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Getting Naked


Hmmmm...$150 bucks just for writing a story for a contest?

What the hell, I ain't bashful and I could use the cash, so why not?

"What's so funny?" Debs asked me as I sat there giggling.

Debra is my neater than butter on popcorn 58 year old wife, she is a Registered Nurse Practitioner which just means she is a Doctor that is less likely to kill you than the actual Doctor on staff.

Me? I am Dan, I am 69 and soon to be 70 which some seem to think is way too old for sex and stuff like that.

Wanna bet?

You would understand what I am talking about if you ever saw my Debs doing her exercises just before bed time.

She usually wears some flimsy panties to bed, not the narrow in the crotch and up the rear kind because those drive her nuts.

No, I said flimsy and that is what I meant, her bottom is covered and her pubes are covered but outlined, no top at all, which is probably why I have to take blood pressure medication.

Down at the clinic, they have old Doc Barker on staff, some law I guess. He is give or take a decade 85, his hands shake and his office is full of Field and Stream magazines. Every one of those seems to have some guy holding up a giant fish, crystal clear stream in the background, snow capped mountains in the distance.

Uh huh. I have been fishing all my life, those "fish" are plastic! Trout that look to be three feet long?

Come on.

The story is passed around that the only clients Doc Barker ever sees are the younger and better looking female clients.

My Debs and her office partners Jennifer, Olivia, and the new gal named Nikola do their best to get in the way, since the first thing old Doc Barker does when he comes in at 11:30 each morning is check the client list.

With him, if the client is even the slightest bit cute he has them gown up.

Infected toenail?

Gown up.

Got a cold?

Gown up.

Need to renew their prescription for wart medicine?

Gown up.

But his being there is the law, they have to have a Doctor on staff. So to protect the clients from him, Debs and the others schedule certain clients for early in the day, or when Doc Barker is off at his 3 hour lunch break.

"They have a 'Nude Day' story contest on that website I write for." I told her, still giggling because it made me think of the time I was at the clinic and Marie Mendoza, the wife of the Mayor of our great little coastal city of 4600 citizens was in Doc Barker's office.

I was sitting there when she came out, this was maybe four weeks after the "incident" at my house.

I wrote about that one time Marie was at my house. She was wet and I dried her off and ...stuff.

Debs had just had me teach Rachel, our former cute little 24 year old neighbor gal about....orgasms.

Yea, I know. Nobody believes that, I don't care.

It was just fingers and oral, I didn't even take my pants off.

Anyway, we got caught, the Mayor's wife was on the Mayor's annual city "Best Yard" contest committee (which the Mayor won and I came in second). They had dropped by to tell me, Marie and a couple of white haired gals.

Behind me in our living room stood Rachel, looking as completely guilty as it is possible to be.

Her undies lying on my living room carpet.

Anyway, Marie showed up alone at my door a few days later. It was raining which is a perfectly normal Oregon coast weather condition, and she was soaked to the skin.

I was thinking this was another of my Debra's nutty deals, since she set up the "help Rachel" deal.

Debs is probably the naughtiest female on planet Earth, at least the naughtiest one I ever met, anyway.

So after I helped the good Mayor's wife out of her wet things, and used my fingers and tongue to help her understand her body better, she left all happy and smiling.

I also kept my pants on again....barely.

Not nice of me I know, but nice revenge for the good Mayor and his always winning that Best Yard contest.

His wife being chairperson of the Best Yards contest, and his team of Mexicans that do it for him?

Hell, my Roses are way nicer than his are, I think so anyway.

Debs got home later that day and I told her about it, let's just say it turned out that it was NOT a deal she had set up and....

Me bad.

Debs didn't yell, she didn't throw anything either. She just looked at me.

I got that.

So when Marie got an appointment for lord knows what at the medical office, Debs assigned her to Doc Barker and....well, you can figure out what came next.

Yep. Gown up.

Marie came out of there looking a bit frazzled, I could just imagine what old Doc Barker did to her.

It was kind of funny, actually.


"NUDE day? So how do you plan to come up with a story for THAT?" Debs gave me one of her smirks.

"I don't know yet, I am thinking."

"Why not just go open the door and wave your thingie at the neighbors?"

"Yea, sure, like that would do it. No, it needs to be sexy, fun, interesting...you know?"

"How about writing a story about Jack and Leese? And their daughter Sammi?" Debs grinned.

They are our new next door neighbors, and yea, they ARE nudists.

I know, Debs and I have used their swimming pool, the big enclosed one they built where all of the fruit trees used to be.

Every single one of them, even the Monkey tree I had planted for Rachel's birthday.

It kind of pissed me off when Jack whacked down ever single one of those trees

"I think that Leese being naked in public isn't going to do it, and Jack would just scare everyone."

"You will think of something, honey." Debs laughed at me, went into the kitchen.


Five years married to my Debs, I have to concede I still have not completely gotten used to her.

Like I said, she is sort of naughty which is a delight. The reason I say she is a delight is because everything she does has one goal, and that is to get me fussed up.

On our very first date she invited me in when we got to her place.

The door closed, she turned to me, her hand went down the front of my pants. That was the second time she had my stuff in her hands, the first time was in her office.

The first time she was doing her job, I think so anyway, the second time she had another job entirely in mind.

Now if I had said "No!" that would have been rape.

But I don't think "Uhhh...." means no.

Besides, in less than 10 seconds I was willing as hell, Debra is something else.

It might make some people think Debs is on the loose side, that first night her beaver was puffed up like I have never seen a female in my entire life! But she really isn't, she told me she made love with just one man since her divorce, a Doctor. Which was one more mate than I had in the prior 10 years since my Dotty passed.

One would think a Doctor would know about females, but as it turned out, he didn't.

Now she was wanting, and she wanted...me? At that time I guess I didn't know about females either, but I made up for that by trying.

I have even managed a few times to get her in almost the same state, it is something to see, let me tell you.

Back when we first met, I was putting in my time, waiting to die.

Now? I don't have time for that, Debs keeps me way too interested.


Lord, the things Debs does.

No panties in Reno, on our honeymoon.

July, our out call Masseuse used to come by regularly, now it is Nikola.

And yep! They do THAT!! If you don't know what I mean, you are on the wrong website.

Muscle contractions help men with Prostate concerns, so there.

Debs knows all about it, too.

Most wives would have a Cow at the idea, not Debra.

We even did that in Reno, with a couple named Jack and Terry. Tandem massages, those are called. Both partners get rubbed out at the same time in the same room and trust me when I say those can be a lot of fun!

Not the first session, that one was normal, I guess we were getting checked out since some laws can get bent in a situation like that.

The second time Jack even used his hands on Debra, now I am the one that was supposed to get upset?

I didn't, that was fascinating to see. Besides, Terry had her hands on me so fair is fair I guess.

My wife, enjoying pleasure, a one way thing that is NOT sex, it is something else, close to what is a...gift?

No one is going to get pregnant, no one is going to catch anything, it is all one way so what does society have to ever be upset about?

Weird. Debra changed me, no doubt about that. Her enjoying herself doesn't bother me one bit, and yes, that is a different attitude than I had way back when I was married to Dotty.

That was her very first time with a male masseur though, up until then it was always July, a female.

How can I be sure of that? Debs told me, that is how.

So. Nude Day contest? That should be no problem, Debra does not mind being naked and looked at, in fact, by now I am sure she likes it.

One glance at her down at our gym, wearing that leotard thing she has will tell anyone she likes being noticed.

OK. All of that is a kick in the pants but it sure as hell isn't going to win me any Nude Day contest.

So. I need to do SOMETHING, be naked in public and all of that so I have something to write about.

I was sitting there staring at the screen, nothing.

"Hey, how about we go out and flash some truckers?" I finally yelled at Debs who was busy stirring something in a pan.

"Sure, why not? Get us run over, get our names in the paper?" She giggled.

Well, there is that. I did pass my eye exam at my last license renewal, the left eye anyway.

"Maybe we could jog around the block, wave at the neighbors?" I tried.

"Go ahead, have fun!" She shot right back.

"OK. Well, then, maybe you need some new shoes? We could go down to old man Vidalis's shoe store and....?"

"Come and eat." Debs said.

"So. What am I going to write about for the contest?" I asked through a mouthful of noodle salad. It had chopped green Peppers, onions, tiny chunks of crisp fried Potato, chopped hard boiled Eggs, shaved Carrots, seasoned with Pepper and Horseradish.

"How about that time when you helped Rachel?" Debs pointedly did not mention the Mayor's wife.

"I already wrote about that, so that won't work."

"So the idea is about people being naked in public, is that it?"

"Yea, sort of. They are celebrating Nude Day, so I guess so."

"Well, we go skinny dipping over at Jack and Leese's pool, maybe write about them?"

"You have seen Jack and Leese, right?"

Debs laughed at that one, Jack has maybe 4 inches sticking out of a mass of jet black pubic hair, Leese is sort of tubby and has a wad of flesh between her legs that is amazing, but still.

"How about...Sammi?"

"Sammi? What about her?"

"She was naked."

That was true, Debs and I saw her when she was home for a short vacation. She is Jack and Leese's daughter, a college type and the term for her would be spectacular.

And yes, she was very very naked. One of those females that can be naked in a setting like that and look like it is perfectly normal?

Well, I guess to her it was perfectly normal.

"What are you grinning at?" Debs asked me.

"I was thinking about...."

"I know what you were thinking about." She laughed.


Debs and I got sidetracked, then later on we were doing the dishes.

"Danny, how many nude women have you seen since we got married?" Debs asked me, I managed to not drop the plate I was drying.

"Hell, I don't know. Not all that many."

"Let's see. There was Sid, down at that body builder show we went to. Then Rachel, and that Marie woman." Debs gave me a sideways glance at that last name, I just kept on furiously rubbing the plate.

"That woman in Reno that tried to get you into her room?" She snickered.

"Lisa next door, and Sammi? That's it, isn't it?"

"Yea, I think so, except for Sandi, but she is like our daughter now so that doesn't count."

"Well, that is six naked females you saw in five years, I think that is a lot. You should be able to write something about that.

"Actually, it is seven counting George's wife, Vickie or Vivian or whatever her name was."

"You saw her naked?" Debs asked me.

"Well, her tits, such as they were. Doesn't that count?" I grinned.

"I guess so." Debs began to wash out the big salad bowl. We actually ate the whole thing, amazing.

"Hey, it is eight all told!" I popped up with.

"Oh? Who was the other one?"

"You. The best one of all, too." I patted Debs on the fanny.

"You are so sweet." She giggled.


I was in the living room watching TV, some show about "When Worlds Collide" being narrated by a black actor.

"Honey!" Debs called out.

I looked, and about fell off my chair. Debs stood there in the doorway, a long black gown on. She drifted over and shut off the TV, turned on some music. Then she began to sway to the music.

In short order her top came loose, she held it pressed to her breasts, teasing me. There was a slit up the side that showed off her entire leg, even her hip and it was very clear there was nothing on underneath.

I reached for her but got my hands slapped, then she turned off the lights. A tiny little flashlight blinked on, one bare breast was visible for an instant, then she shut the light off.

Debs did those peeking teases for the entire song, as it neared ending she was on her back on the carpet, legs splayed out wide. The flash came on, showing her flushed vagina for an instant and then it went out.

I heard her moving in the darkness, then another song came on. Bare flesh slid into my arms, that was amazing.

"Here I am, all naked. Will this work?" She giggled.

Debs and I have managed some rather intense sessions with each other in the last five years, this one was way up there towards the top of the list.


"That was fun, but what set that off?" I asked her later.

"Well, I thought that maybe you could write about this?"

"I don't think that is what they are looking for, I think it is supposed to be about being naked out in public for Nude Day."

"You know, honey? I think that is a dumb contest, trying to get people to run around naked in public." She laughed.


Yeah. Debs is probably right about that. No way could I win, anyway.

70 year old's running around naked out in public find themselves locked up.


I guess I won't even bother to submit this.

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You're probably the most talented writer here.

You're probably the most talented writer here.

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