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Ghost Whisperer Haunting Melinda


This is a story done by me ThePac and if you have any requests, ideas or people you would like me to write about pls e-mail me and if you have any feedback on my story [I would really like some feedback on my story] what u liked, didn't like, contact me via my profile. All characters storylines situations and celebs in stories are all made up none of what I write really happened so no one can sue or say I stole a real idea cause I didn't this was a ThePac story in association a highlight reel production with help and ideas from wwekiller

Note from the author

A small point about this story before you read it, there is zero plot in this story. What looks like a plotline is rubbish and I like to pride my stories on having a good story line this one doesn't. It was a request made to be and I liked it enough to write it up but in the guy's lengthy notes on this story he had no real solid story base. So this story should just be enjoyed as Jennifer Love Hewitt in her Melinda Gordon character getting fucked by more or less every fetish known to man. I will as always take bad comments for my duff spelling, piss poor grammar and lack of speaking parts but this warning is so you can't come back and tell me this story made no sense. I know it makes no sense so this warning is to well warn you that this is not like my last Ghost Whisperer story or indeed like anything else you have ever seen me write. Enjoy as a pure sex story and please don't mark me down on lack of understandable story.

Thanks for your time now enjoy this story


Ghost Whisperer

The Haunting Of Melinda

Romano is pissed off he has not had much luck in the last 6 months. Fewer and fewer souls are choosing to stay on earth and it is staring to get some notice in the darkness he used to inhabit. He doesn't want to go back into the darkness, he likes it here on earth the sin fills his heart with joy and the rare times he would gain a temporary physical form meant he could go out and rape the purest and sweetest teenage girl he could find. After life had been good to him but the darkness was always moving and news of his constant failure to gain souls was staring to become a problem. He knew just the person to blame for his current failure Melinda Gordon. The Ghost Whisperer always had him her uncanny ability to get souls to pass into the light was starting to strain on Romano. You could see it in his cold dead eyes heavy with bags and his brow lined with worry, as he had no idea how to defeat the Ghost Whisperer. However luck road hand in hand with the unforgiving darkness and Romano had just spent a long week in the deepest dark jungles of Africa where he came across an old spell book. A very old book the brown cover crushed and broke away from the lightest contact and the writing faded and in a language not used my man for centuries. Patience said the darkness so Romano studied the old text until he worked the writing out and he learn the ancient ways of the Dream Stalker. In ancient times the biggest danger was the feared Dream Stalker a man the book said could take the dreams of the living and bring them to reality. As far as Romano could read this dreams never ended in death but in a series of joy swiftly moving into unbearable sadness. The Dream Stalker sounded like a man Romano could get to like and now he had his book, learnt all his magic and knew the right person to attack, the Ghost Whisperer.

Melinda is worn out after a long tiring day as she gets changed into a long black night gown that was made out of thin silk and even though it covered most of her body the material was slightly see though. She felt very sexy in it and wearing that gown normally turned Jim on but he had an early shift tomorrow so he was already curled up in bed fast asleep. As she sleeps a faint mist of red dust blows though the open French windows and blows around the room a bit before falling down and resting on Melinda's soft skin. Melinda is running, running though a massive rainforest there is green everywhere and Melinda's bare feet squash down on the wet mud as she runs. She has no idea why she is running and now Melinda has no idea who her thoughts are here in her dream. This wasn't a power to see or think in her own dreams, Melinda barely remembered her own dreams let alone have conscious thought during one. The sun shone though the wet leaves of the jungle as Melinda keeps running and she looks down to see she is wearing a purple low cut dress. Her cleavage is nearly hanging out and every step she takes makes her big boobs bounce up and down like beach balls. Normally this would embarrass Melinda but here running though a forest in her dream she lets her inhibitions slide and keeps up the pace as she runs though the rainforest. Water collects on the leaves of the giant trees and drops down every so often soaking Melinda and her dress.

Her nipples soon like the cold water on them and grow erect poking into her thin purple dress but Melinda is not worried, this is her dream she can do what she likes. The heat of the jungle as well makes Melinda all sweaty and soon her entire body is soaked in cold water and body sweat. The shoulder straps of her dress keep slipping down and the hemline sticks to her legs while the rest of the material hugs her round figure. None of this bothers her though normally she hates her figure and her big tits always out and on show but in her dream she is free of all those lusty stares of men and those jealous stares of other woman. Here in her jungle of peace she is alone and happy and running until her bare feet slip on the wet mud. Melinda falls to the ground and slides for a few feet before stopping a few yards away from the tree. As it's a dream Melinda feels no pain only some slight dizziness from falling down and the young woman is still confused at how she can be thinking during her dream. It is then that leaves around her rustle and twigs snap and before Melinda can blink she can feel her body being picked up and carried. She can't see who or what is carrying her, she can feel hands on her arms and legs but there is nothing she can see holding her up. Melinda tries to calm down and remember that this is only a dream as she is carried faster and faster though the jungle the big green leaves snapping against the invisible things carrying her. Looking up Melinda is carried though a clearing and now the brunette can see a village. A simple village made out of mud and straw looking more like those villages she had seen in TV shows about third world countries.

She is carried across the plain muddy ground until she is in the middle of the village. There are poles of fire dancing and she can hear the sound of bare feet hitting the floor but she can see nether the feet or the people attacked to the feet. The invisible hands carry her to a large brown pole dumped straight down into the ground and before she knows it she is being tied to the very same pole. Her arms are lifted above her head and her feet are spread out as rope fly's around her body binding it to the wood. Melinda can't help but panic she knows this is a dream it must be a dream but it feels so real as the rough rope digs into her wrists. Once the ropes are tied tight Melinda hears roars of delight followed by drumbeats and people cheering. There are people here but why can't she see them and more to the point why is she dreaming of being tied up in a jungle village. Sweat drips down her body it's so hot in the jungle and Melinda can feel her dress sticking to her body and her big boobs are soaking wet in her own sweat. So hot her long brown hair is down over her face sticking to it like a fly to flypaper and Melina pulls pointlessly against her bounds. She is tied up in a village arms above her head and legs apart like the female sacrifice to King Kong. Melinda can't help but laugh thinking about a giant gorilla coming out from the trees for her. Bored and deciding this dream feels a touch to real for her Melinda tries to wake herself up but nothing she is still here in the hot sweaty jungle tied up in front of a lot of naked singing torch holding villagers.

A hand, Melinda clearly sees a big black hand appear in front of her but in the blink of an eye it is invisible again but Melinda feels it grabbing hold of her breast. She tries to scream and yell but finds the only voice is in her head her mouth is open but she is making no sound. Worse the one hand groping her left breast is soon joined by another hand playing with her right breast. More in head screaming from Melinda as her big rack is being grouped by two invisible More hands grab and touch her Melinda feels hands on her hips and thighs running down her shaved legs. Even hands rubbing her feet playing with her toes, there are hands groping her armpits her face even pulling on her long brown hair. Sometimes Melinda would blink and she would see their hands nothing else but lots of floating black hands groping her bound body. The next time she blinks the hands are gone and all she can see is flying torches and the wooden village around her as the hands are roaming her body. One of the hands on her breasts clamp down pulling on her soft tit flesh making her scream in her mind but once again making no sound then pulling back Melinda watches a chunk off her dress ripped off by the invisible force. Melinda wonders if this is like a drug trip or maybe she had lots of cheese before going to bed because this dream appears to be ripping her clothes off. The invisible hands rip off bits of purple fabric until Melinda Gordon is bound naked to a large wooden pole as naked as the day she was born. How she wishes she could scream Melinda wants nothing more than the power of speech to tell these well whatever they are to fuck off and leave her dream.

The big question in her mind is why would she dream this Melinda knows she has had some wild sexual dreams before but this is on another level. The invisible hands are now groping her naked body and Melinda watches on in horror as her breasts are stretched out in front of her. She can feel hands crawling up her legs, tickling her feet, stroking her arms and softly rubbing her face. This has to be a dream Melinda decides no way is this real this is just a odd nightmare a nightmare where she feels fully awake but is in fact fast asleep in her own bed next to her husband. The hands don't stop touching her and the noise of drums with loud chanting has Melinda's head spinning everything feels so real but she knows that little voice in the back of her head tells her this is a dream. The hands feel so real rubbing up her sweaty skin Melinda shivers at every touch smooth or rough she feels it and responses to it. Fingers now push in between her legs and into her pussy followed by different fingers pushing into her asshole. No screams from Melinda as fingers go into her open mouth as the invisible hands now ramp up their onslaught. Penetrating her pussy Melinda blinks to see the black hands playing with her bound body before she has to blink again and they are back to being invisible assassins. Fingers fuck her pussy and ass and Melinda can feel 5 maybe 6 fingers belonging to different hands stretching out her pussy.

As her screams are only in her mind Melinda watches black fingers pushed into her mouth and she can feel them pushing against her cheeks and down her throat. The drumbeats get louder, the chanting fiercer and Melinda's head is swimming from the confusion. It's so real but it's a dream yet she can hear herself thinking, constantly thinking this is no mere dream unless it's real or fake maybe. Melinda's head feels like it's going to explode the pain shooting though her temple as rough hands pulls and grope her big breasts. Pulling and tugging at her round pink nipples Melinda feels like crying but the sounds beat into her ear. If she screams she is sure her head will burst but all these thoughts and emotions run though her body and Melinda just can't take it anymore. All the pain suddenly stops, the noise dies away and the hundreds of groping hands vanish. Melinda opens her eyes to see a black woman stood in front of her bound, nude body. She is naked as well but looks a bit older than Melinda with several grey hairs resting against the rest of her tied up black hair. Her breasts are massive maybe even bigger than Melinda's but she has a kind smile on her wizened face. Melinda wants to thank her for making the pain stop but she is still unable to talk then to her total surprise the woman rubs her hands against Melinda's breasts. The first shock to Melinda is how good another woman's hands feel on her bust. Anything was better than all those hands grabbing her sensitive, pink skin but her touch is heavenly.

She rolls her fingers along her soft tit flesh before tracing her index finger around Melinda's rock hard nipples. In her head Melinda moans and she can't believe how her body is reacting to another woman's touch. Her nipples are rock hard and pointing out in front of her and her pussy is staring to get damp. Melinda looks pleadingly into the eyes of the middle aged black woman but she simply smiles at her and keeps caressing her tits. Her hands feels so good on Melinda's tits and Melinda fights against her ropes bounds to escape and touch her aching pussy. She can feel her juices escaping and trickling down her thighs but to her frustration the woman pays no attention to her pussy. Melinda wants to scream but this time she wants to beg the woman to touch her pussy. She wants this amazing woman to make her cum and Melinda finally thinks she understands this dream. Melinda has never even though about another woman let alone wonder about it and now in her dream she is being shown the light touches of the same sex. She groans as the black woman rests her hands under Melinda's big tits and lovingly rubs them with her thumbs. Melinda gasps at the sensitive yet beautiful touch and now the brunette clamps her legs together and tries everything she can to rub her pussy. Pleasure runs though her body and her pussy has never been so hot and wet and Melinda can't do anything about it. Her bounds are just to tight so she stays there tied to the wooden steak being touched by the most amazing black woman. Melinda needs to cum she wants nothing more than to cum but as she thinks that the black woman stops touching her breast.

She leans into Melinda letting her massive rack touch hers before whispering softly into Melinda's ear, "Not yet, you can't cum yet."

Melinda wants to scream out no but her voice is still silenced and when she blinks she sees the woman has disappeared. She is still hornier than she has ever been but now there is no one Melinda would even have had the invisible hands back so long as they brought her to orgasm. Frustration builds up inside Melinda's frame when suddenly she gets a big smack right on her ass. She jumps forward only for the ropes to hold her steady making sure she doesn't move another inch. Melinda twists her head around and looks all around the wooden village but can't see anyone when the hand spanks her ass again. Moaning Melinda starts screaming and swearing but still in her own conscious though still no words come out of her mouth. Her big ass is being spanked hard Melinda can feel both asscheeks getting smacked by those damm invisible hands again. She has never been spanked in her life and after only a few short blows her pale asscheeks are glowing red. Tears being to form in her eyes and Melinda bites down on her lip trying to numb the pain as her big ass gets a spanking. The sound of flesh on flesh echoes throughout the forest and rings in Melinda's ears as she is still very horny and even this painful contact is bringing forth a buzz of sexual excitement. Those cries of pain soon turn to moans and Melinda comes to love every single blow on her big ass as she loves the burning sensation and she is even starting to like her bondage.

Everything she feels, smells, sees or hears only seems to add to her sexual pleasure but then a hand swings down slapping her breast. Melinda's body flexes in pain before her ass is spanked again and her body shoots forward. She sticks her chest out and then two more hands swat her massive boobs making her moan and fly back into the pole. Heaven can more or less describe where Melinda is now as juices just flow down her legs as her tits and ass are spanked by well whatever her dream has thought of. Melinda is no longer scared or even worried she is sure this is a dream and she wants to enjoy every last second of it. She has never felt so good her pussy is leaking everywhere as her ass and breasts glow red from the hard spanking but that just turns her on more. Big red marks stain her perfect tits and her big ass but Melinda doesn't care as she pulls at her tight rope bounds silently begging one of the invisible hands to touch her aching pussy. Even long hard fuck sessions with her husband were nowhere near as intense and sexual pleasing as this dream. Her pain and pleasure thresholds have never been so tested and the two different feelings are starting to feel the same and fill her body with such amazing pleasure. Melinda wants to cum so bad nothing has ever or will ever be this important she has to cum now. Her dream has teasing her, pleased her even scared her but hasn't yet delivered her much needed climax and she is so close to it. Her pussy is awash with her own sticky juices and a powerful pre orgasm feeling runs though every vein and nerve in her bound body.

A hard spanks shakes Melinda's entire body so nearly making her cum and in her mind Melinda finds herself pleading for another hard spank. The second shot is even harder so hard that Melinda wakes up and sits bolt upright in her bed. Sunlight beams though the French windows as Melinda rubs her eyes trying to get the vivid images of her dream out of her mind. It had felt so real yet here she was in her own bed and she turns to tell Jim about her crazy dream to find he is gone and probably already at work. Melinda still feels quite horny and she puts that down to her intense dream when she looks down to see her black nightdress is down by her waist and her boobs are out. Melinda giggles to herself either she had started sleep stripping or Jim had been up early and had a bit of fun with her sleeping body. Getting to her feet Melinda laughs off the weird sexual moments that are creeping into her life she had always been told sex got boring the longer you were married yet here she was with wild jungle dreams with lesbians and bondage all the while in the real world her beloved husband was undressing her in the night. Walking into the bathroom Melinda strips off the rest of her sweat stained gown only to look in the bathroom mirror to find her panties had gone. She places her hands on her hips reminded herself to have a serious word with that horny husband of hers. Melinda looks around to see if Jim had left her little black panties anywhere but not finding them Melinda decided to forget it and concentrate of getting a nice long shower.

Nothing would help her get over her mad sexy dream than a nice long shower but as she combs her long brown hair before stepping into the shower cubicle Melinda spots something odd in her bathroom mirror. Her big boobs were red large red marks covering her soft pink flesh. She had no idea how her boobs could get so red she hadn't slept on her chest and she was sure Jim wouldn't hurt her boobs and anyway she would have woken up if he slapped her tits leaving only on real explanation. Melinda shakes her head with such a stupid and childish idea she might be able to talk to ghosts but the idea of her getting marks from a dream was just absurd. This wasn't Nightmare On Elm Street and her knowledge of ghost dreams was that the ghost would explain their problem or try and scare her and nothing about that dream last night really scared her. Confused Melinda turns around to see her ass is also scarred with red marks and Melinda is amazed but she is sure there is some good reason for her marks. She leaps into the shower flicking on the hot water hurrying up so she isn't late for work, as she really wants to see Andera and tell her about her odd dream. The warm water hits her body and Melinda instantly relaxes under the steam as the water washes away her intense sexual dream. She grabs the shower gel and applies it to her sweaty body and the soft soap feels go good against her sore skin and Melinda rubs the soapy substance all over her body. As she rubs herself with the soap something runs up her leg and onto her soapy ass.

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