tagIncest/TabooGetting to Know Mom

Getting to Know Mom


I would like to share a story with you that is part fact and part fiction. You'll have to guess where that line is drawn. This is my first story so please be gentle. The names have been changed to protect the innocent, of course.

It was a warm Friday night and my wife, Kayla, and I were sitting out on our deck with my mother, Rhonda. She was visiting for a few days from out of town. We had had dinner with some friends of ours, Rick & Tanya, but they had to leave shortly after. A babysitter issue, it seemed.

I hadn't seen my mother in several months so we spent a good deal of time catching up. We were on our second bottle of wine when, out of the blue, my mother asked Kayla if Tanya had had a boob job. I almost blew wine out of my nose!

While I wouldn't consider my mother stuffy or puritanical, there were never really any conversations about sex or body parts growing up. I don't think it was taboo or anything, it just never happened. I certainly wasn't going to bring it up, though I always had a feeling mom would have been open about it if I had.

"They were way too perky to be real," she said matter-of-factly and then she and my wife giggled. My wife commented that women should be proud of what they have. She has never been an advocate of plastic surgery and I agreed.

"Well, I used to be a B-cup but my weight gain changed that." She had gained quite a bit of weight a few years ago but then decided enough was enough, joined a gym and got back in to "fighting weight" as she called it. "You'll never guess what I am now."

"Mom!!" I almost whined. I was thinking it was time to cut her off.

"What? I'm just making conversation!" she said. Kayla was just giggling in her hand.

"I don't really need to know what size bra you wear," I said.

She looked a Kayla and said, "I embarrassed my baby boy," and they giggled some more. "Well, since you won't guess I'll just tell you: I'm a D-cup now!"

At that point I couldn't help but take a quick glance. Now I've never had sexual thoughts about my mother. I do admit she is an attractive woman, especially for her late 40's but my thoughts had never gone further than that. Apparently my wife noticed and gave me a nudge to the ribs with her elbow. She was smiling, though, so I didn't think I was in too much trouble.

"I think you've had enough wine, Mom," I told her trying to keep things from going down an uncomfortable road.

"Hey, I haven't let me hair down in a long time so just pour me another glass!" This brought another round of giggles. You see, my mother also has a condition called alopecia. Several years ago she began losing her hair for unknown reasons and now wears a wig. She is completely bald but few people know. She rarely goes without it even around her family.

After Kayla calmed down a bit she said "Sometimes I wish I could just wear a wig so I didn't have to spend so much time getting ready every morning." I could have agreed to that but wisely kept my opinion to myself.

"While it was pretty difficult for me when it first started happening, I decided to just make the best of it. There are some negatives but there are positives as well, like not having to shave my legs." Mom said with a grin and another gulp of wine.

"I had never thought of that," exclaimed Kayla. Neither had I but I was pretending I was somewhere else. "Have you lost all of your hair?"

"All of it," said my mom.

"Even...?" Kayla's curiosity was apparently peaked though I'd never know her to be interested in other women at all.

"Even there," said Mom with a huge grin.

My mind was spinning a little. Wine and way more information about my mother than I thought I would ever know had taken its toll. At this point I announced I was tired and going to bed, they could stay up chatting if they wished. Both tried to cajole me in to staying and my mom promised to behave but I excused myself.

About an hour later Kayla came upstairs. As she got in to bed, Kayla rolled over and looked at me with a mischievous smile. "Did our conversation embarrass you?" she asked.

"No," I replied.

"Then why did you leave?"

"I was tired," I claimed.

"That wasn't it. You ALWAYS stay up later than I do. What gives?" She was persistent.

"I don't know. I figured I didn't need to know those kinds of things about my own mother."

"You were embarrassed!" she teased.

"No, I wasn't!"

After several seconds she snuggled closer and whispered, "I got to see it!"

"See what?" I asked.

"You're mother's pussy."

Pause. "Really?" I replied noncommittally.


"And how did that happen?"

So she told me:


Well, after you left we had a couple of more glasses of wine and the conversation came back around to her condition. I asked her what it was like not having hair 'down there'.

"It was strange at first but then I just got used it. I do like not having to trim regularly. It's like being shaved without the itch," your mom said with a smile.

"Mom!! I'm surprised you would do something like that." She said it was in her younger and wilder days and we giggled a little."

After a few minutes, I started to ask your mom something and then paused. She asked what I was going to say and I said I didn't want to embarrass her. She said she didn't embarrass easily so go ahead and ask. I sheepishly asked "Can I see it?"

"See what?"

"Umm, down there"

"My...pussy?" (My mom must have been well on her way to being drunk as I had never heard her use that word! Admittedly I felt a little switch down below!)

"Yes," I grinned.

She thought about it for a moment and said "Why not!". She then stood up and slowly pulled off her shorts and stood there in her panties. "Are you sure?" she asked.

I just nodded, my eyes fixed on your mother's panties. She turned her back and slowly pulled them off. Looking over her shoulder she said "Last chance to chicken out!" and threw her panties in my lap.

"I'm...no chicken!"

She turned around quickly with a "Tada!!", her hands on her hips. "What do you think?" she asked.

"Wow!" was all I could say. I really couldn't see much except the hint of her clit. I leaned forward a little, I guess, because she said "Do you want a better look?" and sat back down on her lounge chair. Leaning back a little, she spread her legs.

At this point I figure what the heck. I started to reach out and then paused. "Do you mind?" She just shook her head slowly. I very slowly ran my index finger along the bare skin on each side of her slit. "That is sooo smooth!" I exclaimed. I kept stroking for several seconds and noticed your mom's clit starting to enlarge. I looked up and her eyes were closed. I guess I did chicken out at that point and leaned back in to my chair. "That is awesome, Mom! Jack would love it if my pussy looked like that!"

She smiled and said "I'll just bet he would!" Just then the neighbor's dog started barking and broke the tension. Your mom reached down and gave her pussy a quick rub and then stood up and put on her shorts. She glanced at her panties still in my lap but didn't say anything about them.

She said she needed to be heading to bed, that the wine was really getting to her. We came inside and I made sure was settled in the guest room.


I was trying to absorb the evening's events and was speechless to say the least.

"I've noticed a visitor in bed with us," she said as she rubbed her leg against my now full erection.

Now, as I'd mentioned, I've noticed that my mother is an attractive women but never had sexual thoughts about her so I was quite embarrassed. "Who wouldn't with you laying so close and rubbing against me! Can't a guy get aroused by his own wife?"

"Are you sure it was me and not tonight's activities that got you hard?" she teased.

I couldn't think of a snappy comeback and Kayla took advantage of my silence. "Don't you wish you had stuck around a little while longer?" She rubbed my hard-on and whispered "You could've seen you're mother's smooth, bare pussy!"

I groaned! I couldn't help it! "Maybe she would have let you touch it, too!"

At that point I rolled over, slid my shorts off and slid my cock in to my wife's pussy. She was soaked! Our lovemaking was almost frantic. We both exploded just a few short minutes later.

As we lay facing each other catching our breath my wife looked me in the eyes and said "Do you want to see your mother's pussy?" I nodded. She just smiled and we drifted off to sleep.


Part II is roiling in my mind and hope to post it soon.

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