tagIllustratedGift from Outer Space Ch. 06

Gift from Outer Space Ch. 06


This was to be the final installment in the "Gift" series. However, I broke it up into two chapters, so there is still one more to go. I cover some of the background in the first few passages and along the way. There is a lot of girl-dickgirl sex in this series. If that offends you, read no more. Finally, to those of you who are back to find out what will happen next to Renee and her friends, thank you for returning.

* * * * *

"Sex without love is merely healthy exercise." - Robert A. Heinlein

"Nina, I don't know how to explain this but there are two beautiful creatures on the ship called Avashai. They look like human girls. They have perfect bodies, long tongues," Renee trailed off.

She felt so awkward saying this. Yet she was determined to relate the facts of her situation to her girlfriend. Even though they were things that might upset her.

Renee's soft, full lips formed a little pout as she thought of what to say.

"I hope you don't mind, I really am sorry if this hurts you. This symbiont would go out of control unless I had sex with these Avashai. They just walk into the room and," Renee took a deep breath, "I get so turned on. Did I mention they never wear clothes? They're not even human. They are cloned from genetically engineered alien DNA. The DNA was designed by some mysterious aliens called Alhani.

"They're perfect for sex," Renee added. At the thought of sex, she had the urge to touch her swelling cock.

She reached down, cupping her balls and running her palm over the shaft, feeling heat and pleasure spread through her loins. Then she yanked her hand away and ran her fingers through her wavy blonde hair.

Control, she thought to herself.

Renee was recording a message for her lover, Nina, onto a data pad. Both Nina and Renee were prisoners aboard the star frigate Amphitryon. The only difference was Renee was awake, while Nina was in stasis.

There was no telling when Nina would see the recordings, if ever. Renee had no idea how to deliver them to her lesbian lover. Nevertheless, she wanted to share her experiences with Nina. Nina was all she really had from her past life as a college girl living on Earth.

There was no use trying to be subtle. Renee had to tell the truth, or this message was meaningless.

The truth was, Renee had become a sex toy to a pair of aliens.

"They are amazing. They do things to this symbiont that no human could ever do. They even secrete this aphrodisiac that you have to feel to believe. You'll see, Josie will research it. She knows how to find out stuff."

Renee paused recording and sighed as she remembered Josie, Bonnie, and Kirsten. It was just unlucky that the three happened to get abducted at all.

The door chirped, indicating that someone was on the other side.

"Come in," Renee said, knowing that someone was almost certainly either Macy, Leifa, or both. She placed the data book on the bed and sat up.

Leifa entered the room, completely naked. Leifa was an Avashai, a genetically engineered being that strongly resembled a human. It would be difficult to mistake her for an actual human, however, because her skin was snowy white. Pitch-black patterns ran up her shins, the outside of her thighs, hips, and shoulders. She stood only an inch or two shorter than the average guy, with a slender physique and exquisite female curves. Created as a free-willed sex slave, she was designed to consummate acts of lust with proficiency unmatched by humans. It was in her nature to give, and seek the heights of sexual ecstasy.

"Well, not much has changed," Leifa announced. "You can leave your room from time to time, but only to walk the passenger deck. The captain has posted nano-sents beyond your limits, somewhere--"

"Nano-sents?" Renee interrupted.

"Nano sentries, very, very small surveillance drones. If they detect you moving out of bounds, they will sound an alarm."

"That's okay, I guess."

"I never met such a stubborn man," Leifa groused. "Well, he is a Bearkin after all."

Renee nodded. She had never seen him, but she was told he had claws and fur like a bear.

"At least now you can get out of this little room."

"Cool," said Renee. "Thanks."

"I know it's not what we wanted. Believe me, we begged Chester to let us take Nina out of stasis. He just refuses to even entertain the thought."

Renee cast her gaze down and away.

"Maybe later," the blonde sighed. "So, what's going on? Where's Macy?"

"She's with him now. She says it is time he joined the Lightflux League."

"What's that?"

"It means you start having sex on one side of a wormhole and don't stop till you get out on the other side, at least one lightflux away from where you started. I said you should do it too!"

Renee's cock jumped, and Leifa caught sight of the movement under Renee's loose robes.

"Mmm, well well," Leifa exclaimed with a grin. "What are we waiting for? We're supposed to hit the wormhole any minute now."

"Go right ahead," Renee replied. She smiled and parted her robe, revealing to the Avashai how her throbbing, veiny cock was sticking straight up. As the cool air of her chamber touched her nipples, they visibly hardened.

"Just lay back and relax," Leifa said as she caressed Renee's thighs and worked her way up to Renee's hips. She crawled on top of Renee and eased the blonde onto her back while she softly kissed her. Renee kissed back, probing the Avashai's mouth eagerly.

Leifa moaned as she felt her kiss returned with hunger and zeal. Her long, agile tongue snaked out and wrapped around Renee's tongue.

Renee reached down to stroke and caress her throbbing hard on. It felt so good she found it difficult to let go. She wrapped her fingers around the head and started stroking her glans.

Leifa slowly drew away from their kiss.

"Renee, let's see you get that cock a little bigger. Yeah, stroke it. That's it." Renee fondled her balls with her other hand.

"Cum for me babe. Don't stop now," Leifa said in a hushed tone.

Leifa pulled back and cupped her own pale white breasts, pushing them up to kiss and lick the nipples. Renee continued to stroke her own meat while she watched Leifa kneel on the bed and spread her legs, showing her smooth vulva to Renee. Renee pictured her cock plunging into it as she grunted and came. She spurted her cum high into the air, one thin milky stream after another.

Renee shuddered and moaned. "Ohh fuck, I'm, it's getting bigger!"

"That's the idea, candycane," said Leifa. "With that symbiont, if you masturbate it just gets bigger."

"Or if I cum while having a threesome," Renee added.

Leifa nodded. "Simple rules," she said, knowingly.

Renee had just brought the symbiont to phase two. The symbiont grew to roughly a foot and a half in length, three inches in diameter. Renee's arousal only intensified as she went up in phases. A steady stream of precum dribbled down her throbbing shaft, which was itself a very pleasurable sensation for Renee.

Leifa leaned over and took the massive meat into her mouth, shoving her face down onto it roughly. It went straight to the back of her mouth and slipped through the opening of her squeeze shaft. Leifa opened her shaft's inner walls wide for Renee's big round knob.

Renee watched Leifa's lips move down her meat, impossibly, and felt her cock slide into some hidden opening deep inside Leifa's mouth. Behind it, her glans was being massaged by warm wetness. Then the inner walls behind the hidden opening squeezed her crown deliciously.

Leifa began bobbing slowly on Renee's cock, using her hands to fondle Renee's breasts. Faster and faster she bobbed, sucked, and squeezed.

"Oh!" Renee gasped. Pleasure and ecstasy were building inside of her, and her body was responding in ways that were beyond her control. In seconds she felt her cock and balls tense up once more. Her cock began spurting and spasming deep inside Leifa's eager mouth. As cum inundated her squeeze shaft, it sent Leifa into her own powerful orgasm. She moaned her cries into Renee's thick meat even as Renee continued to spurt inside her.

Cum spilled out Leifa's mouth with every spurt of Renee's convulsing cock. Finally the blonde's orgasm concluded with one final blast, and she smiled up at Leifa.

The Avashai pulled off with a satisfied grin, licking the cum off her lips and chin with her long tongue. "Come on, we're going to be entering the wormhole any minute now. Let's get to the window."

The ship was nearly empty, and there was no chance of anyone walking in on them, so there was no reason they couldn't have sex in the hallway. Renee found she had to hold her erect cock close to her body when she walked out of the room to keep it from flapping back and forth and hitting the door.

Renee followed Leifa as she stepped out into the passenger deck hallway. Along one side of the hall, large windows afforded a view of space. The colorful nebulae outside were speckled with millions of twinkling stars. Renee thought she would have to gaze at them another time, the view of Leifa's slender waist and waiting pussy was much more interesting.

Leifa leaned against the windows and put her breasts against the glass. She arched her back and stuck out her pert ass. She was a little taller than Renee so she spread her legs a little to get her pelvis at the perfect fucking height.

"Put your cock inside of me, now!" Leifa whispered. Renee quickly got behind her and slid her cock into her slick vagina.

Leifa was dripping wet and her vulva was tight and rippling with tiny contractions. Renee didn't waste any time plunging her meat in as far as it would go. She felt a satisfying squeeze along her whole shaft as she reached Leifa's sensitive inner limit. She wanted to pound it, and began thrusting hard, but Leifa's cunt walls clenched so tightly around her cock that she could only go slowly.

"Unngh!" Renee grunted. She tried to fuck Leifa faster, but Leifa's love tunnel grew even tighter, until it seemed to grip her right around the base of her cock, holding her in place.

"Can't move," Renee grunted, enjoying the feeling nonetheless. "So what am I supposed to do when you trap me like this?"

"Silly, I've been trying to get you to activate the studs all along."

A light went off in Renee's head when she remembered she could change her symbiont's form. Renee willed studs to emerge along the surface of the symbiont, and felt a subtle tingle as they pushed out all along her shaft.

Leifa laughed and smiled. "There you go, I feel them all right! Now go ahead and spin 'em."

"Really?" Renee asked. Leifa seemed to know a lot about sex symbionts.

"Uh huh!" Leifa nodded, bracing herself against the glass once more.

Renee willed the studs to start spinning around, and they started moving, creating a delicious friction against Leifa's inner walls.

Leifa shuddered and gasped -- she was feeling it even more intensely. She began moaning and crying. "Oh yes, fuck me!"

Just then, glowing waves of energy passed the side of the ship, illuminating Leifa's white skin with blues, purples, and greens.

"This is it, we're going through!" Leifa cried.

Renee began thrusting and humping her studded eighteen inches deep into Leifa's core. The Avashai cried out with pleasure, overcome with stimulation as the studs' erratic movements brought her to the brink of orgasm. Renee wrapped her arms around Leifa and thrust faster and harder, hilting herself with every thrust. Leifa just struggled to stay on her feet.

The scene in front of them suddenly changed and a vast purple nebula came into view. They had passed through the wormhole.

With several moans and cries the two girls reached their orgasms simultaneously. Renee's cock spurted warm jets of her milky juices deep into Leifa, coating her insides with gobs of sweet, gooey cum. Leifa's cooch kept coaxing and squeezing Renee's spurting rod until every remnant of amari left Renee's body.

They took a few moments to enjoy the view and then returned to Renee's stateroom to use the shower. Leifa lathered aromatic body soap onto Renee from head to toe, then Renee prepared to do the same for Leifa. "Careful," Leifa warned, looking into Renee's eyes. "You can touch me all over but if you start stroking my markings you could start something."

"So, like this?" Renee asked, rubbing soap over Leifa's breasts and then across her shoulders. She moved down and soaped off Leifa's back and ass.

"Yes, just use big, sweeping movements and always go from one spot to the next."

Renee enjoyed washing Leifa's beautiful body for the first time. She scrubbed her soapy sponge against Leifa's stomach and abdomen, and even slid her sudsy fingers over Leifa's vulva.

"Haha, you're a naughty little tease," Leifa grinned. "I can wash that myself. We don't want you getting hard again, do we?"

"Oh, I don't know," Renee replied with a whimsical air. She got on her knees and washed Leifa's legs. Leifa wondered what her tone of voice indicated.

Renee was definitely ready to fuck some more. She had nothing but time and energy.

Renee remembered that once, Macy had stroked the tiny white triangle on the small of Leifa's back. That had loosened Leifa up so that they could fuck some more. Renee was curious. She had never used Leifa's markings before. She began stroking the tiny triangle on the small of Leifa's back.

"Oooh," Leifa moaned. "Oh, Renee, are you using my markings?"

Renee kept rubbing the triangle. "Uh-huh," she replied.

Leifa reached around behind her and grabbed her ass cheeks with both hands. "Please, fuck me back here," she said, her fingertips spreading her tight anus for Renee.

Renee grinned. Her symbiont was rock hard again and plenty long.

"You want me to fuck your ass?" Renee asked.

"Yes, fuck my ass!" Leifa begged. "Now, please! Oh my dear, my candycane," she turned around and looked Renee in the eyes. "My markings," she said. "All of them have a purpose, and the one you used," she said as she she turned her back to Renee once more, "is my favorite!"

"So a good ass fuck is the only thing right now that will satisfy you?"

"Yes!" Leifa stood under the warm running shower and placed her palms flat against the wall for support. The pigtailed Avashai turned her head and upper body in order to look back at Renee.

"Take me now," she begged.

Renee gripped Leifa's left hip with her left hand and guided her cock into the Avashai's tight back door with her right. She pushed her crown into Leifa's tight hole with ease and plunged her cock in all the way. Leifa cried out and moaned as it filled her.

"Oh yes, fuck me!" Leifa begged.

Renee placed both hands on Leifa's hips, holding her in place as she began slowly thrusting. Warm waves of pleasure washed over her shaft with every motion. Everything she did with Leifa felt so right.

Despite her true love being locked in a stasis capsule elsewhere on the ship, Renee had been experiencing all the pleasures these Avashai had to offer. There was a nagging guilt about this at times, but not now. When she was with Leifa, her mind was on the girl and the pleasure.

This time with them would be over before she knew it.

Her senses were overwhelmed with the lust brought about by the friction of Leifa's clenching inner walls. She felt the tight ring of her anus as she plunged in and out of it. She screwed Leifa hard from behind as the hot water from the shower cascaded down their bodies. In moments they were both moaning and wailing as the wet friction threatened to send them both over the edge.

"Unngh! Ohhh!" Leifa cried, already cumming hard.

Renee reached around to squeeze Leifa's breasts. She began fondling her luscious globes.

"Keep fucking me!" Leifa cried as she felt the onset of multiple orgasms.

Renee gripped and squeezed Leifa's pale melons as she slammed her cock in and out of Leifa's quivering back door. Leifa braced herself against the shower walls, arched her back, and cried out over and over.

Renee's firm squeeze on her breasts made Leifa climax even harder, and even elicited several thin white streams of spray from the Avashai's pale pink nipples. Finally her orgasm subsided.

"Oh yes! Fucking amazing," she softly said with a smile, turning back to Renee to kiss her. She pulled off of Renee's hard cock, turned, and dropped to her knees.

Leifa placed her back against the wall. She looked up at Renee, and Renee looked down at her and her glorious cleavage.

"Come a little closer so I can thank you properly for that mind-blowing orgasm," Leifa said in her most suggestive and sultry voice.

With that, Renee pushed her ten inch shaft all the way into Leifa's mouth. Leifa opened up her throat for the meat, sucking it down expertly. Renee began fucking Leifa's throat. Leifa's deft tongue wrapped around Renee's shaft and squeezed as she bobbed up and down.

Leifa switched the angle after a few thrusts, taking Renee into her squeeze shaft once more.

With the symbiont now at about ten inches, Renee's cock fit perfectly.

Renee felt Leifa's mouth and tongue working her entire shaft. It was heaven.

Leifa looked up into Renee's eyes the entire time.

Renee placed her hands on the walls to either side of her but she felt weak in the knees against the onslaught of Leifa's mouth and tongue. Renee fought for every last ounce of control, and Leifa allowed her to prolong her pleasure, incrementally bringing her higher by avoiding the most sensitive spots on Renee's tool.

Renee was so close to cumming the pleasure was almost agonizing.

"I'm ready!" she cried. "I'm gonna blow!"

Leifa pulled off, wrapping her soft melons around Renee's shaft and bouncing her tits up and down. She wrapped her tongue tightly around Renee's crown, squeezing and stroking it in time with her tits.

The Avashai was rewarded with a fountain of cum spurting up into her face and all over her breasts. Renee steadied herself against the wall as Leifa milked her cock with her tits and her agile tongue. When Renee stopped cumming, Leifa's face was dripping with juices. Cum was splattered all over her shoulders and breasts.

"Mmm," Leifa said, using her long tongue to lick the gooey layer of jizz off of her face and chest. She smiled and stood up to kiss Renee tenderly. Renee could taste her own sugary cum on Leifa's lips.

Renee thanked Leifa with a tender kiss, but she knew if she stayed in the shower with Leifa much longer she would be rock hard again, so she quickly rinsed off and exited the shower. She dried off in a hot wind drying station, put on her robe, and lay on her bed again to think a while.

"Oh, well you're welcome, Teegee," she said with a giggle as her symbiont telepathically expressed its gratitude. "I should thank you too, you amazing, wonderful fuck stick."

During their last few sessions, Renee had felt Leifa's affection and caring palpably. Even TeeGee seemed to agree, for he sensed that Leifa was experiencing strong feelings. Renee had no clue what Leifa was capable of feeling. She just knew that she was very happy with Leifa. It was hard to remember what she felt for Nina when she was with the Avashai with green pigtails.

Macy was also a good lover but she did not give herself over emotionally the way Leifa did. Macy's personality had an aura of "elder" to it even though her body was that of a statuesque 20 year old. Renee guessed that Macy was at least 60 years old -- or perhaps much, much older. It showed in her wisdom and sense of responsibility towards Renee and Leifa.

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