tagNonConsent/ReluctanceGhetto Fairy Tales Ch. 2

Ghetto Fairy Tales Ch. 2


My final year in high school was one of the worst years of my life. It seemed like I was always up to no good. I was always in trouble with my parents or with the law. I had stayed back one year, cause I had way to many cuts. Being 18 years old and in the twelfth grade wasn't fun at all. All of the people in knew had either dropped out completely or was in jail. Half way threw my senior year, my fucking parent decided to move up north to White Plains, New York, in Westchester County. It wasn't that I was a bad kid. I just liked to have fun. We used to live in Brooklyn before we moved here. My father landed a good job with the telephone company and with in a month we where heading up north.

I hated White Plains. The town was totally designed for white people. I never saw so many white people in my life. Brooklyn was my life. In Brooklyn I was somebody in the neighborhood. But in White Plains I was the black guy that lived down the street. I couldn't stand my neighbors either. A white couple lived to our right and to or left was a black family. The black family, the Livingston's that lived next door to our left, acted like white people. I hated that shit. They just thought they were the shit. And I know they didn't like me. I didn't give a fuck about them or speak to them. Mr. Livingston was always giving me dirty fucking looks. You would think that the only two black families on one block would be friendly to each other.

My mother and father were no better. They made every attempt to be nice to our stupid fucking neighbors. If they thought I was going to flip my style and start acting white so our stupid black neighbors would like us, well lets just say they had a better chance of seeing hell freeze over or seeing a black man elected to the Presidency of the United States. Fuck that shit, I was from Brooklyn and I would never forget where I came from. You can take the boy out of Brooklyn, but you can't take Brooklyn out of the boy. All these crackers up here, and my fucking wanna be Huckstable neighbors could kiss my high yella ass.

Going to White Plains High School, was no fucking fun either. The first two months I was there I didn't say a word to any one, and I dared someone to say some shit to me. The school was in the fucking boondocks, in the middle of no fucking where. That's why I missed Brooklyn so much. If I wanted to cut class or call it a day, I could just hop on the train and go anywhere I wanted. The worst thing about living up here was I was to far away from all the, "around da'way honies," I used to bone. I got my first piece of pussy when I was 13 and never looked back. Girls in Brooklyn liked to fuck, and getting pussy was easy. Half the time their parents weren't home after school, so you could always go to some hoochies house after school and knock'em off. My parents both worked long hours so a lot of the time I would cut class and bring a girl over to my crib and fuck the shit out of them all day. That was then and this is now. It seemed like all these black girls up here had a fucking attitude problem.

I was kind of thick for my age. I wasn't fat or nothing like that but I worked out with weights in our basement. I worked out a lot cause I didn't have anything else to do. I missed getting pussy big time. There were days that I would fuck 2 different girls in the same day. One day I fucked 3 girls in the same day. The funny thing was that they were all friends. They all liked me but they all didn't want each other to know that they liked me. I would fuck one of them; the terms were that I could not tell anybody especially her other 2 best friends. All three of them asked me not to tell the other. I didn't give a fuck about there little secret game. I fucked all three of them all the time and kept my mouth shut. I loved the fact that they were all different. Tosha was the first one I bagged, she was a true shortie, and She was maybe 4'10" if that. But she had a nice round little booty. Lashanda was a little bit taller then Tosha. What I liked about her was her tits. She had the biggest breasts of them all. Trina was my favorite; she was the tallest and the thickest of the bunch. When she spread her legs it was like a giant eagle getting ready to take off. I loved her pussy, her pussy was the wettest and the juiciest of the bunch and she knew how to fuck. Unlike her other friends, she would suck my cock, as long as I promised not to tell. I played their games and I got pussy almost every day.

The world was very different now. All the bitches I used fuck didn't want to be bothered with me anymore. The rumor was, that I was living upstate acting like I was the shit cause I lived in a house and in a white neighborhood, which was far from the truth. I had no choice but to live up here. I begged my parents to let me stay in Brooklyn with my aunt and finish my final year of school. They gave me that; " You'll get a better education up here." What a load of shit. My teachers barely spoke to me; they looked at me like I was some kind of criminal.

The school year finally ended. I was happy cause I was planning on spending my summer in Brooklyn. My parents on the other hand had other plans for my black ass. They forbid me to go to Brooklyn. I was fuming, " What the hell am I supposed to do up here," I shouted at them. They told me that I should was going to get a job, and to forget about my hooligan friends back in Brooklyn. I was amazed at how quickly my father forgot where he came from, and my mother just followed suit. She had the nerve to tell me, that all my friends will be in jail before they turn 20.

I didn't speak to my parents for a week. I stayed in my room or I went to the basement to work out. I felt like my nuts were about to explode. I have never had to jerk off so much in my life. I had become a hermit, trapped in White Plains or what I called it, "Whitelondia," with no friends and no pussy.

Two days later while I was chill'in in my kitchen, I thought I saw the most beautiful black female on earth step out of a blue BMW. I damn near ran to the front door to see where she was going. The bitch was fine as hell. Then the Livingston's came running out of their house and she jumped into Mr. Livingston's arms " Hi daddy…. Hi mommy," She shouted.

That shit knocked the wind out of my sail and deflated my cock immediately. She was fine but she was their daughter, and she probably had an even bigger stick up her ass. She also talked and sounded like a little white girl. " Damn," I said to myself. Then I saw Mr. Livingston look at me and make a face. It was one of those stay the fuck away from my daughter looks.

I had had enough of his fucking looks and stares, so I kindly raised my hand and gave him the finger. The look on his face was funny as hell, finally a little justice for me. Then he turned to his daughter and said something. I couldn't hear what they where saying, I knew he was more then likely talking about me. A few seconds later their daughter (whom I would learn later was named Vicki) looked up at me and gave me the nastiest look and then rolled her eyes. With out saying a word to me, that bitch told me to fuck off with her eyes. I went back in the house and slammed the door.

For the next few days I just stayed in my room mopping around. The Livingston's had a big pool in there back yard. I thought it was just for show cause they never used it. Then one day around noon I heard a big splash. My bedroom window faced their backyard. I got up to see what was going on. I didn't see anything for a few second. Then I saw Vicki come up from underneath the water. Her back was to me while she climbed out of the pool. The first thing I noticed was how fucking fine she was. She had a nice thick booty; her tiny little bikini bottoms could barely contain that fat juicy caramel colored ass. My cock sprung to attention immediately. My cock was so hard it hurt. I had to step back away from the window; the last thing I wanted was for her to catch me looking at her. It was a good thing that I did that, cause as soon as she turned around she looked up toward my house.

She stared at my house for a few seconds, as though she was checking to see if anyone was home. Then she sat down in a lounge chair and put on some dark sunglasses. I was kind of hiding behind a curtain, peaking out the side. I had a great view. To me, a bikini is nothing more then a glorified bra and panty set. Say what you want, to me there is no difference.

The next day around the same time I heard a splash. This time I was prepared. I had snuck into my fathers closet and found his old binoculars. She looked at my house again like she did the day before to see if anyone was looking before she sat. Her body was dripping wet. Her bikini bottoms had ridden up on her slightly. When she adjusted herself I thought I was going to cum in my pants. I was able to see a small patch of curly black hair with the binoculars. She then laid down in the lounge chair like she did the day before. The first thing I did was aim my binoculars at her pussy. Her pussy looked so fat. She pulled on the strings of her bikini bottoms at the hip (Colored Panties, if you ask me) pulling them up high. This caused the tiny peace of material that was covering her pussy to dig into her crotch and split her pussy lips. Vicki had the fattest set of pussy lips I ever saw. I had always thought this was a white girl thing. This was something that I have always found amazing. When I moved up here I noticed that the white girls wore their cloths a lot tighter then black girls, especially their jeans. I had never scene a white girl naked up close, I just assumed that they were designed slightly different then black girls. If you only knew how badly I wanted to walk up to one of the white girls at school and say, " Damn girl…you got a fat pussy." How could I be wrong for saying such a thing…. The bitch shouldn't have her pussy on display like that. You've all heard that saying,

" It's a Black Thing, You Wouldn't Understand."

Well I just thought it was the reverse….

" It's a White Thing, And I Just Don't Understand."

I felt like such a pervert staring at her through the binoculars. But this was the most fun I've had in weeks. I wanted to fuck her so bad, but there was no way in hell she was going to give me any of that fine pussy. And the fact that she was a college girl, and was at least 3 or 4 years older then me didn't help my chances either. Her wanna be white ass probably never had a black cock.

Every time I brought the binoculars up to her face it reminded me of the way she crinkled up her face and her upper lip when she looked at me for the first time. The bitch didn't even know me. She passed judgment on me from whatever bullshit her fucking father had told her. That was the last time I even bothered to bring the binoculars up toward her face. Although she was very pretty … " I mean Fine as Hell", Her attitude made her ugly. But the body on the other hand was a separate entity. In my mind I just detached her head from her body. My focus was on what was between her legs. That fat pussy mound was silently calling me.

After about 20 minutes of staring at her. I was exhausted. In that short period of time, I fucked her a million times in my mind in every conceivable position known to man. My cock was so hard it fucking hurt. I was fantasizing that Vicki, was sucking my cock, and then she turned over and begged me to fuck her doggy style. In my mind, I was slamming all 8 inches of my black cock deep into her hot caramel pussy as she begged me to fuck her harder and deeper. I was only brought back to reality when she moved suddenly. She got up and walked quickly in the house. For a second I thought she had busted me. But after a minute or two she came out with a tall glass ice water and got back in her seat in the same position.

She sat back down on the lounge chair and propped it up a little bit. I was still in stealth mode and I knew she couldn't see me. Vicki then opened her left hand. She had a small black round object in her hand. At first I didn't pay any attention to it, until she open the cap and smelled what was inside. I grabbed the binoculars to investigate. Looking through the binoculars I could see clearly what was in her hand. It was one of those 35mm plastic film canisters, with a gray plastic top. Vicki brought the canister up to her nose and took another whiff, inhaling the scent of what ever was in the canister

She then reached into a little bag that I guess she had brought out earlier and pulled out some rolling papers. I now knew what was in the canister. I would have never thought that Vicki smoked weed. I thought she was one of those goodie goodie black girls that acted white. I sat back and got my self-ready to watch the show. I used to smoke pot all the time back in Brooklyn. There's one thing I know, and that is that girls can't roll. I used to watch some of the girls roll joints back in Brooklyn and they always fucked it up.

Vicki was amazing; she rolled that joint so perfect and so fast. I think if I had blinked I would have missed it. That right there gave me two quick thoughts.

1. She was no amateur pot smoker.

2. The bitch liked smoking big fat joints.

Vicki sat back in the chair and lit that joint. She even smoked like a pro. I was shocked. She took her time smoking that fat joint. She even looked sexy doing it. The wheels in my head started spinning. There's also one more thing I know. If a girl gets high, She fucks. I never meet a girl that got high and didn't fuck. Drugs and sex go together like peanut butter & jelly. I couldn't take it any more. I pulled out my cock and started jerking off while I watch my sexy brown skinned neighbor get zootted.

For the next 3 days Vicki did the exact same thing. She was always on time. You could set your watch to the time you would hear the big splash in the pool. And everyday I was ready; I had my binoculars in one hand and my cock in the other. She would always look toward my house just before she would light up. Both of my parents worked and I was so quiet, I guess she assumed that there was never any one home. After the forth day I had enough. I was sick and tired of jerking off to this woman. It's seems like reality only hits you after you cum. As I would cum down off my orgasmic high, the cold reality that this bitch next door would never give me the time of day, let alone sample some of that pussy.

At that moment I had a revelation. It was at that moment that the thug in me was resurrected. I was smiling from ear to ear. I knew what I had to do. It was evil and fucked up, but I didn't give a fuck. I was gonna get me some of that pussy even if I had to take it. Fuck Vicki, and mother fuck the Livingston's.

That afternoon I jumped on the Metro North Train and took it downtown to 125th street. (Harlem U.S.A.)…. I went to a spot that my boys and I would go to when we where looking for a special item. I made my purchase and headed back home. I also stopped at CVS (the local pharmacy in Westchester) and purchased a couple rolls of 35mm film. My plan was going to be flawless. I took everything into consideration and weighed out all of my options. Vicki's pussy was going to be mine. The funny thing was she had no Idea.

That night I couldn't sleep a wink. I went over the plan about million times in my head. I was so excited I had to jerk off twice that night just to calm myself down. The possibilities if everything went right were endless.

The next morning I woke up around 7:30 am just after both my parents left for work. The Livingston's would leave their house around 8 am. It was now a waiting game. Minutes seemed like hours and hours seemed like days. It seemed like time stood still while I waited for my moment to strike. The waiting game continued for the next three and a half hours. I was getting excited and I was also getting nervous. Time is a motherfucker. I started to have doubts. But I told myself, " Your going to do this shit and that's that."

Three hours seemed like three fucking days. Then suddenly the Livingston's back door opened and out came my unsuspecting prey. My soon to be fuck toy came out of the house wearing a brand new bikini. " DAMN…she looked Good." She was wearing a bright yellow glorified set of underwear…(aka…bikini) I was really nervous know, but my plan was all about timing. I ran down to my kitchen where I could barely see Vicki. When I heard the Splash I knew I was moments away from executing the most important part of my plan. When I saw Vicki come out of the pool I knew it was time. She was like a well-trained pet. I knew it took about one minute for her to dry her hands and face, and with in the next minute or so she would start rolling her daily Joint. As soon as she sat down I took off. I ran through my front door, through the bushes and rang her doorbell. I knew she could hear the bell from the pool cause they had a little ringer on the back of there deck. I pushed the button a bunch of times to make sure she heard it. I wanted to make sure it was annoying. I then ducked down and ran along the bushes on the side of my house toward the back yard.

" Just a Minute." She shouted.

Vicki sounded annoyed which is just what I wanted. My heart was pounding as I crawled to the back of the house. I felt like a thief in the middle of the night. The only thing was, it was broad daylight and unlike a thief planning to steal some loot, I was planning on stealing me some pussy.

There was a tiny little opening between the bushes of our backyards. When I reached that point all I saw was Vicki's back as she entered her house. And there on the table next to the rolling papers was the 35mm Plastic Film case. I waited about three more seconds before I made a dash for it. I grabbed her stash put in my right pocket. I reached into my left pocket and replaced it with an identical plastic film case and made a dash back through the bushes and back into my yard. I run up the back stairs leading to my deck and into my house. It felt like I had just ran a hundred yard dash. I was breathing real heavy. I could feel my heart pounding through my chest as I ran up the stairs and back into my room.

Before I could catch my breath, Vicki was coming out her back door. She looked pissed off…She was mumbling something about stupid kids knocking on doors and running away. She sat up in her lounge chair and got her rolling papers.

Let me explain to you what was in the canister I put on Vicki's table. When I went to Harlem the day before I bought my little ebony princess a special gift. I got her some really good pot and I also bought 2 bags of LEAK…For all you white people out there and those of you who live outside of NY, reading this story, LEAK… in your community goes by the Name of Angel Dust…In Brooklyn we don't say, "Let's go buy some Angel Dust," we say, "Lets get a bag or a couple bags of Leak or Leaky Lack."

Angel Dust is very fucking powerful. I know this from experience. To be honest with you to this day I'm not sure what it's even made of. I have heard everything from embalming fluid to Elephant tranquilizer. Angel Dust is not a rich man drug. Its actually a poor mans drug. Poor people mostly by dust when they really want to get fucked up cheaply. A bag of weed back then cost five dollars, but a bag of leak was around seven dollars. And in a bag of leak you were lucky if you got a full joint out of it. But that one joint could send you into oblivion. Angel dust smelled minty…. That's cause whatever chemical they used on it was either sprayed or soaked on to mint leaves. Instead of being put in a small brown bag (AKA...the nickel bag back then) it was placed in an even smaller thin wax paper bag. Unlike marijuana, Angel dust wasn't dry, it was moist. And if you got a bag that was really potent the chemicals would be leaking out of the corners. And that is how it got its Name LEAK or LEAKY LACK…

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