tagInterracial LoveGianCarlo Ch. 02

GianCarlo Ch. 02


Gian kicked the sheets off of him. He just couldn't sleep, not when he had a mate out there who thought that they were just friends. It was his fault. Every day he'd eaten lunch with Delia. He was so excited because he truly believed he was making steps in the right directions.

He knew exactly how to make her smile and knew how to read her face like a book. When she'd scrunch her nose just a little meant she didn't like something. She would never out and out dislike anything but would "just prefer something else". He also knew that when she liked something she'd always try to contain herself and fail horribly, squealing like a kid in a candy store. It was earlier that day that made Gian believe that maybe he should have stated his intentions earlier.

"How do you ever have fun?" Gian had asked her as they sat at the cafe near the food court. Delia had scrunched her nose when he mentioned any of the foods available.

"What do you mean? I have bucket loads of fun. You should be asking me when I don't have fun."

"Yeah right," Gian said "You've been here every day and haven't had a shift shorter than eight hours."

"Well, I don't go out often but I have fun. I like working there, my coworkers are fun and unruly customers keep things interesting. I like having lunch with you, that's always fun."

"Why don't you go out?" Gian asked her

"All my friends went off to college and my sister is always with her boyfriends. Do you know how awkward it is to go out to the movies or a nightclub by yourself? Not fun. I think you are the only friend that I have that I don't have to communicate with via internet."

And there it was, he'd just been friend zoned. He wasn't human he didn't know how they handled things like this or rather he didn't know how to appropriately handle these things. He'd seen movies but he doubted that it was that simple. He just wanted to skip this part completely he wanted to get to the part where he could kiss her whenever and where ever he chose. Those lips, they called to him. All week, for an hour straight, he'd watched those lips wrap around various foods, smile, and press together as she laughed with a mouth full of food. He wanted those lips on him, kissing his lips, traveling his body, wrapping around his cock.

Gian looked down to see li'l Carlo tenting his boxers. He sighed trying to ignore it. Gian never masturbates; he never felt secure enough to do it. He was always watched, always under surveillance, always under the microscope. The first time he'd stroked himself his father came in a few hours later to tell him that masturbation was for the weak and the unattractive while he came from a line of the powerful. He wasn't sure why this mattered to his father.

Gian sighed; he'd defied his father so much in the past four years, why not on this. Gian lay back on his bed as his mind traveled back to Delia.

His hand traveled down his body until he reached his cock and began to stroke it. He imagined Delilah spread out for him. Her dark body writhing on his bed in the most sensual of ways, her hand disappearing between her long legs. She moans his name then a pink tongue flits out to run over brown lips. Her heavy breaths cause her breast to sway. She picks up speed and her moans become screams as her hips buck against her hand. It wasn't too long before He could feel his orgasm coming. As the last image of Delia entered his mind he sat up abruptly, coming in his hand. His orgasm felt as if it went on for hours, but had only been three or so minutes. The beautiful tendrils of release still ran through his body as he went to the bathroom to clean himself.

It was the middle of night when Dee had gotten this strong insatiable urge to touch and be touched by Gian. She promised herself that whatever she did she wouldn't touch herself to the thought of Gian. Delia was a virgin but she had a high libido, all of the women of her family did and it wasn't uncommon for her to touch herself more than four times a week. Every time she did, she forced herself to push the thought of Gian out of her mind. This time was different though. Her hips moved of its own accord as if it was yearning for something and her nipples tightened. She couldn't stop herself if she tried. She buried her hand between her thighs rubbing her clit until her legs shook with the coming orgasm. She came, moaning Gian's name into her pillows.

'Oh shit' her mind whispered 'how was she going to look into his eyes knowing damn well she'd pleasured herself to him. She fell into a sated sleep before she can commiserate any longer her future embarrassment.


Gian almost regretted telling Delia that his first language was Italian...almost regretted it. Two weeks had gone by since he'd been friend zoned but he wasn't sure if that was a permanent position. Delia touched him now, not sexually, but it felt good. She hugs him as a greeting and as a farewell. One day she even tried to read his palm and held his hand in hers for the whole hour. Gian knew Delia hadn't known what the hell she was talking about as she traced lines on his palm and told fake fortunes. They had also eaten at every eatery in the mall besides the restaurants with a dress code; they even tried the bacon waffles and the burgers that had glazed donuts for buns.

"It's so disgusting and yet I can't stop eating it." Dee had said

"If I ever want diabetes and high blood pressure, I know exactly where to come." Gian said causing Dee to laugh around a mouth full of the burger.

Now, they decided to peruse the deli section of the Publix across the street. It was just after six so he agreed.

"How do you say...salami in Italian?" Dee had asked not taking her gaze from the glass case.

"Salami is Italian." Gian said finding it hard to keep from chuckling. She seemed so delighted by this new found 'talent'.

"How do you say Frittata in Italian?"

"Frittata is Italian, also" Gian said.

"Oh...maybe a Deli isn't the best place to learn new Italian words. Wait, is Deli Italian?"

"Gastronomia." He said smiling at her.

Her nose scrunched quickly "Sounds like some intestinal disease. Even in Italy I'll prefer to call it a Deli."

Gian couldn't help himself he laughed.

"Stop laughing and teach me some more words...which reminds me. How do you say Italian Stallion in Italian?"

"Giancarlo." He said giving his name the proper Italian pronunciation. It took a while for Delia to get it but when she did she rolled her eyes and they continued to peruse the Deli until they came across some subs.

"Stallone Italiano," Gian said once they were sitting outside of the Publix eating their subs.

"What?" Dee asked before taking a sip of her iced tea.

"That's how you say Italian Stallion."

"You know one day I'd like to learn Italian."

"I'll teach you. It could be our own language."

"That sounds cool. We can speak it to each other. Who needs Rosetta Stone when I have Stallone Italiano?" Delia said shaking her hand in a way that all Italians are thought of as doing.

Gian rolled his eyes "Tu sei cosi strano" He muttered

"What does that one mean?"

"You're such a weirdo." Gian said in a sing-song voice that mocked Delia's "I thought you'd want to learn that phrase." Delia laughed and smacked his arm playfully.


"Come si dice...See you later?" Delia asked having found out the phrase 'how do you say...'

"You can say Addio or you can say Arrivederci or maybe even just Vederti."

"Verderti, il mio stallione italiano" Delia said before hugging him. Gian reveled in the feel of her body pressed to his and the wonderful warm coconut smell that was in her embrace. She disappeared into the store leaving Gian with a goofy smile and a semi-hard on.


The end of the month was coming fast and Stefan hadn't decided if he should mention this girl in the report to Durante. It seemed that her friendship with Gian was innocent, but innocent meant nothing to him. Gian was clever and knew how to manipulate himself into whatever he wanted.

Stefan silently followed them through Publix to hear what usually went on during their time together. He heard Gian teaching her Italian and he'd had to wonder what he was getting at with this girl. From every angle it all seemed so...normal. He'd finally decided that since it was "innocent" he'd mention it in the report. At its best Durante would begin to trust his son at the very worst Durante would find a way to put an end to a toxic relationship.

Stefan went home to finish his reports.


"Fuckin' stupid bitch!" Gian heard Delia swear to herself as she jumped out of her car one morning. Gian knew something was wrong even before she'd parked. Gian had made it a habit of walking Delia to and from her car. The parking garage wasn't well lit and it was often dark when she came.

"Dee, what's wrong?" Gian said walking up to her. As he had gotten closer he could hear her sped up heartbeat. She didn't seem to notice him, or if she did she chose to ignore him. Gian took in her disheveled look and the way she was breathing as if she'd ran a marathon.

"Dee?" He asked again and got no answer. Without thinking he grabbed her hand pull her into his arms, holding onto her, and was glad when she made no move to pull away.

This was what she needed and it felt good. She felt herself relaxing into his embrace, laying her head on his chest like she'd always wanted. She wrapped her arm around him gripping his shirt as she felt herself cry. She'd felt so wound up and it had happened so fast.

The day started normal. The alarm went off, she woke, showered, dressed, ate breakfast, grabbed her keys, walked out of the door, and... her car was gone. She'd had to be at work in an hour and the drive was at least forty five minutes and...her car was gone! She'd called Denise and there was no answer, she'd called and called and by the fourth with no answer, she couldn't breathe. She was having an anxiety attack and there was no one around to help her. All sorts of crazy thoughts bombarded her. She could lose her job, Denise could have crashed the car, she could suffocate from the lack of oxygen, and she felt as if she couldn't breath, she felt s if the world was some how crashing around her.

After about thirty minutes of this, Denise, her twin drove up offering a half assed apology before dragging herself into the house and passing out on the couch.

Now, Delia could finally breath...and what a breath it was. She inhaled Gian's scent, warm and clean. It was as if in his arms it was impossible to hold onto any anxiety or stress. It melted from her and was quickly replaced by a strong sense of arousal. His hands trailed up and down her back slowly in an effort to console her but she felt her nipples harden and her clit throb. She slowly pulled away to end the confusion. She wiped away her tears before smiling up at Gian.

"Thanks, I am very late."

"It was no problem," Gian said still looking confused. Delia walked around him trying to get away from him and her growing arousal...but Gian still had her hand firmly in his and he hadn't let go.

"You can tell me anything." His eyes pinned hers and caused her body to light up. Something inside her told her that she could trust him, something Delia felt she couldn't do with anyone, not even her own mother. Delia couldn't find the words to speak; she nodded and allowed Gian to hold her hand all the way to the storefront. Gian hugged her one last time before letting her go into the store.


"Well, fuck me, he's in love." Stefan saw it, he'd finally saw it. He'd fallen in love with this girl. How'd he not see it? Giancarlo had been falling over himself trying to spend time with her. He should have known that Gian wasn't preying on this girl. He'd made too many mistakes to be preying, making himself too available, appeasing her every wish no matter how infinitesimal whether she knew it was him or not. What if the girl was his mate?

Stefan highly doubted it. Even though Gian had been born a vampire, Stefan had been at it longer and he's yet to even come close to finding a mate. Stefan suddenly realized that he'd just caused unnecessary problems for the budding couple. He swore as he also realized that the girl would have been able to help him with his initial task of getting Gian off of drugs and into school.

When he'd emailed his report it only took Durante maybe four minutes to call. His voice was deep with a thick accent and a tone that was authority personified. Stefan had a natural dislike for authority and was always immediately frustrated with his boss.

"In your best judgment do you believe this girl to be a threat to his progress?"

Stefan personally felt that it was too soon to tell but he knew Durante wanted direct answers 'yes', 'no', or 'partially' was acceptable but 'maybe' was never an option.

"Their relationship could affect his progress, if it were to turn sour."

"Then you are to make sure she stays away from him. I want her gone by the week's end."

"Mr. Contiello, their relationship maybe too young to--"

"Mr. Romano hear me clearly, I do not allow my own son to defy me and I will not tolerate it from you. I have invested greatly cherished time, money, and effort in my son and I will not see it fall to pieces because you refuse to rid Gian of this girl. Mr. Romano I will leave you with this warning if you do not handle this girl I will and she will not be walking away from Gian with her life."

With that he'd hung up. Stefan bemoaned the fact that he was a grown man and Durante treated him like an insolent child which is far worse than being treated like an incompetent employee, which he was neither.

"Fuck!" Stefan had really screwed the fucking pooch on this one. Stefan decided to weigh his options. He could quit, cut his losses and start his business on a smaller scale than anticipated. He'd already finished his two year contract with Durante and hadn't renewed.

He could separate them and watch Gian spiral downward, that didn't seem like much of an option. Lastly, he could simply not mention the girl in his reports while trying to work with the girl to get Gian into school. This would show Durante how useful the girl was. Durante, besides his harsh and demanding demeanor trusted Stefan and never really had goons to watch him.

Step one; get the girl on his side.


"What's the story with this morning?" Gian had asked when lunch time finally came. He'd gotten them some of those donut burgers, which always cheered her up. It didn't take long for Dee to be smiling and laughing again, flashing her adorable little gap and cherub cheeks.

When he asked her Delia face burned in embarrassment as she said "It was nothing." Gian gave her that stare that said 'I'll wait for the truth'.

"It's just that this morning was stressful and...I kind of have anxiety attacks...often."

"How often?" Gian asked. Delia was relieved when he didn't look at her as if she was a lunatic.

"I dunno maybe four or five times a week." Delia said her eyes set on her burger.

"I know what it is," Gian said "All you do is work" Gian said laughing. Delia laughed too. She knew that it was something deeper but for now she'd accept that answer.

"I can remedy that."

"How is that?" Delia said rolling her eyes.

"We're going to go to the Fair tonight."

"On a Monday night? It will be like five people there."

"That's a good thing, there'll be no lines."

Delia was still a bit hesitant "I'll be tired I don't get off until seven."

Gian rolled his eyes "I know you know how to talk yourself into getting off early enough to take a nap before we go. With that innocent face of yours I'm pretty sure you can talk the UN into world war three."

Delia laughed and agreed to go.

Gian watched Dee expertly convince her bosses that she was nauseous. In Gian's mind he knew he should be unnerved by how easily and believably she lied but all he felt was pride. Hell, he was no saint, he lied and when that didn't work he compelled his way to whatever he wanted or needed.


'Stop, stop, stop thinking that' Delia thought to herself as she paced her living room. After Aileen had let her go early she rushed home wanting to be rested up for the fair, her plan was to ride every roller coaster as much and as often as she could. As soon as she settled into her bed for a nap her mind had asked her "was this a date?"

It was a ridiculous notion Gian wouldn't have asked her out, that was her best friend and best friends did shit like this, you know, hangout and not date. The more she pushed the thought away the more it set itself into her mind until she was too restless to sleep, then to lay down, then to sit, and finally to simply stand still. She'd gotten dressed making sure her cropped skinny jeans matched her flowy top and her wedges were comfortable.

Delia looked herself in the mirror and liked what she saw. She did a slow spin then bemoaned the fact that her butt wasn't just a little bigger. Her breasts were big enough to make her look like she was about to topple over and yet there was very little backside to anchor her. She shrugged away her insecurities; at least she had legs for days and breast that sat higher than other breasts their size.

With a restless mind and nothing to do until six, she made her make up more elaborate then she'd planned and put on and took off accessories. Delia was deciding on earrings when Gian knocked on the door. She felt herself perk up and in the same moment her stomach fell as she heard her mom greet him at the door.

"I approve!" Gian heard as the front door swung open. A woman maybe in her late thirties, early forties with a face like Delia stood at the door. Gian assumed this was Dee's mom, Ms. Camden. She was much heavier and much much shorter than Dee but she had that innocent glow about her, same eyes and cheeks and the gap between her teeth was a little bigger.

"Every guy that comes around here always sits in some souped up car and honk for one of my girl's to come out and I didn't raise them to respond to that. So, I approve of you coming to the door." She'd said explaining her sanction. "Come on in, Dee's still getting dressed."

Gian stepped in and immediately loved the small house, all done up in light pinks and browns. There had to be only women who lived here. There were flowers everywhere, fresh bouquets, and the whole house smelled like fruits and exotic flowers.

"I'm here, let's go, bye ma love you." Dee said rushing from the back pulling a small bag across her body and kissing her mom on the cheek. The height difference was substantial and Gian wondered where Dee had gotten this height from. Before he knew it Dee had Gian's hand and was dragging him to the door. He chuckled at the embarrassment on her face. He didn't understand it though, her mom hadn't done anything embarrassing...yet.

"Wait, I don't even know his name. I can't, in good conscience, let you out the house with a perfect stranger." Dee's mother had a mischievous smile on her face and he heard Dee moan softly before turning to plop down on one of the big stuffed couches.

"What's your name? I need a name for my brother if he has to hunt you down?" Ms. Camden said. Gian chuckled she had the same humor as her daughter.

"Giancarlo Contiello, need an address?" He heard Dee giggle.

"Nope, just need a social and license plate number," Delia's mom said.

"Umm, vanity plate okay? It's VRGN SPLR." Gian spelled.

"Virgin Spoiler?" Dee asked causing both her mom and Gian to laugh.

She rolled her eyes at the two. One part of her loved that Gian could go toe to toe with her mom with the jokes, but another part of her was embarrassed that somehow they both knew she was a virgin and found it hilarious...or at least that was how she thought of the joke.

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