tagCelebrities & Fan FictionGetting Spik(ed) Ch. 08

Getting Spik(ed) Ch. 08


Kiara had always been a bit of a wallflower. Too serious, too smart, and holding too many secrets in regards to her family and her father. She had never dared to let anyone get close to her. Buffy and her band were literally Kiara's first real friends. So Kiara had never made it up very high on the social scene.

Spike had died many years ago. But she knew that if he had lived during her days, he'd have been that boy that teachers and parents hated. The one the football quarterbacks and class presidents envied. And head cheerleaders secretly let fuck them senseless when mommy and daddy were at work.

So Kiara was blissfully happy sitting in Spike's lap, part of a group, knowing that she belonged. That these people around her were hers, just as she was theirs. She liked getting the looks.

Especially the positively venomous ones from the red headed slut who made so many trips past the table that Willow and Buffy started tripping her. Xander timed it twice to shove back his chair as he got up to get the group fresh drinks, and even Anya offered to "inform the harlot that her services were not required."

The red head finally gave up when she realized that Spike was much to busy nuzzling Kiara's neck to even notice her.

Or she might have gotten freaked out a bit by the fact that after a few more drinks Willow was starting to trip her without bothering to use her leg.

So Kiara was having the time of her life. She was wiggling and dancing about on Spike's lap so energetically that the vampire was softly moaning and repeating to himself "can't fuck the damn witch right here at the table."

And a much the worse for drink Xander finally blurted "geez, just go to the bathroom already!"

Kiara giggled and bounced off Spike's lap.

"Hey, I wanna dance! Spike?"

Spike growled at her, horny and disgusted with the music.

"I don't dance to 90's bloody boy bands."

"Pftttt!" Kiara whined. "Fine then. Come on Buffy, you to Willow! Hey, where'd Tara go?"

Willow did a simple search spell then laughed. "Whoops. She's passed out in the car. Well, her aura says she's very comfy and she has the doors locked. Plus she's got the only keys, so yeah, let's dance."

Xander blinked. "Uh...how are we gonna get home?"

Buffy laughed. "Probably better be by cab. I don't think any of us should drive. We'll just bang on the window and wake Tara up when the cab gets here."

Buffy and Willow scurried to catch up with the fast moving Kiara.

"Uh Kia...you're not gonna be dancing with any guys, are you?" Buffy demanded.

Kiara smirked. "Not on your life. Spike's pissed enough. I do it again he'll chain me up for a week!"



Buffy and Willow asked, then looked at each other.

"So not going there!" Buffy declared for the both of them.

And so Kiara did her dancing for Spike. Driving him wild from a safe distance. With her teasing eyes telling him she knew exactly what she was doing to him.

There's something just so primal and sweet about arousing a male when a female knows she is wanted.

Two types of tease, the hateful bitch who has no intention of sating the hunger she arouses. And the one who seeks to arouse her male, her mate, to a frenzy that she will willingly satisfy.

Kiara was that second creature.

And so for him, she danced.

Of course she was driving half the room-male and female-feral with lust. But everyone knew that she belonged to the slim blond man with the air of infinite menace. And no one approached her.

"Geez..." Willow whispered. "I think Spike is even glaring at us."

"Just don't get her all smelly!" Buffy hissed urgently.

Willow blinked. "Huh?"

"Nothing, nothing...never mind, inside Spike thing. Tell ya later." Buffy muttered.

Willow nodded slowly. "Uh...ok."

Kiara was dancing to that Vida Loca song by Ricky Martin when she looked back to Spike's chair. And found it to be empty.

Before she could start to worry or wonder she was hauled up hard against a cold body that she knew so well.

"Hey luv." A familiar voice growled in her ear. "Having fun driving me nuts?"

"Loving it baby." Kiara purred, and deliberately rubbed her ass against Spike's swollen cock.

Spike growled again, and bit into her neck, hard.

"Bitch. Keep it up and I'll be fucking you against an alley wall in about a minute!"

Kiara laughed and twisted in his arms to face her demon lover. She wrapped her arms tight around his neck and pushed her tits into his T-shirt clad chest, knowing he would feel how tight and aroused her erect nips were. She licked his throat and ground her pussy shamelessly against his thick, erect cock.

"Back seat of your car would be better." She purred lewdly, sucking wetly on the fine whirls of his ear. "No one could see in with those blacked out windows. You could fuck me til it hurts lover."

Spike choked out a very interesting sound she'd never heard before. And suddenly he was dragging her through the Bronze at blinding speed. They blew past the table Xander and Anya sat necking at, Spike tossing a "we'll be back" over his shoulder as he headed hell bent for the doors leading out.

"See!" Kiara faintly heard Anya's petulant whine. "Kiara doesn't have to wait to get back home for orgasms!"

"Anya!" Kiara heard Xander chasten dimly...then she and Spike were outside.

A heartbeat later they were at Spike's car and he was yanking the door open, nearly tearing it off the hinges with his Vampire strength. He tossed Kiara into the backseat, then dove for her.

Kiara yelped. "Spike! Shut the fucking door!"

"Bloody hell!" Spike roared, twist turning on top of her and pulling the door closed so violently the car rocked.

Then he was back, crushing her with his weight, shoving her skirt up and wrenching his zipper down at the same time.

Kiara opened herself to her Vampire lover; spreading her thighs and arching her hips up.

He sunk his cock into Kiara.

She wrapped her arms around his duster clad back, buried her face in the Spike smelling leather, and let go with a wild fury.

He was fucking into her so hard, her head was banging against the car door behind her with every thrust. She didn't care...barely noticed.

She came...screaming into the mouth devouring hers.

He filled her with his cold cum, then let his body collapse on her for a brief moment.

"Don't do that again." He growled, rolling off to sprawl beside her. "I almost killed that boy. You belong to me."

Kiara found the strength to twist her body upon his, and eyed her demon lover.

"And do you belong to me?"

Spike looked at her.

"You know I do."


Back with writing this...sorry it took so long. I know it's a bit lame, this chapter. Opinions, those that are reading this.

Next chapter, Kiara loses the battle against evil. Spike gets to her when she is almost dead. With Willow's help, he turns her into a Vampire with the soul still attached. He knows she would want to stay on the side of good.

I have a lot of ideas about Kiara with Vampire strength. But maybe I should just let her go, and end this story?

I want to know if I should keep on with this.

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