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Getting Pierced


Thank you for your feed-back! I was very pleased that you liked my story, and the answer that most everyone asked is...YES! It was a true story. I have been asked to write more so here goes.

* * * * *

My Hubby was absolutely knocked out watching me dance topless at the swing club. He told me later that he nearly came watching as a stranger caressed my bare titties on the dance floor. This led to many hot sessions in bed, and Hubby began to expand on his stories from just watching another man view and touch my naked body to watching me having sex with another man! The stories never failed to turn me on, and I would imagine another man as Hubby made love to me, imagining another man's cock, pumping in and out of my hot pussy!

We began attending a swing club about an hours drive from our home. This was a little less wild than the club in Ohio, as sex was not allowed on premises. The women however were allowed to get topless, and a few would even get completely naked on occasions. Hubby was always on me to get topless, and usually I would pull my titties out as I danced with him, then leave them out while sitting at our table. I invariably would be asked to dance by other men, and the occasional lady! But I would draw the line when a guy or a couple would indicate that they wanted me or us to accompany them to their room. Which Hubby was hot to see me completely naked and in the arms of another man. While I did enjoy the fantasy very much, I was not sure if I wanted to take our little game further.

Hubby had purchased a gold nipple chain for me, and was hot for me to wear this at the swing club. This was a loop type chain for non-pierced nipples. It looped over the erect nipples and snugged to keep it on. I must admit it was very sexy, and I did enjoy showing off my titties. The only problem was that my titties were constantly being groped by my dance partners and it was a chore to keep putting the loop back over my nipples. Hubby was suggesting that I get my nipples pierced and that would solve that problem. But the thought of sticking a needle through my nipples was more than just a little worrisome for me. But Hubby persisted and I finally gave in, as a birthday gift for him.

One afternoon, we walked into a tattoo and piercing place and asked about the cost and the PAIN! The guy running the shop was about 40 years old, shaved head with numerous tattoos and piercings of his own. He was a ruggedly handsome man, and I found myself getting wet just thinking about showing him my titties! At Hubbies insistence I was dressed in a pair of Daisy Dukes, jeans vest with nothing on underneath. I was wearing a pair of Doc Martins, and if I only had a few tattoos I could be easily taken for a biker babe!

Taking a deep breath we paid our money and was escorted into a room. Gypsy, the guy who was to do my piercing, explained everything, then asked me if I was ready. I trembled a little as I unbuttoned my vest, and slowly exposed my breasts to him. Hubby had his trusty camera out and began to snap pictures. I scolded Hubby, but Gypsy said it was 'cool', and he didn't mind. Well, Gypsy was very professional and quick, but I must tell you that it hurt like Hell! The pain was brief and after a few moments was just a stinging sensation in both nipples. There was a little bleeding but it stopped quickly. Gypsy had placed two rings through my nipples, and advised that I wait several months before I tried to hang a chain on them as it would be too sore.

Hubby asked Gypsy if he minded if he took Gypsy's picture with me and I rolled my eyes as I knew what he wanted. Gypsy smiled broadly and readily agreed, I think he knew too! Hubby had me take my vest off completely and took several pics of me and Gypsy, smiling into the camera. Then he asked Gypsy to stand behind me and cup my breasts! I said, 'Now wait just a minute!' But Gypsy was behind me, and I felt his hands cupping my breasts. I must admit I was very excited and soon, Gypsy and I did several provocative poses for Hubby. Hubby even took some pics of us kissing, but when Hubby asked Gypsy to kiss my nipples he declined. Not because he didn't want to, he made that very clear! He said no lips were to touch my nipples for three months! To prevent infection. Hubby hadn't counted on that! My nipples staid very sore for several weeks, so no dance club for awhile. Hubby was very hot to get me back, as he was dying to show off my new piercings, and well, if the truth be known, so was I! We didn't go back to the swing club for 4 months, waiting for me to heal. Hubby and I continued our little fantasies, and our sex life was better than ever, even if I had to scold him when he was a little rough with my nipples!

Gypsy had told us that after four months to come back and he would change out the rings for a better ring. I also think he was anxious for me to come back so Hubby could take those pictures of him sucking my nipples. I wouldn't tell Hubby, but I was secretly hoping that he would do just that! KNowing Hubby as I did, I was sure he would bring the camera and Gypsy would have his lips on my nipples before long!

It was to be our first time back at the swing club, since I had gotten my piercings. Hubby Had me put on my Doc Martin's, a very short black leather mini skirt, and a new leather vest. He had me put my long blond hair in pig tails, which I thought was a little silly, as I was thirty-six years-old at that time. But he told me I looked hot, and well, it did make me feel like a slut, but I was liking the role!

Hubby had an obvious erection as he took pics of Gypsy changing out my rings. I sat there topless as Gypsy pulled gently on my nipples to do the changing. By now my nipples didn't hurt at all, and I was enjoying the sensation. After Gypsy changed my rings Hubby handed me a chain we had picked out and had me hang it on my rings. Even Gypsy thought it looked hot, because I saw a large bulge in his tight jeans also! But before Hubby could get us posing Gypsy said that if I liked the sensation of my rings, he said I would LOVE a clit ring! I said 'No way!' right off the bat, but Gypsy reassured me that a clit ring was nearly painless, and it produced the most delightful sensations. Well, the next thing you know, I am completely naked, sitting in the chair with my legs draped over the arms, my shaved pussy completely exposed! I had shown my titties to many others in the past few months, but this was the first time anyone other than my husband or my doctor had seen my pussy!

In a matter of moments, I was sitting there with my new clit ring shinning! Gypsy was right, it was almost painless...almost. After the piercing Hubby had me do some posing, and I watched both of them struggle with hard on's. Hubby finally got Gypsy into the act and took some pictures of him sucking and biting my nipples, pulling on my chain, while I sat with my legs spread and draped over the chair arms. I was getting very hot, and was carefully rubbing the sides of my clit, when I felt Gypsy's hand touch my pussy lips! I gasped quietly as he slipped a finger inside of me and began to gently finger fuck my pussy as he bit my nipples. I was very close to cumming and knew if Gypsy kept on fingering me Hubby was going to get a picture of his wife cumming while another man finger fucked her!

Gypsy raised his head from my nipples and said that Hubby should get a piercing of his cock! Hubby was not too keen on that idea. Gypsy stood and dropped his pants and held his very hard cock out for us to see. He had several piercings along the underside of the shaft! Well, Hubby just had to have a picture of me stroking Gypsy's cock, and I was very excited to actually touch another man's cock. The metal rings felt very sexy and I found myself wondering what it would feel like inside my pussy! I was so turned on, that I didn't even think about protesting when Hubby suggested that Gypsy hold his cock close to my mouth. Gypsy didn't hold it close, he leaned in and stuck it in my open and willing mouth! Gypsy was moaning 'Oh yeah!' And Hubby was busy snapping pics!

I was hot! I don't think I had ever been so turned on in my whole life. I greedily sucked another man's cock while my husband steadily snapped pictures. Then Hubby asked Gypsy if he minded putting his cock next to my pussy! I knew where this was going, and at that moment I was more than willing! I wanted that big cock of Gypsy's in my pussy, but I figured with the piercing that actual penetration was not going to happen. Gypsy pulled his cock from my mouth and put the head against my pussy lips.

'Like this?' He asked. 'Oh, yeah.' Hubby said. Hubby took several shots from several different angles, as Gypsy rubbed his cock carefully up and down my slit. Then while Hubby snapped pics, Gypsy slowly leaned forward and I felt his cock sliding into my pussy! 'Oh, god!' I moaned and arched my back. I felt the entire length slide into me, then slow pull back. Gypsy grabbed my breasts and as I looked into his eyes, he began to fuck me! He was slow and gentle at first, but soon was slamming into me, his balls slapping against my asshole! I came very loudly, and right after Gypsy pulled his cock from my pussy and shot his cum all over my titties! His cum felt like molten lava striking my bare breasts, I think I came again as it struck my nipples!

Hubby and I didn't make it to the swing club that night. Hubby checked us into a motel room, and we fucked each other to near exhaustion. Then about midnight, there was a knock at our door, and Hubby got up and let Gypsy in. I made him wait as I showered, then walked out naked, except for my rings. Then Gypsy proceeded to fuck me into unconsciousness!

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