tagSci-Fi & FantasyGift from Outer Space Ch. 01

Gift from Outer Space Ch. 01


Dear reader, this is the second chapter of the story of Renee and her magical alien symbiont. The first installment appeared under the title "A Union Consummated" in the Toys/Masturbation category. Further installments will appear in this category as it seems to fit the change in pace.

It was necessary to cover a bit of background in this installment. There is a lot of dialogue and even some Sci-Fi jargon. Only a small portion of this installment is devoted entirely to psychedelic sex. The reader who wishes to skip there is encouraged to skip to the very end and then scroll up until a set of asterisks is found. And thanks for reading!


In the first episode, Nina found a unique strap on dildo in a curio shop, and gave it as a gift to her roommate and lover, Renee. They discovered some of its weird properties and towards the end, Renee becomes bonded to an alien symbiont which takes the form of a large, magical-seeming penis. It has a profound influence on her arousal and behavior. She also has no clue how to remove it!

Some might find this a shame, as Renee was otherwise a real life barbie doll. She was blonde, thin, with nice firm C cup tits, and barely 19 years old. But Renee had always fantasized about having a real penis. And this penis was amazing, you could not compare it to a regular wang. It would be like comparing a paper airplane to a flying saucer. Or a breakfast sausage to a king python.

Renee didn't yet know where the symbiont came from, nor was she even really sure what it was. It could be an alien slowly taking over her body, or pure magic, or perhaps a demonic talisman whose curse she was yet to uncover. That last two seemed a little bit unlikely, however, because she pulled a green tab off of it that had a web address on it.

So now, Renee sat down at her computer and began to try to access the website. She went to enter the URL and the screen prompted her with a password. Luckily, there was a password written down on the green tab so she entered that as well and crossed her fingers.

The screen turned a creamy pink and a video began to play. She sat back and watched it. The words "For sex between two lovers," appear on her screen.

"Congratulations," said a sultry female voice. "for joining to registered symbiont number three-three-tee-gee-seven, a variant of the phallic breed of Alhani nanosymbionts. 33TG7 has all of the most sought after features, features that have made Alhani the number one name throughout the galaxy.

"Uh.. Alhani? ...The galaxy?" Renee asked the screen, her worries about alien origin confirmed. The voice coming from the screen was starting to turn her on though.

"The 33TG7 was designed to augment or replace human genitalia for the purpose of providing extreme sexual satisfaction. Alhani physicians have determined that your personality and health make you a fitting host.."

"No they haven't," muttered Renee.

"They haven't?" said the silky voice behind the screen.

Reader, please understand that Renee was from a place and time in the galaxy where computers rarely, if ever, talked back. They had speakers and a microphone, but they were just too primitive to process vocal input efficiently. So when she heard her computer ask her a question, it startled her.

In fact, Renee was feeling a bit vulnerable due to her predicament. She reeled and fell out of her chair. The voice that had been prattling along like a recording had stopped mid sentence, and was now, apparently, off the script.

"Owner of 33TG7, do not be alarmed. I am here to help you."

Renee stood up and tried to remain calm. Her cock was getting very hard for some reason -- and very big. Her computer's voice was very titillating, she admitted to herself. Renee unconsciously held her shaft steady.

"Who-- who are you?" she said to her screen.

"I am an intelligent software brochure designed to explain to you everything you need to know about your symbiont, clone serial three three tee gee seven. Do you understand that you have been bonded with an alien symbiont?"

Renee nodded. "Uh-huh..?"

"Good. My programming indicates that you are an English speaking non space-faring inhabitant of the planet Earth. You are not familiar with the Alhani. I will explain all you need to know.

Renee listened silently. She never thought college would turn out like this!

"You may call me Besseda. Once again, congratulations. Our communication is 100% private. Please, tell me your name."

"My .. name is Renee." she responded.

"Renee, you must listen. Doctors have not examined you or matched you to 33TG7. Are you the one who is truly bonded with this symbiont?"

"I have a big penis on me, if that is what you mean." Renee replied, feeling dizzy. "I took off the tag but the symbiont stayed on. What is going on? I don't know anything about this, or you, or Alhani anything!" she rambled, growing more and more confused.

"Listen, Renee, I need you to calm down. Due to your not being biologically matched to this symbiont, you will have to be extra careful, so listen carefully. Whatever you do, do not masturbate."

Renee pulled her hands away from her shaft, not realizing what she had been doing.

The voice continued. "There are dozens of humans living on Earth who are space travelers, or what your kind calls extraterrestrials. This symbiont you have joined with was surely intended for one of them, but is no longer in their possession."

"Well, who!?" Renee flared.

"Customer records are strictly confidential. As are those of registered hosts," the voice stated firmly. Then the voice grew soft. "Renee.. do you want aliens to come and take it away?"


"Did you read the instructions then, at least?" Besseda continued.

"Instructions..?" Renee quickly checked the box, rifling around the cushioning. There was nothing. "There were no instructions!" she whined.

"Renee, you have a type of symbiont with very special qualities. Among space travelers, our culture is very different. Our symbionts are in rare cases chosen to embody part of our character. This is one such case. Owners of the 33TG7 do not permit themselves to masturbate. Period."

Again, Renee wrenched her hands off her cock. Her hands seemed to have a mind of their own!

"It is rare for symbionts to bond to Earth's non space-faring inhabitants. You must be a very special young lady. But now you are much, much more. You and 33TG7 are in fact, one entity. Inside you, his advanced physiology is linked directly to yours. Your circulatory system is pumping his blood. He depends on the air you breathe.

Renee probed the skin with her fingers where her cock met with her skin. She could not find even a hint of a seam or edge. Even the skin tone was a match.

"Why did .. he.. attach to me?"

"33TG7 was designed to merge with an owner who exhibits grace, intelligence, and profound beauty. While 33TG7 is in its inert form, the owner wears it and strokes it. Basically, you masturbate it like you would a human penis.

"Oh," Renee said, remembering the moment now.

"The Alhani have been developing and perfecting human based biotechnology for ten thousand years. Nanotechnology and artificial intelligence is the very foundation of every product we create, to put it in terms you should understand.

"33TG7 is made of bioengineered tissue and controlled by triggers his sentience is designed to apprehend.

"His cells have characteristics that far surpass any purely natural human penis. The skin itself not only feels and transmits sensation directly to your brain. It also can see and hear through devices as small as the head of a pin. Nanotechnology powers every cell, allowing 33TG7 the ability to regenerate, grow, shrink, solidify, soften, heat up, cool down, store energy, and convert energy into matter.

"This model is one of our most complex, volatile symbionts. Only a very limited number are produced. For those that choose this type, they seek the ultimate pleasure and fulfillment of intimacy. You are going to form a relationship with him, and your personality is going to change.

"Any time you have questions, you may return to this site to ask me. Have all of your questions been answered for now?"

"So this.. three three thing.. is in me? Permanently?"

"Well.. For one thing dear, let's go over your physical limitations. You were not born with the muscular or nerve systems to detach yourself from a symbiont. However, the Alhani took unprecedented steps to develop this technology, and every symbiont we make is equipped with this ability.

"You need not fear the symbiont suddenly detaching from you. In order to safeguard our owners from sudden detachment, the Alhani took unprecedented steps to develop a bi-sentient, mutual agreement detachment mechanism."

Renee struggled to understand this. All her books and studying, and now complicated jargon!

"His sentient function is to seek out opportunities to engage in sexual contact and to bond to hosts that are effective in the pursuit of sexual contact. His limited sentience is a balance between your comfort and everyday life and his own sex drive.

"So to get him to disconnect, what you will have to do is convince him that you are not going to have sex in your normal, every day life. You basically need to quit having sex, completely. The time varies, but we estimate in your case that abstinence for a few days will do it. Maybe a week."

"I see.." Renee took it all in calmly. Hadn't she seen something like this in Star Trek?

"But it's a good thing, right? Having a symbiont?"

"Precisely. Parasites bad, symbionts good," the voice replied. "Now, symbionts of this type depend on you, and they are a part of you. If the symbiont is damaged, you will feel it, and you will bleed. You are co-dependent. As a benefit, your sexual ability is enhanced. Furthermore, your bloodstream will be treated with our exclusive array of nano-cells, which help you and your partner stay healthy, young, and vital."

Renee was silent.

"Remember, don't masturbate. If you masturbate, each orgasm will cause your symbiont to grow. After it hits phase three, you are going to feel hunger pangs and weakness. You experienced this when you first merged. And if you will remember, masturbation did not satisfy the symbiont, nor will it. If you masturbate, this breed of symbiont will exert more influence over your ego, and with each orgasm, you will lose control. At phase four, his sentience will dominate your ego completely."

"Explain the phases." she said.

"The phases are standard for all 2 and 3 model series. The triggers are just different. In the case of 33TG7, masturbation is the trigger. Each time 33TG7 grows larger, you reach a new phase. Starting with an erection, which we call phase one. In phase two, the symbiont grows to about 1.5 times its original length and width. It will still shrink dynamically to fit in the orifices of your choosing. At phase three, it grows even larger. You will also be in danger of entering a kind of sexual delirium as well, I'm afraid. Which means that in moments you could find yourself in Phase four.

"At phase four, it will no longer shrink to fit in orifices. However, the symbiont will be very large and unstable. You will be a menace and a danger to yourself as well."

Renee was a little concerned by Besseda's description, but she was relieved that now she had fair warning. "And I can go back to phase one by just having sex with my girlfriend?"

"Generally, yes." Besseda assured her. "Again, some extreme situations may not apply, as this symbiont was not tuned to your biology specifically."

"Extreme situations?" Renee probed.

"Group sex or large orgies are a bit risky," Besseda explained.

"I see... Hmm, it didn't say sex between twenty lovers."


"Okay... So, no one is going to come looking for this thing, right?" Renee asked.

"I am not permitted to publish your registration. It is strictly confidential."

That sounded like a yes, Renee thought. "Well Bess, this all sounds great.. I don't know what to say."

"Well then Renee, good luck." The screen on Renee's computer went blank and her computer turned off.


Renee decided that the best way to pass the time was to stay distracted. She had to keep her mind off of sex, so she put on some heavy metal music. She found some boy shorts that gave her a little support and put them on. She put sweatpants on over that, and started tidying up.

She wanted everything to be ready when Nina got back from her test. So she cleaned all the cum off the walls. She did the dishes and mopped the floor. And in an hour, the room was sparkling. Renee was rocking out to her favorite band. She was in a great mood, and forgot all about the final exam she missed that morning.

When Nina came back from her exams, Renee sat down with her on the edge of the bed and explained as much as she could about the symbiont. She forgot to mention how she had ran into the next room and had multiple orgasm sex with Bonnie when the cock went out of control. Nina was shocked, but she always knew there were aliens and repeatedly said so.

"Can I get pregnant from it?" Nina asked.

"No -- I.. um, I didn't ask."


"I mean, I don't think so! This thing is a sex toy, the program said it was for sex, not for.. procreation."

"Well, every guy I've ever met would say his cock was built for sex--"

"Nina!" Renee interrupted, crossly. "I thought you were on the pill, anyway?"

"Well, not for the past couple of weeks," Nina said, casting her glance away. Then she looked deeply into Renee's eyes.

Actually, Nina had stopped taking the pill for over a month. She was head over heels in love with Renee. Nina had not wanted to seem like a love struck fool. It was all dawning on Renee.

Nina had always talked about free and open relationships, one night stands, and booty calls. But when in reality Nina had given up on easy flings with boys, the poignancy of it all moved Renee. She could feel her cock hardening, swelling and straining under her clothing. She kissed Nina. Their lips met, and their tongues began probing. Then Renee pulled back.

"Oh! I forgot.. You know when I activated this thing, I got really hungry and ate your tomatoes and maybe some other stuff."

"That's ok!" Nina grinned, leaning in to kiss Renee some more.

"But, then I lost control of myself and fucked Bonnie. You're not mad at me, are you?"

"Lost control?" Nina said, sounding confused.

"Well, this cock had become this big," Renee said, indicating that it stuck out from her crotch to about two feet out and was as wide around as a cantaloupe. "And I just got a little crazy. The computer said that the symbiont starts taking over when you masturbate. And.. well..

"So you nailed Bonnie, eh?" Nina smiled. Nina knew Bonnie too. Nina hadn't known Bonnie to be at all interested in girls.

"I just .. burst in the room and.." Renee's head was spinning. What did she do? "She was stoned.. I just jumped on her and.. She asked for more.." Renee trailed off.

"C'mon Renee, let's go check on her." Nina said with a sigh, standing up and forcing a smile.

"But.. but.." Renee tried to stand, but her clothes made it impossible for her to straighten out. She had to pull her waistband down as far as she could, then lift her shirt, and free her massive cock. Precum was oozing from the head.

"Oh man," said Nina, fascinated. Renee's cock seemed as big as a man's forearm.

Renee was so turned on, she was having difficulty keeping her voice steady. "We better wait a bit before .. checking on Bonnie.. " she said, speaking very evenly in order to keep the tremor out of her voice. "She looked like she was going to take a long nap when I left.."

"No, Renee, we have to go now. What if she tells the police she was raped?"

Renee paled. She threw her winter coat on to help disguise the bulge in her front. "Ok, let's go."

They crossed the common room, which, thankfully, was empty. Nina knocked on the door.

"Who is it?" came Bonnie's voice.

"It's me, Nina. And Renee is here too."

Bonnie's door swung open. Bonnie had changed into a comfy looking oversized T-shirt. A mop and bucket stood in the bathroom door. Her sheets were piled on top of the hamper. She took one look at Renee's coat and said "You .. I thought it was you!" A huge smile broke over her face, and she eagerly beckoned them in.

"Are you okay, Bonnie?" Renee said.

"I feel great!" she said. "Really great! You gotta tell me more about that thing!"

Renee asked Bonnie to promise to keep it a secret, and then she explained what had happened. Renee hard on was still straining and growing, so she hurried up and finished her explanation.

"And now.. Nina and I need some time alone," Renee finished, glancing at Nina while taking hold of her elbow. The pair stood.

Bonnie didn't know what to say, but something inside her had been unchained. She now very much wanted to spend more time with the two girls. She wanted to have sex with them both, in fact. But she could see that right now they wanted their privacy. "Look, you two be careful! I'm right here if you need anything.

"Oh, and Renee.. Come back anytime, darling. You too Nina. Thanks!"

After they left, Bonnie sat down at her laptop and signed on to her social network. There were a few friends she just had to talk to.


Back in their room, Renee struggled out of her layers of clothes. Nina ducked into the bathroom and locked the door. She began brushing her teeth and running the shower.

Renee tried to open the bathroom door, but found it was locked. She beat on the door a few times. "Nina!!" Renee paced for a moment, but she found herself standing in front of a mirror. The sight of her throbbing member made her dizzy with lust so she went to lie down.

"Hold your horses!" came Nina's yell over the noise of the shower. Nina quickly soaped herself off and rinsed her body. She had bobbed black hair and naturally tan skin. Her body was firm and toned and she had large, D cup breasts.

She unlocked the bathroom door and walked back into the room with her hair towel dried and sexy. She found Renee lying on her bed, with her erect cock nearly touching her breasts. "Oh.. my.." Nina purred, dropping her towel and jumping onto the bed. She straddled Renee's thighs and grabbed her cock with both hands. Renee gasped and tilted her head back into the bedspread.

Nina's hands could barely reach around the shaft, and as she held it Renee moaned loudly. Nina stroked it up and down slowly. She put her lips up to the glans and kissed it, then began to lick the glans while stroking the shaft. Precum oozed from the tip and Nina slurped up the sweet liquid eagerly. "Oh my god, it tastes like melted ice cream," she gasped. She took the bulging tip into her mouth and began to suck on Renee's crown.

Renee simpered and sighed. She was feeling so horny and Nina's lips felt so hot and delicious. She kept her hips from thrusting only with a conscious effort. Meanwhile, Nina's tanned form bent over her lap and took her cock deeper and deeper into her mouth.

Nina had bragged about her deep-throating ability, and she seemed to want to prove that all her hype was true. Her sweet lips engulfed a little bit more of Renee's cock with each head bob, until Nina's lips had reached seven, maybe eight inches down the monster shaft. Renee could feel her cock pressing down into the back of Nina's mouth and down her throat. In and out, Nina screwed her throat down onto Renee's bulging tool, and slowly she pushed and wiggled down on it.

Renee couldn't hold out any longer, however, and she began blasting cum down Nina's throat. Her whole body shuddered and convulsed as she came.

Nina tried her best to swallow but there was far too much. She couldn't breathe and almost instantly, her whole mouth was inundated with cum. Cum spurted out of her nose and all corners of her mouth . She pulled off, gasping for air, but she kept stroking Renee's pulsing shaft. A few more spurts from Renee's cock landed on Nina's tits and chest.

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