tagIncest/TabooGetting to Know My Neighbor Ch. 06

Getting to Know My Neighbor Ch. 06


I mentioned that Isabella had said that her nerdy twin brother (now in the first stage of blackmailing us for sex lessons with his sister) was smart. That was an understatement. His next move was to persuade his parents that he and Isabella should have English lessons from the American next door. The way he broached the subject to me was, "My father wants to talk to you about something." Cute. It turned out that I had a drink with the parents in their living room, concluded an arrangement with them in my imperfect Italian and went home knowing that I was going to be paid for screwing their 18-year-old daughter (twenty years my junior) and supervising incest between their children. With maybe a little group sex thrown in.

Two afternoons a week, at my house. And I do teach them English. For example, they're always learning new words.

I had my work cut out for me, and not because of their difficulties with the language. I had to satisfy the depraved desires of brother Alessandro (or he would tell his parents that I had seduced his sister in their own backyard) while getting Isabella to accept -- if not enjoy -- sex with her brother. I was going to be giving the lessons, but eventually he would have to take the wheel. And I would get to watch.

The day for our first lesson arrived. They seemed a little tense when they stepped inside. They spoke to each other in rapid Italian, too fast for me to follow. Isabella had been to my house once before, but Alessandro never. To help them relax, we all had a glass of wine in my living room. I sat next to Isabella on the sofa, her brother in an easy chair opposite. I drew the curtains and made small talk in English. I reviewed the verb "to come" in various tenses and meanings.

I poured a second glass. I thought they should know the parts of the body in English, beginning with the word "thigh," since Isabella's left thigh was right there next to my right hand. I put my hand on it.

"Say, 'that's my thigh'," I said to Isabella, and she repeated my words. "Say, 'that's my sister's thigh'," I instructed Alessandro, and he said it, looking at my hand resting right below the bottom of his sister's shorts, and then at me running the palm of my hand along the full length of her thigh. There had probably never been an English lesson quite like this one.

"This is your sister's shoulder," I said, and I drew Isabella's loose blouse off her shoulder and kissed her bare skin. It was warm and fragrant. "I am kissing your sister's shoulder."

"You are kissing my sister's shoulder."

"I am biting your sister's shoulder."

"You are biting your -- my -- sister's shoulder."

I tipped Isabella's head back. "I am kissing your sister's throat."

"You are kissing my sister's throat," echoed Alessandro, his voice a little tight, as I ran my lips up and down the column of Isabella's throat and neck. I nibbled her earlobes. "You are biting her ear," said her brother, unprompted. I shot him an approving glance.

I was enjoying this. I reached into my pants to free up my swollen member. I placed Isabella's hand on it, on the outside of my pants. Alessandro stared. Then he adjusted his own clothing.

I kissed Isabella on the lips. She closed her eyes and kissed me back. Watched or not, she was as hot as ever. Hotter watched, I thought, to judge from the urgency of those kisses. Maybe she wanted to forget that her brother was sitting a few feet away watching her every move. And mine. I fondled her far shoulder, baring the skin, stroking her from the shoulder to the neck and putting my hand on her throat, which made my cock throb and ache in my pants under Isabella's fingers. She thrust her tongue into my mouth. I sucked it, and I could feel it palpitate.

I unbuttoned a button on her blouse, two buttons (there were only two) so I could slide my palm across her chest and across the tops of her breasts above her bra. I pushed her bra straps off her shoulders and pulled the sleeves down too. I dragged my hand across her chest and I dragged that blouse and that bra lower and lower, exposing more and more of her swelling breasts with every pass. Her eyes were closed. Alessandro's were wide open.

Meanwhile I was having flashbacks to teenage experiences double dating at the drive-in. My friend and I had a little agreement. We would discreetly exhibit our girlfriends to each other from the front to the rear seats and vice versa. I watched him gradually get his girlfriend's bra off and reveal her cone-shaped breasts with puffy nipples. And I remember laying my girlfriend on her back across my lap and letting my friend get a good look as I unveiled her firm round breasts for him and mauled and molded them with my hungry hands and fingers. We never exchanged partners, but we didn't have to; we were high school swingers through mutual exhibitionism.

And now I had Alessandro to exhibit his own sister to. I watched him watch her as I stripped the last of her bra off her, finally undoing it from the back and tossing it on the floor. We both gazed at those beautiful tits the size of canteloupes in a Roman market. Had Alessandro ever seen them before? Of course he had, young spy that he was, but never so close and never served up for his enjoyment. He watched me fondle, he watched me suck. Isabella just kept her eyes closed, which made it still sexier for us guys. We stared at her to our hearts' content. I blew lightly on her nipples to stiffen them for us.

I grabbed Isabella's crotch and started rubbing. She was already hot and moist. I slid my hand up under her shorts' leg and touched her pussy through her panties and teased her with the tips of my fingers. She started making little sounds.

I unzipped my pants and pulled them down. My engorged cock sprang out. I put her hand back on it. She wrapped her fingers around me and began to stroke. I looked at Alessandro, who was frozen in place and clearly going out of his mind with excitement. A nod of my head was enough for him. He unzipped his own pants and soon had his cock in his hand. It wasn't as thick as mine but just as long, maybe even longer, and uncircumcised.

Isabella opened her eyes and looked at her brother. At first they were both embarrassed. Then Alessandro just stared longingly at his sister's breasts and began to masturbate. She stared right back at his hand running the length of his long, beet-red cock.

I whipped her shorts and panties off while she took off her blouse. She was naked on her back my sofa, her lush pubic hair glistening between her legs. In an instant I swung over her and in another I had entered her. I propped myself up on the arm of the sofa to take my weight off her and started to thrust rhythmically into her. Alessandro stood up, took a step toward us, stroking himself all the while, and dropped to his knees beside us.

I took Isabella's hands and placed them on the arm of the sofa and pinned them there by the wrists. Her chest heaved beneath a touch of domination and a little human bondage. Alessandro watched those breasts rise and fall and like a man in a trance moved closer, until he was inches away. Isabella saw him there. I felt her try to pull away, but in fact she couldn't move, only submit. Alessandro stretched out his hands and put them on her breasts. Then he dove in and put his mouth the nearest nipple and sucked as greedily as a baby. I was arched over him and continued my steady pile-driving of his sister.

Alessandro retreated and took off his pants. His cock was at attention. He looked like a man awaiting his turn. But I was not ready to let him have it yet. I slowed my pace.I sank in to Isabella to the hilt and just pulsed and pressed on her, still holding her down, sometimes kissing her, sometimes biting her shoulders and her neck, but not so hard as to leave marks.

I was ready for a different position. I freed her hands so that I could use my own to lift her legs straight up and wrap my arms around them, as if from her heels to the base of her slit she were one long cleft of flesh that I was penetrating. I slapped my whole body against the back of her long thighs. I let Alessandro watch and stroke himself as I reamed his sister again and again, ending each thrust with the slap of flesh on flesh and knocking her body backward, shaking her as I held her tight.

Then I moved off the couch and opened her legs as wide as they would go, holding her by the ankles and plowing into her with full force. I had had enough display, I couldn't stand it any more, and I let myself go, fucking as wildly as I liked, staring down at that fat, flossy pussy as I built up to orgasm. My body stiffened, I groaned, she groaned, we shook, I pumped in a rhythm over which I had no control as her vaginal walls contracted in sharp waves around me.

I felt dazed. We were all still, as if time had stopped. And then I handed those ankles over to Alessandro. Isabella looked up, kicked her brother's hands away, and rolled over on her belly, hiding her head in a pillow. If she had waited a moment to take a good look at her brother's cock, she might have acted otherwise. His foreskin was peeled back and his long, straight, hard shaft and arrowy point looked like a Roman spear. Alessandro and I looked down at Isabella's big, beautiful buttocks, fleshy but muscular. I made some slight gesture with my hand, as if to say: all right then, attack from the rear. He rolled on a condom.

I grabbed Isabella's ass and lifted it into position. Then I had to grab a knee and spread her legs. Her labia were red and swollen. Her public hair was matted with dampness. The smell of sex poured out of her, overpowering her perfume. Alessandro hesitated. I hadn't asked him if he had ever done this before, but something told me he was new to the real thing. I took first one of his hands, then the other, and placed them on Isabella's hips. Then I took (I confess) Alessandro's cock, as hot and hard as a piece of iron from the forge, and inserted it into Isabella's cunt. It disappeared inside her slick, hot flesh. I hadn't touched a man's cock since adolescence. Alessandro didn't seem to mind; he and I were bonding, teacher and student. Putting that beautifully sculpted, purple head into Isabella was like sliding a hunting knife into a smooth leather sheath.

Alessandro paused, then thrust, tentatively at first, then hard -- and then it was over. He came with a yelp and a jerky shudder. Then he froze, his spear embedded deep in his sister's flesh.

I couldn't have foreseen what happened next. Isabella wasn't finished. She still had her brother's first-time cock up inside of her and was gripping it tight, so tight that she just kept it stiff. She started to back up against it, and then she dipped down and backed up again, while he just remained motionless as a statue and hung on to his sister's hips. After a while the statue came to life and he started meeting her motion, and then both of them were thrusting against each other like the twins that they were. I made a fist and shook it to encourage Alessandro. I said "harder." I said "give it to her." Then, "hold her by the shoulders," and he simply followed instructions. "Faster, harder." He was pounding now, like a good apprentice.

I was getting turned on again and now it was my turn to watch and masturbate. The twins were now both abandoned to sex with each other, and who's to say that some kind of telepathy didn't put them on the same wavelength. Isabella began to come. Then Alessandro. Their bodies seemed fused with each other, soldered at the point of contact: conjoined twins. Watching my students come and then lie naked and exhausted at the end of their lesson -- sprawled and slumped on my couch -- but especially looking at Isabella's body flushed and bathed in sweat curled on the sofa beside me, with my left hand gripping her thigh, I brought myself to a second painfully acute orgasm which convulsed my balls and bent my toes.

After a minute or so, the three of us sat up, our breathing no longer heavy. There was still some wine. We clinked glasses. Our pact was sealed. As I said once before, better to have the brother on our side. He was really no trouble at all. On the contrary. I even wondered if the twins might not slip into each other's rooms later that night.

We got dressed. Our English hour was soon over, but not before I taught them the names of the basic sexual positions (and some variations) in my native tongue. I told them that I would be expecting them again in three days. And to abstain from all forms of sex in the meantime. I wanted them to be fresh for the next lesson. I even swore to abstain myself.

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