tagLoving WivesGetting to Know Amy Better Ch. 01

Getting to Know Amy Better Ch. 01


"So, would you really fuck Amy?"

I did a classic "spit-take" with the beer I was enjoying in our back yard, and looked at my wife Sasha.

I opened my mouth and said, "Uh..." She snickered. I'm sure I had the same look on my face our dog has when we catch him doing something he's not supposed to ... because I HAD been thinking about fucking Amy. A lot. I'd been thinking about her, in fact, since I'd met her at Sasha's high school reunion a couple months ago.

Now don't get the wrong idea. I don't cheat on my wife, and I certainly wasn't planning to sneak around with Amy behind her back. That would be fairly hard to accomplish even if I was planning on it, because Amy still lives in the small town Sasha grew up in.

That didn't stop me from fantasizing about Amy, though. I do a fair amount of fantasizing about other women, and Sasha is well aware of it. When my wife and I first got together, our fifteen year age difference didn't have much of an impact on our sex life; as we both got older - and she went through menopause - we found ourselves on different rhythms. I was in my early forties and still had a healthy appetite for sex. She was in her mid-fifties and had "slowed down" a bit sexually.

This could have been a big problem for us. Luckily, over the 20 years we've been married Sasha and I have made a commitment to be open and honest with each other, and to "check in" regularly to make sure each of us is giving the other what we need. A couple years back we had one of those "check in" sessions because she was concerned that her lowered libido might take a toll on our marriage. I told her not to worry -- our relationship is about much more than just sex... besides, I had the situation "well in hand." I'd been taking care my needs with fantasy, my right hand, and a little internet porn. Any time she felt a little randy and we got the chance to play together... well, that was a bonus.

After that conversation I got to enjoy one of those "bonuses" under the stars on our back porch... but that's a story for another time.

On this particular day, I kept that same spirit of open honesty - but I took a long drink of my beer first, and considered what to say.

"Well, yeah," I said, and watched her reaction closely. "Why do you ask?"

"I'm just remembering something you said when we were back home," she replied. "When Amy was complaining about not having a date for the reunion. You said, 'Well if she's looking for someone to take her home I can take care of her.' Remember?"

"Oh -- right!" I chuckled. I did remember the comment - it was one of those casual off-color jokes I throw out from time to time. It had gotten a laugh out of Sasha, which was the point... I was surprised she remembered it.

"But you were only half-joking, right? I mean, if you had chance you'd totally do Amy... wouldn't you?"

I opened my mouth. Then I closed it. I was stuck. I'd already admitted I was attracted to Amy (well, that I'd "fuck her") so it was too late to back-pedal. I looked at her and nodded my head, waiting to see where this was going.

"Huh," she said as she settled into the porch swing next to me. "Really? I would have thought you'd go for Gina, not Amy."

Gina was another woman Sasha had gone to high school with. Like Sasha she was in her mid-fifties, but I would have guessed she was 8 or 9 years younger. Gina had gone on to be a high-powered lawyer in New York, and she dazzled everyone at the reunion when she showed up in expensive, tight and VERY short dresses - dresses that that showed off her well-toned body.

"Nah," I said to Sasha as I ran my finger down her shoulder, around her left breast, and onto the swell of her belly. "Too --"

"Too skinny," she finished, laughing. "You sicko..."

Sasha knew my tastes well. I've always preferred nicely rounded women to the super-thin model types. That's one of the reasons I love looking at my wife -- naked or clothed -- and it's one of the reasons I felt drawn to Amy. Like Gina, Amy had gone on to a high-powered career in the big city after school. That's where the similarities ended, though. Amy returned home a few years ago to take care of her aging parents, and stayed. While Gina obviously worked out religiously to keep her figure, Amy had grown soft and round, with a nice large pair of breasts, wide hips, and a generous ass.

"It's not just that," I protested, "though it's certainly part of it. Gina's impressive, don't get me wrong. It's not like I'd kick her out of bed. Amy, though... there's something about her. A fire. That's what I found really attractive about her."

Moving back to the small burg she and Sasha grew up in hadn't dampened Amy's ambition. She had been the major organizer of their high school reunion, and even though she couldn't find a job in Podunk West Nowhere giving her the opportunities she'd had earlier in life, Amy threw herself into projects for local causes that had gained national attention.

"Remember when she was sitting outside the hotel having a cigarette with us," I said, "telling us about the community center she's helping rebuild? She had a real spark about her... that's what I found sexy. Sure, body-wise she's my type... but it was her energy that really got me going."

Sasha laughed ruefully. "I remember sitting out on the park bench, and thinking she was about three for four drinks ahead of us. I also remember her saying she hadn't been able to get a date since moving back home... and I wondered if she was hinting at something. She couldn't keep her eyes off you."

It was my turn to laugh. "Oh, please," I said. "She hardly knew me -- I doubt she was 'hinting' at anything." Really, I'm not much to look at. Just an average guy with an average build. Sure, I try to go to the gym occasionally, but I'm no Brad Pitt.

Sasha shook her head. "You never take me seriously when I tell you women are checking you out. Well, never mind... dinner's going to be ready in about twenty minutes." She got up and walked into the house, her round ass swaying as she opened the door.


Nothing more was said about Amy during dinner. After we'd eaten and washed the dishes, Sasha and I stripped and took a dip in our hot tub with a glass of wine. We watched the sun go down over our neighbor's house and soaked in the heat from the water as the air began to cool.

After a few moments, I heard her voice in the semi-darkness. "So, how would it have worked? At the reunion, I mean?"

I'd been looking at the water bubbling between her large breasts. Now my eyes snapped up to meet hers. "What do you mean?"

"Remember when we were driving into town, and you made that crack about having a threesome with my high school girlfriends? How would that have worked?"

Another off-color comment I'd made, and she'd remembered. I had to learn to watch my mouth! "I -- uh - I don't know," I said. "It's just one of those cliché male fantasies, you know? 'Dear Penthouse, I never thought this would happen to me but...' that kind of thing."

"Yeah," she said, "that's what you said at the time. I know you, though... you've been using that 'cliché fantasy' for masturbation material ever since we got back, haven't you?"

I could feel my face getting a little red, and it wasn't from the heat of the tub. I took a sip of wine and said, "well, since you mention it..."

"Oh, I'm mentioning it," she said and sent a playful splash my way. "So, how does that scenario go? Is Amy in it?"

Amy again. Where was this leading? I took another sip (well, more of a gulp) and searched Sasha's eyes. "Yeah. She is."

I tried to gauge her reaction, but all I got was a slight quirk at the left corner of her lips. "So, what happens in this fantasy of yours? When you get out of bed after I fall asleep and 'take care of business,' I mean?"

"Well, you know... you, me, Amy. Our hotel room. All three of us in bed, getting to know each other better."

"That's not what I mean," she said settling back and taking a sip from her own glass. I watched the reflection from the water play on the skin above her big full breasts and under her chin. "Lay it out for me. Beginning middle and end."

This was new territory for us. Sasha had never been all that interested in my fantasies. Sure, she'd ask me once in a while if I fantasized about a particular woman, as she had with Amy. She'd never been interested in the details, though. I started to wonder if I was going to get a "bonus" tonight.

I felt a stirring between my legs as I said, "Well, ok. It starts with a knock on our door."

"The door to our hotel room?"

"Right. We're in bed, watching television, and there's a knock on the door. I throw some pants on, you pull the sheets over those amazing tits of yours - "

She smiled demurely and lifted her boobs up to just beneath the surface of the water. "These amazing tits?" She began to rub her breasts, moving her palms around her nipples and areolas.

I gulped and felt my dick swell a little more. "Yes, those amazing tits. Anyway, I go to the door, and it's Amy. She asks if she can come in and talk. She looks upset, and she's carrying a bottle. Her face is flushed, and I think she's been drinking a little from it."

"Hmmmm..." Sasha said as she started to twist and pull on her nipples. "You like 'em sloppy drunk, huh?"

"She's hardly falling-down drunk," I said. "She's just a little buzzed, and she says the bottle is for us to share. She comes in and settles into the chair by the door. She tells us that she made a pass at Jack -- you know, that football player you were both hot for in high school? I get a couple of glasses from the bathroom and sit in the chair next to her as --"

"Hang on," Sasha said. "There was only one chair in the room we stayed in." Her nipples were standing out almost half an inch, and she'd gone back to rubbing around the outsides of her large, luscious breasts.

"My fantasy," I replied. "I threw an extra chair in -- hope you don't mind."

"Oh, do continue," She said with a wicked little grin. Her hand started to trace its way down her belly, towards her pussy.

"Well, I pour us each a drink --"

"Hang on," she said, sitting forward in the tub. "What's Amy wearing in this little fantasy of yours?" Her arms came together as she moved, forcing her breasts together so they formed a deep cleft in the front of her chest.

"Oh, the outfit she wore on the second night -- remember, it was a shiny purple metallic blouse, black pants, and --" my breath sucked in involuntarily as I felt Sasha start to stroke my balls under the water.

"And those high heels," she said with a twinkle in her eye. "I remember. Go ahead -- you pour us each a drink..."

"Right," I said. I'd forgotten where I was in the story; her fingernails tracing across my scrotum had taken all my attention. "So, I pour us all a drink and she tells us about Jack laughing in her face when she asked him to come home with her, and leaving with someone else. She tells us she's so lonely -- that she hasn't been with anyone in years, and she misses the feeling of a cock inside her. You say, 'Well, if that's all you're missing, Curtis has a really nice one I'd be happy to share --' "

Sasha burst out laughing. "Seriously? What porno script did you adapt this dialogue from?" I felt my face redden a little and I started to pull back defensively. Sasha took a firm grip on the base of my dick. "No, no, I'm only teasing. It's your fantasy... what happens next?" Her hand started to slowly stroke up and down the shaft of my cock.

"Everyone's a critic," I mumbled, enjoying the sensation of her fingers. I put a hand on her breast and started to toy with her nipple. "Well, she looks appropriately scandalized, but intrigued. She looks at you and says, 'Oh Sasha, be serious.'

" 'I am serious,' you say. 'Look, Amy, Curtis is 15 years younger than us. He's got way more energy than I do, and he's always hungry for sex.' "

"That's true enough," Sasha growled as her other hand started to move up and down my chest.

" 'I know he's been checking you out.' Amy looks at me, then back at you. Her eyes linger at the edge of the sheet, which has slipped down your tits a little. I run a finger down the neck of her shirt and say, 'She's right, Amy. I've been thinking about you all night.' I start to open her shirt..."

"Lets go inside," Sasha said, letting go of my cock and giving me a light kiss on the lips. We hastily stepped out of the tub and dried off, then walked naked into our living room. I poured us both another glass of wine, and I watched Sasha's lovely round body as she trotted off to the bathroom.

When she came back, she was holding one of the vibrators I've bought for her over the years -- a thin purple one with several pre-programmed settings. She also held a bottle of lubricant that she tossed to me. Sasha sat down on our recliner and motioned to the couch next to it.

"Play with yourself while you tell the story," she said. She watched me expectantly as she leaned back in the recliner, spread her legs, and started to stroke the vibrator up and down her labia.

I smiled and poured a little lube into my palm. "So, I've got her shirt open," I said, rubbing the lube onto my dick. "I start to trace my fingers up her neck and down to her bra."

"What color is her bra," Sasha asked as she turned up the vibrator.

I grabbed the first thing that popped into my head. "It's a purple push-up bra. It holds her boobs up nice and high. I start to stroke around her tits, and then down to her belly, then up to her tits again. She's starting to breath a little harder, and her eyes are focused on you. I lean over and kiss her neck. She sighs and says, "Sasha, show me what you've got under that sheet."

"Do I? Do I pull the sheet down, Curtis?" The vibrator was going around her pussy in tighter and tighter circles. Her other hand was back on her boobs, pulling and teasing her nipples.

"Yeah, you do," I said. "As the sheet slides down your body, she can see your hand between your legs playing with your pussy. She groans a little; I put my hand between her legs and start to rub her through her pants. She's starting to pant a little when you say, 'Unzip his pants, Amy. Pull out his cock.'

"Her eyes are locked on your body, your tits, your cunt. She reaches up and undoes my pants, then reaches inside and puts her hand on my dick. She gasps a little bit when she feels it, and I gasp a little bit when she puts her hands in my underwear and touches the head."

Sasha's eyes were closed as the vibrator zeroed in on her clit. She was panting as she said, "Suck his cock, Amy. Put it in your mouth and suck it."

"She does," I said, my hand going back and forth across my cock. "She tells me to stand up, and I do. My pants fall down around my ankles and my dick is a couple inches away from her cheek. She looks at you, then she turns her head and opens her mouth. She puts just the head in first and closes her mouth around it. I can feel her tongue, exploring the skin beneath the head. Slowly she starts to move down my cock, then back up, then down again. I look at you and you're watching us; your hand is working your clit hard as you watch Amy sucking my dick."

Sasha's eyes were closed tight. I could tell from her breathing that she was close. I moved over to her and ran my fingers around her vaginal opening. "Now she's got her hand at the base of my cock and she's starting to pump up and down," I said, slowly pushing my middle finger inside her cunny. "I'm starting to pump into her mouth too. I've got my hands in that frizzy brown hair of hers, and I'm pushing deeper into her mouth." My finger pushed up into Sasha's G-spot "She's got me all the way down her throat now -- her hands are on my ass and she's pulling me into her." I started to rotate my finger left, then right, as I felt the buzz of the vibrator on Sasha's clit. "She's making little sounds... 'Mmmmm... Mmmmm...' while she sucks my entire cock into her throat."

"Oh God! Oh God! UUUUUNNNNNNGGGGGGGHHHHHHH!!!!!!" Sasha cried out, her hips bucking around my hand and the vibrator. I kept my hand in place as she rode the tide of her orgasm, then slowly pulled my finger out as she came back down to earth.

"I love watching you cum," I said, kissing her neck, her ears, the bangs of her short grey hair.

"I love it when you make me cum," she said, breathing hard. I picked up her wine glass and handed it to her so she could take a drink, then looked around on the floor for the vibrator which was buzzing against the recliner's leg.

She opened her eyes and looked at me. "Then what happens? Don't tell me all you're fantasizing about is a blow job."

I smiled at her. "Oh no... there's more."

"Well, you didn't cum yet, and there's plenty of lube. What happens next?"

I settled back onto the couch and Sasha came over to snuggle against me. She poured a little more lube into her hand and started massaging it onto my cock. "Well, after a little dick sucking, Amy asks if it'd be ok for her to touch you. Your hand moves up from your pussy, across your belly and onto your tit. You say, 'Of course Amy. Get over here.' "

Sasha chuckled. "Well, aren't I assertive!" Her fingers started to play around the tip of my dick. They rubbed along the edge of the head and down the underside.

"So," I continued, "I help her get undressed. I kiss her all over as I do it. She crawls onto the bed and starts to go down on you. I watch the two of you -- her head between your legs, your hands in her hair. Her hands run up your body and start to rub your breasts as she eats you.

"After a while, you look at me pulling my cock while I watch you. You reach down and lift Amy's chin. 'Hey Amy,' you say. 'I thought you wanted to feel a cock inside you.' 'I do,' she says. 'No reason you can't have both of us,' you say, and motion me over to the bed."

Sasha put her own head down between my legs and started to lick my cock -- first one side and then the other. Her hands kept moving along the shaft as her tongue feathered along the underside.

"Amy crawls up your body and starts to kiss you," I groaned. "I climb up behind her and stroke her calf, her thigh, and her ass. Your hand is stroking down to the small of her back to the crack of her ass. You pull her legs open a little wider, break the kiss, look at me and nod."

Sasha's mouth was around my dick now. I could feel her hand pulling up from the base as her mouth traveled down from the head, meeting in the middle. I started to feel the pressure building deep inside me.

"You have your other hand between Amy's legs now. You're playing with her clit while I move the head of my cock around the opening to her pussy. You reach out, and your fingers find my cock; they pull me towards Amy's twat. The two of you are still kissing, but I can hear Amy panting. She looks over her shoulder at me and says, 'Please, put it in.' I slide inside her."

By now, I was the one panting. It was getting harder and harder to put words together, so instead I put my hand behind Sasha's head, running my fingers through her short grey hair. I thrust into her mouth with short, sharp jerks as she put her hands onto my balls and squeezed a little.

"I - I'm fucking her from behind while she lays on top of you, and your tits are pushed together, and you're kissing, and -- "

And that was it. I could hold out no longer. With a roar I started to cum. Sasha pulled my spurting cock out of her mouth and milked it onto her bare tits, smearing the cum between her breasts and rubbing the head of my dick against her soft tit flesh.

I collapsed back onto the couch, spent. When my eyes finally un-crossed, I looked up at my smiling, gorgeous, radiant wife. She had a big smile on her face as she rubbed my cum into her chest.

I took a long drink from my wine glass and closed my eyes, enjoying the rush. I heard Sasha in the bathroom, then I heard her outside covering up the tub. After far too long I roused myself and joined her outside. She lit a cigarette, then lit another and handed it to me. We sat and listened to the night for a few minutes.

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