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Getting Even With Roger


This is a quaint little story about being boss in the marriage, and how things changed when my wife’s best friend gets involved. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I have enjoyed writing it. You can show your appreciation by VOTING at the end of the story. I always respond to ALL emails – just be patient with me.

This story is written by me, and as such can be read by you (if you’re over the consent age) – please do not post it to any pay site without my permission. I wrote it for your enjoyment.


My wife Sandy and I have been married 4 years. A few weeks ago I made the mistake of being at a party and showing off in front of the guys by telling them all that I was: ‘King of my castle;’ ‘Boss of the house;’ & that there was no way in hell I was ‘pussy whipped’. Now that went over just fine for the guys because they all are friends. Standing near the bar and talking tough is just what was expected of me. I had to do something to quell the rumors that all the guys wives were saying to them – that I really was ‘pussy whipped’. But within earshot was my wife’s best friend – Bonnie.

Now Bonnie is a wild girl – always putting my wife up to doing the most outrageous things. Last month Bonnie got a tattoo just above her crotch that had a small arrow pointing to her pussy and said “Lick Here” while Sandy got one much smaller that showed a coiled whip. They were both in the kitchen standing in their bathing suits from a day at the beach, when I found out about it and asked why a drawing of a whip? Sandy and Bonnie laughed and together said “Can’t you figure it out?”

I was dumbstruck. Silly me – I didn’t have a clue. We really weren’t into BDSM, or anything too unusual. We would experiment with some Velcro bondage straps that one of our friends gave us as humorous wedding gift. But I didn’t get why she wanted a picture of a whip.

After hysterically laughing at their inside joke – Bonnie kept making whip crack noises and Sandy was in tears almost rolling on the floor. Finally they blurted out “PUSSY WHIPPED”

In a typical male fashion – I declared “But she’s not pussy whipped. What is it there for?”

Bonnie got control of her laughter and said “Just think – from now on every time when Sandy is sitting on your face – making you slurp at her wet pussy. The closest thing to your eyes will be the coiled whip. From this point forward Roger – you will know that you’re pussy whipped. You will see it every night when you lick her, and every morning when you slide her panties up her legs just before you kiss her ass.”


Now, I had a secret with my wife – I enjoy going down on her. She has the sweetest nectar I have ever tasted, and with her shaved pussy and trimmed bush just to the North of my favorite spot, I was like a kid in a candy store. I loved sucking her cunt. I liked it with her on top – I liked it when I was on my knees and she scooted forward in a chair. It didn’t matter which direction, she had a sweet pussy, and loved to attach my face, and slurp out her inner wetness for 45 minutes each night. She liked giving me head, but she only did it to get me hard, and never – ever swallowed my seed. Once I was ridged, she would ride me.

Occasionally she was on top, she would threaten to slide back up on my face with her pussy full of my man juice and make me clean her out. I always told her – that I wasn’t ready to do that – don’t push it too much or maybe I won’t want to lick you ever again. I knew it was an idle threat – but she enjoyed my tongue so much – she really didn’t want to find out.


Now, I can remember standing in front of them – mouth hanging open – red cheeks showing the blush as it rose from deep in the pit of my stomach. I didn’t mind that Sandy knew I had a pussy-licking fetish, but I didn’t appreciate that her best friend Bonnie was aware of it.

Bonnie stood up, hooked her fingers in her bikini waistband, and started to pull them down. “Wanna’ see what mine says?” That is when I got a look at hers titled “LICK HERE” with the red arrow pointing toward her slit. She giggled when she pulled her bikini back up – and teased me “It’s OKAY – we won’t tell anyone that Sandy has you Pussy Whipped.” Followed by another round of laughter from them both.

So you see, for the last 3 weeks – I have been slowly fighting the rumor among our friends that I was under her thumb. Word spread fast – no one really mentioned that tattoo but the implied effect -- that I was whipped. More precisely PUSSY WHIPPED. The more this subject was raised, the more I fought to prove otherwise.

For the last 3 weeks, I only ate her out once – eight days ago.

That was only because she made a bet with me during some card game, which I lost; she got those cuffs out and secured me to the bed. She sat on my chest and scooted further and further toward my mouth. All along she taunted me about the whip tattoo; my position below her, repeating that whip crack noise that Bonnie had gone hysterical over. I was not in a position to disagree, and gave in – licking and sucking that sweet twat that I missed. “That’s my tiger. You think you’re a strong guy – but really you’re just a pussycat. Oh, PUSSY WHIPPED cat. You love to use that thick tongue ---- yes, that’s it boy. Lick me there.”

And when she came to her 2nd or 3rd orgasm, she started to climb off my sloppy face instead she leaned forward to press the tattoo closer to my face. “Don’t forget to kiss the whip!” She warned me. I was feeling sedated now that I got my fill from her inner nectar and I complied.

She set me free, and then made that whip crack noise – “WhhhhiiiiChi”

After washing her juice off my slippery wet face, I went back to trying to be the man of the house. I climbed in bed and told her that I wanted her to suck my cock. She refused.

When I pushed it further, she got belligerent. “I’m not sucking your cock unless I want to tease or torment you. You however will suck my cunt any damn time I feel like it.”

We didn’t discuss it much after that – but when Bonnie would be visiting I couldn’t help but think that the big strong amazon Bonnie was corrupting my petite wife. Bonnie made no bones about her feelings as a bisexual woman. To the best of my knowledge Sandy hadn’t slept with Bonnie, but if I let things continue at this pace – I could see Bonnie turning Sandy against me, and into her little pet. Sandy nearly worshiped Bonnie, I could tell.

Bonnie stood 6 feet tall, short blonde hair, blue eyes, deep dark tan that gave away the fact that she wasn’t a real blonde. But her overdeveloped DD bust was all hers. Sandy was 5’6” tall – yet size 4 dress, medium length strawberry blonde hair, pale skin, blue eyes, and C cup tits with large areola’s made her the perfect woman but she wanted to act and look like Bonnie. She worshiped Bonnie, but not like the way I worshiped Sandy. She liked her spice of life and the way she would do whatever came to mind – be damned the consequences.

So, when Bonnie reported to Sandy that I was mouthing off to my friends how I was the boss of the marriage, and playing down the ‘pussy whipped’ notion; they had to get even. They had to show me once and for all that I was the one who adored a steaming wet pussy, and as such, they had what I desired – so they were holding the reins.

The next day was Saturday and Bonnie showed up at our house bright and early. Sandy and her were up to something – but every time I came near – they got real quiet. They would giggle like schoolgirls amongst themselves, but I was not privy to the joke.

That evening Sandy started coming on to me real hot. Kissing my neck, running her hands all over my chest hair, she was moving me toward the bed. Little by little she got my shirt off and my pants down to my knees. It was then that she raised my arms over my head and began to deep kiss my lips, wresting her tongue into my mouth. Just as I took a deep exhilarating breath is when she guided my wrist toward the top of the bed. CLICK -- CLICK. My wrists were in handcuffs.

“What are you doing dear? You know I won’t lick you – and you can’t make me until you do away with this silly notion that I am pussy whipped.” I threatened.

“Silly little boy – Roger – You know you are cuffed to the spare bed. I am not only going to use you myself – but I am going to invite the whole neighborhood of women to do the same. They won’t see you as the man of the house. They will see you as my PET. They will laugh at you – every time they see you. They will know that you ARE UNDER MY THUMB. They will enjoy your tongue. You will lick all of them.” She informed me of her glorious plan.

I struggled and pulled at the cuffs. They didn’t give. They were metal, and all my struggling did was make deep red marks in my wrists. I didn’t get free. I started kicking my legs.

Sandy gripped one leg and started looping some rope around the ankle. As it tightened up – she tied the other end to the foot-board. One down – one to go.

“Stop flailing my little stud toy!” She teased. Moments later, my other leg was restrained the same way.

I tugged on the bonds. They didn’t release me. My cock, all 8 inches was rock hard in my boxers. Being the slow brain giant that I am – I told her. “What good did you do when you tied my legs with my underwear still on?”

She strolled over from the dresser with a pair of sheers in her hand. “What – you haven’t heard of scissors before?” then a snip along the inside of both my thighs and another on the top waistband and YANK – she pulled them free from under me. “You were saying?” She prompted me.

My cock, which filled with blood moments before, just lulled on the right side of my leg as my predicament hit me. The words ‘The whole neighborhood’ filled my brain. All the women seeing me tied to the bed? I couldn’t look another one of them in the eye again.

“You see, by now – I will get my way. You will proclaim to all that will use you tonight, that you are my pet. You are a boy toy. And of course, that you are pussy whipped.” She chuckled. “Now for the extra special treat” Sandy fastened the thick felt covered blindfold over my eyes.

The room went dark. I couldn’t see a thing. I tried rubbing it against the pillow – no use, it wouldn’t budge. The double straps that secured it around my head were there till she removes them.

She left the room. “Don’t go anywhere!” She hollered behind her.

I lay there – waiting. There was nothing I could do. My cock started to rise. Was it the thought of how she had me over a barrel? Was it the promise that she was going to show the neighborhood my plight?

After 10 minutes I heard the doorbell ring. Sandy answered it, and I could hear some laughing, and chatting but couldn’t make out what they were saying.

The doorbell rang again and a few minutes later it rang again. The stereo was on – so I could hear the thumping of the base – but not anything other than a few wails from the neighbor women.

Then I heard the door open and a gasp from a woman – a slight giggle from Bonnie no doubt. I recognize her voice from anywhere.

“Who’s here?” I called out.

Sandy must have stopped them “Ah – ah – Ahhhh, Remember women – you promised. Don’t say a word. Try to refrain from laughing and giggling – I know how hard that will be seeing my pathetic toy here bound to the guest bed – ready for you all to use his body. If you keep quiet – he can’t identify you later.”

So that was her game – to have me perform for her friends.

“Now you can all see for yourself. This is my husband Roger. My slave. My little boytoy. And before this night is over – everyone of you will know who wears the pants in the family – and who is PUSSY WHIPPED.” She exalted.

“Now to be sure that none of you will do anything to him such as squeezing his balls, or pinching his nose while you smother his mouth with your pussy – I am going to be in the room – to give him orders. To punish him for disobedience. I will let you all watch while I ride his tongue to the first of many orgasms.” Sandy told her congregation.

Then I felt her straddle my prone body and slowly lower her steaming snatch to my face.

“He LOVES pussy. He can lick all night – and tonight we’ll all find out how long he can satisfy a woman. Make that lots of women.” She explained to the others. “See, my little pet here is a pussy licker. Oh and he’s GOOD. Ahhhhh, that’s it boy. Lick it right there where I like it. See most of the time pussy whipped means that the woman of the house makes the rules, and a guy so loves getting his wick wet – that he will do anything to please his woman.” Then she lifted off my face for a moment, and I instinctively lifted my own head off the pillow to follow. “See, I pull away – he is like a little bird – waiting to be fed by his mother. He loves his job ladies. But it seems that he has gone out of his way to tell each of your husbands that I am a liar. That I do not have him pussy whipped or trained in any way, shape or form. So now I ask you – who looks trained – me sitting on his face – calmly moving my body to attain the most pleasure from his rapid strokes of his tongue? Or do you think it is him – tied to the bed, blindfolded, and serving all of our needs?”

I swore I could hear laughter just before she closed her thighs around my ears and pulled my hair to entice me back to work.

I got her off. I know how.

She removed herself from my mouth, climbed off the bed and asked: “Who is next?”

I couldn’t hear anyone answer – but felt someone start to climb on the bed with me, and position herself directly over my waiting mouth.

I heard Sandy say “Everyone else – go to the living room. I let you all watch me – since I will be here watching you. Fair is fair.”

They might be trying for me not to know who they are – but I will be able to tell. I still have my sense of smell (perfume –body aroma) hearing (sooner or later they will goof up and say something) I would say I have the sense of taste – but how would I compare? My sense of sight, and touch are removed with the blindfold and the cuffs.

The first woman who settled herself on me weighed more than Sandy. So I started thinking of all our neighbors who were large. This one had a hairy pussy. Not shaved or trimmed at all. I licked and sucked her pussy as good as I could. I had the image that if they already knew I was under her thumb by witnessing my naked body tied to the bed, then at least they would be jealous if I did a good job.

When that woman was through she left and no one took her place for a while. I could only imagine that the sounds and laughter that I heard above the stereo were enjoying my position in this household.

I heard Sandy return – “He is just a way to get off. He doesn’t know you – it is not like you are cheating on your husband – it is like you are using a human vibrator to get off.”

This woman had on channel # 5 perfume, and just as thick bush as the last one. She squirmed a bit more than the last one – but I brought her to orgasm in less than 10 minutes. Then she departed.

Sandy seemed to go with her.

I thought to myself – who do I know that still uses that perfume? I thought of sweet Nancy from the club – could I have just done her? She has such a nice face, but very small breasts and rather large hips. I still couldn’t place the first one.

Just then the door re-opened and Sandy escorted another woman to my subdued body. One of them stroked my balls, and gripped my cock. Then I felt her arrange to smother me with her crotch. This time the woman on my face was in the 69 position. I couldn’t place the smell since my nose was in her butt while my tongue was busy with her slit. She rode my face – bucking up and down. It didn’t take long for her to cum, but my tongue was getting a workout. Thank god for the slight breaks between women.

The next one that rode my face had a trimmed bush. And I could smell a vanilla perfume on her. The one after that was lighter weight but had a shaved crotch. I licked and sucked this one till she bucked and grinds on my face. The next was shaved also – a bit heavier than the last one. I thought of all the women that Sandy knew – and would feel comfortable doing this with – There was little pixy Cheryl, and the lovely Sara. I know somewhere along the way Bonnie was mixed in here – definitely one of the bigger girls to sit on my face. There was Debby and Marsha from the pool – maybe her sister – nah, that wouldn’t be right – showing her sister what I have become.

I was interrupted out of my concentration by Sandy telling me “I have everyone here for one last time – the ones that sat on your face and the ones that stayed in the living room & drank. Why don’t you tell them all right now – what you are?

I couldn’t help it – I was drained. My cock was hard and throbbing, my face was sloppy with the cum of at least 8 women. If I wasn’t broken before – I had been this night. “Sandy – Please don’t!” I slightly begged.

“Tell everyone once and for all – that you are pussy whipped and I am your Mistress.” Sandy loudly proclaimed her intentions.

I took a deep breath – exhaled slowly “I am pussy whipped. Sandy is my Mistress!”

Just then I heard clapping, laughing, and cheering. But it seemed like Sandy & Bonnie were the loudest.

When they left, Sandy returned and removed my blindfold. “You tongue is worn out. I am going to leave you here tonight – I am going to go to bed with Bonnie.” She slid herself toward my bound face and told me to kiss the tattoo of the whip. I did, but I noticed that her privates are now shaved bald. I wondered why.

All night I laid there in the guest room while Bonnie made love to my wife. I thought long and hard about how I would confront the women who saw that I was whipped, and know what my cock looks like – how my tongue feels inside them. For the next few weeks – every women who talked to my wife – who pointed and smiled at me made me blush – knowing they knew I was her slave. I was humble in Sandy’s presence. I was even extremely kind to Bonnie – even though I hated when she would walk by me and make that whip cracking sound. – “WhhhhiiiiChi” she had taken my wife and seen me as her slave.

I was respectful to Sandy – jumping to do her bidding at any time – Fetch a drink, massage her feet, lick her bald pussy to orgasm night after night and not even consider asking for retribution. Oh, she sucked me some – when she wanted a hard 8 inches in her twat – but not for my pleasure. It was all for her. I was broken, she knew it – I knew it – and half the neighborhood knew it.

The end? Not quite --- read on a moment more!

Epilog: It wasn’t until yesterday that I learned the truth about that night. It seems that Sandy and Bonnie had thought this all up – since I was bound & blindfolded, and no one was talking except Sandy – there were only 2 people in the room at any time.

Those two people were Bonnie and my wife.

By using different perfume – and cleaning up after I got them off, they could act like various women. Bonnie represented the heavier people and Sandy the lighter ones.

Since they started out with a full bush, I thought it was a woman who doesn’t trim much. As they got done, they would trim their pussy hair, use a different perfume, and come back to the bed as if they were another woman.

When they were done with the trimmed bush, they resorted to shaving it bald. I am sure now that this was all Bonnie’s idea – but it is too late to complain. They both know I am pussy whipped.

The End.

Did you like this story? It shouldn’t make anyone too upset – for it contained only humor, mischievous plans by my wife and her friend Bonnie. Maybe if this story gets enough votes – I might continue it as the slave to two women. Vote now. If you squirmed in your chair reading this – maybe it earned a vote of 5. Thanks, StryWrter7

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