanated from the CEO and a second which aimed to take the company "in a new direction." Susan, Tammy's rain-making bitch of a former boss, fell into the second camp, the one aiming to oust the CEO.

This was ironic, given that her own billing games had caused the biggest problems with the Grant account, but her blue-eyed, dirty-blonde charms (and some creative accounting) had hidden her culpability.

Unaware of the executive conflict, Tammy had kept her word to Susan by remaining silent about their creative bookwork.

That changed when Tammy saw an email Susan had written to another executive. In that email, Susan was up to her old tricks, proposing a clean sweep of several executives, including Cheryl! It was pure self-service. Cheryl had nothing to do with either of the warring political camps, and she certainly had nothing to do with the Grant account.

Susan's proposal would have had Cheryl swept out (along with Tammy) as part of a new management structure. All Tammy would have seen is a restructuring in which she lost her job, with not even a hint that Susan had been involved. Tammy, the one person with dirt on Susan, would have been ousted from the company. Oh, and here was the kicker: Susan was proposing a major promotion for herself to the executive suite!

I'm not sure how Tammy came to see it, but I believe she is friends with other assistants on the executive floor. When Tammy described her reaction to that email at lunch, flames practically burst from her eyes. It was one of the few moments in the years of knowing Tammy that I preferred not to look into her beautiful stare.

She got all the information she needed from the email. By the time it had fallen into Tammy's hands, two days had passed since Susan had sent it. Presumably by then, the slate of proposed executives had been cemented and the coup was set to happen within days.

Tammy was rocked by the thought of losing her job, the injustice to Cheryl and Susan's blatant disregard for their agreement only a few months before.

Tammy spent hours back at her desk plotting her next course of action. She had seen the email in the morning. By three in the afternoon, she had concluded she would have to save Cheryl's bacon. Plus, she would make Susan pay!

Tammy launched her operation at 3:30pm by calling Susan. Her new assistant answered. Tammy asked to be put through to Susan's voicemail.

"It's Tammy. You better call me back!" Her tone was menacing and urgent. She slammed the phone for effect.

At 4:15, Susan called. Tammy saw Susan's number display across her phone and spoke before Susan could get a word out. Tammy snapped up the phone.

"I saw the email, and I know about your proposal. Drinks, 6pm, The Germain, you will have 30 seconds to explain, and you better be there!" Tammy slammed the phone before Susan could speak.

Susan called back. Tammy did not answer. She listened to the message.

"Uhmmm, Tammy, it's Susan. Just... don't overreact. I mean, I'm not sure what you're referring to. Let's talk at six...please..." Susan sounded as if her hand was still stuck in the cookie jar as she spoke. The plan was in motion.

Tammy arrived at The Germain ten minutes late. The Germain is a nice lounge-like establishment in town. It is a little dark with fancy smallish tables everywhere, and there's a constant hum of people's busy conversations. Susan was waiting at a somewhat secluded table in a corner overlooking the city.

Susan was in her power suit, of course. Her good looks and sharp dressing style usually serve to disarm, if not intimidate, most people. But not Tammy. Not anymore. Tammy was just as formidable as Susan now. Her dressing style equally pointed, her looks head-turning to say the least.

More importantly, Tammy had dirt from their years of working together that gave her a special edge over Susan. Tammy approached the table and took her place just as their waitress arrived, blunting Susan's opportunity to say more than "hello."

Ordering drinks, Tammy observed Susan up close for the first time in almost a year. During that time, Susan had refocused on her marriage and regained her momentum at work.

She'd also had time to keep up her health club routine; she was the picture of the successful mid-30's rising executive. When the waitress walked away, Tammy got straight to business.

"I'm not going to repeat myself, Susan. You have thirty seconds to explain yourself or the Grant account will mark the end of your career!"

Susan's plans to play dumb evaporated at that moment. If she had forgotten, Tammy's blunt statement served as a reminder of what she was up against. Her eyes darted for a moment, searching for an alternative route. There was none. When Susan began to speak, her tone was apologetic.

"Ok, Tammy. I didn't mean for anything bad to happen to you in this whole thing."

The lie was too much for Tammy to sit still.

"Stop!" She commanded.

Susan attempted to speak again, but Tammy put up her finger. The anger boiled up in her as she sat silent. Susan wasn't sure what would happen next.

"Susan, I know you've proposed that Cheryl be ousted and that I would lose my job too. You are truly underhanded. I want you to know that tomorrow people will notice the phantom account numbers on the Grant account. I couldn't remember the numbers today, or else it would already have happened."

"Tammy, no..."

"I just need to go home and get the numbers."

Susan's eyes began to grow wider.

"Please Tammy, no..."

"And that will be the end of you."

Susan inhaled deeply. The waitress approached with their drinks. Susan feared Tammy might walk away right then and there. She was relieved when the waitress walked away and Tammy remained in her seat.

"Wait, Tammy, please let me explain..."

Susan's eyes turned particularly desperate. Tammy waited a few seconds before responding.

"You had your thirty seconds."

Tammy gathered herself to stand back up. Susan almost jumped out of her chair.

"Please, Tammy, just give me a chance. I'll do whatever you want!"

Her voice rose and then trailed lower as she feared being heard. Susan's hands tensed. It was the same desperate Susan from a year ago. Tammy marveled at her ability to push Susan to this point again. She relaxed back into her seat.

"Ok Susan. Let's try a little game we'll call 'Susan Being Honest'"

Susan continued to strangle the air.


"First, Susan, I want you to tell me how sorry you are for trying to run me out of the company."

"Tammy, I'm sorry I put your job at risk..."

"I said run me out..."

Susan exhaled from the stress.

"I-¬I-I, I mean, I'm sorry I tried to run you out of the company. Really, I am, Tammy..."

Susan added the extra emphasis to communicate her regret. Tammy knew she was sorry. Sorry she'd been caught!

"Good Susan, now tell me you're so sorry you'll do anything to make it up to me."

"Tammy, please, I'll do anything to make it up to you."

After each repetition, Susan looked for approval from Tammy. Tammy played it cool, suggesting it would be difficult to satisfy her.

"Good Susan. See how nice it is to tell the truth?"

Susan nodded, hoping this was the end of it.

"When you and I are honest with each other, everything works out well. When you play games, you get punished. Have you noticed that, Susan?"

Susan had to concede the truth of Tammy's words. Susan's eyes shifted to Tammy's hands.

"Yes." Susan said, with hesitation.

"Good. I think you know what will happen now. Susan, tell me you deserve to be punished!"

Susan's eyes fell to the table. She began to shake her head just a little.


Tammy knew Susan was about to object. She raised her voice slightly and cut Susan off.


It startled Susan. She cringed and then swung her head around to see if anyone had heard before turning back to Tammy.

"I..." Susan's sense of dignity stood in the way of the words.

"I..." Her entire frame began to shake. Tammy tapped her finger on the table with impatience. Susan had to spit out the words, and she knew it.

"I... deserve... to be punished!"

Tammy felt deep satisfaction. Susan's mouth hung open, disbelieving the words she had just spoken. Tammy wanted more.

"Without the delay this time, Susan. Again!"

Susan's voice strained as she pushed the words out.

"I deserve to be punished!"

"Good!" Tammy purred. "See how easy this is? You want another chance, don't you Susan?"

Susan wanted to win her over.

"Yes, Tammy, you'll see..."

Tammy cut her off.

"So let's hear you say 'please give me another chance'"

Susan hated Tammy's word games, but she was helpless to stop it.

"Please, Tammy, please give me another chance!"


"Please give me another chance, Tammy!"

"You're desperate for another chance..."

"I am, Tammy..."

"Say it, Susan!"

Susan's hands turned up apologetically.

"I'm desperate for another chance, Tammy!"

"You'll do anything..."

"Please, Tammy, I'll do anything!"

Tammy enjoyed the moment, and then she told Susan the conditions for the Grant account phantom numbers staying invisible: Susan would remove Cheryl from the list of executives to be ousted, and Susan would meet Tammy nightly at a location of Tammy's choosing for an update.

Susan nodded frantically at each word, realizing that Tammy was willing to give her one last chance.

"I'll do it, Tammy, yes. I'll do it!" Susan excitedly answered.

"I know you will, Susan. You should thank me for the second chance, Susan."

Tammy said it with that little mischievous tone. Susan hesitated before responding.

"Thank you Tammy!"

"How grateful are you, Susan?"

Susan got a sinking feeling in her stomach. She responded with trepidation.

"Very grateful, Tammy!"

"'I'm so-o-o grateful.' Say it, Susan."

"Thank you Tammy, I'm s-o-o-o grateful!"

"Ask me how you can show me your gratitude, Susan."

"Thank you Tammy, how can I show you how grateful I am?"

Susan was grateful, but she really just wanted this game to end. She had been caught red-handed by Tammy. But if she survived this conversation, she would escape without the Grant account details getting out.

"Good!" Tammy answered.

Tammy reached over and took a napkin of Susan's. Casually bringing it down to her lap, she let it fall to the floor beneath the table between the two women.

"I want you to fetch that napkin from the floor, and while you're down there, you will kiss my foot in gratitude for your second chance here tonight. Do you understand, Susan?"

Susan's eyes widened again. They were in public! Her voice quivered.

"Tammy, please..."

"You either kiss my foot in gratitude, or the phantom accounts become all too real..."

Susan had no choice.

After a moment of hesitation and fear of who might be watching, Susan slid off her chair and sank down to her knees. The napkin was near Tammy's right foot, firmly planted on the floor.

Tammy's legs were crossed, and her left foot dangled about a foot above the ground. Tammy was wearing a long skirt down to her knees, exposing the balance of her beautiful legs for the world's delight. It was warm enough that Tammy was not wearing hose.

As Susan crawled towards the napkin, her lips drew closer to Tammy's left foot. Tammy was wearing heels that day. The shoes covered her toes, but the tops of her feet were free. Susan knew she would have to kiss her there for Tammy to know it had happened.

Susan's faced burned with humiliation, but that was not all. Susan was unexpectedly struck by another feeling as she approached Tammy's foot. It happened just as her lips were inches away from their destination.

Like a flash of lightning, all the emotions of "the incident" to rush back to the surface. The heeled black shoe lit her mind like a match, and the scenes of a year ago projected in her mind.

Susan remembered herself, out of control, humping the very foot she was about to kiss. Images flashed before her: rubbing her pussy all over that ankle, the lips of her pussy engulfing the tip of a black shoe, the helpless release as she rubbed herself to orgasm while Tammy looked on from above. At that moment, Susan was there again, in her office and at the sexual whim of Tammy.

Susan gently kissed the top of Tammy's foot while she retrieved the napkin. Rather than the flashing kiss of someone eager to end her ordeal, Susan's kiss was soft, apologetic and submissive. Susan could not deny it; she felt a stir of excitement in her pussy.

"Oh my Gosh, can I help you? Did you drop something?"

It was the waitress! Susan was instantly brought back to reality, and mortified! Struggling up off all fours, Susan pulled herself up to a sitting position.

Had the waitress seen her kissing Tammy's foot? What was the waitress thinking of this woman crawling around under the table? Susan could not even look up.

"Oh, I found it." Susan said, frantically shifting the napkin from hand to hand as she settled back into her seat.

Tammy smiled devilishly and then asked for a check. She waited for the waitress to walk away.

"7pm, tomorrow, at the ___ _______ hotel" she told Susan.

Susan was looking at the napkin in her hands. She couldn't look up. Tammy stood up.

"Leave the room number on my voicemail. I want a suite." Tammy pulled her handbag strap over her shoulder. She pushed the check towards Susan.

"Tomorrow night at that hotel, I better see an email that says Cheryl is safe, or else..." Tammy left it at that and walked away.

When Tammy got to work the next morning, she had a voicemail from Susan. "Room 2702." Tammy went about her day with a deep sense of worry. Was she too late? If the coup happened that day, Cheryl was surely on the chopping block. Cheryl seemed completely oblivious to the danger to her job. But Tammy knew they had to get through today, and maybe tomorrow, before Susan would hopefully have taken the steps to save Cheryl.

Tammy grew frustrated with having to worry about these things. It was all Susan's fault. But Tammy played it cool on the outside, remaining her usual smiling self. At lunch time she went to the store for a few things and took a walk in the park, trying to relax.

Tammy checked the clock every 15 minutes that afternoon, all the way to 6pm. Nothing had happened. She and Cheryl were safe another day. She gathered her things, went for drinks with a friend and then went to the hotel, Room 2702.

Tammy knocked on the door. Susan hurriedly answered. Tammy had no time for salutations. She stepped inside and took the door from Susan, who backed away. Tammy closed the door and asked "So?"

Susan excitedly answered that she had what Tammy had asked. Cheryl would be saved!

Susan walked back into the living room area quickly to retrieve printed emails showing how she had lobbied the group of corporate rebels and, late in the day, all had agreed to let Cheryl keep her job in their new corporate structure.

While Susan was fetching the printed proof, Tammy took a look at the suite. There was a separate bedroom area and a living room-like area with a small desk, a nice leather sofa and coffee table. The room had a modern style, with plush and comfortable carpeting.

The view was spectacular. The sun had almost set, and the city lights had started to replace the day's glow.

Tammy had booked this room for guests of the company many times, but it was her first time seeing it. It was very nice. Tammy set her things down in the bedroom and then walked into the living room.

Susan handed Tammy the evidence. Tammy told Susan to sit down while she went through the papers. Susan took a seat on the sofa, watching Tammy pace back and forth while she read the emails. It was accurate. Susan had pushed hard to remove Cheryl from the cut list, and the group had ultimately accepted her revised recommendation.

"Let me see your Blackberry!" Tammy ordered.

Susan jumped up and fetched her device from the bedroom. She handed the unit to Tammy and offered to show her how to use it, but Tammy told her to sit back down. Tammy took a few minutes to figure her way around the unit, eventually finding her way to the email trail. The emails were genuine.

Tammy put the device back down on the coffee table. Susan was watching intently, hoping to see a pleased expression from Tammy. Tammy put her hands on her hips and looked down at Susan. Susan looked up into her eyes. Tammy's expression was stern.

"I suppose you think this makes up for everything?"

That was not the reaction Susan had hoped for. Disappointed, her eyes fell to Tammy's legs. Tammy was wearing a beautiful outfit that day. Her nearly black women's suit with a tight skirt highlighted her perfect frame. Where the skirt ended, her magnificent legs took over, leading to strapped black shoes. She was a sight to behold, as usual.

"I was hoping..." Susan started to speak.

"You were hoping that saving Cheryl would be enough to make up for your underhanded behavior?"

"Well..." Susan paused, not knowing what to say.

Tammy continued. "I'm still not convinced that I shouldn't unmask those phantom accounts."

"Tammy! No!" Susan jumped up from the couch. "Why???"

The two women were face to face.

"Because you haven't learned your lesson, Susan."

"No, Tammy, I have. Really, I have. I promise no more mistakes!"

"That's what you say."

"No, really, Tammy. I promise!"

Susan's hands wanted to reach out to Tammy while she pleaded her case. Tammy took a look at Susan's outfit. She was wearing a full pants suit that day, with nice black heels underneath. Tammy never thought pant suits complemented Susan's pleasurable figure.

Tammy shook her head, as though thinking about things. Finally she interrupted Susan.

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