tagIllustratedGift from Outer Space Ch. 03

Gift from Outer Space Ch. 03


Dear Reader, welcome to edited, 3rd version of the 3rd Chapter of Gift from Outer Space. Illustrations have been added from my drawing collection. The prologue to the series is called A Union Consummated.


Renee was not upset, nor was she overly worried. She thought that she had assumed the proper level of trepidation. And therefore it was time to get back to setting objectives and pursuing her goals. She was going to manage her symbiont responsibly, keep it hidden at work, and stay smart. She was ready to cope, to overcome, and to enjoy its benefits.

Renee had a symbiont alien attached to her body. It was designed to look like a large penis. When she got horny, even if she only got a chubby, hardly anything she wore could really cover it up. So according to Renee's estimation, her situation was not dire -- unless it was possible to die of embarrassment.

It was Monday morning and Renee was heading out to her first day working as a dental assistant. She had to get a job somewhere to pay for her dorm room, food, and books. Dental work seemed like a great option. She figured as long as she wore a lab coat, she could hide her symbiont for the most part. And on the way to work she wore her fashionable lavender coat. It didn't button in the front, but as long as she kept her hands in her pockets she felt her cock would not show a bulge there either.

Renee caught the bus, sat down in one of the seats, and let her mind wander. She thought about her girlfriend, Nina. Two months ago, Renee had not dated any girls, even though she had known some that she was attracted to. Now she couldn't imagine life without Nina. But there was another girl, Bonnie, who Renee had taken a liking to. And neither had enough stamina for Renee now that Renee's symbiont was doing all the heavy lifting.

"Uh oh" Renee said under her breath. Her cock was starting to get hard already. She had only thought these things for a few moments but her symbiont penis was really getting stiff. Try as she might, she couldn't get the symbiont to relax -- it flexed and strained against the confines of her clothing, which only stimulated her more. She dug her hands in her pockets and pulled her coat over the front of her body to hide the monster phallus. She had to practically cross her arms to hide the bulge.

There was no way she could make it off the bus with her arms almost folded but her hands in her pockets without being a strange sight. And the more people looked, the more likely they were to notice something was wrong.

Renee thought fast, and then made a snap decision. Now, dear readers, I am sorry to do this to you. But to really understand Renee, I must explain those inner thoughts she thinks in the privacy of her own brain. Things she would never utter to anyone you will now be privvy to.

Renee did not underestimate the power of the symbiont to take control of her body. And she knew in a public place, she would be arrested and taken in for questioning. And then the scientists would come, and spirit her off to some secret location. So it was understandable that some girls would panic.

Also, cold showers had so far been the only thing that Renee successfully used to tamp down her arousal without sating it. But this was a public bus. Instead of having a shower, it had a few people on it that could clearly use a hot shower, a change of clothes, and lots of soap.

So Renee had to try something new. She had to think awful, unpleasant thoughts. Right near her on the bus were perfect objects of disgust, some raggedy, foul smelling bums.

But Renee felt pity for them, and she was afraid to be caught staring anyway. But like all people, Renee had a few names on her hate list. And on the top of that list were Cheney and Rove. So, she imagined them, hunting polar bears somewhere. Poor, innocent polar bears!

Many students like Renee and Nina had been influenced by their college professors to take a negative view of figures like Cheney, and a sympathetic view for a multitude of environmental causes. When Renee discussed politics, she and her friends all agreed that greedy capitalists were the ones to blame for widespread destruction of everything from endangered monkeys to polar ice caps. So as far as Renee was concerned, all Republicans were evil.

So Cheney and Rove sprang unbidden and visually to her mind. She pretended not to feel anything from her body, and used her mind to imagine a snowy, glacial landscape. She tried to focus on the cold, on the cruelty. She imagined them as caricatures, with yellow teeth and beady eyes. She imagined the defenseless cub escaping while they gave chase.

Looking around, she realized she was at her stop. Renee had done a magnificent job of exerting control over her symbiont. As she stood, she was relieved to find that her erection had waned. However, her method had been very unpleasant and put her in a bad temperament.

"Focus," Renee told herself. She had to make the best impression possible. She entered the office and beamed a bright smile at the front desk attendant, who appeared to be a very professional looking student.

"Hi! My name is Renee. It's my first day, nice to meet you!"

"Hi, my name is Tatiana," the attendant said with a slight accent. "I heard about you, welcome!" With a neat updo and a smart looking blazer, Tatiana's presence was enviable to Renee, who just wanted to fit in and look respectable. Renee suspected that she looked frazzled and nervous, after what she had just gone through on the bus.

Renee didn't have to wait long before a young man entered the room. His name was Dan, and he was going to be training Renee. Dan led her into the staff lounge, gave her a lab coat and rattled off a few tasks they had in store for the day. Renee put on the lap coat on, feeling better at once.

Their first task was to prep for a root canal. Dan had a diagram for them to go off of, and basically explained to Renee that she would have to lay out three whole trays of bits and burrs, swabs and syringes, for the dentist to have easy access to while he worked on the patient.

Renee performed her tasks methodically, filling each spot on the paper with the correct numbered bit. Dan helped her with the syringes and showed her how to do everything else. Everything was coming along fine.


Back at the dorm, Nina was thinking about Renee. Lying in bed, she thought about her precious room mate and girlfriend. Renee had been so innocent when she met her. Nina had taught her so much, and she was starting to admit to herself that she had been a bad influence in a way -- she had taught Renee about open relationships.

At first glance, Nina had thought open relationships were so cosmopolitan and progressive. But Nina was starting to think she herself was not mature enough to handle hers. She grimaced at the irony. She had done it to herself, it seemed. If only she had not tried to impress Renee with her free love philosophy, the sexy blonde might not be seeing other girls on the side. Then again, it could just be the symbiont, Nina thought, that changed Renee's behavior.

Nina lounged around her room, sitting down in front of her laptop for a bit, then walking around the room, then laying on her bed. She couldn't stop jealously thinking of how her lover had gone across the common room and screwed around with Bonnie. Now Bonnie was following Renee around like a puppy dog.

That one time Nina had worn the symbiont, it had turned organic. It was one with her. She couldn't explain why the symbiont had not stayed with her permanently.

She wasn't about to complain though. Having a cock and balls could be a major obstacle to just walking around. Still, there was a part of her that felt as if she had been rejected. To make things worse, her lover was now screwing Bonnie on the side.

And that really made her feel rejected.

But Bonnie had never worn the symbiont. She didn't have any idea how it felt. Nina did. She felt sensations she had never felt before. The pleasure had been intense, and so different from the sensations she felt from her vagina. It was like having a rod of throbbing pleasure sliding through the wetness of her lover. When she came, it was almost unbearably good. Each spasm had felt like an explosion, and filled her with .. exultation.

Renee was enjoying the thrill of conquest, Nina suspected. Or was it simply what Renee had told her? Renee said her cock had grown out of control, and it was beginning to take over her mind.

If that were true, Nina couldn't fault Renee at all. But she was worried about her. Renee had lost control in no time at all. "Renee, oh Renee," she sighed. "I do care about you. I want you to be happy. It doesn't matter what you do, as long as we stay friends." And then she added, wistfully, "Be careful, and stay out of trouble, ok?"


Renee was busy at work most of the morning. Staying busy was good. Her dentist, Dr. Gaffney, was easy to get along with. He was warm and jocular with his patients, and they responded well -- when they could talk at all. None of this was lost on Renee, who keenly observed everything that took place in her new work environment.

Dr. Gaffney didn't mind Renee being a little nervous. He was fine with her because he could see she was focused and eager to impress. He wore special lenses on his bifocals while he was drilling, but he could watch her closely just by looking over the rims. He paid as close attention to her performance on the job as he did to her figure. He knew already he was going to look forward to working with her for the next few months. After that she would be qualified to work with actual student dentists, but he would still get to see her around. Which was good, because he liked what he saw.

During lunch break, Renee had an opportunity to go eat, but she also knew once she got back she would have to prep for another root canal. She decided she better do most of it beforehand so she wasn't under the gun to finish later.

While she matched bits to numbers and placed them in their spots on trays, she began thinking about Nina. She knew she had to tell Nina something -- after all up till now they had been completely monogamous. That said, Nina had also declared from fairly early on that their relationship was open, explaining that they could date and have sex with other people so long as they were open about what they were doing.

Renee wanted to plan out what she would say, but first she had to plan out what she would do. She couldn't decide whether to first have sex with Nina, or find some way to first ask Nina to express her feelings. Perhaps they should just have a little screw, and then she could say her peace during a position change. Or perhaps, she should give Nina all she could handle, pound the hell out of her pussy till they're both panting, covered in sweat, and then..

"Oops!" Renee said out loud. She realized she had been thinking the wrong thoughts again, and her cock was getting hard. Luckily, her "one size fits most" lab coat could hide the bulge in her front fairly well. She placed the last few items in their spots and went to the lounge for a bit and to try to calm herself down.

The lounge had a security monitor that let her see who was coming and going in the reception area. She noticed Dr. Gaffney's next patient had arrived. From what Renee could tell from the grainy image, the patient had lots of curves and was dressed to kill. Renee stood, checked to make sure nothing was obviously showing, and went out to greet the patient.

Her name was Anna Lee, and Renee immediately wondered if she was not some kind of stripper. Not only did she have a stripper name, but she was flaunting a body that was built for porn. She wore her dark hair straight, down to her ass, and had her tits pushed up in a tight black halter top. Plenty of cleavage was showing too. Her legs were toned and smooth and her ass was tightly encased in a pair of cutoff jeans. Fluffy fur boots added approachability to Anna's overall appearance, and she was a couple of inches shorter than Renee.

Renee ushered Anna into the next room. "Please wait here and the dentist will be with you shortly," she told Anna. As Anna sat back in her chair, she smiled at Renee. Renee tried her best to purge her mind of sexual thoughts, but she couldn't help it. Images of Anna surrounded by guys, getting gang banged and showered with cum, flooded her mind. She smiled back at Anna cordially as she left.

It would be a few minutes before the dentist was ready to see Anna. That was a few minutes Renee could use to deal with her symbiont. Her erection was starting to pitch a tent in the front of her lab coat. Renee ducked into the ladies' room and locked herself in a stall. She opened her lab coat and lifted her shirt until her cock was freed from under it. It was at least twelve or thirteen inches long and throbbing like a beating heart.

She wanted to just quickly jerk it off. She knew she would cum in seconds. But no, it would not be okay after that, it would only get worse. Renee wished Tatiana would walk into the bathroom right now. If only Nina were here! Perhaps Anna Lee would walk in and Renee would --

"Stop it!" Renee hissed, more at the symbiont than at herself. "I need to work, I need this job, or you get nothing anymore!" she whispered angrily. It did not seem to have any effect.

"I'll chain myself to a wall! You'll be sorry, I'll get you to detach, I'll put you back in that case and you'll sit there for a century, I swear. I'll put your case in a safety deposit box in a bank and you can rot there for all I care! Stop it! Stop it!"

But her throbbing cock just felt so good! She gripped the shaft of her cock just below the glans. "Ohhh," she gasped, her body tensing. She stroked it a few times and started cumming. Spurts of hot semen hit the tiles and splattered the walls.

And then her cock grew.

Bigger and harder. Renee pulled her hand away but her desperate need for release had only intensified. She had to find it... someone. She wrapped the lab coat around herself and tried to make her way out of the office quickly. Her goal was to get to Tatiana, and lure her back to the bathroom.

She only got a few steps out of the bathroom door when she noticed a hospital bed tucked against a corner of the corridor. The mattress of the bed was folded into a "V". In a flash, Renee found herself at one end, sliding her cock into the "V". She looked around to make sure no one was watching, and then began humping the fold in the mattress. She held the bed down hard against the floor so as not to make a lot of clattering noise.

After a few silent thrusts, she felt her balls tighten and her whole body tensed. She blasted cum into the fold of the mattress, so much that it spurted out the other end of the bed and hit the wall in white slimy blobs. She held herself there, on her tip toes, her whole body rigid and trembling, and let her orgasm run its course. Twenty seconds later, she stopped shaking. With a sigh of relief, she pulled her cock out from the messy sheets.

It wasn't over though. It was growing again. Renee felt dizzy as she watched the monster grow to her eye level, and as wide around as a grapefruit. There was no hiding this thing, but Renee had stopped caring about that altogether. She had to hold it close to her body to keep it from slapping the walls and leaving splatters of cum everywhere. Gripping it to her chest, she quickly made her way back into the room where Anna was waiting for the dentist.

Renee feasted her eyes on Anna's curvy body. She almost looked even better laying down, her breasts defied gravity as they strained against her tight black top. It seemed like Anna had dozed off. Renee quickly closed and locked the only door to the room.

"Turn your head this way please," Renee said calmly, as Dr. Gaffney had done before. Anna woke and turned towards Renee.

Renee pushed her cock into Anna's open lips. Anna had been asleep and was not sure just what was going on, but she felt pleasurable sensations wash over her mouth as the Renee began cumming. Sweet tasting syrupy liquid poured into her mouth for a few seconds, overflowing her lips and splattering her face, neck, and shoulders. A look of surprise filled her eyes, and then she went limp.

Renee did not know why at that moment Anna seemed to have fainted. Nor had she given it any thought whatsoever. Her mind was hazy with desperate lust, all she wanted to do was touch Anna with her throbbing cock. Had she been more lucid, she might have guessed that the shock of a girl with a giant penis using her mouth as a cum-bucket just might have been too much.

Her guess would have been wrong. Little did she know that 33TG7 had actually included a dose of sedative in this particular load, which took effect on contact. As a result, Anna was going to sleep for several minutes and feel nothing. 33TG7 had sensed Renee's apprehension -- she was afraid that Anna would scream -- and eliminated the risk. This precaution, however, was unfortunate. Anna slept through what would she would have enjoyed and remembered forever as the most amazing quickie of her life.

Renee climbed on top of the dentist's chair, fumbling numbly with Anna's button-jeans -- one button centered in front of each thigh of her tight little denim cut-offs. Once she had them undone, she pulled them and her panties down from around her curvy hips and thighs. Then she lifted Anna's legs up over her head and pushed her oversized cock towards Anna's pussy. With one hasty thrust, she plunged her cum-dripping cock head into Anna's cunt. With a second thrust, she pushed it as deep into Anna as she could go.

Renee's symbiont was still not at the point where it had grown to phase four, which was fortunate because at that stage her cock would grow about as big as a seal and it would no longer dynamically shrink.

Renee was at phase 3, and her cock still could and in fact did shrink down enough to squeeze into Anna's pussy. Of course, it was very tight. But if it did not shrink, there was simply no way, reader, none at all -- that Renee's girth would have fit in anyone.

Even though her cock had gotten smaller, it was still just as hard, and it was still over a foot long and over eight inches around. Renee plunged in until she hit Anna's roof. Renee pulled back a few inches, then began thrusting. She hit Anna's cervix with each thrust as if she were slamming the pedal on a bass drum. She was lost in ecstasy and abandon, thrusting her oversized cock into Anna wildly and vigorously. Even the big, heavy and expensive dentist's chair was shaking.

She came twice before getting down from the chair. There was cum all over the floor and the seat of the chair, and Anna -- and Renee knew she would have to clean it up quick.

But Renee still wanted to fuck, badly. It seemed that her cock had come down to phase 1 but it was still 12 meaty inches and and rock hard. So Renee pulled Anna's legs down from the chair and turned her onto her stomach. Anna was now bent over the side of the chair. Renee adjusted the height of the chair, and soon Anna's tight ass cheeks jutted up at just the right height. Renee entered her once more, thrusting madly. Anna's hips were pinned against the chair so Renee didn't have to hold them. Instead she stood tall, reached under her own blouse, and fondled her breasts. As she felt each orgasm build, she pinched and pulled her nipples hard. She came like this three more times.

Finally, she was sated. She quickly began cleaning up all the cum. Luckily, she had cum inside Anna every time. And while it had flooded out by the gallon, at least there was no cum on the walls, trays, and all the dental equipment. Renee had it all cleaned up in one frantic minute. And while Anna's black top was still wet with cum, it seemed to be drying without a trace. Renee placed a nylon drop cloth over Anna's body to help hide the dampness, and opened the door just as Dr. Gaffney arrived.

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