tagSci-Fi & FantasyGift from Outer Space Ch. 02

Gift from Outer Space Ch. 02


Dear Reader, welcome back to the Gift from Outer Space series, Part 2. If you are just joining the story now, you may find elements of this story may be shocking or impossible. If this bothers you, you may want to start from the beginning. So please check out my submissions page, and don't forget to tell me what you think!


It had been two days since Nina found a strap on dildo in a little curio shop and gave it to her roommate, Renee. Now that the dildo had turned out to be an alien symbiont, the two college lovers were having trouble getting a good night's rest.

The symbiont was made by an alien race -- The "Alhani" -- that neither of them knew much about. It was clear to them, however, that these beings were very advanced ... and that their understanding of humans was very weird and perverted.

Nina thought she had a an overactive libido, but now Renee was screwing her for hours at a time! She couldn't complain, however. She was getting absolutely everything she ever wanted out of a lover. Renee's symbiont looked like a large, human penis and it was right there between Renee's legs, natural as could be. Her cock was always hard and ready, and Renee was really getting the hang of using it.

But Nina was having trouble keeping up. After a night of fucking and cumming that didn't end until 2 a.m., Nina's holes were so raw and tired that she hardly wanted to move. But at 6 a.m., the first morning light had Renee starting to awake.

Renee could feel her hardness pressed up hard between the bed and her stomach. It was the symbiont, and it felt so good she rolled over and put her hands on the shaft. She ached to touch it, to stroke it, but she dare not. Masturbating the symbiont would cause it to grow and eventually go out of control. She looked over at Nina, her dusky skin and short black hair poking out from the covers of her bed. The two had individual beds because that was how the dormitory rooms were furnished.

Renee had a strange dream the night before. In her dream, she was running around on campus looking for her study group. To make matters worse, she had forgotten to wear pants or underwear, and her blouse barely covered her front and back. She couldn't figure out who on her cellphone was in her study group. And she was in a building she had not been to before. She was ducking through narrow hallways and trying to be inconspicuous, but her fellow students kept catching glimpses of her naked legs and pussy.

The situation then changed and became a very raunchy wet dream. She wasn't sure how the transition took place, but she remembered at some other point in the dream, she met one of her most despised enemies on campus, this girl from her Humanities class. This girl had a huge snotty attitude and probably some plastic surgery. Her face was too perfect and her lips too pouty. Kirsten was her name. Well, in the dream Renee took Kirsten into an empty classroom, whipped out her cock and fucked her up the ass.

Some other students came in to watch -- Renee somehow knew that they were this girl's friends and her boyfriend. They just stood and stared. When Renee came, the pressure from all the cum made the girl to pop off like a cork. As she went flying, Renee laughed at her and called her a bitch.

That scene remained vivid in her mind for much of the morning she kept recalling the climax. It didn't turn her on to think about it. Actually it was shocking and nasty, and so unlike anything she had fantasized or dreamed about. She wondered if the symbiont's thoughts were seeping into her dreams.

After that dream, Renee tried to go to sleep but she couldn't, her cock was raging hard. So she crept into Nina's bed. Nina smiled as she felt Renee's cock pressing up against her body. It was long, thick, and hot. She rolled over to face Renee.

Renee rubbed her hard-on against Nina's tits and stomach. She was so horny that precum was almost streaming from her throbbing tip.

Nina, however, was tired. She didn't want to turn her lover down, so she faced her back to Renee and tucked her legs in a bit, exposing her pussy. Renee put her body up against Nina's and prepared to enter her from behind. But when Renee's cock pushed up against Nina's labia, Nina winced. When Renee pushed in, Nina recoiled.

"What?" Renee cooed. "What's wrong?"

"Oh.. I'm still a little sore from last night.." Nina said with a sigh. "Actually, a lot sore.."

Renee wasn't the least bit sore. In fact, she felt as if she hadn't had sex all week. Renee thought that had to be the symbiont's powers. After all, she had fucked Nina for hours just hours before.

"Last night was amazing..." Renee giggled a little.

"You're amazing," Nina replied, her eyes closed.

Renee tried to sleep as well, but after a few restless minutes, she gave up. "It just won't quit!" Renee muttered, rolling out from Nina's narrow bed.

"Are you okay?" Nina said softly, half awake again.

"I'm just going to have some breakfast I guess," Renee said, scooping some precum from her mushroom tip and licking it off her palm.

Renee wanted to make breakfast, so she need to go to the kitchen in the common room. But how could Renee risk going out there sporting a ten inch, cum-dripping boner? She tried to calm herself down. She looked at Nina, so calm and restful. She sat down on her bed and closed her eyes. But when she did, her mind filled with recollections of the night before.

She imagined Nina's brown body against white bathroom tile, the shower pouring down on her back. There she was, right behind Nina, fucking her pussy with everything she had. Renee had screwed her from behind for twenty minutes or so last night, in the shower alone. That was just getting started.

When Renee finally cried out that she was about to blow, Nina squirmed around and dropped to her knees. She opened her mouth wide and was rewarded with streams of cum that covered her face and breasts. Copious did not begin to describe how much cum Renee's cock produced. She came like a garden hose, and when she stopped gushing Nina was ankle deep in cum and dripping from head to foot.

Renee hunched forward and closed her eyes, thinking of all the sex she had been having. She began to drift to sleep as more blood rushed into her cock. As she leaned forward, her mouth came within inches of her own erection. She felt her warm breath wash over it, and awoke a little. She could have easily leaned forward and took it into her mouth, down to the back of her throat, and was very tempted to do so. It would have felt so good to have a cock in her mouth, and to feel even a part of her cock being engulfed by a hot, moist lips.

She gripped her sheets with both hands, determined not to stroke and fondle it. She opened her mouth as if to invite it into her mouth.

Slowly, as if bidden to do so, Renee's cock grew and elongated, and within seconds of Renee imagining it, her cock had grown so long that it pushed right up to Renee's open mouth and then slid in.

Renee was in a trace-like state. She bobbed down on the head once, twice, three times. She ached for release, so she sucked it and rubbed her tongue over the glans. Almost instantly, her mouth was filled with the taste of her sweet cum. Her whole body began to tense up, and her throbbing cock began to orgasm. She pulled her mouth off her cock, only to get blasted by a spurt of cum right in her mouth, nose, and eyes.

Her cock continued to spasm and blast cum up in arcs over her body, and it rained down all over her and the wall beyond. She gripped the sheets with both hands and shut her eyes tight while doing her best to relax every muscle in her pelvis. Despite this, her cock spasmed and spurted for thirty seconds or so. "So this is blue balls," she said to herself with a soft groan. She was desperate to fuck now.

She quickly looked over at Nina, who was fully asleep again. Nina was sore anyway so Renee decided to leave her alone.

However, she knew that she had just fellated herself into a higher state of arousal and her symbiont had reacted by reaching phase two. Renee needed to fuck someone quick or at least calm her symbiont down. Not wanting to cheat on Nina again, she decided to try the latter.

She jumped into the bathroom and took a cold shower. After a minute or so, she was relieved to see her erection begin to wane. And after a while, it was almost a manageable size. Almost. And Renee thought she was about to get hypothermia.

She dried off and tried to dress herself in such a way that her cock would be concealed. She ended up putting a sash around her legs to pin the symbiont to her inner thigh. Then she put a pair of sweats on over that, and followed it with an oversized t-shirt. Finally, she was ready to venture out into the common room and make breakfast.

As luck would have it, she was the only one there. "Good, I'm alone," she said to herself. "For the time being, anyway." She began boiling some eggs and sat down at the table to wait.

Mere moments passed before Bonnie poked her head out of her door. "Renee!" she said, her voice full of affection.

"She must have heard," Renee thought to herself. Renee was a little anxious about what would happen if she had any attractive girls around. However, she feebly returned the greeting. "Good morning, Bonnie.."

Bonnie strode out into the room in a fairly skimpy set of pajamas. Now, Bonnie was a well proportioned girl, and Renee admired her shapely figure. Her slender body sported a nice pair of B-cup tits. Her hips were graceful and curvy and her legs were very long. She had manicured, natural fingernails which Renee preferred over gaudily colored long fingernails. Her hair had been dyed strawberry blonde quite recently, and she had begun wearing it in graceful waves down to her shoulders. Right now it was done up in a bun. She was wearing a very thin cotton camisole that barely reached her navel. She was also wearing a narrow, hip-hugging pair of pajama shorts.

Renee found herself staring at Bonnie's pelvis, and she had to tear her eyes away. She was already getting horny again. The symbiont felt fat and warm against her leg.

Bonnie poured herself a bowl of cereal. She sat down next to Renee but politely set the bowl aside while Renee's food was still cooking. "So what's it like?" She finally asked. "How does it feel?"

Renee didn't want to talk about it, but she decided that Bonnie had every right to be desperately curious. "It feels good.." Renee admitted. "The sex is ... phenomenal... and it makes a huge mess! It's also hard to control." She shifted her body, trying to make room for it as it swelled. Her egg timer suddenly went off. She stood up and her sash slipped a little. It was coming loose, and creating a bulge in her sweatpants leg.

She quickly faced the sink and rinsed the eggs off under cold water. When she finally sat down with Bonnie to eat, Bonnie spotted the telltale bulge running down Renee's inner thigh.

"Okay, I see what you mean," Bonnie said, openly staring. She munched on a big spoon of granola.

Renee felt Bonnie's lusty gaze on her, and she felt her cock grow even more. Perhaps the symbiont was aware of Bonnie's presence and interest?

They continued to eat, saying little. All the while, Bonnie kept checking out Renee's bulge. It was uncanny how much it felt to Renee like the naked dream she had dreamt earlier. Renee shifted, trying to get comfortable without reaching down to adjust her shaft.

"Can I touch it?" Bonnie blurted.

Renee looked at her with sad eyes and shook her head. "It's so hard to control," Renee said as her excuse. "If I get aroused, I literally have to have sex, you know? It takes a few strong orgasms to get it to calm down."

"Don't worry," Bonnie assured her. "It's just a cock, and I know just what to do with those." She lifted her hips off her chair and bucked a little like she was riding a bronco. Then with a smile, she got up from the table, turned around and took her dishes to the sink. Renee admired her ass while she washed her dishes. Then with another coy smile, Bonnie went back into her room.

That vision of Bonnie's bucking hips stayed in her mind after Bonnie had left the room. Renee washed her dishes. A minute later, she quietly let herself into Bonnie's room.

Bonnie was laying in bed naked, stroking her shaven pussy. When Renee entered, Bonnie didn't say a word, but kept rubbing her pussy and watching Renee.

Renee pulled off her clothes as fast as she could. She stumbled out of her sweat pants and tore away the sash. It sprang up, as big as her forearm and beautifully curved. Renee climbed onto the bed and straddled Bonnie's chest. She rubbed her big cock in the inviting valley of her breasts. Bonnie responded by folding her breasts up around the big shaft. Her soft skin felt like heaven to Renee, and she got even harder.

Bonnie licked at the tip and the underside of the shaft eagerly. Renee moaned and squirted a dribble of precum onto Bonnie's cheek.

"Oh wow!" Bonnie said. "Did you just cum?"

"Oh.. so good," Renee said. "No that's .. that's just precum. When I cum, you'll know it."

Renee began thrusting up into Bonnie's tits, sliding her cock between them. At the end of every thrust, Bonnie took the head into her hot wet mouth. Renee pulled it out with every stroke, sliding her massive meat back down the valley of Bonnie's chest.

After a few minutes of displaying her mighty phallus to Bonnie by tit-fucking her, Renee pushed her aching cock deep into Bonnie's mouth and came. Renee concentrated on controlling her orgasm, but she shot a fair load into Bonnie's mouth. Once it started to overflow, Renee pulled out and shot the rest of her load onto the wall behind Bonnie.

Bonnie arched her back and purred. "Mm, like whipped cream!" she said, licking the goo from her lips. "Can I ride it now?"

Renee lay on her back while Bonnie attempted to mount her rock hard cock. Bonnie stood up on the bed, one foot on either side of Renee's hips, and bent her legs to bring herself down onto Renee's cock. Bonnie held it in place as she lowered herself onto it. The head seemed as big and red as a tomato, but somehow Bonnie's pussy lips opened up to it enough to take it in. As she squatted down farther and farther, Renee's eyelids fluttered with ecstasy. She felt each inch of her cock being encased in Bonnie's silky, shaven pussy.

Bonnie's breath was taken away. She could feel Renee's cock filling her vagina perfectly, every square inch felt as though there was a delicious play of friction and tightness against her skin as she gently rose and sank on it. She closed her eyes and leaned her head back. In her mind, she could see a light in the distance, and it grew closer and brighter until it filled her vision.

Bonnie's thrusts slowed, only to be replaced by convulsions, as her first orgasm rocked her. Pleasure overwhelming blocked out her other senses. She spasmed for several moments before she started to regain her senses. She moaned and gasped softly, shaking. Then she slumped over Renee, her elbows propping herself up on either side of Renee's head.

Renee put her hands on Bonnie's hips and thrust up at her pussy once more. She also took the opportunity of Bonnie's tits hanging in her face to bite and suck on her nipples.

"Ohh fuck!" Bonnie squealed with pleasure. "This is .. ohhh .. Ah! Ah! Agnh!"

Renee's thrusts soon sent Bonnie over the edge a second time. "I'm cumming, oh god!" Bonnie cried out.

Renee enjoyed seeing Bonnie quiver with ecstasy at the power of her symbiont. She kept thrusting up at the orgasming blonde for several minutes. The pleasure was getting almost too much to bear, and she wanted to cum again badly. Instead, she pulled out and allowed Bonnie to flop over on her back.

"Oh... my.. God..." Bonnie breathed.

Renee still was not sated, and she demonstrated her arousal by holding her erect phallus in front of Bonnie's face. "This is going in your ass," she said with a grin.

"Wh-what?" Bonnie said, apprehensively.

"You heard me." Renee thought to herself that if Nina let Renee fuck her ass, she would start demanding it from other girls.

Bonnie had only once ever had anal sex, and that was with one of her boyfriends. His dick was above average, seven inches, and Bonnie thought that had been her absolute limit. This one just seemed too huge to be possible. Renee however was horny, and Bonnie wanted desperately to please her. She slid off the bed and then bent over.

Renee got off the bed and stood behind Bonnie. "Spread 'em," she commanded, and Bonnie pulled her little ass cheeks apart. Renee put her cock up against Bonnie's tight rosebud. Precum flowed quite freely from Renee's cock head and served well as a lubricant. Renee pressed her shaft forward and it began to push up into Bonnie.

Bonnie groaned. She did her best to relax her anus as Renee's hard cock pressed insistently against the opening.

"It's so hard, oh!!" Bonnie moaned. "And so big!"

"Relax, just relax," Renee urged lustily.

Her rosebud opened, and as it opened Renee's cock head pushed inside.

Bonnie moaned with pleasure. She enjoying the dirty feeling of having her ass invaded by such a heavenly cock. The fit was tight, and she felt like her insides were getting rearranged to accommodate for the alien penetration. Renee began thrusting, building a slow rhythm. She went faster and faster. Bonnie could barely stand the sensation of her anus being plowed by this massive tool. In moments, they both started cumming.

Finally, Renee pulled her cock out of Bonnie's cum drenched hole. Bonnie sighed and smiled, enjoying the tingling sensation that was spreading throughout her body. Renee was panting and sweating a little, but it seemed her symbiont was sated. This was a relief, because she had a few job interviews to go to.


Renee wanted to put on her best pantsuit for the interview but the slacks just couldn't be trusted to hide her penis if it happened to start getting hard again. She felt she would have a halfway decent shot of looking normal if she wore a different outfit with a tight knee length skirt and a fashionable overcoat over it.

But when she started picking out a bra, she noticed something. Her breasts were definitely larger than before.

She stared in the mirror, bare chested. Indeed, they were fuller and rounder than her C-cups of yesterday. Now they looked like D-cups for sure.

"Hey sexy, can I borrow one of your bras?" Renee asked Nina, who was lounging in her bed.

"Sure," Nina replied. "Pick any you like."

Renee put on a few pairs before she found one that would fit her properly. How strange it was that her breasts had grown so suddenly, she thought. There wasn't a trace of stretch marks or veins either.

When she put on her blouse, her breasts certainly filled out the fabric, but she buttoned it up and put her overcoat on over it. The overcoat had been very form fitting to begin with, but now when she buttoned it, the top button (which was just above her breasts) just would not reach. The next button down was just under her breasts. The effect was almost corset like, but Renee felt it was good enough to hit the streets in. Without the overcoat, anyone would quickly notice the curious bulge in the front of her skirt. Her appointment was soon, so she blew a kiss to Nina and went out the door.


Renee applied for several jobs on campus. This wasn't her first time looking for a job, and she felt confident and self-assured. The first job she interviewed for was at a copy center, and it seemed like her interviewer, an innocuous young man, was more interested in her breasts than anything else. He kept stealing glances. At first she didn't mind so much, but then she remembered that her breasts had grown. She wondered if the well endowed Nina often experienced the same thing.

She quickly dispelled these distracting thoughts and focused on the interview. And she got the job at the copy center starting part time. That position did not start for another week, and Renee had planned to seek other jobs -- living in the city was not going to be cheap! Her next interview appointment was at the university dental clinic. They paid better than the copy center and the benefits were fantastic: free dental checkups and tuition remission, meaning she could take classes for just a small fee. It was her ticket to independence from her family.

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